Imagine it! The sharp blade lying dormant within your soul! Awaken it! For the sake of what you believe to be right! Starting today, you are a student at DWMA!

Sid Barrett, Episode 1

SEN! - Episode 1
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Enrolling at DWMA!

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DWMA ni nyūgaku!

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Icon - JPN Icon - USA 2014 April 8
Icon - USA (Dub) 2015 May 26

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24 Minutes

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Rating - TV-14

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Introduction arc

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Simple-living Tsugumi Harudori, finds out she has an extraordinary ability to transform into a Demon Weapon. Upon joining the Death Weapon Meister Academy to control her powers, Tsugumi forms a new bond with the meisters Meme Tatane, a full-figured scatterbrain with an innocent heart, and Anya Hepburn, a dignified, royally wealthy girl who came to the Academy to experience how regular people are.

Enrolling at DWMA! (DWMAに入学!, DWMA ni nyūgaku!) is the first episode of the anime Soul Eater Not! It adapts content from Chapter 1 of the manga Soul Eater Not!. On April 8, 2014, it premiered in Japan and was simulcasted as a subtitled stream on

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At the Harudori residence, 14-year-old Tsugumi Harudori is listening to music while studying. Her mother interrupts to announce dinner is almost ready and asks Tsugumi to call her brother in. But as Tsugumi stands up, her dog, Pochi, barks at her, startling her so that she trips. As she descends, her left leg glows, transforming into a blade, tearing her stocking, piercing the hardwood floor, and sending her into a somersault into the door. Tsugumi is confused as to what has happened.

Later, at school, Tsugumi's classmates approach her, having heard she is leaving for the Death Weapon Meister Academy to learn how to regulate her newfound Demon Weapon abilities. Her classmates are excited for her prospects: going to the United States, finding love, and fighting witches. Nervous at receiving such attention and demands to demonstrate her weapon abilities, Tsugumi tries to calm her classmates, claiming she is not yet able to transform at will.


Tsugumi has been dreaming about this conversation with her classmates, awakened by a flight attendant who tells her that their plane is beginning their descent into Death City. As the plane descends, she again reads her brochure for the Academy.

Death City Airport

As soon as Tsugumi exits the airport, she is surrounded by a taxi driver and merchants trying to convince her to buy their services and wares. Overwhelmed, Tsugumi decides to take the bus, yet the merchants still follow her. But the taxi driver stays where he is when he sees Anya Hepburn, a girl dressed in expensive attire. Anya initially expresses joy at the prospect of riding in a taxi, then she feigns her superior attitude and refuses this commoners' mode of transportation. As she leaves, she is followed by a young man wearing eyeglasses and a young man pretending to read a newspaper. Confused at Anya's refusal, the taxi driver is interrupted by Meme Tatane, a girl dressed in a Shibusen sweater but who cannot remember where she came from or her destination.

Death City

While listening to music on her earbuds, Tsugumi carries her luggage onto a Death City bus—and brings with her a souvenir one of the merchants convinced her to buy. She gets off at her stop in front of the Death Weapon Meister Academy.

Death Weapon Meister Academy

Tsugumi's attention is focused not on her surroundings but reading the Academy's brochure, which describes the school's staircase as strengthening students. Upon seeing this incredibly long staircase, Tsugumi drops her brochure in astonishment.

Partway through her climb up the stairs, under the hot and cackling Sun, Tsugumi stops to catch her breath. While wiping her brow, she accidentally knocks her suitcase down the stairs. Then Tsugumi sees a girl in a longcoat running up the stairs and who grabs the suitcase by its handle, carrying it up the stairs and dropping it by Tsugumi's side. This girl, Maka Albarn, turns to tell Tsugumi she has only a few more steps to take and to keep going. As Maka turns around to continue her climb, Tsugumi, feeling renewed resolve, grabs her retrieved suitcase and continues the climb.

Then Tsugumi learns that what is a short distance for Maka is still a long climb for Tsugumi. Just as Tsugumi admits defeat she finds herself at the top step, where she collapses. Turning her head, Tsugumi finds a cold can of Pepper Energy Drink and a note, signed with a doodle of Maka. In the note, Maka instructs Tsugumi to turn around. There, Tsugumi is greeted with an impressive view of Death City. Tsugumi opens the can, takes a swig of the drink, and says it tastes like America.

Entering the Academy, Tsugumi finds a sign with Death pointing to her orientation classroom. She overhears Ox Ford speaking to his spear, Harvar D. Éclair about their practice, then sees flashes of camera lights as media and fans surround Kilik Rung, who poses with his weapons Fire and Thunder transformed onto his fists. Kilik says he is donating all of his money from this promotional event to charity. Impressed with Kilik's fame, Tsugumi imagines being in his place, receiving fame and the responsibility to donate her profits—but also imagining becoming the object of affection of attractive young male meisters. Tsugumi is awaken from her reverie by the boisterous shouts of the ninja Black Star, who proceeds to punch another student in the face, knocking him past Tsugumi and into a wall. Worried that Black Star is threatening her, she apologizes and runs away. Black Star assumes Tsugumi is just too nervous to ask for his autograph, but Tsubaki Nakatsukasa approaches and guesses Tsugumi is a new student who is just nervous on her first day.

Having escaped Black Star, Tsugumi sits alone on a staircase, alternating between a desire to return home and a drive to master her weapon abilities. Tsugumi stands and continues her walk to the orientation, until she realizes the labyrinthian design of the Academy has her lost.

Death Weapon Meister Academy, Orientation Classroom

Anya avoids other students in the classroom, looking outside the window to see Death the Kid flying by on Beelzebub. While Anya is happy to have left the cramped Yngling Castle, she thinks the Academy is too specialized to put her into contact with the commoners she desired to meet. Looking at her classmates (including Akane and Clay, who surreptitiously keep an eye on her), Anya finds none of these persons as indicative of a commoner.

Anya is then distracted by the arrival of the authentic commoner, the plain-appearing Tsugumi. Tsugumi approaches the orientation teacher, Sid Barrett, to pick up her Weapon name tag, which she drops instantly. Then the door is opened by two rude students, Hao and Reid, who knock the door into Tsugumi, causing her to crash into the chest of Meme, knocking both girls to the floor. While Tsugumi is impressed with Meme's breasts, the girl's ribbon falls from her hair. Tsugumi returns the ribbon to Meme, who ties it to the wrong spot twice. Tsugumi introduces herself; while Meme recognizes Tsugumi's name as meaning "spring bird," it takes her a few moments to remember her own name. Anya continues to watch, impressed with Tsugumi but feigning disinterest as soon as she and Meme wave to her.

With all students arrived, Sid begins orientation by explaining that weapons will be partnered with meisters, who will guide the development of their transformation abilities. While Sid urges the weapons to be patient, Reid mocks any student who is so unprepared, as he and Hao discuss how they intend to gain female partners out of their lustful, lazy desires, frustrating Tsugumi. As Sid would rather begin with a demonstration than a lecture, he invites an E.A.T. meister and weapon to enter, Soul Eater and his meister Maka. When Maka sees Tsugumi, she gives a smile of recognition.

Soul begins the demonstration with a smooth transformation into a demon scythe. Sid and Maka explain that meisters and weapons must respect and synchronize with each other to have a successful partnership. Tsugumi is impressed with Maka and Soul's movements, comparing it to dancing. Maka completes her demonstration with a slice of Soul through the air—which accidentally splits Sid's podium lengthwise and across. Sid concludes the first day's class with advice for the students to listen to their instincts.

Upon conclusion of class, Tsugumi tries to converse with Anya, who nervously rebuffs her. Tsugumi then approaches Meme with a question, until Reid intimidates Meme with a request to take her as his meister. Tsugumi frowns at Reid's intimidation but unable to face him and Hao, she walks away. Tsugumi again desires to go home to a normal life, yet her desire to master her weapon abilities, her concern for Meme, and Maka's example motivates her to turn back. Before walking back, Tsugumi ties her hair into pigtails like Maka's.

Meme refuses Reid's invitation, so Tsugumi takes Meme by the hand to leave. However, Hao blocks their exit, mocking Tsugumi's small breast size. Hearing this insult, Anya thinks Tsugumi is even more of a commoner and steps forward, blocking Reid and Hao from approaching Tsugumi. Annoyed, Reid challenges Anya to a fight, which she accepts quickly. The two boys who were following Anya, the meister Akane Hoshi and his weapon Clay Sizemore, finally exit the classroom. Noticing the duel about to happen, Clay approaches to intervene, only to be stopped by Akane, who desires to "settle into these roles" and observe. Sid also exits and, as the Academy allows such fights, serves as referee.

Reid begins the duel by transforming into his sword form—except he cannot yet fully transform his head. Anya demands Tsugumi transform into a weapon, but she refuses, claiming she cannot yet fully transform, earning her more mockery from Hao and Reid. Anya criticizes Tsugumi for failing to be as "hardy" as she expected a commoner to be and proceeds with the fight without a weapon, slapping Hao's face. While Tsugumi is still too nervous to fight, she hears Sid call out to her to remember that she is now a student of Shibusen: she must imagine the blade hidden within her soul and to fight for what is right.

Tsugumi closes her eyes and falls into her soul's space, as if sinking underwater. Yet she can sense a soul. Her body glows, levitates, and dissolves, forming into Anya's hands as a demon halberd. Although Hao mocks Tsugumi's lack of a blade, in Anya's hands, the weapon is more than a match against the bullies, quickly knocking them back across the hallway. Seeing Hao and Reid injured, Sid asks Clay to bring back Dr. Medusa to tend to the bullies' injuries.

Meme thanks Tsugumi for defending her, then both thank Anya, who attempts to act uninterested. Meme then asks Tsugumi to be her weapon; Tsugumi excitedly agrees, until she remembers Anya. Anya says that while she finds a flat-chested commoner like Tsugumi fascinating that she is not necessarily interested in partnering with one. While Meme and Tsugumi think this partnership is settled, Anya then contradicts herself, teary-eyed and grabbing Tsugumi's arm. Tsugumi then feels Meme tug on her other arm, as she now has two meisters interested in her—hardly the triangle she imagined.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • While Chapter 1 begins with Tsugumi already on the Academy's long staircase, Episode 1 begins with Tsugumi's home life in Japan, showing when she discovered she was a weapon. The anime's opening even shows Tsugumi's mother, an anime-exclusive character at this point, and Tsugumi's dog, Pochi.
  • This episode also begins by showing Tsugumi's flight on an airplane and her arrival at the Death City Airport. Not only is Tsugumi at the airport but so are Anya and Meme, all unaware of the other two being there. Akane andClay can be seen at the airport as well, observing Anya.
  • Whereas in Episode 1 Tsugumi brings her luggage directly from the airport to the Academy, in the manga she does not bring any luggage with her to the Death Weapon Meister Academy. Hence the manga does not show one of Tsugumi's first purchases in Death City, a souvenir attached to her luggage and later found on her dorm room desk in the anime.
  • In the manga, Maka leaves Tsugumi a can of Daeth Pepper, an allusion to the soft drink Dr Pepper. However, in Episode 1, Maka instead leaves Tsugumi a can of Pepper Energy Drink.
  • In this episode, Tsubaki Nakatsukasa makes a cameo along with Black☆Star. However, in Chapter 1, only Black Star appears. Hence Tsubaki's appearance in this episode is first appearance inSoul Eater Not!, manga or anime. While Tsubaki appears again in the anime's finale, she makes absolutely no appearances in the manga.
  • Whereas Tsugumi says aloud her catchphrase "Gagantous" in this episode of the anime, in the manga only the sound effect "Gagantosu (Gagong)" appears when Anya snatched Sid's paperwork distributed by Tsugumi.
  • The scene where Maka and Soul appear to teach the class about the bond between Weapon and Meister is taken not from Chapter 1 but Chapter 4, "Traitor."
  • In Chapter 1, Anya does not slap Hao in the face.
  • In Chapter 1, Kim Diehl and Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupre are watching Raid and Hao injured by Anya and Tsugumi. In the anime, Kim would not appear until Episode 2, and Jacqueline in Episode 3 (ignoring the opening title sequence).
  • In Chapter 1, after encountering Maka on the Academy's stairway entrance, Tsugumi decides to puts her hair in pigtails just like the meisters. She also adjusts her hair again before confronting Raid and Hao. But in this episode, Tsugumi does not put her hair in pigtails until she decides to help Meme against Reid and Hao.
  • Whereas in the final scene of Chapter 1 Anya grabs Tsugumi's right shoulder, in the anime, Anya grabs Tsugumi's left arm.


  • Akane tells Clay that they have yet to "settle into these roles," foreshadowing that the two of them are E.A.T. Central Intelligence students assigned as undercover bodyguards for Anya, and that these roles they have taken on are as N.O.T. students. In this episode, the two are seen following Anya, from the airport to the orientation classroom.
  • The Funimation English dub includes additional performances by Tyson Rinehart, Austin Tindle, Rob Mungle, Jeff Johnson, Cris George, Sara Ragsdale, Kim Foster, Anthony Bowling, Lauren Landa, Mikaela Krantz, Patrick McAlister, Whitney Rodgers, Ashleigh Domangue, Hunter Scott, and Katherine Salavarria.
  • The original Japanese included additional performances by Ikumi Nakagami as Tsugumi's mother, Daichi Hayashi as the Taxi Driver, and Mai Hashimoto, Kotori Koiwai, and Yuko Hara as Tsugumi's classmates in Japan.


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