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I Am the Star! The Big Man Is Showing Up Here?

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俺こそスターだ! 〜最もビッグな男、ここに現る?〜

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Ore koso Sutā da! 〜Mottomo Biggu na Otoko, Koko ni Arawaru?

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Icon - JPN April 14, 2008

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24 minutes

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Rating - TV-14

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Prologues Arc

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The loudmouth ninja Black☆Star and his multi-form weapon Tsubaki want the soul of the witch that Al Capone's mob is gunning for - and the souls of Capone's gangster goons, too. But first they'll have to deal with the witch's samurai bodyguard, Mifune.

I Am the Star! The Big Man Is Showing Up Here? is the second episode of Soul Eater. It is adapted from the second part of the Prologue in the Soul Eater manga.

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Prologue Edit

Death and the narrator again explain the origins of the Death Weapon Meister Academy.

Death Weapon Meister Academy (Past) Edit

A student walks towards the front entrance, then applauds. A boy's finger points to the sky—but the boy seems surprised before changing his gesture to a thumbs up. This boy leaps from the spire at the top of the Academy, all the way down to the front entrance without injury. He stands up and faces the clapping student standing yards away from him.

Al Capone's Hideout (Present) Edit

Black Star hides in the shadows, armed with Tsubaki Nakatsukasa in her chain scythe mode to spy on their target: the gangster Al Capone, who leads his evil followers in a feast on human souls in a sumptuous banquet. Capone, a large man with a wide mouth and dressed like a mafia head, sits at the end of the table. Tsubaki states that there are approximately one hundred enemies. Black Star seems pleased about this, and Tsubaki tells him to go and recover all the kishin eggs that had abandoned the human path. As Black Star gets ready to leap into action, she reminds him of the three main rules of the assassin – to hide well, predict the opponent’s moves, and then attack unseen. Black Star says 'let's go' and leaps out from his hiding place, the Kusarigama's chains rattling behind him.

The evil feasting humans look up in surprise as Black Star lands smack bang in the middle of their meal with a loud shout. As everyone stares at the eccentric assassin, Black Star takes a deep breath and loudly proclaims that he is Black Star and that he has come to assassinate everyone, using Tsubaki as a microphone and ending his speech with his trademark 'HYA-HOO!'


Black Star showboats rather than assassinates

As Black Star marvels at his magnificent entrance, Tsubaki transforms back into human form, crossly reprimanding Black Star, telling him that she isn't a microphone but a weapon, a Kusarigama to be exact. As Black Star strikes a pose, she asks him if he even knows what the term 'assassinate' means.

Meanwhile, the mafia group of evil humans gather their wits and take out their guns, shooting at the duo. As the two comically run around in circles, dodging the bullets, Black Star suggests a retreat. Tsubaki, dismayed at how their mission had gone pear-shaped again, transforms into a small round smoke bomb, which Black Star grabs and throws onto the table, disappearing in a cloud of smoke, leaving the bemused Al Capone and the mafia group.

But Capone is distracted by news from one of his gangsters, informing him that the gang has located the Witch that they seek. The evil Capone smirks, explaining that with this witch's soul, they will be invincible.

The City's Docks Edit

That night, Black Star gleefully claims that he did an excellent stage performance, saying that he really is 'big.' Behind him, Tsubaki sadly states that they haven't collected a single kishin egg yet, to which she adds at this rate, she'll turn into a 'Gishinanki' (a joke as 'gishin' means 'doubting' and 'anki' is the type of Weapon Tsubaki is. Gishin also sounds similar to Kishin). Black Star replies that her joke isn't that 'big' and Tsubaki apologizes. However, Black Star says that a 'big' person like him won't toss aside a joke, even if it's a bad one. He asks Tsubaki if she knows how he would respond to her joke and his partner shakes her head, puzzled. Black Star then replies that he would straight-out tell the person to stop telling bad jokes, and eagerly asks Tsubaki if his words amazed her. Tsubaki, seeing the joke as completely pointless, nevertheless agrees with a smile, although deep down, she wonders if she should bring Black Star with her when they see Shinigami, as her partner laughs raucously.

Death Weapon Meister Academy Edit

The next morning, Tsubaki and Black Star are at the mission board. As Tsubaki wonders which mission to take, Black Star grumpily informs her that he hasn't dealt with Alcapone and his gang yet. Tsubaki replies that since they have failed so many times already, it might be best if they choose an easier mission.

Suddenly, a voice hails them and the two see Soul and Maka walking up to them. Soul quickly susses out that the two failed their mission again, as Black Star argues that he was so onstage last night. As the two boys high-five, Maka remarks that all they forgot on the mission was to get the Kishin Eggs. Black Star whole-heartedly agrees with her, laughing heartily as Tsubaki looks at him in dismay. She then turns and asks Maka and Soul how they are doing on their missions, to which the two undergo a massive depression. Soul tells her not to ask and Maka adds that they get miserable everytime she thinks of it.

Then a voice on the tannoy requests Tsubaki and Black Star to go to the Death Room, which is Shinigami's office. As the four look up, puzzled, Black Star wonders what's going on.

Death Room Edit

Soon, Black Star and Tsubaki walk down the archways that leads to Shinigami, who cheerfully greets them. He comments that they seemed to have botched up against last night and Tsubaki bows in apology. Black Star tells Shinigami not to worry and vows that he will definitely make Tsubaki into a Death Scythe. Until then, he asks Shinigami to accept his autograph instead. As he eagerly waves his autograph around, he tells him he must feel like he doesn't even need a new Weapon anymore with his autograph. The assassin promptly receives a Shinigami Chop to the head, as Tsubaki apologizes again.

Shinigami remarks that although the two do have quite a lot of potential, they seem to keep going round in circles, and although he wants to watch over them from afar, problems have recently risen. As Tsubaki wonders what these problems are, Shinigami explains that Al Capone and his family have located a Witch and are on the move. At this, Black Star jolts out of his unconscious state. Shinigami informs that the Witch's name is Angela and that she has a powerful bodyguard. But still, if Al Capone gets his hands on a Witch's Soul, things could become very bad indeed.

Black Star, after counting childishly with his fingers, finds out that with the 99 Kishin Eggs from Alcapone's gang plus the Witch's Soul, he could make Tsubaki into a Death Scythe. Without hesitating for a second, he tells Shinigami not to worry and dashes off to follow Alcapone, with Tsubaki in tow. Shinigami tries to tell them of another small problem concerning the Witch, Angela, but then sees that the two are not even listening.

Death Weapon Meister Academy, Balcony Edit

Outside, Tsubaki manages to stop Black Star, and tells her partner seriously that after failing on regular missions, it would be impossible to take on a Witch. Black Star seems annoyed as Tsubaki continues that they cannot go about as they usually do. They need a plan.

As the two argue, Maka observes them from a window in an empty classroom. Dismayed at the two, she states that apart from Black Star, Tsubaki could have chosen practically any other Meister to be her partner. However, Soul, who's sitting neaarby, says that even though Black Star is an idiot, he has great spirit and Tsubaki must know that he isn't all talk. Maka smiles and agrees as she sees the Meister and Weapon walk off. Soul stands up, saying that they should get moving too. With 99 Kishin Eggs to get, they've got a long way to go. Maka eagerly agrees.

Demon Cinder Castle Edit


Mifune confronts Al Capone

In another region, Alcapone and his gang had reached a large chameleon-like castle. Alcapone confirms that this is where the Witch is and once again claims that with the Witch Soul, he and his family will be all-powerful. However, he sees someone sitting by the castle entrance, which has 'KEEP OUT' tape all over it. The person is Mifune, Angela's bodyguard. Mifune calmly asks Alcapone why a king of the dark streets like him comes to a place like this. Depending on the answer, he will kill them, and he makes a subtle move to unsheathe his sword. Alcapone, obviously unaware of the man's power, smirks and orders his men to kill him as they cock their guns.

Cliffs Edit

Black Star, meanwhile, walking alone on a cliff face, remembers Tsubaki's words from earlier and is annoyed by them. Grumbling to himself that being stealthy is easier to him than blinking, he decides to prove it to Tsubaki by sneaking up on her from behind. As he climbs up the cliff face, he reminds himself of the Ways of the Assassin and finally reaches the top, seeing a freshwater spring. Suddenly, his eyes widen and he screams as he sees Tsubaki completely naked, bathing in the spring.

As Black Star continues screaming, Tsubaki, irritated by his loud voice and therefore, his complete lack of stealth, promptly throws a ninja star (Shuriken) into his forehead, causing him to fall back in a fountain of blood. As Tsubaki peers over the rocks at his body, Black Star states that since he's currently dead, his presence is completely 0, to which Tsubaki replies with, 'OK.'

Forest Edit

Later on, the duo leap among the trees, as Black Star orders the Witch to appear. As the two take a break, Tsubaki asks Black Star if he has a plan. The Meister eagerly declares that they would start off with his entrance scene, much to Tsubaki's chagrin. However, Black Star tells Tsubaki that he would definitely make her into a Death Scythe, and tells her to leave it to him. Tsubaki smiles at him and says she knows.

Demon Cinder Castle Edit


Black Star and Tsubaki find Capone's gang killed

But when the two arrive at the castle where the witch Angela resides, they stare at the scene in surprise. Dozens of Kishin Eggs float around the grounds as guns litter the ground. As Black Star wonders what had happened, he looks up as Mifune strikes from above with his sword. The two dodge and Mifune stands before them, commenting that today seems to be quite busier than usual.

As Black Star regards the warrior, he sees Alcapone's cigar on the ground. He asks Mifune if he was the one who killed all of the evil humans. Mifune answers with another question, asking Black Star and Tsubaki if they came here to claim the power of the Witch. Black Star enquires if Mifune is strong, and then states that he will use him as a footstool for the 'big me.' He declares a battle between him and Mifune, who regards him coldly.

Mifune introduces himself, and says that he is the Witch Angela's bodyguard. Black Star also introduces himself, saying that he is a man who will surpass God. Mifune tells him that he doesn't want to kill when such methods are not needed, and commands Black Star to leave Angela and to go away. Black Star calls out Tsubaki's name, to which the Weapon transforms into a Kusarigama (Chainscythe), and Black Star grabs the Weapon and takes his stance.

As Mifune observes that Black Star is a Weapon Meister, the assassin says that Mifune must feel really small before such a 'big' entity like him. He says he understands how he feels, and explains that he was once so afraid of his own 'bigness' that he couldn't even look into a mirror. Mifune replies by uttering his fighting style, 'Mugen Ittouryu' (Infinite One-Sword Style) and throws up his giant carrying case wrapped in the same 'Caution' and 'Keep Out' tape from earlier, which contains dozens of swords that fly up and stab themselves in the ground, surrounding Black Star and Mifune. As Mifune flourishes the sword he's currently holding, 'KEEP OUT' tape automatically ties themselves around the nearby pillars, encircling the battlefield. Black Star's observes his new surroundings as Tsubaki tells him to be careful. Mifune states that if they are not going to retreat, he will kill them.

Black Star immediately throws one end of the Kusarigama (Chainscythe) at Mifune, who expertly parries it with his sword, causing the Kusarigama to wrap around his blade. Black Star yells that if Mifune wanted to kill him, he might as well melt a statue of the Buddha and make a massive sword out of that. He pulls at his end of the Kusarigama, intending to pull Mifune towards him, but all he gets is his sword.


Black Star fights Mifune

Black Star bolts in shock, and then sees Mifune in the air as he jumps up and grabs another sword from one of the pillar's, plunging down for an attack. Black Star blocks just in time with Tsubaki. As the two lock together, Mifune tells Black Star that he was saved by his Weapon. If Tsubaki were a regular chain, she would have already broke. With lightning speed, he grabs another sword nearby and swipes at Black Star, who dodges it by flipping out the way and ends up cornered against a wall. He freezez in fear, startled as a blade gets thrown just above his head, cutting the central spike of his hair in two.

Mifune gives him one more chance to flee, saying that he will be forever uneasy if he killed a kid. Black Star is enraged at his choice of words, seeing that kid means small, therefore the opposite of 'big.' He commands Tsubaki to transform into a giant shuriken, and throws the large Shuriken at Mifune, shouting that Mifune will be considerably smaller than him after being cut into four pieces.

However, Mifune stops the ninja star by trapping it with his sword by the hole in its middle, causing Tsubaki to spin uselessly in a stationary position as Mifune perches on top of the sword. Black Star orders Tsubaki to turn into a smoke bomb. Tsubaki quickly complies and Mifune is soon engulfed by a thick cloud of smoke.

As Mifune looks around, searching for Black Star in the smoke, he hears a loud shout and spots Black Star above him, ready to land an attack. Tsubaki urgently tells him that by shouting so loudly, saying that he has missed a fairly good chance for a counter-attack. She calls out Black Star's name as Mifune easily slashes across Black Star's stomach, calling him a fool.

Black Star falls to the ground. As he lays there motionlessly, Tsubaki tremulously watches over him, refusing to believe that he's dead. She bolts in surprise as Black Star suddenly coughs, and kneels beside him, concerned as the assassin gets up, enraged that Mifune had struck with the flat end of his blade. He declares that Mifune is arrogant and that only a big person like him is worthy to do such a thing.

Mifune turns to him and asks him if Black Star feels that he's been rude to the girl that's his partner. Black Star and Tsubaki look at him incredulously as Mifune continues that the only reason Black Star is standing right now is because of Tsubaki's abilities, but even if the Weapon had potential, if the Meister wasn't as powerful, it would all be pointless. He then ends his conversation with that would make Black Star inferior, if he is correct. Black Star bolts in shock at his words.

However, Tsubaki bravely speaks out to Mifune, saying that he is wrong. She admits that Black Star is a bit of an idiot, but he's a person who can achieve his goals if he really tried.

Black Star grits his teeth and asks Mifune what his true motive is. Mifune replies coolly that he is merely the Witch Angela's bodyguard. But Black Star says he is wrong. He can see it very clearly. Mifune looks at him as Black Star says that he's trying to stand out by calling him inferior. He stands up and roars to the sky that he will never forgive him for it.

He points at the laughing sun and states whether it is above or below the heavens, he is the main man. He points at Mifune, who sees that for whatever reason, his eyes have changed. Black Star tells Tsubaki to turn into a ninjato, and Tsubaki obeys and a cloud of smoke hides the two from view. Mifune looks on as Black Star reappears, holding the ninjato, saying that this will be the real fight. Mifune removes the reed he carries in his mouth and readies his sword, warning that he would not use the flat side of his blade this time.

As the two circle each other, Black Star remembers the Ways of the Assassin. Meanwhile, Mifune is puzzled because even though he can see Black Star, he cannot sense his presence. He then senses a faint presence, but then sees that it's not Black Star's. As he starts in surprise, Black Star's figure fades away, leaving Tsubaki in his place. She had transformed into a Dummy Star in the smoke cloud to divert his attention.


Black Star defeats Mifune with Finishing Strike: Black☆Star Big Wave

The real Black Star runs towards him from behind and Mifune turns around too late as Black Star does an elbow strike to his back and uses his ultimate knockout move, Finishing Strike: Black☆Star Big Wave. As Mifune gets hit by the attack, Black Star remarks that he is a god. He twists his wrists and Mifune flies backwards and slams into a pillar and onto the ground, defeated.

Black Star tells him that this sort of battle is the way of the assassin. Mifune coughs up a mouthful of blood, realizing his mistake. Black Star explained that Mifune tried to stand out more than him, then tells him that it'll take 1,000,000 years to achieve such a feat. He calls out for Tsubaki, who transforms into a Kusarigama. Black Star brandishes his Weapon and charges towards Mifune, who is struggling to get up.

Black Star asks him where the Witch is. Mifune doesn't answer and Black Star angrily raises the Kusarigama to hit him. Suddenly, a voice from above stops him, and he looks up as a small girl on a broomstick flies towards them, begging them not to bully Mifune.


Black Star discovers Angela is a child

Black Star and Tsubaki watch on incredulously as the girl ends up bumping into Mifune as she lands, and Mifune calls her Angela. Angela plants herself between Black Star and Mifune and tells them desperately that Mifune is only protecting her whilst she still has very weak magical powers, and tells them, in tears, to stop bullying him.

Black Star, surprised that Angela is a mere child, is interrupted by Tsubaki, who tells him that they won't have a perfect chance like this, with Alcapone and his gang's Kishin eggs floating around and with a Witch who doesn't have any magical powers yet. Black Star stammers that he knows, but hesitates. He looks on as Angela pounds him harmlessly with her fists, calling him an idiot and then promptly stabs his head with one of Mifune's swords, which ticks Black Star off as he makes a move to whack Angela as she runs back to Mifune in fear.

Mifune, supporting himself up with his sword, says that he will willingly give Black Star his own life. However, if Black Star would proceed to try and kill Angela, who is cowering behind him, he would swear by his sword and defend her until his last breath. As Black Star gazes at him, Tsubaki transforms back into a human and asks Black Star what he's going to do.

Black Star then suddenly turns his back on Mifune, saying that he isn't that impressive, being a guardian to a mere child. With that, he walks away, with Tsubaki following with a smile. Black Star then pauses and,scratching his head, repeats Mifune's words that he would be forever uneasy if he killed a kid. Mifune smirks at him as Angela pulls a face behind him. As Black Star and Tsubaki leave Mifune and Angela, Shinigami observes them closely from his mirror.

Death Room Edit

In the end, Black Star refuses to accept the Kishin Eggs of Capone and his gangsters, giving them all to Shinigami in a large net. Shinigami asks whether Black Star is okay with this sacrifice, and Black Star replies yes, since he didn't kill them. Shinigami says that although he shouldn't suggests this, suggests that they could have just took advantage of the situation and keep the Kishin Eggs for themselves. Black Star answers that such a cheap tactic doesn't suit a 'big' person like him. He asks Tsubaki for confirmation and his partner nodds brightly as Shinigami curiously observes them.

Bathhouse Edit

However, Black Star is soon up to his old tricks again as he uses the Ways of the Assassin to sneak into the girl's bathing place in Shibusen to see Tsubaki. However, predictably, he ends up screaming when he sees all the nude girls, and Tsubaki, annoyed that he is making himself obvious again, throws a ninja star into his head, sending him backwards. Tsubaki sighs in dismay, stating that they've got a long road ahead of them.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • Episode 2 begins with a flashback of Black*Star and Tsubaki's first meeting, which is revealed in more detail in Episode 11. This meeting does not appear in Chapter 0.2.
  • At Capone's meeting at the beginning of Chapter 0.2, some of his lackeys are not wearing masks. In Episode 2, all of his lackeys are wearing masks.
  • The bad joke Black*Star tells is different in Chapter 0.2. He says, "Stop with the weird joke, you bloke."
  • In Chapter 0.2, at the docks at night following their retreat from Capone, Tsubaki removes from her arsenal what appears like a smoke bomb with a skull. Tsubaki uses this device to summon the image of Lord Death (or, as he is able to Reaper Chop Black Star, the actual Lord Death) to give their progress report. In Episode 2, however, Black Star and Tsubaki leave the docks at night to arrive at the DWMA during daytime to meet with Lord Death in the Death Room, at which point they give their progress report (and Lord Death chops Black Star).
  • As well, in Episode 2, because Black Star and Tsubaki return to the DWMA after their meeting at the docks, they spend some time reviewing additional mission before running into Soul Eater and Maka Albarn, who are hesitant to discuss the events of Episode 1 and their failure to Soul into a Death Scythe. These events do not take place at any point in the manga.
  • In Chapter 0.2, it is mentioned that Mifune has a strong soul equivalent to 99 souls. This is never mentioned in the anime.
  • In Episode 2, after Black Star and Tsubaki depart the Death Room, Tsubaki prevents him from leaving the DWMA balcony so she may chastise him to take missions more seriously. While she does so, Maka watches her friends from the Class Crescent Moon's window while speaking with Soul. These events also do not take place in this chapter.
  • In this chapter, Black Star seems to speak directly to readers, telling them he is about to peep on Tsubaki bathing, at which point he impersonates the voices of admirers, including whom he imagines would propose marriage to him. In Episode 2, Black Star does not seem to realize he is approaching the location where Tsubaki is bathing, intending only to practice his covert skills to spy on her regardless what she is doing. As such, in this episode, he does not speak to viewers nor does he impersonate anyone praising him or proposing marriage to him.
  • In Chapter 0.2, when Tsubaki attacks the peeping Black Star with a shuriken on two separate occasions, her towel includes, appropriately enough, stars. In the anime, no star appears on her towel.
  • In Chapter 0.2, the Sun has the phrases "Sun" or "Rising Sun" written upon it. The anime, and later chapters of the manga, do not include this word.
  • In Chapter 0.2, the corpse of Capone is visible, whereas in Episode 2, the bodies of the Mafia members dissolve, leaving behind only their Kishin eggs.
  • In Episode 2, Lord Death is seen watching Black Star's departure from Demon Cinder Castle, impressed that Black Star refused to claim their souls. He then meets with Black Star and Tsubaki who have arrived with the kishin eggs of Al Capone and his mob—to turn them in, not to claim them, as Black Star thinks it is not right for him to take credit for souls he himself did not reap—despite Lord Death's encouragement that Black Star really could use some freebies. These scenes do not take place in this chapter, especially when kishin eggs appear in the anime, not the manga.
  • In Chapter 0.2, the bathhouse includes arrows sticking into the panda statues, with blood dripping, and a set of drowning or hanged pandas. These images are lacking in Episode 2.
  • The mountains where Black Star spies upon Tsubaki and other bathers at the bathhouse have faces. While in Episode 2 the trees on the way between Tsubaki's mountain bath and Demon Castle Cinder have faces, no other objects have such faces.


  • Al Capone, in name and actions, alludes to the noted Chicago gangster of the same name, known for bootlegging during Prohibition in the 1920s, when alcohol production and sale were outlawed in the United States.
  • Although the real-life Capone resided largely in Chicago, the docks that Black Star visits after his failed mission resemble those that appear in Episode 17, when Excalibur is in New York City. This resemblance may suggest that Capone in the Soul Eater anime operates out of New York.

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