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The Death Scythes Convene – Stop Dad's Staff Reassignment!?

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Shōshū! Desu Saizusu 〜Fusege Papa no Jinjiidō!!?

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The Death Scythes Convene – Stop Dad's Staff Reassignment!? is the twenty-fifth episode of the anime Soul Eater It is adapted from Chapter 23, with some content adapted from the beginning of Chapter 24, of the Soul Eater manga.

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Shibusen Students

Shibusen Staff and Death Scythes

Other Characters



Desert, Outside Death CityEdit

Soul Eater Episode 25 HD - Justin arrives 4

Justin arrives at Death City

A hand, its arm in a sleeve decorated with a cross, is placed onto the rocky ground. It belongs to a young blonde man, who has loud music blasting from skull-shaped earbuds. The man, dressed like a priest, reflects on his return to this city as he grips his pendant, a cross with a skull on it, as he prays to his lord to give people good lives and dignified deaths.

Maka and Soul's ApartmentEdit

Curled up on the couch, her face bandaged from recent injuries after her and her classmates failure to stop Asura's escape, Maka Albarn thinks about Crona, wondering whether they okay. Soul Eater leaves his bedroom to see his meister moping.

Death RoomEdit

Sid Barrett meets with Death to discuss Crona, who has surrendered to Shibusen custody. Sid asks how to deal with Crona, but Death can only think how strange is Ragnarok, the Demon Sword. For how many souls Crona and Ragnarok consumed, they should have become a Kishin, yet they have not. Death conjectures that something has purified Crona and Ragnarok. Sid does not have an answer yet but contends that Crona must be held responsible for their actions.

Uncertain how to respond, Death ultimately tables discussion.

Overnight Room, Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

Crona is curled in a bed, burying their face in a pillow.

Death CityEdit

Soul Eater Episode 25 HD - Soul drags Maka 1

Soul forces Maka to get outside

Maka is annoyed with her weapon: while she clutches a book, trying to read, he is dragging her by her sweater's hood through the streets. Maka reminds Soul that Death ordered them to stay home until their injuries heal, but Soul responds that if Maka stays indoors any longer that she will grow mushrooms. While Maka is confused what Soul has in mind, they run into Black☆Star and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, the former spinning a basketball on his index finger.

Death RoomEdit

Death moves on to discuss the return of the eight Death Scythes. Sid confirms there are four currently in Death City: Spirit is stationed here, the Death Scythe Justin Law (the young blonde man with the earbuds) is just entering the city, and two more arrived at the Academy earlier. But Sid says the Death Scythes for Europe and West Asia are too busy to come, the Death Scythe in South America is hard to hear due to the barking and yelling, and the Death Scythe in Africa won't take their call.

Women's Restroom, Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

A blonde woman continues to run water in the faucet, repeating, "No," to herself. Her dark-haired colleague asks what is wrong. The blonde with an eyepatch, the Death Scythe of Oceania Marie Mjolnir, explains that she has more important work to accomplish. The other woman, the Death Scythe of East Asia Azusa Yumi, corrects Marie that Asura's escape is more important. Marie says Azusa is too young to understand that, with this extra work, it will take Marie longer to get married. Azusa turns off Marie's faucet, saying they have responsibilities as Death Scythes. Marie complains that she is always so devoted to any man she dates, yet they all dump her. Azusa asks whether it is Marie's devotion that scares away these men. Upset, Marie punches Azusa in the face, then apologizes as she sees her strong punch has given Azusa a tremendous nosebleed.

Soul Eater Episode 25 HD - Marie and Azusa 5

Azusa deadpans as a desperate Marie wants to marry a toilet

After Azusa plugs her nose to stop the bleed, she explains to Marie that it is old-fashioned to think happiness comes only from marriage. Azusa then sees Marie staring at one of the toilet stalls. Marie announces she has decided that she will marry this toilet because it takes anything and everything. Azusa struggles to dissuade her elder, pointing out that it is annoying when a toilet seat is left up. But Marie says she can tolerate such an annoyance. Azusa then points out that the toilet may complain if Marie puts too much pressure onto it and could even leak. As Marie finds such a leak indecent, she boils with anger, and the toilet seems to sweat from nervousness.

A crash is heard in the hallway. In the restroom, Azusa watches as "Marie the Pulverizer" has smashed the toilet.

Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

Franken Stein locates Spirit Albarn to bring him to the Death Room for their meeting with Death, only to find the Death Scythe with a rag and spray bottle of cleaner, wiping the candlestick holders lining the hallway. Spirit refuses to come, worried that Death is bringing the Death Scythes not to plan how to contain Asura's global damage but to transfer Spirit out of Death City as a demotion for his failure to stop Asura's escape. Stein then realizes Spirit is trying to clean up the Academy to mollify Death, which seems like a ridiculous plan to the physician. Spirit admits he is desperate, worried that, if he leaves Death City, his ex-wife will assume full custody of Maka and he will never see her. Stein mocks Spirit as barely getting to see his daughter anyway.

Coming down the hallway are Azusa and Marie. Azusa whispers to Marie that she can see Stein, Marie's ex-boyfriend, although Marie tries to ignore the comment with a greeting to Stein and Spirit. But Spirit and Stein are more annoyed with the "Queen of Committee Chairmen," Azusa: Spirit finds her annoying and Stein is upset how Azusa aborted his attempts to vivisect bystanders (although Spirit sides with Azusa on this point). Azusa adjusts her glasses, approaching Spirit to blame his irresponsibility for Asura's escape. Spirit becomes nervous, asking Azusa not to make such points in front of Death. Stein then turns to Marie, asking whether she retired as she intended to do after becoming a Death Scythe, prompting her to grow morose again.

Azusa claps her hands and orders the trio to line up and stand at attention, her overzealousness bemusing the other three.

Death RoomEdit

Justin Law is also overzealous, on one knee, begging to hear Death speak to him. But because of the loud music in his earbuds, and that Death wears a mask hence cannot have his lips read by Justin, the Death Scythe thinks he is hearing no orders from his lord. Spirit enters and kicks Justin in the back, pointing to his earbuds. Justin understands, removing the earbuds and standing again.

The four Death Scythes and Stein stand before Death, who assumes all five of them know why he has called them (although Spirit still worries it concerns his hypothetical transfer). Death explains that Asura, one of Death's former guardians, has escaped. The good news is that Asura's fear will overwhelm him, making him not a threat just yet. But even when Asura does not attack directly, the unceasing Madness Wavelength that he gives off is dangerous. Stein explains that such a Madness Wavelength is like a godly form of Asura's own Soul Wavelength. Stein says that all humans possess some madness, which in most cases Asura's Madness Wavelength augments. Stein grins madly as he explains how he felt that increase of his own madness once Asura was revived.

But Stein admits that, although all people have some madness in them, some persons, such as Justin, may not be infected. Stein also assumes Asura's influence will be initially limited by distance and, as Azusa interrupts to say, by a person's already present propensity for wickedness. As Azusa speaks of such people, she looks at Stein, causing the other three Death Scythes to look nervous at her implied accusation. Stein admits madness enhances his own desire to vivisect, but he thinks the madness will do worse: it will awaken dormant witches and increase the number of natural and climate disasters.

When Spirit reflects on this point, Azusa points out to Death that it was Spirit and Stein's fault for Asura's release, hence some response is necessary. Death responds that he has decided to re-assign staff, driving Spirit to fear he is being removed from Death City. As Spirit collapses and complains that he will lose Maka, Death reassures Spirit that he will remain in Death City as his personal weapon, as he is the only Death Scythe who is actually a demon scythe. Spirit joins Justin on their knees to praise Death. Death goes on to explain that, while Spirit was previously Stein's weapon, Spirit must now stay at the Academy as much as possible.

Also, as Death City would benefit from another Death Scythe being present, Death assigns Marie to leave Oceania and come to the Academy as Stein's new weapon. Marie cries that she went to Oceania for a low-work environment, but now that she would be working in Death City, it will take her longer to get married. Stein places a hand on her shoulder, reassuring her that her obsessiveness will help her—which only saddens Marie more.

Death adds that Azusa will use her far-reaching vision to hunt for Asura's location, while taking over Marie's post as Death Scythe of Oceania as well as East Asia. Death is about to announce Justin's new responsibilities—when he sees the Death Scythe has replaced his loud earbuds, unable to listen. Spirit and now Azusa kick Justin in the back to knock out the earbuds, but Death decides to conclude the meeting.

As Stein and the Death Scythes leave, Death asks Spirit to stay behind for a private discussion.

Basketball Court, Death CityEdit

Black☆Star, Tsubaki, and Soul have joined Death the Kid and Patty Thompson on the court for a game of basketball, but as they have only five players, and Liz Thompson refused to come for fear of damaging her nails, they need a sixth player. Black☆Star calls to Maka, who is seated on a bench struggling to ignore her peers and read her book. Maka reminds Black☆Star that he had promised she could read on the bench if she came; Black☆Star admits he was lying, and he gets Maka's book hurled into his face.

The teams are split with Soul, Tsubaki, and Kid on one team, and Maka, Black☆Star, and Patty on the other team. Before the game begins, Soul suggests a wager between the team's captains. Soul's captain, Kid, will have the picture frames in Gallows Mansion moved two centimeters. This wager delights Maka—until Black☆Star says she, as their captain, will have to spend the entire day with her father. Maka tugs on Black☆Star's arm, saying he should be captain instead. Despite his arrogant desire to lead this team, Black☆Star falls to his knees, sacrificing his role as captain to her in exchange for having tricked her into playing basketball. Patty then explains that Maka is already wearing the captain's hat, which shocks Maka as she realizes why Patty put it on her head.

The game begins—and Maka is already confused why Soul begins by passing the ball to her teammate Black☆Star, then more confused when Black☆Star passes it back. Black☆Star orders Maka and Patty to defend the zone. Maka is still confused and begs for a time-out, but the game persists.

The students already have an audience: Marie and Stein are seated on the court bench. Marie complains she will not find a husband in a place like Death City that is full of children. As Kid makes a basket, Stein compliments the student. Stein explains to Marie that they are watching Shibusen students, who will be Marie's own students tomorrow. They watch as a Kid and Black☆Star criticize Maka for double-dribbling, which she does not understand. Marie smiles, stretching and saying, since she is single, she might as well work. As Marie realizes she has no apartment yet, she asks to stay at Stein's lab. Stein agrees, warning her he may dismember her, which seems not to scare Marie.

Spirit arrives at the court, looking concerned.

Death Room (The Past)Edit

Earlier, Death explains to Spirit that Stein likely realizes that, under Asura's Madness Wavelength, he himself is falling under his old madness. By partnering Stein with Marie, her Healing Wavelength should contain some of his madness. Death asks Spirit to keep an eye on Stein.

Basketball Court (The Present)Edit

Spirit worries to himself that Stein will continue to be a nuisance for him. He joins Marie and Stein to watch the game, aggravated that the students disobeyed their orders to stay home and recuperate. Stein answers that children are carefree, but Spirit thinks they are trying to regain normalcy after their fight against Asura and Medusa's Army. Stein disagrees, thinking this game is no different than their battle: it is two sides fighting each other. Spirit complains about Stein failing to distinguish a children's game from a war.

The game concludes, Kid's team winning with 20 points against Maka's 4. Maka collapses in disappointment that she still could not figure out how to play the game, Kid breathes a sigh of relief that his mansion remains symmetrical, and Black☆Star, Soul, and Patty chant about Maka's upcoming punishment. Tsubaki suggests cancelling the wager, but Maka nervously approaches her father as Soul and Black☆Star cackle.

Maka asks Spirit whether he would like to hang out Saturday. Spirit's head then explodes in confetti. Upon reflecting that he thought he was going to be exiled from his daughter today, only now receiving an invitation to spend a day with her, Spirit daydreams about taking his daughter out for snacks and clothing, then draping his coat to warm her during an evening stroll. Spirit screams that he thought Maka wanted normalcy, then vomits (censored by Death's mask). Maka approaches and pats her father's back before running to get some medicine. Spirit feels embarrassed while Stein reflects that he cannot understand why Spirit would vomit out of joy. The physician turns to look up at the clouds in the blue sky.

Death RoomEdit

Sid returns to again ask Death to decide what to do about Crona's punishment. Death announces that they will enroll Crona in the Academy, in order to help Crona become a powerful ally. Sid understands but explains Crona is not ready for classes. Death therefore suggests a slow trial enrollment to begin tomorrow.

Overnight RoomEdit

Light enters from only one window in this room. Crona is still seated in their bed, their face still buried into a pillow, which they squeeze more tightly.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • The anime begins with original content with Maka Albarn sitting in her apartment, worrying about Crona, and Soul Evans dragging her to meet with Black☆Star and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa. This content is not included in the manga.
  • In Chapter 23, Sid's remarks about being unable to hear the Death Scythe in South America due to barking alludes to Enrique, the ape meister whose barking and similar noises makes it difficult for Sid to hear the actual Death Scythe of South America, Tezca Tlipoca. In the anime, the Death Scythe of South America is never shown. Furthermore, of the eight Death Scythes confirmed in this episode, Spirit and the three introduced in this episode are the only ones shown in the anime, leaving the identities of the other four Death Scythes in the anime unknown.
  • In the manga, when Maka throws her book, it hits Black☆Star off the top of his head, seeming not to bother him. In this episode, Maka's book lands in Black☆Star's face, concaving his face.
  • Chapter 23 ends with Stein reflecting on Spirit's "happy puke." Episode 25 instead ends with Death and Sid deciding to put Crona into a trial enrollment, which is how Chapter 24 begins. As well, Episode 25's ending includes Stein looking skyward, which does not happen in Chapter 23.
  • Crona's overnight room in the first pages of Chapter 24 looks vastly different from its portrayal throughout the anime, appearing more colorful. In later pages and for the remainder of the manga, the overnight room more closely resembles the one in the anime.


  • In the English dub, Sid says that the Death Scythe for Europe is too busy to come. As Justin is confirmed to be the actual Death Scythe for Western Europe, Sid likely refers to the Death Scythe of Eastern Europe, confirmed as Tsar Pushka in the manga but not yet confirmed in the anime.
  • Despite his fixation on symmetry, Kid's attire for basketball has three asymmetrical dots along his shirt's collar, perhaps buttons.
  • Maka will wear Patty's captain hat in the anime's final episode when playing basketball.
  • The title to the corresponding manga chapter, Chapter 23, "Normalcy," is repeated a few times by characters in the English dub.
  • In the preview for the next episode, Spirit explains how everything connects. Azusa struggles to understand which conspiracy or puzzle Spirit is discussing. Spirit tells her to be silent and he will explain: the two then begin to sing about connecting bones together (in the English dub, singing the spiritual song Dem Bones). Spirit complains Azusa upstaged him.


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