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The Exciting and Embarrassing Trial Enrollment! The DWMA New Lifestyle Support Fair Is Open?

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嬉し恥ずかし体験入学! 〜死武専新生活応援フェア開催中?

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Ureshi Hazukashi Taiken Nyūgaku! 〜Shibusen Shinseikatsu Ōen Fea Kaisaichū?

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Maka and Marie struggle to integrate Crona into Shibusen as a new student, per Death's orders. While Franken Stein contends with his madness, Maka, Soul Evans, and Crona pursue an extracurricular lesson in Loew Village to fight the rampaging Oldest Golem.

The Exciting and Embarrassing Trial Enrollment! The DWMA New Lifestyle Support Fair Is Open? is the twenty-sixth episode of Soul Eater. It is adapted from Chapter 24 of the Soul Eater manga.

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Overnight Rooms, Death Weapon Meister Academy

Downstairs in the Academy are hallways full of overnight rooms, which with their bare walls and dark atmosphere look more like prison cells. Crona is in one of these rooms, locked away from the rest of the world whether because they are a prisoner of Shibusen or out of a desire to avoid others.

One morning, Sid Barrett knocks on Crona's door, announcing that Death has decided to enroll Crona in the Academy on a trial basis, beginning this afternoon. Sid hears no answer, typical given his previous attempts to get Crona to speak with him. Sid goes on to say that while he is a zombie, he is still a teacher, so someone like Crona who is still alive can become a good student. Unable to coax Crona to speak, Sid thinks the child hates him.

Inside, Crona is curled in one of the corners of the room.

That afternoon, Sid leads Maka Albarn, fully recovered from injuries sustained during her fight against Medusa's Army and Asura. Sid explains that, after talking at length at Crona, the depressed child finally replied that, because Sid is a zombie, they don't know how to deal with him. Sid adds that, as Maka was able to reach Crona's Soul Wavelength, he wants her to give them a tour of the Academy and prepare them for life at this school. Maka agrees, looking forward to seeing Crona again.

Maka and Sid then hear someone whimpering in the shadows, struggling to find her way through the Academy's labyrinthian structure. Sid is relieved to see Marie Mjolnir finally arrive and asks Maka to give the Death Scythe a tour as well. Upon seeing Sid, Marie rushes towards the zombie, then lifts Maka by her shoulders out of her way so she can scream at him about how scared she was. Sid is embarrassed that a former student like Marie still got lost.

Dispensary, Death Weapon Meister Academy

Meanwhile, Franken Stein is reviewing his new file on Crona, referring to them as part of Medusa Gorgon's legacy of madness. He reflects on the fact that Medusa melted down the demon sword Ragnarok, mixed him with Black Blood, and replaced Crona's blood with this new combination of weapon and Black Blood.

Stein also thinks about how a witch's soul is used to create a Death Scythe, yet it was a witch who created the first Demon Weapons, hence making it a witch rather than a meister as responsible for any weapon's evolution.

"You can't stand it," chides a hallucination of Medusa, dressed in her previous school physician attire, as she goads Stein for repressing his mad desire to dismember, even in his studies of Crona. Stein grins madly, then swings back his arm at Medusa, hitting only empty air and knocking over his stitched-up chair. Stein tries to catch his breath as he has successfully dispelled his madness—or so he thinks, as Medusa reappears behind him, now in her witch attire, as she explains Asura's Madness Wavelength affects him. She disappears after saying she looks forward to seeing what happens.

Crona's Overnight Room

Maka knocks on the door and, finding it unlocked, enters. But she sees no one in the room, not on the bed or at the desk—until she hears Crona call her name. Crona is still sitting in the corner of the room for safety. Maka gently chides Crona and takes their hand, asking them to stand up for their tour of the Academy. Crona avoids eye contact and blushes. Maka extends a hand and says she is happy to have Crona here; Crona tentatively takes Maka's hand.

Maka and Crona are interrupted by Marie's arrival, as she introduces herself as a new teacher and hence, like Crona, trying to get used to these new roles at the Academy. Crona shrinks back a bit but maintains eye contact.

Sid then pops into the room, loudly reflecting on Marie's tactic of making Crona not feel alone. Crona returns to crouching in the corner, covering their face because of the "blue man." Marie pushes Sid out of the room, while Maka assures Crona that Sid is not as scary as he appears.

Marie asks that they begin the tour, but she is interrupted by the high-pitched complaint of the still tiny Ragnarok, who makes a small explosion out of Crona's back. While Marie finds tiny Ragnarok adorable, the demon sword is still confused how Maka managed to shrink him. While Maka feigns ignorance, Ragnarok refuses to befriend the pigtailed meister. While Crona avoids eye contact and looks annoyed by the situation, Maka pats Ragnarok on the head, claiming she feels less intimidated since he can't hurt her. Ragnarok then grabs Crona's arm and uses it to flip up Maka's skirt, embarrassing both her and Crona. Ragnarok complains that Maka looks like a cow, prompting Maka to swing a book at him—but Ragnarok blocks with Crona's head, which receives the full brunt of the Maka Chop. Crona returns to the corner, covering their head and apologizing. Maka as well apologizes for the accident.

Death Weapon Meister Academy

Maka and Marie lead Crona past the Mission Board, down the stairs, and to one of the Academy's balconies. All the while, Crona clutches Maka to avoid being seen by others, hides behind banisters, and has to be pushed forward by Maka.

Soul Eater Episode 26 HD - Crona at balcony (3)

Marie, Maka, and Crona take in the view of Death City

At the balcony, Crona hides behind the barrier, head knelt in their lap. With Maka's encouragement, Crona lifts their head and looks over the banister to see Death City. Crona blushes in surprise at how bright the afternoon is, prompting Maka and Marie to watch. From around the corner of the balcony's entrance back into the hallway, they are observed by Soul Eater, who no longer wears his yellow and black jacket and thick headband but now a shirt, black jacket, and thin black headband.

Class Crescent Moon

Soul asks how Crona enjoys the Academy, but they answer that they cannot get used to this place. Despite Marie's encouragement, Crona crouches again, preferring to return to the corner of their overnight room. Soul begins to growl and attempts to rush forward to kick Crona out of their depression, held back by Maka.

To help Crona deal with their feelings, Maka suggests that they write poetry. But Soul's repeated giggling interruptions mocking his meister's poetry writing hobby, along with some sarcastic comments written on the chalkboard behind him, prompts her to Maka Chop him over the teacher's desk (at which point the chalkboard changes to different-color chalk messages apologizing to Maka, the chalk of matching color appearing in the injured Soul's hand).

Soul Eater Episode 26 HD - Maka, Marie, Black Star depressed

Soul is shocked how depressing is Crona's poem

Maka and Marie wait 30 minutes as Crona finishes writing their poem, which they tentatively hand to the two. Soul refuses to read along, finding the hobby silly while he sits atop the now bandaged teacher's desk with another sardonic comment written on the chalkboard. Maka and Marie study the poem intently and silently. Crona asks what the two think of the poem; the two simply walk to a corner of the room, kneel down, and collapse into depression, wishing they had never been born. The quiet is interrupted by Black☆Star's entrance, as he knocks open the door with a bang and complains at his peers for wasting their time indoors while the day outside is so nice. Finding Maka and Marie depressed, Black☆Star promises that his sunny disposition will brighten their day. Soul hands Crona's poem to Black☆Star—and is shocked to see the boisterous also collapse into depression as he sits beside Marie and wishes he had never been born. Soul is shocked, so he reads the poem. Then he falls into depression, sits beside Black☆Star, and wishes he had never been born. Crona falls back into their depression, sitting beside Maka and also wishing they had never been born. Soul then notices Sid is seated next to him, wishing he had never been resurrected.

Death Room

Sid gives an update to Death that Crona is having some difficulties but should soon acclimate to the Academy. Death is surprised how down Sid looks, but the zombie claims he is fine. Sid then explains that he has sent Crona along with Maka and Soul on an extracurricular lesson to the Czech Republic, to a village called Loew. Loew is home to enchanters, who use their gloves to mix magic into soil that they then use to build mobile human-shaped figures called golems. While golems are only to protect, not destroy, the oldest of these golems has been attacking the village. Because Death worries that Asura's Madness Wavelength has perverted the golems to destroy rather than protect, he asks Sid to have Stein research this problem.

Loew Village

Maka is surprised how many chimneys are in the village, with Soul answering that, as the villagers make so many golems, there is likely a kiln in every building. Ragnarok explodes from Crona's body, desiring to consume souls. Crona reminds Ragnarok that, as they are now students at the Academy, they are no longer eating souls. They are then surprised to see a towering golem stumbling through the street, guided by its enchanter atop its back. Maka leaves Soul and Crona to ask residents for information about the Oldest Golem's location, but as Soul studies the glowering residents, he worries these enchanters are upset by Shibusen's presence.

Maka returns, claiming no residents know about the golems. Soul worries the residents are hiding information, but he is interrupted by the arrival of the enchanter Giriko, who offers to lead the students to the Oldest Golem. Soul looks suspiciously at the enchanter.

Patchwork Lab

Stein has left the Academy's dispensary and, despite the bright day outside, sits in front of his computer in darkness. He grins madly as typing is heard, only it is not his own hands typing—it is translucent hands, extended from the ceiling where the Kishin's eyes look down. Eventually the red words typed against the black background of the computer monitor form the Kishin's eyes as well. Another hand appears behind Stein's head, pushing his face into the monitor. Stein pulls back his head, where the Kishin's eyes now rest on his own face.

Light bulbs in the room turn on, as Marie has opened the door and has flipped the light switch on. She returns with groceries and, as she lays a hand on the giggling Stein, asks what is wrong. Upon feeling her hand on his shoulder, Stein calms down, assuring he is fine. Marie has a message from Death regarding the odd behavior of the Oldest Golem. She then asks whether Stein has cups around for her to make them a drink, as she holds up a can of coffee. Stein points to beakers on a nearby laboratory table. Bemused, Marie still proceeds to boil water in a tea kettle with a bunsen burner.

Stein repeats what Death told Sid, that golems are designed to protect, not harm. He suggests technology could re-program newer golems, but this situation involves the Oldest Golem. Stein and Marie also discuss how the sequence of events does not make sense: the Madness Wavelength should affect humans first, not a soulless golem until the entire world is engulfed in madness. Stein therefore departs to return to the Academy to research in the library, leaving Marie holding two beakers of hot beverage for herself.

Loew Village

On the outskirts of the village are trees, with what appear to be natural leaves but whose bark and branches seem to be replaced with girded metal and bricks, pipes extending through the leave as if these trees are also kilns. In response to Soul's complaints that they have been walking for a long time, Giriko assures they are almost to the Oldest Golem's location. Soul responds that the villagers are creeping him out. Maka silences her weapon, but Giriko interrupts, explaining that Loew exports golems worldwide, as protectors to sit outside people's front doors.

Giriko adds that people fear outsiders, which prompts Soul to assume Giriko means that the people of Loew fear outsiders like those from Shibusen. Giriko assures that villagers want to live in peace and quiet, so they adopt the calm of the golems and try to stay out of trouble, Yet, Giriko adds, all people have some evil inside them, even someone who wears a mask of goodness.

Soul Eater Episode 26 HD - Maka sees Arachne's soul in Oldest Golem

Maka senses someone's soul inside the Oldest Golem

Vibrations shake the ground beneath the Shibusen students' feet. When Maka asks what is making those vibrations, Giriko teases that he cannot reveal yet, as it would ruin the surprise. Crona tenses and whimpers in fear of what approaches. One tree-shaped kiln explodes, knocked away to show the arrival of the Oldest Golem, growling and towering over Giriko and the students. Giriko complains that there is no point hiding the surprise, while Maka orders Soul to transform into this demon scythe form. But as Maka faces the Oldest Golem, her Soul Perception sense a Soul Wavelength emanating from the creation, and this soul seems to be in the shape of some creature with eight legs and antenna.

As Giriko marches towards the Oldest Golem, he expresses surprise that a meister as young as Maka could sense the soul within the golem. He says he has been waiting 800 years for this moment, using his enchanter abilities to swap his body with those of 30 generations of his descendants. He says that whatever is inside this Golem has been waiting those 800 years to grow stronger until the opportunity would arrive to destroy Death and Shibusen.

Giriko's face then grows black in square segments, revealing gears behind his face. Giriko is not only an enchanter but a chainsaw weapon as large as a human's body, as he transforms into the Oldest Golem's hand. The Golem with a soul serves as a meister, wielding Giriko and knocking him towards Maka. She sidesteps just a foot or so, unfazed by this attack and simply ordering Giriko to surrender or be killed. Giriko then reminds Maka that he has not even started his chainsaw's engine, as the Golem pulls the cord, the vibrations of the chains knocking up the ground and knocking Maka back. Crona calls out to Maka, but the meister is still on her feet, her Soul Perception recognizing that Giriko's wavelength is distorted, full of bloodlust.

The Golem growls as it swings Giriko repeatedly at Maka, who dodges as the saw cuts through surrounding trees. Giriko complains about for how many generations he has been forced to fake a grin to avoid detection by Shibusen, which has made his life empty. The Golem succeeds in knocking Maka into one tree as Giriko cackles. As Giriko struggles to remove his false self to remember what is his authentic self, he determines to destroy everything.

Soul Eater Episode 26 HD - Maka and Crona face Oldest Golem (2)

Maka and Crona face the Oldest Golem

Maka worries that she cannot attack something that large from a distance with just a scythe. Ragnarok interrupts with a solution: use a sword. He then says he is speaking only hypothetically, as he would not help Maka even for three pieces of candy. Seeing through Ragnarok's charade, Maka offers four pieces of candy. When Ragnarok refuses, Maka offers five pieces, then sixteen, then as much as Ragnarok wants. Gleeful, Ragnarok agrees, successfully blocking Giriko's saw with just his tiny hand. Giriko is upset that his first blade setting fails to stop Ragnarok, who knocks the Golem back entirely with just his fist, making the nervous Maka happy Ragnarok is now on her side. Crona orders Ragnarok to transform, but his thinner form worries them—prompting Ragnarok to tell them to shut up and focus on the fight. Crona then asks the Golem to leave Maka alone and, if it is upset, to try writing a poem.

Giriko increases the speed of the saw as Crona and Maka prepare to fight.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • In Chapter 24, Maka and Marie speak with Crona in the balcony and a classroom. In Episode 26, this sequence is extended, with Crona appearing far more nervous moving through the hallway and earning gentle mocking from Maka and Medusa for such nervousness regarding how bright it is outside.
  • In Episode 26, Marie offers to make Stein tea—as she holds up a can of instant coffee. Marie does not make this mistake in Chapter 24.
  • As seen in Episode 22, Ragnarok has already had his size decreased due to the influence of Maka Albarn's Anti-Demon Wavelength. In Chapter 24, however, the reason he has shrunk differs: Ragnarok's size and power have only recently been decreased because Death removed the souls that Ragnarok had consumed.
  • In Episode 26, Soul, or someone else, writes messages on the chalkboard alternating between mocking Maka for writing poetry and apologizing for Soul's derision. These chalkboard messages do not appear in Chapter 24.
  • In Chapter 24, Giriko is introduced with the false name of Saw (alternatively translated as Sou). However, in Episode 26, he introduces himself by the name Giriko.


  • Starting with this episode, Soul has a new outfit, which he wears through the remainder of the series. Whereas he previous wore a yellow and black jacket with a thick headband with the badges of the E.A.T. class and the word "SOUL," he now wears a black jacket, a T-shirt, and a thinner black headband.
  • Stein's computer monitor includes square notes taped to the side, and its manufacturer is listed as DEENOH.
  • Marie offers to make tea for her and Stein, yet she is holding a can marked "Coffee." Coincidentally, her ex-boyfriend from the manga, Joe Buttataki, appears later in the anime with an obsession for coffee.
  • In the preview for the next episode, Maka and Sid regret being alive—then Maka wishes she could enjoy sushi, not be hot-tempered, and not have fat ankles, and Sid wishes he didn't have a hole in his head, blue skin, and bad breath. Maka corrects Sid that everyone wishes he did not have bad breath. Maka is still so depressed that she cannot finish her tagline: instead of threatening to take viewers' souls, she says viewers will simply regret if they miss the next episode. Maka's remarks about enjoying sushi allude to Soul's comment that she dislikes the dish in Episode 18, and her complaint about her fat ankles alludes to Soul's insult about them in Episode 13.


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