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800 Years of Bloodlust – Advent of the Heretic Witch?

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800年の殺意 〜異端の魔女降臨?〜

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Happyuku-nen no Satsui 〜Itan no Majo Kōrin?〜

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As Maka Albarn and Crona struggle against Giriko and the Oldest Golem, Maka is paralyzed by spider threads emerging from the golem. Meanwhile, Franken Stein's research leads him to discover that Arachne, the heretic witch who created the first Demon Weapons, has been hiding inside that Oldest Golem for 800 years. Fearing the safety of the DWMA students, Death has sent the Death Scythe Justin Law to rescue the students, who faces both Giriko and the newly resurrected Arachne.

800 Years of Bloodlust – Advent of the Heretic Witch? is the twenty-seventh episode of the anime Soul Eater. It is the first episode to use the third closing credit sequence, "Bakusō Yume Uta".

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Loew Village





Outskirts of Loew VillageEdit

In the village's outskirts, among trees refashioned into kilns, Maka Albarn and Crona, wielding Soul Eater and the miniaturized but still strong Ragnarok, face the Oldest Golem, who somehow defies the directive of all golems to protect and instead is destroying. Maka had sensed within the Oldest Golem a Soul Wavelength in the shape of a spider, and with this soul inside the golem, it is wielding Giriko, a massive chainsaw weapon with intense bloodlust and who is also an Enchanter.

Death Weapon Meister Academy, LibraryEdit

Franken Stein has returned to the Academy, collecting numerous books to understand why the Madness Wavelength released by the recently escaped Asura would first affect a soulless golem and not humans. The Oldest Golem was created 800 years ago, around the same time that the heretic witch created the first Demon Weapons. Therefore, Stein assumes this heretic witch's soul has been hiding for 800 years in that Oldest Golem and has waited until this moment, when it could be empowered by Asura's global madness.

Outskirts of Loew VillageEdit

Crona commands Ragnarok to perform Screech Alpha, which distracts the Oldest Golem long enough for Maka to attempt to slice into the golem. But the Oldest Golem's hide is too tough to slice through, thanks to Giriko's 800 years of maintenance. Soul urges Maka to stand back, but she says she can handle the next attack from Giriko's saw. Then it is revealed that Maka did manage to slice through the Oldest Golem's side—as what appear to be spider threads break through, touching Maka's skin until she is frozen. The Oldest Golem swings Giriko, ready to slice Maka in half. Crona blocks the attack with Ragnarok, but the force of the Golem's swing knocks them and Maka back into the kiln trees.

As Maka falls to the ground, unable to move, Soul reverts to his human form to pick her up, then finds the spider threads coating her body.

Death Weapon Meister Academy, LibraryEdit

Stein discovers his answer: one book has an account of mass hallucinations in the Czech Republic, 5,000 people reporting seeing unidentifiable black, spider-like orbs around that area. But Stein realizes the orbs were indeed spiders, not hallucinations. And those hallucinations were around Loew Village. The heretic witch must have split her body into spiders and left her soul inside the Oldest Golem.

Outskirts of Loew VillageEdit

While Soul helps up his meister to a seating position, Crona is back on their feet, waiting to see the Golem's next move. Then spiders begin to run across its face, and more begin to crawl out of the kiln trees. Soul grabs at one spider, but it loosens itself from his grip.

Excited to see the world's spiders return to their origin in Loew Village, Giriko reverts to his human form to witness what he has waited for 800 years.

Death Weapon Meister Academy, LibraryEdit

Stein calls Death's mirror in the Death Room to report his discovery that the heretic witch Arachne has scattered her body and left her soul in Loew Village. Stein explains that it makes sense that Arachne would be the first entity to be affected by Asura's madness—but then Stein grips his side, because actually he is already suffering from that madness. Stein says "her" madness is clawing its way into his body. Stein bites his lip as Death tells the physician to endure this bout.

Stein struggles to catch his breath. He realizes that, as Maka and Crona are not strong enough to face Arachne alone, he will depart for Loew Village immediately. Death urges Stein to remain in Death City, as he anticipated Maka's mission would be too difficult. Therefore, he already sent a Death Scythe after the students, who should be arriving in Loew Village right about now.

Outskirts of Loew VillageEdit

As the spiders engulf the Oldest Golem's body, Maka realizes these arachnids are being called by the soul within that golem. Crona stands before Maka, their back to her as they arm Ragnarok and prepares to protect the fallen meister. Maka gasps and blushes.

As the spiders begin to take on the shape of a human woman, Giriko speaks to the emerging woman, explaining Asura's global madness allows for her resurrection, and that in the 800 years since her disappearance, the Earth has become an exciting place. Arachne Gorgon resumes her full form. Encountering their mother Medusa's sister, Crona's resolve is shaken, as they back away upon facing their aunt.

Loew VillageEdit

Residents look suspiciously at a young blonde man, riding on a dune buggy whose loudspeakers cause the town to vibrate with their bass-heavy music. Justin Law looks at the coffin he has hitched to his vehicle, and he wonders whether he should have brought another one for this mission. He begins to rub his skull-decorated cross necklace.

Death Weapon Meister Academy, LibraryEdit

Speaking to Stein through the mirror in the Death Room, Death is surprised Arachne has survived these 800 years. Death and Stein reflect on how it was Arachne who created the first Demon Weapons: she used witches' souls to give humans the ability to transform into weapons. She was already hunted by Death for being a witch, but for killing other witches, Arachne had to hide from the avenging Maba and other witches as well.

Loew Village (800 Years Ago)Edit

Soul Eater Episode 27 HD - Arachne finds Oldest Golem

800 years ago, Arachne found the Oldest Golem

Death remembers following Arachne to Loew Village. But what he did not know was that the injured Arachne hid in one shed in the village, which housed the Oldest Golem. There, Arachne divided her body into spiders to spread globally and left her soul within the Golem.

Outskirts of Loew VillageEdit

Arachne welcomes the children of the DWMA, claiming she has been anticipating their arrival. She already knows Maka and Soul by name, having used her spiders to watch every corner of the globe for 800 years, even the students' apartment. To substantiate her claim, Arachne reveals that last night Maka and Soul argued over who burned their curry for dinner—and upon revealing it was Soul, the weapon looks nervous as his meister glares at him.

Arachne then turns to Crona, revealing she has watched them and Medusa as well, learning how little love Medusa had for her own child. Arachne therefore offers her love to Crona. But Crona glares, seeing through Arachne's deception as they increase their grip on Ragnarok, preparing to attack. Arachne begins to laugh at Crona's fury, which explodes with a scream and a rush towards the witch. But Arachne blocks the attack with just her fan, bemoaning that while she blocked the attack, these 800 years has left her rusty.

Arachne smacks Crona with her fan, disabling the demon sword meister, and orders Giriko to kill them. With a swing of his leg, Giriko knocks Crona back. The meister is still on their feet, rushing to attack the saw weapon, when they come to feel the full brunt of Giriko's attack, cutting into their chest so that Black Blood gushes out. Crona manages to harden the Black Blood, but whereas they could harden it almost instantly before into a scab, this time Giriko's attack was so unforeseen that the blood has already leaked and takes longer to solidify, forming into a jagged structure. Soul is shocked how Giriko's Saw Leg Speed 2 managed to cut through the Black Blood barrier, while Arachne mocks her sister's lackluster research.

Ragnarok says they can withstand more of Giriko's attacks as soon as he hardens the Black Blood—after Crona thanks him. Giriko decides to increase his power so to slice Crona and Ragnarok and consume their souls. Giriko uses the speed of his Saw Leg to propel himself along the ground, but his crouching position disgusts Crona, who thinks it looks like he is trying to use the bathroom. Giriko leaps, slicing along Ragnarok's blade and with another swing of his leg slicing Crona's neck. While still in the air, Giriko brings his Saw Leg around Crona's neck, ready to decapitate them.

Before Giriko can kill Crona, Saint Cross Knife, an attack of light in the shape of a cross, slices across his chest. This attack is formed from the bladed forearms of Justin Law, who has finally arrived to protect the DWMA students. Soul is surprised to see Justin is a guillotine but cannot tell who just won in that skirmish. Giriko complains that Justin would have killed him had he not blocked the attack with the chainsaws he formed around his chest. Giriko demands the Justin reveal himself, but the Death Scythe does not answer, whether because the music in his earbuds makes him deaf to all speech, because he cannot see Giriko's lips from how far away he stands, or because as Giriko surmises Justin is toying with him.

Arachne already recognizes Justin, however. Giriko and Soul are surprised someone like Justin is a Death Scythe, but Maka recognizes "The Executioner" as a legend of the Academy. Maka explains that, four years ago, when he was only 13 years old, Justin became the youngest weapon to become a Death Scythe—and without a meister.

Justin prays to Death for strength. He then shouts to the students to wait while he quickly concludes this battle against just one opponent. Soul and Maka complain how loud he speaks with those earbuds. Giriko, however, is upset to face another weapon without a meister, as if he feels overshadowed. Both Giriko and Justin increase their Soul Wavelengths as Giriko chides Justin for being Death's sycophant. Maka worries that Giriko and Justin's souls are evenly matched, then she feels something grip her shoulder tighter. It is Soul's hand, as she sees him clench his jaw, upset to see a Death Scythe like Justin able to protect them.

As Giriko and Justin battle, the former continues to lambast the latter for siding with Death. Giriko initiates Reverse Rotation to slice Justin in both directions. Giriko asks whether Justin wants to hear why Arachne is so important, but Justin simply initiates his Neck Shackle Guard, which he wraps around one of Giriko's legs. With Giriko immobilized momentarily, Justin quickly grabs Giriko by his collar and brings him forward for his Headbutt of Love attack, almost breaking Giriko's nose in the process.

Giriko lands one hand on the ground and performs a technique similar to a breakdance, swinging his legs quickly enough to throw Justin back a few yards. Maka comments how quickly the two opponents are moving, preventing her from learning anything about their techniques, earning her mockery from Ragnarok that, even when paralyzed from combat, she is still a studious student.

Arachne sits atop the Oldest Golem, observing the fight. Giriko wipes the blood from his nose, saying Justin has now revved his engine so he might as well remove his earbuds and actually hear him. Justin laughs, saying he can read lips and knows all the filthy things Giriko has said. Giriko is upset, assuming Justin has been toying with him. When Arachne intervenes, Giriko turns on her and yells, earning him a scolding from the much older witch for being so childish as to talk back to his elder. Giriko instantly resumes a polite demeanor as Arachne explains the Oldest Golem is losing its power: they must retreat to someone who is awaiting them. Giriko groans in annoyance as he commands the Oldest Golem to do as it wishes, as the DWMA students will die anyway.

Episode 27 - Law Abiding Silver Gun

Justin defeats the Oldest Golem with Law-Abiding Silver Gun

Giriko then takes Arachne in his arms, crouches, and speeds away on his Saw Legs. Justin commands the duo to halt or die. Then he sees the Oldest Golem begin pummeling Crona, who blocks with Ragnarok. But as their strength will only last so long, Justin realizes the DWMA students are at risk of being killed. Justin follows Death's orders to save the students, praying to Death as he increases the strength of his Soul Wavelength and uses his Law-Abiding Silver Gun to decapitate the Golem with a guillotine-shaped attack.

Justin urges the students to bow their heads and pray, as the students follow. But as Maka cannot bring her hand to her chest in prayer, Soul reflects on how a weapon like Justin can fight alone, while Soul, with his meister immobilized, has been useless in this battle. As Soul curses himself, Maka looks at him.

Loew VillageEdit

Soul Eater Episode 27 HD - Maka in casket

Maka cries as Crona drops flowers onto her

Sunset, back in the village, Justin has started his dune buggy, ready to return the students to Death City. Soul confirms Maka is still paralyzed—as she lies in Justin's coffin. Annoyed, Maka questions this decision. Justin, along with Soul, Crona, and Ragnarok, fake deafness, Maka angrily reminding them that one of them can read lips. Maka continues to clench her teeth in annoyance as Soul and Justin have a mostly empty conversation that Stein will treat Maka, which worries her given the physician's propensities. Crona proceeds to drop flowers onto Maka in the coffin that they have gathered. Maka tries to smile and thank Crona but is crying as she realizes this is how the zombie Sid Barrett must have felt when he died.

Away from Loew VillageEdit

A red carpet through a forest leads Arachne and Giriko to Mosquito, a short, older man dressed like a chauffeur, with a limousine waiting for his mistress. As Arachne complains how stagnant the air in Loew Village has been, Mosquito offers chilled champagne he has left in the vehicle for her arrival. Arachne and Giriko enter the backseat while Mosquito prepares to drive them to their destination. But as Giriko finds even the limousine to be stuffy, he uses his Saw Leg to slice off the roof, turning the vehicle into a convertible, angering Mosquito to have not only his car but the top of his hat sliced off. Arachne interrupts Giriko and Mosquito squabbling and order them to bring her to the castle.

Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

That night, in the Death Room, Death reflects on the new enemy, Arachne, that has emerged along with Asura.

Baba Yaga CastleEdit

In a ravine is a castle in the shape of a spider, with a face of four eyes and an open mouth. As Arachne and her lackeys stand before this castle, Mosquito, his hat still cut, wipes tears of joy at his mistress's return. Mosquito then introduces the network she has spent 800 years creating: numerous soldiers dressed in black cloaks and white masks resembling the spider-shaped face of the castle cheer for their leader's return. Arachne grins as she promises that her network, Arachnophobia, will defeat Death.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • In the episode, upon learning from Arachne that Soul Evans was indeed responsible for burning their dinner last night, Maka glares at her weapon, who panics before looking away, frustrated. This visual gag is not present in Chapter 26.
  • In the manga, 800 years ago, Death screams multiple curses at Arachne as he hunts for her. However in the episode, Death's shouts are not heard at all, with no hint that he was so coarse in his language.
  • The manga shows that 800 years ago that Arachne divided her body into many spiders. In the episode, this did not show Arachne dividing her body, instead showing her finding the Oldest Golem locked in storage.
  • According to the manga, it suggests that Soul says aloud his concerns that he as a weapon cannot do what Giriko and Justin Law can accomplish, yet in Episode 27 Soul seems to have only thought, rather than said aloud, these concerns.
  • In the manga, Arachnophobia members release confetti upon Arachne's return to Baba Yaga Castle, which is seen in only in silhouette. However in the episode's version, Arachnophobia members do not throw confetti, and Baba Yaga Castle is seen with more detail, not only as a silhouette.


  • Stein refers to "her" madness as entering him. While he is discussing Arachne, his remark may refer as well to Medusa Gorgon's hallucinations that he began to see in the previous episode and will continue to see into future episodes.
  • This is the first episode to use the third closing sequence, Bakusō Yume Uta.
  • In the preview for the next episode, the song from Justin's earbuds plays loudly. Maka struggles to get the Death Scythe to describe Arachnophobia, but Justin is humming Excalibur's song from Episode 17. As Maka reads the next episode's title, Justin assumes Maka said something naughty, which confirms to her that he does not read lips well.


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