Geez, you newbies are noisy. If you're gonna be DWMA students, you have to live in peace with the housemaster, even if she is psycho.

Kim Diehl, Episode 2

SEN! - Episode 2
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Girls' Dorms á la Carte!

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Joshi ryō arakaruto!

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Icon - JPNIcon - USA 2014 April 15
Icon - USA (Dub) 2015 May 26

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24 Minutes

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Rating - TV-14

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Introduction arc

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After an adventurous first day, the girls, Tsugumi, Meme, and Anya get acquainted with the girls' dormitory and it's many secrets while discovering the value of a hard-earned dollar.

Girls' Dorms á la Carte! is the second episode of the anime Soul Eater Not! It premiered in Japan and in the United States on April 15, 2014. It was adapted from Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 of the manga Soul Eater Not!

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NOT Students

Girls' Dormitory

Deathbucks Café

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Yngling Castle (Dream)Edit

Princess Anastasia remembers her previous routine at her family's home, where her butler Alfred and other servants would dictate her schedule and dress her. The Princess sighs.

Death CityEdit

Anya Hepburn awakens to find herself in the company of Meme Tatane, who is feeding birds, and their senior student guide, Eternal Feather. Anya discovers she has been sleeping on a smiling Tsugumi Harudori's shoulder, which startles Anya, causing her to leap from her seat and upset the birds. Eternal Feather leads the group to the girls' dormitory while Anya and Tsugumi lag behind to have a conversation. Tsugumi notices Anya's brooch, Anya states that it is her family's crest and that she wears out of habit. As the four travel to the girls' dorms, they walk through Death Bazaar, which impresses Anya. Eternal Feather explains the allowance they will receive as students of Shibusen, along with other rules.

Girls' Dormitory Edit

Arriving at the girls' dormitory, Eternal Feather hesitates to open the door. She explains and mentions that there is a witch lurking within the girls' dormitory. Eternal Feather then changes moods to welcome her friends to the dormitory, but nervous Tsugumi is now suspicious of every person she is about to meet. In the living room, Eternal Feather introduces the trio to Kana Altair, a small girl who specializes in Tarot Cards. Kana offers to read Tsugumi's fortune, revealing the Tower Card, symbolizing misfortune. Anya is not convinced, so Kana proceeds to insult the haughty girl with multiple cards, including The Fool Card, then the fabricated Home Card to tell her to leave. Anya shouts that Kana has fabricated these cards as Meme and Eternal Feather drag away the irate meister.

After Eternal Feather shows the trio additional parts of the dormitory, including the upstairs and the bathhouse, she brings them to the fully stocked kitchen. While Anya expresses annoyance that her commoner life is still full of expensive rare dinnerware, Meme assures Tsugumi she has nothing to fear about any witch of the dorm. Then a hand begins to stroke Tsugumi's hair, frightening her. Tsugumi discovers the dormitory's housemaster, Misery, has invaded her personal space. While Tsugumi hides behind Meme, Eternal Feather introduces Misery. After Meme introduces herself, Tsugumi regains some calm and tells the housemaster that she will try to get into her good graces. As Eternal Feather guides the trio out of the kitchen to continue their tour, Misery stares creepily after Tsugumi, whispering with a chill that she has finally found her ideal Mary.

After being escorted to their new dorm, Eternal Feather bids them goodbye as Meme does the same except calling her "Endless Waltz" instead with Eternal firmly correcting her and after saying sorry, the girls choose their beds with Anya feeling left out because Meme took the Neighboring bed and now she be next to Tsugumi. While she thinks about this, Tsugumi exclaims she never had a bed and Meme and her have a cheerful back and forth as Anya dwells on the fact previously mentioned. It suddenly turns to night as Tsugumi writes a letter to her mother in Japan, Meme tucks in Anya, who fell asleep in her bed while reading, and Tsugumi turns off the lights to conclude their eventful first day.

While Meme and Anya continue to sleep, Tsugumi awakes to hear Misery reciting lines from the book that she is reading. Hovering above the girl, Misery finishes the line as Tsugumi discovers she has been tied to her bed. Misery explains she is just like the character Mary Smith in The Commoner of Flanders and that Tsugumi is just how she envision Mary would look, She raises a mallet and tells Tsugumi she will groom her into the perfect Mary. Tsugumi asks her if she's the dorm witch as Misery says maybe Tsugumi's nose is a bit longer than what Mary's would be, "It'll all be over soon." she says as Meme "awakens". Meme is still asleep but as Misery tells her to be good and go back to bed, Meme grabs Misery's hand and flips her entire body to which Misery lands on her feet.

The two have subtle, dynamic fight in the dark with Misery on the losing end until Meme crawls into Tsugumi's bed, Tsugumi begs Meme to "get up" but stay "asleep" as Misery says Mary doesn't need any friends and begins walking towards them. They are saved by Kim Diehl, who just came by, annoyed at all the noise she's hearing, Misery passes out as Kim tells Tsugumi that if she's going to be at this school, she will have to get used to the Housemaster.

The next morning, Anya awakens to see Tsugumi asleep, with Meme still curled in her bed. Disgusted by her own assumptions about this scene, Anya changes into her dress and, upon seeing her family's brooch, has an idea. She quickly exits the dormitory.

Death City MarketEdit

At the local market, Anya is fascinated by the items for sale, partaking in rasamune soda then spotting the tanuki statue she had seen yesterday. Because her weekly Shibusen allowance is too low to purchase the $1,200 statue, Anya trades her family's brooch.

Girls' DormitoryEdit

Tsugumi returns from the bathroom, showered, changed into her clothes, but still tired. Then she sees the girl who rescued her from Misery. Tsugumi bows her head in thanks and asks for the girl's name, and Kim answers with a demand for Tsugumi's entire weekly allowance as payment for saving her life. Kim expresses her thanks by returning a paltry few coins so that Tsugumi can eat for at least today. Coming upon this shake-down, Eternal Feather hides from Kim, "the Witch of the Girls' Dorm."

While Tsugumi puts on a fake smile for Kim, she returns to her bedroom and bangs her head against its door, desiring to go home. Tsugumi decides to borrow money from her meisters, only to find her bedroom is full of all the tchotchkes Anya bought at the market, including the tanuki statue, now named Josephine. Tsugumi also learns that Meme cannot remember where she left her allowance envelope. While Anya is too rich to understand just how much money all three of them have lost, the meisters share rasamune. Meme then points out that Anya is missing her brooch. Anya lies that she lost it but that she feels she will fit in better in Death City without such expensive jewelry. Anya concludes that Josephine was a sufficient trade-off for her brooch, which fails to excite the worried Tsugumi.

Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

In the cafeteria, Tsugumi orders one bowl. While the chef assumes Tsugumi means three bowls, she corrects him, as without enough money the trio have to share a small serving for their lunch. While Anya is interested in this commoners' food, Meme and Tsugumi realize this amount of food is not enough. Tsugumi drops a job search brochure onto their table, looking for ways the trio can earn money until next week's allowance. Tsugumi turns down a job in manual labor. Anya, while initially delighted at the idea of working, quickly claims she will work only because Tsugumi and Meme are. Anya then gives an overly specific denial of any interest in a job with cute uniforms, which immediately inspires Meme to pick a cafe job.

Meanwhile, in the library, Clay Sizemore is surprised to hear Akane Hoshi has discovered Anya and her peers will work this week at Deathbucks Café. When Clay asks whether this fact means they too have to work there, Akane says the alternative is to drink coffee at this cafe daily, such coyness annoying Clay.

Deathbucks CaféEdit

Tsugumi and her meisters follow the map to the café that was included in the job listing. Anya feigns frustration, claiming she does not know why she has to work, which Meme assumes means Anya has memory problems, too. The trio enter, Tsugumi introducing themselves to the cafe's master, explaining they are the ones who called earlier about jobs. The Master asks whether all five of the applicants are present, surprising Tsugumi until the last two of the five arrive: the meister Akane and his weapon Clay. Anya recognizes the duo from orientation, blushing as she assumes they too are about to work menial labor with them because they ran out of this week's allowance. Akane lies that Clay spent all of their allowance at the arcade, a cover story that annoys the weapon.

In the employees' locker room, the girls change into their uniforms. While Tsugumi and Meme express nervousness about working with boys and compared how the uniforms look on their differing bodies, Anya is shocked by how short the uniform's skirt is. Meanwhile, Akane mocks Clay for enjoying his uniform so much. After the Master gives a curt compliment to the boys, they welcome the arrival of the girls. But Anya is too nervous to exit given how short her skirt is. Tsugumi compliments Anya's legs, prompting such nervousness in the latter that Tsugumi and Meme are impressed with how adorable she sounds.

The Master begins instructions, saying that most customers come to Deathbucks to see actual Shibusen students at work. He encourages them to stay calm and look forward to the work. As the students begin working, Anya speaks hurriedly to a customer but calms down as the customer, recognizing it is Anya's first day, wishes her good luck. The Master notices Tsugumi struggles to keep her tray steady, while Clay and Akane watch Meme unable to remember an order. Meanwhile, Anya is already proficient at her work, her kind example surprising but also inspiring Tsugumi and Meme to work harder. Meme begins holding numerous heavy trays effortlessly and nimbly, but Tsugumi still struggles to hold her tray steadily.

Girls' DormitoryEdit

Anya returns to her bedroom with a treat of fish-shaped snacks that she purchased with her pay that day from Deathbucks. But Meme and Tsugumi have also spent part of their day's pay for a gift to replace Anya's lost brooch: a brooch in the shape of Death's mask. Anya's face looks gleeful until she is asked whether she likes the gift, at which point she feigns her usual disinterest, which does not surprise the pleased Tsugumi and Meme. After Meme assists Anya with straightening her new brooch, Tsugumi asks that her meisters no longer use honorifics with her. While Meme is delighted at the prospect, Anya is too nervous to spit out her name, instead referring to the weapon as "Tsugumin," which sounds like "gumin" ("rabble, people who are stupid"). Tsugumi is offended.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • Anya's flashback dream was an anime-only event
  • Anya's House Yngling brooch was not present in the manga. Anya started wearing her skull brooch in the manga in Chapter 4 without backstory.
  • "Josephine," Anya's tanuki statue, was not named in the manga.
  • In Chapter 3, Eternal Feather was the one to provide a jobs list to Tsugumi and her meisters in the cafeteria, after buying a meal for them and explaining Kim Diehl's bullying ways. In Episode 2, Eternal Feather is not present to provide the jobs list, which Tsugumi instead brings with her to lunch. Eternal Feather's offer to buy a meal and to explain Kim will be adapted in Episode 3.
  • Episode 2 includes a scene of Clay and Akane in the library, learning that Anya and her friends have applied to work at Deathbucks. This scene is not included at any point in the manga.
  • Master's moped is parked in front of Deathbucks Café. In the corresponding scene in Chapter 3 of the manga, it is absent, and it will stay that way until Chapter 35 (NOT!).
  • In Chapter 3, upon meeting Akane and Clay, Anya mocks the duo for wasting their week's allowance, despite the hypocrisy of her mockery. In Episode 2, Anya instead implicitly admits she spent all of her money when, blushing and without any mockery, she asks the two boys whether they also spent all of their allowance.
  • In Chapter 3, after Anya refers to Tsugumi and Meme as perverts for complimenting her Deathbucks uniform, the two feel so nervous that they ask the Master for glasses of water, prompting the Master to say that, if he was younger, he may have a similar reaction as Tsugumi and Meme. In Episode 2, Tsugumi and Meme are hardly nervous and instead find Anya adorable; hence, they do not ask for glasses of water, and the Master makes no comment regarding Anya's appearance.
  • In Chapter 2, Anya bought taiyaki with her weekly allowance to share with Meme and Tsugumi at the same time that she spent all of her money on the tanuki statue and other marketplace items, which takes place before Anya and her friends begin their search for a job. In Chapter 3, Anya cannot bear to pronounce Tsugumi's name correctly without honorifics. In Episode 2, Anya instead buys the taiyaki after the girls' job search, not with her allowance but with her first day's pay from Deathbucks, and at the same time fails to pronounce Tsugumi's name properly.


  • Josephine's price is listed as $1,200. Because Anya traded her brooch for at least partial payment for Josephine, it is possible that Shibusen students' weekly allowances are significantly less than $1,200; however, as Anya also purchased many other items, it is not yet clear how much money Shibusen students receive.
  • Misery, by name, mallet, and behavior, alludes to Misery, the 1987 horror novel by Stephen King and adapted as the 1990 film of the same name. Misery's name alludes to Misery Chastain, the main character to a series of romance novels within the novel and film. Misery's appearance and her use of the mallet to injure someone tied to a bed alludes to the actions taken by the antagonist of Misery, Annie Wilkes.
  • Maka Albarn and Soul Eater can be seen walking through the cafeteria while Tsugumi and her meisters place their order. This episode marks the first appearance of Soul in his Pianoman shirt. However, given the distance of the duo, they are drawn with few details—to the point that it looks like Maka's skirt is not included in her character model.
  • As occurs throughout the manga and the anime, Deathbucks Café is instead spelled "Deathbucks Caffe."
  • The Funimation English language dub changes the reason why Anya cannot pronounce Tsugumi's name. Whereas in the original Japanese Tsugumi asked her meisters to drop honorifics from her name, in the English dub, she instead asks the meisters to come up with a nickname for her.
  • The original Japanese featured additional performances by Yu Ayase, Genki Yoshimoto, and Takamasa Mogi as Deathbucks customers.
  • The Funimation dub featured additional performances by David Wald, Matt Thurston, Tyson Rinehart, Ian Ferguson, Kim Foster, Michael Federico, and Zach Bolton.
  • In the preview for Episode 3, Anya describes how fascinating commoners' lives are, while she is happy to be trained in Royal Karate, until she becomes jealous of how physically close are Meme and Tatane.


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