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The Perfect Boy – Death the Kid's Magnificent Mission?

Kanji Title

完璧なる少年 〜デス・ザ・キッドの華麗なるミッション?〜

Rōmaji Title

Kanpeki naru Shōnen 〜Desu za Kiddo no Karei naru Misshon?

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Japanese : April 21, 2008
English : March 3, 2013

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Story Arc

Prologues Arc

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The son of Shinigami, Death the Kid, struggles against his obsessive tendencies and the great evil spirit of the Pharaoh of Pyramid Anubis in Egypt with his demon pistol partners, Liz and Patty.

The Perfect Boy – Death the Kid's Magnificent Mission? is the third episode of Soul Eater. It is adapted from the final Prologue chapter of the the Soul Eater manga.

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A City[]

Kid complains about Patty's asymmetrical pose

Death the Kid attempts to gun down master thief, Lupin after take a large sack full of souls and fails due to his distraction by symmetry, whether being the failure of one of his partners, Patty Thompson, to pose correctly, or that she and their other partner, her sister Liz Thompson, are not perfectly symmetrical in height, hair, attire, or breast size. After groping the breasts of Liz and Patty to make his point, Kid is knocked down by a punch from Liz. While Lupin escapes this foolishness, Liz harangues Kid for desiring symmetry when the lines in his hair are only across half of his hair. Kid breaks down in tears, hating himself, until Liz regrets her screaming and, with Patty, assures the shinigami that he is doing fine. Reassured, Kid almost instantly reforms his composure, to Liz's annoyance with this rich boy, as he summons his father to report the incident.

Kid makes a hand gesture, conjuring an image of his father, Death, in the Death Room for an update regarding the mission. Death assures Kid he is already a shinigami and need not go to the effort to create Death Scythes. Yet Kid wants to collect all the evil souls he needs to power up his weapons, which will require Kid to collect twice as many souls. Kid also wants to finish this work as quickly as possible. Therefore, Death informs Kid of a necromancer in Egypt whose been using astray Egyptian souls to turn them into 'mummies' via magic. Kid departs on his flying skateboard, Beelzebub, for this mission.

Death Weapon Meister Academy[]

At DWMA, Maka and Soul run into Black☆Star and Tsubaki. The group stands in front of the Mission board talking about who would have took the big mission, Soul and Black☆Star run off in search of answer.

Pyramid Anubis[]

Kid arrives at the Pyramid Anubis with his partners. Liz wants to stretch and Kid complains about the dusty desert environment, while Patty is exuberant about entering. Death the Kid admires the symmetry of ancient Egyptian architecture, which prompts a question that bothers him: is the painting in his living room hanging a little to the right? Liz is fed up with his nervous talk and grabs him to drag him through the pyramid.

Wielding her weapon, Patty battles Mummies

However, in her annoyance with Kid, Liz runs right into the fable mummies they are assigned to kill. While Patty thinks the mummies look cute, one licks Liz and start grappling at the sisters. Liz calls for Kid to get ready to fight. However, as she hears only silence, she turns to find that Kid left a polite note explaining he is too distracted by the painting in his living room, so he must return home to fix it. Although shocked by Kid's actions, Liz tells Patty to transform, as she begins firing at the mummies to collect their souls.

Elsewhere in the Pyramid, the witch necromancer Samantha performs her ritual to breathe life back into the Pharaoh of Egypt of who, eats her based off vengeance.

Death Weapon Meister Academy[]

Meanwhile, Black☆Star and Soul continue their search for answers as Kid prepares to return to the pyramid after checking his painting.

Pyramid Anubis[]

Liz and Patty have collected the souls of the mummies, making sure to split the souls up evenly for the sake of Kid's focus on symmetry. They then hear a noise from deeper in the pyramid. They walk into the Pharaoh's room and are captured by his tendril bandages.

Death Weapon Meister Academy[]

Still scouring the Academy for answers about Kid, Soul and Black☆Star are stopped by the teacher Sid Barrett, who asks why the two students are not in class. Being prompted to explain who Kid is, Sid informs them that Death's son is the one completing the mission against the Pharaoh.

Pyramid Anubis[]

Having confirmed that the painting at home is symmetrical, Kid flies back to the Pyramid. Kid enters and finds an adorable ball with the face of an animal on it. Yet Kid's admiration turns into annoyance upon seeing one of the face's eyes has a different number of eyelashes, prompting him to toss the ball down the hall.

Kid finally locates the Thompsons, as Liz, with a strand of hair in her mouth, calls to him, almost lustfully. Kid sees the girls provocatively strung up by the Pharaoh's wrappings, which are stripping the sisters of their clothing. Kid is embarrassed, turning away to leave. But when Liz shouts in annoyance at Kid, he notices the bandages of the Pharaoh coming at him. Kid dodges and, upon learning that the Thompsons cannot free themselves of the wrappings to transform, slices those wrappings away with Beelzebub. With the Thompsons transformed into demon pistols, Kid begins his battle against the evil spirit. Yet Kid begins to lose as he notices a great observation about the sarcophagus of the Pharaoh, it's perfectly symmetrical. And as such, Kid is paralyzed from his idea of perfection and almost dies until the Pharaoh steps from inside is coffin to finish it in person.

Kid destroys the Pharaoh

Death the Kid is outraged at the Pharaoh's true asymmetrical appearance and catches a second wind, annihilating him in loud expression of his discontent. Afterwards, the three walk in the sands, Liz says their soul count is uneven as she has one more than patty, to which Kid declares they need a new mission but as they say their goodbyes to Anubis, it shatters. While Patty laughs at the explosion, Liz assures Kid that everyone destroys a pyramid now and then. Happy for the sisters' support, Kid then returns to anger upon again noticing that the sisters' breasts are not the same size.

Death Weapon Meister Academy[]

In the Death Room, Kid is held accountable for its destruction and thus has his souls confiscated. At the Mission Board, Soul and Black☆Star clench their teeth in anger upon seeing that Kid successfully completed the mission.

The episode ends with a recollection of the all the prologues and tells the viewers that the real story will start next time.

Manga and Anime Differences[]

  • Episode 3 includes a lengthier sequence involving Lupin's escape from a building decorated with skulls. In the Prologue chapter, however, Lupin's escape from the building is not shown, and any buildings around Kid are decorated not with skulls but with noses to resemble faces, snakes, and parrots.
  • In the Prologue chapter, Lupin steals gold. In this episode, Lupin steals human souls.
  • In the Prologue chapter, Lupin speaks in surprise at the Thompsons' weapon abilities. In this episode, Lupin does not speak in sentences.
  • In the Prologue chapter, while Kid and the Thompsons are distracted, Lupin runs away. In Episode 3, Lupin sees a sewer manhole at his feet with a skull logo on it, which he opens and shoves down his bag of souls. While Patty tries to draw Kid's attention to Lupin's escape in this episode, she does not do so in the chapter.
  • In the Prologue chapter, after groping her breasts, Kid dodges Liz's punch. In this episode, Liz's punch lands successfully.
  • In the Prologue chapter, Death explains how Samantha creates mummies. This explanation does not occur in Episode 3.
  • In this episode, Samantha performs a ceremony with Kishin eggs to revive the Pharaoh. As Kishin eggs appear only in the Anime, this ceremony is not included in the Prologue chapter.
  • In this episode, after Kid receives his mission from Death, the scene cuts to scenes elsewhere at the Death Weapon Meister Academy.
    • Soul and Black☆Star are irritated about a new meister, namely Kid, taking the Anubis mission. Kid's success on this mission establishes the reason why the two boys challenge Kid to a duel on his first day of classes.
    • Throughout the episode, while Maka and Tsubaki bemoan their partners' foolishness, Soul and Black☆Star struggle to learn more about Kid from Death, Spirit, and Auntie to no avail. Finally, the two learn about Kid from Sid Barrett, who makes his first appearance in this episode. None of these scenes appear in the third Prologue chapter, hence the scene after Kid receives his father's instructions moves immediately to the Pyramid Anubis.
    • Also, in that Prologue chapter, Spirit and the four students do not appear, and the first appearances of Auntie, Sid, and the Death Weapon Meister Academy are postponed in the manga.
  • The eye conversation between Patty and Liz in the pyramid differentiates three times. In the Prologue chapter, Liz and Patty discuss how eyes are being crushed when they blink. In this episode's original Japanese, Patty wonders whether eyes stop working when blinking. In the Funimation English dub, Patty asks whether if people didn't close their eyes while sneezing, would their eyes pop out. Depending on the media, Patty's response to Liz's eye drop solution would be either to steal a lot of eye drops or try to keep her eyes open and test her theory. However, in the Prologue chapter, instead of stealing eye drops, Patty tells her sister to make sure they have some stocked up.
  • In the Prologue chapter, after confirming his framed painting is evenly hung, Kid dons glasses from a case before departing Gallows Mansion. This moment does not occur in this episode.
  • In the Prologue chapter, Liz and Patty experienced more damage to their clothes from the Pharaoh's attack. First, in that chapter the Pharaoh completely removed Liz and Patty's pants and removed Liz's underwear enough to expose all of Liz's backside. In this episode, tugged down the Thompsons' pants and underwear without removing all attire or exposing Liz's backside. Second, in the Prologue, the Pharaoh exposed almost all of Patty's breasts lifting her top and tore a hole in Liz's top to expose her cleavage, and this tear remains for the rest of the chapter. In this episode, the Pharaoh lifts Patty's top without exposing as much of her breasts and does not tear any hole in Liz's top. Finally, in the Prologue, the Pharaoh removed the Thompsons' ties, whereas in this episode, they retain their ties.
  • In the Prologue chapter, Kid asks the pharaoh whether he is from Mixed-up Island. However, in the anime's original Japanese, Kid asks whether he is a citizen of "Jumble Island," but he never mentions such places in the Funimation English dub.
  • In the Prologue chapter, when Kid annihilates the Pharaoh, he shouts that the decorations he is adorned with were in the way. In the original Japanese of this episode, Kid shouts that the decorations are impediments, and in the Funimation English dub, Kid shouts that the Pharaoh is disgusting.


  • Lupin discovers a sewer escape

    Lupin's escape may have taken place in Death City, as the building which Lupin robs is decorated with skulls, as is the sewer manhole cover he removes to escape the alley.
  • This episode's presentation of Liz successfully hitting Kid in the face for groping her and her sister's breasts will appear in the manga's final chapter, one of many allusions to various moments of fan service from the Prologue chapters.
  • Kid summons his father by performing the sign language for "I love you."
  • When licked by the mummies, Liz crosses her fingers, a Japanese custom for warding off dirt.[1]
  • In the original Japanese, the Pharaoh kills Samantha for using his people's souls for mummies. In the Funimation English dub, the Pharaoh kills Samantha because he does not want to be controlled by her.
  • The badge on the Pharaoh's forehead resemble the logo from Atsushi Ōkubo's previous manga B. Ichi.


  1. Soul Eater Volume 1: Yen Press English translation, page 203

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