Soul Eater Episode 31 HD - Crona cries in corner of overnight room (3)
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Drying Happiness! Whose Tears Sparkle in the Moonlight?

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Kareta Shiawase 〜Tsukiakari ni Hikaru no wa Dare no Namida?

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Having acclimated to life at Death Weapon Meister Academy, Crona is confronted in private by Medusa Gorgon, disguised as a child by possessing the body of Rachel Boyd. Medusa pressures Crona to trick Marie Mjolnir to drink tea infected with a snake, which will allow Medusa to spy on the DWMA and expedite Franken Stein's madness.

Drying Happiness! Whose Tears Sparkle in the Moonlight? is the thirty-first episode of Soul Eater. It is based on Chapters 31 and 32 of the Soul Eater manga.

Featured AppearancesEdit


Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

Soul Eater Episode 31 HD - Maka and Crona study in Crescent Moon 1

Maka and Crona study in Class Crescent Moon

One morning, Maka Albarn and Soul Eater visit Crona in their overnight room, finding them hugging their pillow on their bed. After saying good morning to each other, Maka and Crona follow Soul to Class Crescent Moon, which is led by Marie Mjolnir. After Maka shows Crona where they are in their textbook on soul studies, Crona is distracted by memories of their first day of classes, as well as joining Maka and their friends for lunch, Death the Kid showing them the Mission Board, Liz and Patty Thompson taking them shopping, and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa feeding Ragnarok. Crona is confused why everyone wants to help them.

Death City Basketball CourtEdit

Soul Eater Episode 31 HD - Soul teaches Crona basketball 5

Soul shows Crona how to throw a basketball

Later, Crona is struggling to intercept the basketball from Black Star. Kid and Soul are seated on a bench, discussing how far along Crona has come since enrolling at the DWMA. Kid asks how Soul has adapted as well, seeing as it was Crona who attacked him at Santa Mario Novella Basilica . Soul says he doesn't want to dwell on the past, especially so not to bring up bad memories for himself, Maka, or Crona. With that, Soul leaps off the bench and joins the game, showing Crona how to score a basket. Kid watches and decides to organize another party.

Gallows MansionEdit

Some time later, Crona's friends bring them to Kid's mansion for a party. Liz thanks Soul for bringing his records, although he's uncertain his punk music was the catchy kind of music she wanted for such a formal party. Maka seizes Soul's arm and encourages him to play the nearby piano, but he refuses, excusing himself to use the restroom.

Soul Eater Episode 31 HD - Maka meets Soul 1

Maka remembers hearing Soul's piano playing

Both Maka and Liz are disappointed not to hear Soul play, Liz especially surprised since she did not know he could play the piano. Maka says that it has been so long since she last heard him play, in fact the only time, before they became partners. Maka struggles to describe the song he played, calling it dark and strange. Soul had explained this music reflects the kind of person he is, using that song as an introduction to her. And it was that song in part that convinced Maka to partner with him.

Elsewhere, Kid and Crona watch on as Tsubaki serves seconds to the ravenous Black Star and Patty. Kid apologizes for how noisy the voracious duo are, but Crona says that they don't feel uncomfortable by any of this, even if they aren't used to it yet. Kid pats Crona's shoulder to reassure them to take their time adapting. Black Star interrupts, clasping his hands over Crona's shoulder, getting too close to their face, and telling them to have fun. Maka slugs Black Star in the face, knocking him on his behind. Maka claims Black Star is bullying Crona--but he mishears, assuming someone else is bullying Crona. He seizes Crona again by the shoulders and reassures that he will defend them against any bullies.

Soul Eater Episode 31 HD - Crona at Gallows Mansion 10

Crona struggles to understand why everyone is so kind to them

When Crona wonders why everyone is being so nice to them, Maka claims that's what friends do. Ragnarok emerges to say real friends would feed him--prompting Patty to offer some of Tsubaki's food. Ragnarok swallows the meal, his salivating disgusting Soul but making the others laugh. As Crona watches their friends laugh, they remember how much more at ease their soul felt, like water returning to a dessert, and smiles back.

That night, before Crona departs, Tsubaki and Black Star welcome them to visit their place next. Crona turns and departs, promising to see them tomorrow.

Death CityEdit

As Crona walks home, howling can be heard, but they are still smiling about how well the party went. Ragnarok says at least the food was good before suggesting Crona find a partner who can cook as well as Tsubaki--even though he is already Crona's partner.

Soul Eater Episode 31 HD - Medusa finds Crona

Medusa approaches Crona

Crona then senses someone near them--as Medusa Gorgon, possessing Rachel Boyd's body, leaps down from a box in a nearby alley and approaches. Medusa speaks with Rachel's voice, seemingly surprised Crona recognizes them. After Ragnarok comments how much both she and he have shrunk, Crona whether Medusa has come to Death City to take them back. Medusa claims to have worried about Crona and actually wants them to stay at the DWMA to continue surveilling them. Crona, surprised Medusa thinks they are spying on the DWMA, does not correct her. Medusa orders Crona to find Death's Secret Vault under the DWMA and report back to her. Crona hesitates, claiming spying would lose the friendships they have made. Medusa guilts Crona to do as their mother asks. Crona tenses and sounds more robotic as they agree to follow orders. Medusa's usual voice re-emerges in her laugh before she turns and departs into the shadows. Ragnarok laughs at how much more "interesting" things will become, while Crona starts to smile nervously.

Outside of Death City, Medusa, speaking in her usual voice, cocks one eye wide and chuckles upon sensing a madness swarming the city, waiting to see what happens next.

Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

The next morning, Maka notices Crona is quiet in class.

After school, Maka's classmates mock her musical choices, embarrassing her. She turns to Crona to see they still seem distracted. Crona excuses themselves to go back to their room. While Maka notices how much more withdrawn Crona seems, Black Star can barely tell the difference.

In the underground chambers leading to their room, Ragnarok reminds Crona that they better find the Secret Vault, or risk displeasing Medusa.

Death RoomEdit

Soul Eater Episode 31 HD - Death instructs Justin 2

Justin meets with Spirit and Death

Meanwhile, Justin Law is meeting with Death and Spirit Albarn about a new assignment to assist Azusa Yumi to hunt Asura: while Azusa will use her Thousand-Eye Vision to track Asura's location, Justin will travel around the world, with his loud music attracting Asura's attention.

However, Justin's earphones are too loud for him to hear, and he can't read Death's lips due to his mask. Death has Spirit repeat his words to Justin. After Spirit tries to re-word Death's remarks to Justin to sound more professional, Death scolds Spirit with his deeper voice, intimidating Spirit to imitate not only Death's words but higher-pitched voice and mannerism.

Death Weapon Meister Academy, Underground ChambersEdit

Soul Eater Episode 31 HD - Marie finds Crona 3

Marie offers to lead Crona and Ragnarok back to their room

Crona finds caution tape blocking a hallway as off-limits, which Ragnarok thinks is a deterrent on the path towards the Secret Vault. When Crona worries they will be caught, they run into Marie. Ragnarok quickly thinks of an excuse, that they got lost, which turns out to be Marie's problem as well. Marie therefore offers to help them both find their way back to Crona's room and out of this maze.

A long time later, Marie and Crona are panting from exhaustion outside of Crona's room, finally locating it. Marie apologizes with a laugh and a smile for taking so long to return them, prompting Crona to blush and smile. Marie wishes them good night and tries to walk back to the teacher's office--before Crona corrects her and points to the correct direction.

Crona's Overnight RoomEdit

Crona takes their pillow and curls up on the bed. In their animal form, Eruka Frog appears on the windowsill, complaining about having to sneak into Death City when the location is so dangerous to witches. Eruka asks about Crona's progress finding the Secret Vault. Crona says they can't do it.

From her lair, Medusa uses a crystal ball to speak to Crona through the snake inside Eruka. Medusa reassures Crona that they are doing well, so she gives her a new mission about Franken Stein. Crona says they know little about Stein, as he has been partnered with Marie and now lives with her in Patchwork Lab. Crona describes Marie as gentle, kind, and friendly to them and others. Medusa plots to exploit Marie's sweet nature.

Eruka leaves Crona with a pen, which Medusa explains has a listening device inside to leave at Stein's laboratory.

Death Weapon Meister Academy, Hallway (The Next Day)Edit

After classes end at sunset, students like Kim Diehl and Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupre wish Marie a good afternoon. Crona approaches Marie, hesitant to ask for help. Marie suggests they talk at her home, in private, over tea.

That night, Marie serves tea to Crona, while explaining how she has made gradual changes to add her own touch to Stein's home--adding teacups, stickers, and other items that Ragnarok says add a "girly touch" to the lab.

Patchwork LabEdit

That night, Marie asks what is troubling Crona, but they are still hesitant. Ragnarok distracts by demanding tea, too, surprising Marie by showing he has a large tooth-filled mouth. When Marie leaves to make more tea, Crona hesitates with the pen--just as Marie returns to ask whether Ragnarok he likes sugar in his tea. Ragnarok instead asks for pepper for a spicier drink, surprising Marie.

Soul Eater Episode 31 HD - Crona plants snake in Marie's drink

Crona places a snake into Marie's drink

While Marie takes a long time to prepare the drink, Crona opens the pen to drop a snake into Marie's drink, which she left sitting on the table. The snake inside contains a listening device so that Medusa can overhear through Marie what is happening at the DWMA, and with her close proximity to Stein can speed up the madness already inside him.

Marie returns with Ragnarok's spicy tea--which is bubbling--and asks again what is troubling Crona. Crona watches with some concern as Marie begins drinking. Crona, stuttering and shaking, claims they feel better already, and Marie accepts the explanation.

Crona says goodbye, while Ragnarok chuckles how easily their deception went--before Marie interrupts, scaring both of them. Marie smiles and return the pen to Crona, telling them to be safe returning home. But Crona is tense from the encounter.

Death CityEdit

In an alley, Crona approaches Eruka, still in frog form, who sits on a pedestal next to a frog-shaped radio. Crona is silent when Eruka asks whether they completed the mission, so she turns on the radio and hears Marie speaking with Stein, who just returned home. When Marie mentions Crona visited, he asks whether something was wrong. Marie says Crona seems bothered adjusting to the Academy but is a sweet child and will adjust gradually, and she says how happy she is getting to teach students like them. Eruka mocks Marie's ignorance about what Crona did to her, while Crona shakes nervously and excuses themselves to return to the Academy. Before Crona leaves, Eruka says Medusa will be happy with what Crona has done. Crona silently walks away.

Crona's Overnight RoomEdit

Soul Eater Episode 31 HD - Crona cries in corner of overnight room (3)

Crona cries in the corner

In their room, Crona takes their pillow off their bed and curls up in the corner of their room again. While thinking of their mother, shadows underneath Crona seem to slither, the Kishin's eyes seem to drip liquid down from the ceiling, and hands grasp from under their bed. When they think of Marie, Crona starts crying into their pillow.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • The two-chapter arc leads (Chapter 30 and Chapter 31) to three episodes in the anime, which divide the events. Episode 29 shows the conclusion to Arachne and Medusa's meeting. Episode 30 does not include the party for Crona, instead focusing on earlier events: Kid and the Thompsons go to the Sahara Desert to retrieve the Eternal Spring. That party for Crona does not happen until after Kid returns in this episode. Therefore, in the manga, the party occurs at the same time as Kid's Sahara mission, whereas in the anime the Sahara mission seems to have happened a few days before the party for Crona, and Kid and the Thompsons are present throughout the party, as well as to wave goodbye to Crona and Ragnarok as the characters returns to lodgings at the DWMA.
  • In chapter 30, Kid's party on behalf of Maka's recovery and Crona's friendship was planned in Chapter 29. In the anime, this post-recovery party is discussion in Episode 29 and presumably took place off-screen, as in this episode specifically says it is time for another party, this one to welcome Crona. Therefore, the manga has one party, and the anime has two: Kid is more party-hardy in the anime than in the manga.
  • Patty, Liz, and Kid help their friends acclimate Crona to the Academy, dining with them and taking them out for clothes shopping. The shopping scene only happens in the anime.


  • The first song playing at the Gallows Mansion party is the same one that played during Excalibur's concert in Episode 17 and at the DWMA Anniversary Party in Episode 18.
  • Eruka's radio looks like a frog, in keeping with her animal theme.
  • In the teaser for Episode 32, Maka sings Excalibur's song. Instead of Maka ending with a promise to take the viewers' souls if they don't watch, Soul simply complains how "lame" Excalibur is.


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