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Legend of the Holy Sword 3 – The Academy Gang Leader's Tale?

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Seiken Densetsu Surī 〜Shibusen Banchō Monogatari?

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The Holy Sword is unleashed! Hiro tires of the other students at DWMA taking advantage of him, so he teams up with Excalibur to rule the school. Seriously!

Legend of the Holy Sword 3 – The Academy Gang Leader's Tale? is the thirty-second episode of the anime Soul Eater. It is adapted from the bonus chapter "Legend of the Holy Sword."

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Hero the Atomic


Death Weapon Meister Academy

Soul Eater Episode 32 HD - Hero reading Excalibur's book

Hero reads Excalibur's book about the Holy Sword

In the library, Hero, an easily intimidated student, is crouched in front of the lowest shelf of books, reading Excalibur's book about himself and his powers as the Holy Sword, promising victory and glory to his meister. When he laughs excitedly at the prospect of gaining such power, he is shushed by his classmates, one of whom throws a book at his head, prompting him to apologize.

Later, in the hallway, Hero is intimidated by two classmates asking him to buy them sandwiches. He hesitates, until the two students claim it is a task only he can do, inspiring him--but is annoyed when Kim Diehl and Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupre pressure him to buy them sodas as well.

Soul Eater Episode 32 HD - Black Star spars with Hero

As Hero returns with the meals, his path is blocked by Black Star and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa. Black Star asks for Hero's usual assistance to use him as a human punching bag to test out new battle techniques. Maka Albarn and Soul Eater, watching Hero collapsed and bleeding on the floor, wonder how such an ordinary student with such a name could get into this Academy and yet be so ordinary and so not cool.

Frustrated with being an errand boy, as the sun sets, Hero goes to the spire of the Academy and promises he will obtain the Holy Sword to be transformed into a real hero.

Death Weapon Meister Academy, Front Entrance (The Next Day)

As he and Tsubaki climb the stairs, Black Star is singing about how great he is--until they see students knocked down in an early-morning duel. They are then surprised to see the victor is Hero, claiming he has been reborn as a hero. Black Star is then disgusted to meet Hero's new weapon: Excalibur, who claims his legend exceeds anything that has been accomplished by anyone else at this Academy. Excalibur then walks away from the gathering crowd, stands above a pillbug, and whispers "Fool," causing the insect to curl into a ball.

Excalibur walks back to the crowd, knocks one defeated student away with his cane, and lectures that his legend began in the 12th century, in the summer--no, autumn--no, winter--no, it was summer--and was always--and maybe still, or maybe just now--was thought a dangerous unsavory yet refined individual who got into fights and attracted the attention of women. Hero nods, regardless how often Excalibur contradicts himself, while his rambling annoys the other students. Excalibur promises to continue his lecture, after a five-minute break.

But Black Star interrupts, trying to challenge Excalibur--who does not remember their previous encounter and who thinks Black Star is too impatient if he can't wait five minutes. Hero brags about his strength, but Black Star says having a powerful weapon does not necessarily change the meister, especially when it is so difficult to tolerate such an annoying weapon. Hero counters that he can easily handle Excalibur's 1000 provisions and wonders why Black Star could not.

When Black Star asks whether Hero can bear Excalibur's five-hour storytelling party, Excalibur again interrupts to say his legends actually started today, although he cannot place which day of the week. As he rambles, he moves further from Hero, Black Star, and Tsubaki, getting closer to the camera until his black eye takes over the entire screen, as he then appears in just black--before Black Star screams.

Excalibur takes Black Star's crazed interruption to indicate that he is challenging him and Hero to a fight--at which point Kilik Rung and Death the Kid, along with Pot of Fire, Pot of Thunder, Liz Thompson, and Patty Thompson step forward to join the fight. Kilik wants to see how strong Excalibur is, Kid wants to silence the annoying weapon while he is at the Academy, and Patty calls Excalibur an alien. Excalibur is barely paying attention, singing about sushi rolls.

Hero reflects on how Kilik, Kid, and Black Star are the three best fighters at the Academy, before he wields the Holy Sword and promises to win this duel. A powerful light shines, darkening the sky around the Academy. Kid admits Hero seems somewhat intimidating now. Black Star uses Tsubaki's Uncanny Sword mode to attack, screaming that the old Hero would never speak like that. Hero corrects Black Star that his new name is "Hero the Brave." Black Star leaps and descends upon Hero with the attack Heaven Strike--but Hero uses teleportation to arrive at the top of the Academy, dodging Black Star's attack.

Hiro the Atomic

Hero defeats the top 3 DWMA students of the Academy.

While Black Star is momentarily surprised, he smirks, confusing Hero--until he sees who is attacking him next: Kilik, wielding Fire and Thunder, to leap up and using a Triple-F attack. From the ground, Kid attacks with Styx Shots. But again Hero teleports, flying above them, as he uses Last Move: Hero the Atomic, blasting Kid, Kilik, and Black Kid into the air, charred, before they crash to the ground. Students cannot even describe the attack: it happened so fast, that all Hero had to do was name the attack, and the three students were already swallowed in an explosion.

Death narrates that Hero, previously a loser, quickly took control over the Academy. He adds that viewers will have to wait until after the commercial to see what happens next.

Some time later, Hero, wielding the Holy Sword, has entered the girls' locker room, having a nosebleed upon seeing them undress. Even as the girls toss items at him to shoo him away, Hero walks calmly, smirking.

In the hallway, Maka and Soul see that Hero has used the wind swept up by the Holy Sword to lift up Kim and Jacqueline's skirts. When they protest, Hero says the students will have to find a way to defeat him if they want to stop him.

The Eternal Cave

Meanwhile, the Fairies are surprised to discover Excalibur has left. Flowers begin to bloom along his empty pedestal.

Death Weapon Meister Academy

Hero, marching down the hall with Excalibur, sees students step aside to let him pass, as he assumes they are impressed with his strength. Maka says Hero thinks he has transformed, while Soul thinks he is now a jackass. The two are then blinded by the light shining off an irate Ox Ford's shaven head, as he intends to seek retribution against Hero for what he did to Kim. Before Ox can chase Hero, Maka trips him and tells him to calm down. Soul wonders how much longer Hero can handle Excalibur, prompting Ox, his glasses broken and his mouth and nose bloody, to cackle and gloat Hero will soon tire of Excalibur's 1000 provisions. Maka looks disgusted by Ox's fearsome appearance.

Hero's Apartment

Excalibur then narrates his 1000 provisions, beginning with Number 23: start a refreshing morning with a refreshing greeting. On his balcony, Hero greets Excalibur with a good morning and enjoying music, dance, and laughter--that is so loud it awakens Soul in his bedroom far away.

Class Crescent Moon

Excalibur begins Provision 452: the five-hour storytelling party. Excalibur tells the students that their 20s will bring change and uncertainty, as they did for him to evolve from a troublemaker into the Holy Sword. He mentions the cult that formed around his hairstyle, which met either weekly or daily, and how unlike humans he was born old and wise. Hero is the only one to make it through the five hours, crying happily and applauding.

Death City Movie Theater

Provision 578 is to never lie. Hero and Excalibur are seated in the front row for a film in which Sherlock Holmes interrogates a person of interest, as he attempts to determine whether she actually can verify that she is not a witness. John Watson enters to ask for an update--at which point Excalibur approaches the screen and, breaking the fourth wall, accuses Watson of being the criminal. The film ends abruptly, perhaps because Excalibur spoiled the ending, prompting the audience to throw garbage at him and Hero.

Death Weapon Meister Academy

Soul Eater Episode 32 HD - Excalibur's duck toilet (2)

Excalibur atop his duck toilet

Provision 202 requires the grandest of toilets, in this case one in the shape of a duck wearing a top hat, inside a larger room in the shape of a duck also wearing a top hat, taking up the entire space of a balcony--and prompting Soul, Maka, and other students to wonder why Excalibur put it here. Hero, after guzzling water to rehydrate from all this work, explains the balcony was the only spot with enough room.

Hero's Apartment

Provision 667 requires praising Excalibur at all times. Hero begins by admiring a photograph of Excalibur, lounging in a chair with a glass of wine--even a Hero is in the middle of a shower.

Unknown Location

Hero continues to admire the photograph, even as he and bystanders are surrounded by odd piglike creatures in trenchcoats.

Class Crescent Room

Hero persists admiring the photograph even as dodges knives flung at him by Sid Barett in class.

Death City Barbershop

Provision 172 requires seeking harmony--so Excalibur cuts his hair, to the consternation of an arriving Maka and Soul.

Death Weapon Meister Academy, Front Entrance

Hero's new haircut is a topknot. He listens to Provision 75, which is to celebrate Excalibur's birthday in grand style. Excalibur sips tea as he explains every day is his birthday--prompting an annoyed "Lame!" from eavesdropping students. Hero nevertheless promises to provide 365 days of birthday gifts.

Hero's Apartment

Provision 602 requires fresh ingredients to all meals. While watching a cooking show, Excalibur demands red king crab.

Northern Sea

Hero departs on a ship and dives into the water with a trident.

Class Crescent Moon

Hero, still in his diving suit and with trident (and an octopus latched onto his side), returns with crabs. Excalibur finishes eating them all--and demands seconds. To the shock of students nearby, Hero agrees.

Death Weapon Meister Academy

Excalibur congratulates Hero (whose hair has grown back) for meeting all 1000 provisions. As a reward, he sings his song--pausing only to let a butterfly flutter by. This song continues into the evening.

Eternal Cave

Meanwhile, the Fairies congregate, flowers continuing to bloom in Excalibur's absence.

Death Weapon Meister Academy

Speaking from the restroom to Death in the Death Room via the mirror, Sid continues their earlier discussion over tea regarding how Excalibur is behaving like a gang leader in their school, intimidating many and now setting up a cheer squad to support him. Both are surprised such a gang mentality persists.

Death Weapon Meister Academy (The Next Day)

A red carpet is rolled out into the hallway, as students again stand aside to let Excalibur and Hero pass--only now they are applauding, in awe that the student managed to complete the Holy Sword's 1,000 tasks. While Hero enjoys the worship, Maka and Soul are not clapping: she thinks he's over-confident, while he thinks Hero has found his "ideal partner." Behind Maka and Soul, Ox is crying and punching the wall in anger that Hero has claimed such power--until his own fist is bloody.

Death City

Death narrates that stories can reach unexpected conclusions, much as this story ends: whereas students thought Hero and Excalibur would remains partners forever, the two do break up. At sunset, Hero brags how perfect today was--before Excalibur crushes his crotch, pulling at his groin with his cane to remind him of Provision #573, walk three steps behind the Holy Sword. Then Excalibur has a sneezing fit. Even as he commands Hero to keep walking, Hero stops with surprise.

Eternal Cave

The Fairies are now drinking gangs of beer under strings of blossom lights.

Death Weapon Meister Academy

The next day, Hero is carrying a bag of sodas and sandwiches, one of which he offers to Black Star as he encounters him and Tsubaki in the hallway. Black Star asks where Excalibur went and why Hero is acting as subservient as before. Hero grimaces and explains he returned the "stupid sword" to the Eternal Cavern, unable to tolerate Excalibur's endless gross sneezes. Hero asks whether there is another way he could transform himself into someone else, and Black Star tells Hero to emulate him. Hero sighs in disappointment and walks away, considering weight training.

Eternal Cave

As Excalibur returns to commence with his five-hour story party, the flowers wilt and Fairies, assuming Excalibur faces, fly away.

Excalibur interrupts to conclude the episode that his hat is lined with English seaweed roll. The Fairies scream "Lame!"

Manga and Anime Differences

  • This episode presents many of Excalibur's provisions not otherwise shown at any point in the manga.
  • The anime includes additional scenes not included in Chapter 32.5. The anime features Ox's fury over Hiro, perhaps referring to the last meister to encounter Excalibur in the anime.
  • Whereas Chapter 32.5 featured Sid conferring with female students about Hiro, in this episode Sid converses with Death (from the DWMA restroom) over tea. In Chapter 32.5, Sid refuses to intervene, telling the female students that DWMA students are judged by their strength, so it is up to those students to get as strong as Hero with Excalibur. In this episode, Sid is trying to figure out how the DWMA is supposed to respond to Hero's power.
  • Whereas the manga featured Soul Evans and Maka for a one-panel cameo to identify how bishōnen Hiro appears, in the anime the two witness the absurdity of the 1000 Provisions, as well as Hiro blowing wind up Kim Diehl and Jacqueline O. Lantern Dupré's skirts.
  • Episode 32 shows more of the lives of the fairies residing in the Eternal Cavern, especially how relaxed they are when Excalibur is not present, and how their calm allows flowers to bloom in the Eternal Cavern.
  • While Episode 32 still shows that Hero is so perverted as to blow wind up Kim and Jacqueline's skirts, and to spy on female students undressing in the girls' locker room, Chapter 32.5 also shows Hiro groping Kim.


  • This chapter's title alludes to the Mana game series Seiken Densetsu (Legend of the Holy Sword), another production of Soul Eater producer SquareEnix.[1]
  • Hero shares his first name with that of his seiyū.
  • In his 667th task, Hero, along with bystanders, are surrounded by creatures in long studded coats, with heads that look like pigs wearing human skulls over their heads. These creatures were battled in this same location by Maka, Black☆Star, and Kid in the first ending title sequence of the anime Soul Eater.
  • In the real world, hair usually grows a quarter-inch to a half-inch per month. For Hero to regrow his hair from its topknot to his previous length, it would take him four to eight months.
  • The shishi-odoshi scene while Sid and Death sip tea is re-used from the previous Excalibur episode, when the Holy Sword himself was sipping tea.
  • The Fairies' beer cans are decorated with Death's skull logo.
  • In the English dub, Black Star says, "Once you go Black Star, you'll never go back!" His remark is a pun on the phrase, "Once you go black, you never go back," which claims that once a person has a sexual relationship with a black person, they will not return to having sexual relationships with members of another race.[2] This line is original to the English dub.
  • In the preview for the next episode, Black Star is excited never to see Excalibur again--only for the Holy Sword to return and say that there are other people who recognize the subtlety of his charm, as he promises to come back again. Black Star refers to him as lame.


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