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Resonance Link – Play the Melody of the Souls?

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Kyōmei Rensa 〜Kanadero, Tamashii Tachi no Senritsu?

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Resonance Link – Play the Melody of the Souls? is the thirty-third episode of the anime. It is based on Chapter 33, "Retaliation Class," from the Soul Eater manga.

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Patchwork Lab

One evening, Franken Stein is typing at his computer--when he feels a presence behind him. Before he can turn to see this black mass, it disappears. Thinking it was Marie Mjolnir, he calls out to her, but no one answers.

Stein gets up and goes to his sink, washing his hands. He tries to refocus, twisting the screw in his head until it clicks. He begins to wash his face, reminding himself that he is fine: having experimented with his body for so long, he would know if someone was wrong.

But as Stein looks up from washing his face, he sees his reflection in the mirror, now with the face of the Kishin. Stein punches the mirror, cutting his knuckles, and falls back. His madness persists, and he is not aware that it is augmented by his proximity to Marie, who has been infected with one of Medusa Gorgon's snakes. He feels scared that the madness is taking over him before he has reached his goals.

Death Room

Death meets with Stein, telling him that Marie has said he seems exhausted and may need a break. Stein claims his punch at the mirror was a muscular constriction only and that he is fine to continue teaching. Death allows Stein to do as he sees fit, but he has a new lesson for the students. Death explains that Arachnophobia is aware of the location of Eibon's Demon Tool BREW, which can harm the DWMA. Death orders Stein to speed up the students' Duel Arts offensive training ahead of a mission to recover BREW.

Death Weapon Meister Academy, Second Campus

This day, Black☆Star is holding Tsubaki Nakatsukasa in her Uncanny Sword form. Meister and weapon resonate, as his soul wavelength expands and lines appear across his face. Black Star senses another entity inside the Uncanny Sword, and to improve his partnership with Tsubaki, he must be in contact with this entity.

Inside Tsubaki's weapon space, it resembles Masamune Nakatsukasa's space: shadowy outlines of persons in contorted shapes emerge out of dark water. Black Star stands atop it, across from Tsubaki, who is naked, glowing, and covered with stripes. She says he must commune with this entity that is now part of her, the Will of the Nakatsukasa, and hear the anguish of those warriors who failed in their path towards greatness.

Black Star lifts his head--and the water is now as blue as the sky above, and Tsubaki is replaced with the Will itself, resembling the form of a deer decorated in stripes. The Will asks why Black Star seeks such power. Black Star answers he wants to surpass god. The Will questions this goal, noticing how red are Black Star's eyes, like those of a demon.

The soul resonance is lost, as Black Star awakens--then clutches his chest in pain. Tsubaki reverts to human form to tend to him, but they are interrupted by Liz and Patty Thompson to bring them to Stein's new lesson. Liz complains that Black Star's special training is going to tear his body apart, but Black Star wants to rush to today's lesson before they are late. While Patty chases after him and complains that he's the one who's late, Liz again asks why Black Star is in such a rush. Tsubaki looks worried.

Black Star arrives to Stein's class, which includes Maka Albarn, Soul Eater, and Death the Kid. While Black Star claims he brought everyone else behind him, he is again reminded that he is the one who is late, this time by Maka. When Maka asks why he was late, Black Star says he was trying to improve in his education, unlike his classmates--overlooking how studious Maka is--and claiming he is a god who is excelling at Stein's extra lessons--again, annoying Maka.

Stein begins his lesson about the previous week's lesson on Chain Resonance, complaining these students are behind their classmates and have not successfully completed such resonance. With Arachnophobia seeking BREW, Stein issues an ultimatum: succeed at Chain Resonance, or be expelled from his class.

As students prepare to resonate, Maka is confident in her ability to resonate, while Kid asks his weapons not to slack. Black Star is silent, prompting Maka to resonate correctly--which he insists he does. The meisters attempt to match their wavelengths to each other, Maka and Kid succeeding with each other. When attempting to resonate with Black Star, the connection is broken. Stein refuses to let them rest, ordering them to try again. And again, the connection breaks.

Stein thinks the problem is obvious: Black Star is so powerful that he refuses to let Maka take the lead. But he also notices another problem, as Maka yells at Black Star to take the lesson seriously. Black Star says he doesn't want to work with such a weakling like Maka. Kid blocks Maka from instigating a fight, while Stein tells them to take a break and talk out the problem. Maka complains that it is pointless talking to a fool like Black Star.

Stein walks away to stand amongst the trees, feeling the Madness progressing faster than it should, as the Kishin's eyes appear along the trees. His bout of madness is interrupted by Maka, who says she does not want to be removed from his class and wants Black Star removed from her team. Annoyed, Stein says it is actually Maka's fault: she is asking Black Star to hold back his power, whereas Serial Soul Resonance requires a more fundamental solution. He reiterates that he will remove her from his class if she fails. She turns her back and says she will stay in his class, returning to her classmates. But as she leaves, Stein worries that, even if Maka thinks she will stay in his class, he may not: the madness may prevent him from continuing to teach.

When Maka returns, Black Star complains that tattled to the teacher, proving they are both selfish. When Maka throws a punch at him, he flips her over and says she is weak. Kid attempts to stop the fight, but Soul tells him to let the two meisters handle it. Maka throws a punch, landing on Black Star's cheek. But he warns that if Maka persists, he will consider this an official duel--and will crush her.

Maka grimaces, turns, and walks away. Black Star avoids eye contact. When she is some distance, she screams, cries, and runs off.

Soul drops his head as his meister runs away screaming, surprising Kilik Rung's team. Tsubaki then punched Black Star in the head--and he agrees that he deserves that before asking for her help. Tsubaki smiles and agrees.

Later, Tsubaki finds Maka sitting on the balcony wall and asks whether she would mind company. Maka is silent as Tsubaki sits before finally asking how she can tolerate being Black Star's weapon. Tsubaki asks what Maka thinks about Black Star--and she answers that the meister drives her nuts. Tsubaki then reveals something she never told anyone--that Black Star always studies for tests. Neither Maka and Tsubaki can figure out how he still ends up with zeroes on his tests, with Maka saying such a feat takes talent. Maka says Tsubaki does not seem to understand him either, so how could someone like her who is not his weapon partner understand how to resonate with him. Tsubaki reminds Maka that the two of them have gotten along before, and that friends don't understand each other perfectly without diminishing the already present foundation of friendship. Tsubaki's remarks remind Maka of Stein's admonition to her that she has to understand Serial Soul Resonance at a more fundamental level--Maka has been focusing so much on her feelings instead of the goal. Excited, Maka takes Tsubaki by the hand and pulls her along, running back to their teammates. Amongst the trees, Stein stands, perhaps overhearing Maka.

As they get closer to their friends, however, it is now Tsubaki dragging the hesitant Maka behind her. Maka does not know how what to say when she returns, prompting Tsubaki to say she shouldn't worry, as this is probably not the last time she and Black Star will argue. Tsubaki stops when they find Soul--prompting Maka to get back on her feet, embarrassed, and ask whether he came to laugh at her. Soul turns around and says he can laugh later, as passing this test is more important. He walks forward, telling her their teammates are waiting.

Alone again, Maka admits to Tsubaki that, while she frequently insults Black Star, she is jealous of how strong he is. Tsubaki smiles silently.

At sunset, Maka reunites with her classmates and apologizes for holding back the team. Black Star simply yells cheerfully that it is time to get started and tells Maka to hurry up. Maka smiles and, with Stein watches, prepares to resonate. She says that this exercises requires putting faith in the others to protect each other. Black Star and Kid resonate towards Maka, successfully resonating, as she feels how powerful the two meisters' wavelengths are. The weapons feel the power as well, glowing--except Soul.

Black Room

The Little Ogre says Soul can sense how the meisters' wavelengths sound like a song, prompting the weapon to smile. The Ogre offers to help, pulling back a curtain to reveal a piano, with which he can add his own "soul song" to his teammates with easy resonate. Soul now appears no longer floats in the black void, nude; now, he sits in a chair, dressed in his pinstripe suit. He calls the Ogre greedy. Suddenly, the spotlight on the piano turns off, the curtains close again, and the Ogre looks surprised as Soul tells him to be quiet and let him be just fine on his own.

Soul taps his fingers on his chair, as his wavelength expands in resonance with his teammates. The light is so bright that the Ogre can only look up and squint.

Second Campus

Maka remembers that she does not need to understand her teammates; she needs only to accept them and believe in them. With that, the three meisters' soul wavelengths combine into one, increasing in power.

From his soul space, Soul, nude again in the void, says that such a resonance, this "melody," exists because the people involved are not the same but different.

Stein says the resonance is rough but deserves passing. He then announces the team's leader as Maka.

Death City

That night, the team leaves the Academy. Kid is happy the exercise is over, Patty is impressed with the power, and Tsubaki says she knew everything would work out. When Black Star mocks Maka for crying, Liz says women are just more sensitive, but Maka denies she ever did. She stops walking to say that she wants Black Star to punch her, as payoff for hitting him earlier. Despite Tsubaki's protest, Black Star exclaims he won't hold back--and Maka agrees, goading him about whether he is afraid to hit a girl.

Black Star pulls back and punches Maka so hard that she is knocked across the street and into garbage. Liz and Tsubaki are shocked, Patty giggles, and Kid and Soul complain that Black Star could have held back. But Maka just laughs off the pain.

Baba Yaga Castle

Arachnophobia soldiers, along with Giriko and Mifune, rise to hear Mosquito's instructions: they are about to engage in war against the DWMA. Their first battle will be to acquire BREW for Arachne before the DWMA's Death Scythes can.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • The scene in Patchwork Lab and Stein's hallucination occurs only in Episode 33, not in Chapter 33.
  • Whereas Death asks about Stein's injury and explains Marie's concerns in Episode 33, in Chapter 33 he mentions none of this, only asking Stein to expedite Duel Arts lessons.
  • In this episode, Patty was with Liz to bring Black Star and Tsubaki to team training. In the corresponding chapter from the manga, it is only Liz who arrives to bring the ninja and sword to training, as Patty was with Maka, Stein, and the others waiting for Black Star and Tsubaki’s arrival.
Soul Eater Episode 33 - Soul shocks Maka

Maka Albarn is a windmill.

  • When Soul approaches Maka and Tsubaki to bring them back to class, Maka's reaction is longer in the anime than it is in the manga—and more animated, her arms twirling like a windmill.


  • The image of the spider is re-used from Episode 26.
  • This is the first episode to formally organize the students into Maka's Team and Kilik's Team. Although Stein claims that he will remove any students from his class who fail to synchronize their souls, the only teams seen are Maka's and Kilik's. The identities of any other teams are not yet clear.
  • Although Maka was able to punch Black Star in the face during Kid's party for Crona, as well as Maka Chop Black Star when he was tormenting the unconscious Soul, in this episode she struggles to land a punch against her friend. This is most likley because Blackstar was actually putting up a fight against her.
  • In the teaser for the next episode, Maka complains her cheek and back hurt from Black Star's punch, as Soul worries about her recovery before their battle on Lost Island. Maka then lists all parts of her body that hurt--prompting Soul to ask whether any part of her does not hurt.


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