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The Battle for Brew – Clash: The DWMA vs. Arachnophobia?

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Buryū Sōdatsusen! 〜Gekitotsu, Shibusen bāsesu Arakunofobia?

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War erupts in a frozen wasteland! An army of DWMA staff, Weapons, and Meisters battle the forces of Arachnophobia for control of BREW, the greatest of Eibon's creations.

The Battle for Brew – Clash: The DWMA vs. Arachnophobia? is the thirty-fourth episode of Soul Eater. It is based on Chapter 34, " 'Brew'--The Tempest (Part 1)," in the Soul Eater manga.

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The DWMA and Arachnophobia travel to Lost Island located in Northern Alaska to fight in ownership of Brew. Located in this islands, the witches once had a facility of the magic tool but was destroyed due to an accident. Ever since, there was a magentic field with Brew inside it. The two organizations battle for Brew inside this magnetic field, however staying long inside of it will cause damage to the body.

Marie explains the plans in which Brew will be obtained. She tells the students that while Sid's team holds of Arachnaphobia, her and Professor Stein will move into the magnetic field to retrieve Brew. Stein reminds the students that they are ordered to standby and wait for him and Marie to come back.

Meanwhile, Sid's team is attacked by Arachnaphobia by an ambush attack. In battle, Azusa warns Sid that she has spotted Mifune who is in the process of wiping out a whole group.

In the time being, Giriko complains about the cold weather and is awaiting a fight. A sound of a deep bass is heard where Justin Law makes his appearance by causing an avalanche. This wiped out Giriko's whole team and leaves the fight between him and Justin.

Soon, Stein and Marie enter the magnetic field in search of Brew. After fifteen minutes, Kid begins checking his clock noticing that it hasn't been five minutes; it was longer and that Stein and Marie was late. Maka remarks that she can not sense Stein and Marie's soul wavelengths anymore and that it just disappeared and mentions that something is happening in there. Kid attempts to march inside the magnetic field to see what was happening since it wouldn't do any harm to his shinigami body. Maka stops him and says that he can't go in alone by himself. Black Star runs after Maka and Kid and says he will be joining them too.

Upon the meisters plans to go inside the magnetic field, an arachnaphobia soilder attempted to attack Maka until Ox prevented that from happening by guarding her with Harvar. Ox and Kim reassures to Maka, Black Star, and Kid that they will fight them off until the finish what they had to do inside the magnetic field. Ox and Kim commences their attack on the Arachnaphobia squad while Kilik also joins the two.

Maka, Black Star, and Kid enter inside of the magnetic field and the first thing they see is a pyramid. With everyones shock, they see Lord Death from 800 years ago hovering in the sky in which he goes inside of the pyramid.

Unnoticed by the three, mizunes sent by Eruka, managed to also get inside of the magnetic field in order to retrieve Brew.

In the meantime, Sid and Mifune's intense battle is still going on. Finally, an attack from Mifune was hit on Sid in which Sid managed to escape and hide to land a hit on Mifune with Asuza.

The witches inside the pyramid noticed that Lord Death has arrived inside and they all fled in order to escape. Black Star notices the witches and Maka notices that they can't see them. Kid put two and two together and states that it was just the past being etched inside of the magnetic field. Kid becomes really suspicious and suspects that what happened inside the pyramid was not an accident. Maka notices Arachne who went to two men asking for Eibon's blueprints. Arachne remarks that Death coming inside of the pyramid was just a bait and she managed to succeed in luring him inside. She mentions that all there is that needed to be waited for was the explosion of the building along with Brew inside of it.

In Arachne's headquarters, Arachne commands her grunts that Brew should immediately be obtained at all costs. She says the best way to hide Brew was to get rid of it by blowing it up but then states that it would be hard to blow it up. The episode ends with her being confident that she will obtain Brew, and not DWMA or the witches.

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