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The Detective's First Case – Kid Exposes the DWMA's Secret?

Kanji Title

名探偵第一の事件 〜キッドが暴く死武専の秘密?

Rōmaji Title

Meitantei Daiichi no Jiken 〜Kiddo ga Abaku Shibusen no Himitsu?

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As Arachnophobia and Medusa Gorgon move forward with their plans against the DWMA, its students regret their defeat at Lost Island. Death the Kid confronts Franken Stein to learn why Death seeks Eibon's demon tools, Maka Albarn and Soul Eater try to perfect Genie Hunter, and Crona regrets harming Stein.

The Detective's First Case – Kid Exposes the DWMA's Secret? is the thirty-seventh episode of Soul Eater. Although it follows up on events portrayed in the Soul Eater manga, such as the battle for BREW on Lost Island, and while it features Joe Buttataki's arrival to Death City after Franken Stein's fall into madness, this episode does not have any corresponding chapters.

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Spider Queen Room, Baba Yaga Castle

Arachne Gorgon reviews the facts: the demon tool BREW that Mosquito recovered is inoperable. Arachne assumes it is inert due to its 800 years in the magnetic vortex of Lost Island (when actually the Mizune Family and Eruka Frog, disguised as Arachnophobia members, switched the real BREW with a replica, handing the real one to Medusa Gorgon). Despite this problem, Arachne realizes the DWMA will still assume Arachnophobia is in possession of an operable weapon, so they should proceed with the next part of their plan. Mosquito has an update as to this plan: the new Morality Manipulation Machine is nearly complete.

Giriko interrupts, asking why they need the Machine when he can just destroy DWMA members. Mosquito chides Giriko as hardly being as effective as he says, evident how his Enchanters lost to Justin Law. Giriko’s excuse is that he thought Mosquito and his forces would actually pull their weight. Mosquito threatens to beat Giriko if he does not be quiet. Giriko takes up the challenge, revving up his Saw Leg and ready to battle Mosquito’s Police Stinger. Arachne breaks up the “squabbling” and demands Mosquito complete his report.

Mosquito continues: Arachnophobia agents have planted relay devices around the world, on land and sea. Arachne therefore commences with her next step, sending her spiders to complete their task.

Class Crescent Moon, Death Weapon Meister Academy

That morning, Ox Ford continues to brag about how, despite his quiet demeanor in class, he and his teammates were an effective force facing off against scores of Arachnophobia agents. However, his classmates from the Lost Island mission are less than enthused: Black Star and Soul Eater look upset at their failure, while Tsubaki Nakatsukasa looks worried for her meister. Liz Thompson is painting her nails, and Patty Thompson is asleep. Meanwhile, Maka Albarn wonders how she was able to unleashed Genie Hunter against Mosquito, especially when Mosquito said that technique was too advanced to her. She considers the ability may relate to Soul’s piano playing through the Black Blood, so she considers asking Death.

Patty awakens and laughs at how depressed everyone looks. When Patty fails to understand why her classmates are depressed about losing BREW to Arachnophobia, Liz asks her to think about it. Patty then asks where Kid has gone. Liz answers that Death the Kid said he was going to the restroom—but that was a long time ago. She expects he has gotten himself into trouble.

Death City

Kid is actually walking to Patchwork Laboratory, wondering what his father intends to do with all of Eibon’s demon tools he has amassed. After discovering his father’s association with Eibon, based on their names on the Runaway Express, Kid had confronted Death in the Death Room, only to be dismissed when his father changed the subject. Therefore, Kid intends to question someone else.

Death Room

Sid Barrett sits for tea with Death, to ask why Kid is so suspicious of him and how they should respond. Sid also asks Death directly, as he demands to know what the shinigami is planning. Death again avoids discussion, repeating back what Sid says, then childishly refusing to answer.

Death then interrupts to take a call on the Death Mirror, from Maka who is in the Academy’s women’s bathroom. When Maka asks to learn more about Genie Hunter, Death praises her, eliciting a blush from the meister. Death then explains that Maka's mother was the only other person to use Genie Hunter, a technique by skillful meisters to disable serious threats. Death suggests the Genie Hunter could defeat Asura, although Sid thinks this is merely flattery. Death encourages Maka to work harder before ending the call.

Women’s Restroom, Death Weapon Meister Academy

Maka looks in the mirror and determines to perfect Genie Hunter.

Death Room

Sid is surprised Maka’s abilities have improved so quickly, and Death responds that he does think Maka could defeat Asura. Death then asks about whether “the package” has been delivered, and whether their associate from Oceania has yet arrived. Death seems to be scheming as Sid confirms the associate’s arrival.

Cafeteria, Death Weapon Meister Academy

Ox is still bragging, this time about entering Lost Island’s magnetic field. Kim Diehl finally silences him with accusations that he is lying. While Black Star tries to ignore Ox, Crona turns to ask Maka whether the battle was really that bad. Maka confirms, before Soul criticizes Ox for being proud in what was simply a failure to acquire BREW. Liz and Tsubaki get nervous and try to compliment Soul’s piano playing for empowering them to get through the battle unharmed.

But Maka reminds her teammates that Franken Stein somehow collapsed from an attack of Madness, news which troubles Crona. Soul explain Stein is likely recovering at home, while Crona feels guilt for poisoning Marie Mjolnir with the madness-heightening snake. Maka asks whether Crona is okay. Crona claims to feel fine but starts repeating themselves, prompting Liz to consider their behavior odd. Soul then asks Crona to eat since they look poorly. Crona agrees but inwardly worries what to do.

Second Campus, Death Weapon Meister Academy

Maka drags Soul to a spot to practice Genie Hunter.

Patchwork Laboratory

Kid finds Franken Stein sitting on the floor, struggling to reassure himself that the multi-colored hallucination he sees, shaped like Asura’s three eyes but with hands, is not really there. Stein assures Kid he feels fine, even as he expects few will believe him.

Kid then asks what is BREW. Stein explains Eibon was a brilliant inventor, and BREW, his most powerful creation, is as its name suggests like a thunderstorm, its powers varying depending on who wields it. Frustrated, Kid asks Stein to be more specific, thinking Stein obfuscates. But Stein is distracted again by his hallucination. Kid asks again, wanting to know what Death could do upon wielding BREW.

Stein responds with a question: what would Kid do with his answer? Kid’s impatience suggests he will not find the answer satisfactory, and given Stein’s current compromised sanity, his information may not be accepted as reliable.

Second Campus

Soul is not interested in practicing, claiming it seems like a cliche to practice so much. Maka repeatedly insists until he acquiesces, transforming into his scythe form. Maka and Soul resonate, but she can only perform Witch Hunter before the attack erupts on her. Maka tries to catch her breath, then accuses Soul of being lazy. Soul reminds her that he must be trying hard, demonstrated by their ability to still pull off Witch Hunter. Soul reminds her that they are practicing to learn how they first performed this technique, so they should keep at it. Motivated by his words, Maka prepares again.

Behind a tree, watching Maka and Soul, is Crona, who then walks away.

Medusa's Lair

On her crystal ball, Medusa Gorgon speaks to Free, disguised as an Arachnophobia agent, to know what Arachne is doing with her spiders. Free promises to send any updates as he receives them. Despite not receiving much information, Medusa chuckles, claiming plans are proceeding as desired.

Alley, Death City

At sunset, Eruka, in her frog form, asks Crona for an update on Stein’s condition and is upset to hear no updates. She then asks whether Crona located the Secret Vault of demon tools inside the Academy, which Crona also does not know. Eruka reminds Crona that they need to give Medusa some worthwhile information if they hope to stay with their friends at the Academy. Crona responds that they are worried about the snake inside Marie, as it is hurting Stein. Eruka compliments Crona, saying that the snake gave them BREW and disabled Stein—and it is all thanks to Crona. This news upsets them, feeling guilty for hurting Stein. Eruka asks why Crona shivers before excusing them to get back to work—or risk “letting down” Medusa. Eruka hops away, leaving her frog-themed radio set in the alley.

Second Campus

Meanwhile, Maka lies on the ground, panting. Soul reverts to his human form and says they have practiced enough. He holds a hand out to Maka. She still does not understand their failure to create Genie Hunter again. Soul reminds her that they at least know they could do it before, so they will be able to do it again. Soul smiles at her. She smiles back and he helps her up. But as they walk home, Maka remembers it was her turn to cook dinner—and she forgot to buy groceries. She runs ahead, promising ramen (peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the English dub), annoying Soul.

Patchwork Lab

That night, Kid is still interrogating Stein, refusing to simply trust others, not even his father: as a Shinigami, it is his task to prevent anyone from straying from the correct path. Stein reminds Kid that what is correct or even truth is relative, varying among people. Stein chuckles, referring to Kid as naïve. He asks where Kid learned right or wrong, pointing out morality is not innate but determined by authority. There is no absolute truth, just what is truth for a person. Stein asks why Kid is still so fixated, while Kid asks why Stein still refuses to answer his questions about Death.

The conversation is interrupted by Marie Mjolnir, returning with groceries, and sounding upset to find Kid standing above Stein. Kid looks back to Stein and continues: if what Stein says is correct, then the DWMA acts as one authority to decide right and wrong. Stein chuckles again, removing a cigarette and disagrees: he tells him the DWMA is hardly only on the side of what is right.

Death Room

Looking into the Death Mirror, Death watches Joe Buttataki someone walking through the desert, with a large backpack.

The Desert around Death City

Tied to the man’s backpack is a giant coffee cup labeled “BJ.” Death announces the arrival of Joe Buttataki, the DWMA’s Oceanian technology consultant. Joe sets down his backpack and prepares to enter his “new workplace.”

Manga and Anime Differences

  • This episode introduces the Madness Relay Points devices which are built by Arachnophobia to spread Asura's madness throughout the world. however, these Relay Points were not present in the Manga, as Arachne instead used her heightened magic to spread her own madness across a much shorter distance surrounding Baba Yaga Castle, infecting both Shibusen and Arachnophobia members.


  • Joe Buttataki is the only character from the manga that was originally from the first anime.
  • The original Japanese language version of this episode has Medusa speaking with Free, voiced by Rintaro Nishi. However, in the Funimation English dub, the large person speaking with Medusa on her crystal ball is not voiced by Travis Willingham but instead Chris Cason, credited as “Arachnid” (perhaps a generic name for members of Arachnophobia). While it is not clear why Willingham is not voicing Free, it is possible that Funimation did not realize who the large person in Arachnophobia robes was supposed to be. By this point, the anime confirmed Eruka Frog and the Mizune Family were posing as Arachnophobia members, so it would be a reasonable assumption that a very large Arachnophobia member speaking with Medusa would be Free undercover. While the corresponding chapters of the manga show Free looking just like he does on the crystal ball, those chapters were not published in Japan until after Episode 37. It is also not clear why Funimation knew to credit Free in the Japanese version but not in the English version.
  • In the teaser for Episode 38, Soul asks whether that “idiot” Kid has discovered anything. Maka refers to Soul as discontent, then as he becomes more and more upset begins listing synonyms for discontent to further describe how her weapon feels. When Soul refuses to respond, she accuses him of being in denial. Maka concludes Soul is desperate for attention. When he then threatens to take her soul, she accuses him of stealing her line.


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