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Crona's Escape – Show Me Your Smile, Please?

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クロナ、逃亡 〜ください、君の微笑み?

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Kurona, Tōbō 〜Kudasai, Kimi no Hohoemi?〜

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Haunted by treachery against Franken Stein and Marie Mjolnir on behalf of Medusa Gorgon, Crona attempts to escape Death City. Meanwhile, Arachne Gorgon brings Asura into Arachnophobia, Death the Kid and Sid Barett question what Joe Buttataki is doing in the Secret Vault, and Medusa herself comes to Death with a deal.

Crona's Escape – Show Me Your Smile, Please? is the thirty-ninth episode of the anime Soul Eater. Although this episode draws upon details from the manga involving Crona's conflicting emotions for betraying the DWMA and whether to join Medusa Gorgon, much of the content to this episode is original to the anime and does not take place in the manga.

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Crona's Overnight Room, Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

Soul Eater Episode 39 HD - Crona in their room (1)

Crona regrets their actions

One night, Crona is visited again by Eruka Frog, who directs the child to return to Medusa Gorgon. However, Crona doesn't want to leave, as this is the first time they have had friends. Eruka and Ragnarok do not believe Crona, Ragnarok adding that sooner or later everyone at the Academy, including their friend Maka Albarn will discover that Crona is a traitor, responsible for adding the snake to Marie Mjolnir's coffee that has slowly increased the madness inside Professor Stein, all of which will make Maka cry.


Soul Eater Episode 39 HD - Arachne enters temple (4)

Arachne offers a deal to Asura

Arachne, along with Mosquito and Giriko, arrives at an Abandoned Buddhist Temple, having located Asura's presence within this building. Giriko tries to wake up Asura, but Mosquito tells him it won't do any good. Before they get into a fight, Arachne moves up the steps of the Buddhist temple. Arachne orders them to wait outside as she visits Asura alone to ask for an alliance against the DWMA. Once inside she introduces herself to the Kishin and states that she has journeyed far to find him. She asks to see his face and mentions that people say that he's hiding because he's timid, but she feels that he's only rejuvenating his powers then accuses him of being afraid of Death. Asura uses his scarves to attack Arachne and even to strangle her, despite Arachne explaining her desires to have Asura join her to defeat Death.

Death Weapon Meister Academy, Second CampusEdit

Soul Eater Episode 39 HD - Crona leaves the picnic (1)

Crona excuses themselves from the picnic

In a wooded area outside the Academy, Maka, Crona, Ragnarok, Soul Eater, Black☆Star, and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa are having a picnic. Maka invites Crona to participate in practicing Soul Resonance with her and her friends. After Ragnarok steals a sandwich from Crona and calls Tsubaki ugly, he mentions that the food is delicious (thinking Tsubaki made the food). However Tsubaki revivals that Marie made the food, Black☆Star brags about planning to kill the person who caused Stein's madness to increase (but first he wants to eat to build his strength), and Maka decides to have them all visit Stein; Crona panics and leaves the group saying they has to use the restroom (but Ragnarok wants to stay and eat more). Everyone is left surprised by Crona's sudden behavior, but Soul has a specious look on his face.

Soul Eater Episode 39 HD - Crona is haunted by Medusa (1)

Medusa haunts Crona

After running far away from their friends, Crona accidently drops their belongings (including a picture of them with Maka at their party) and final decides that Ragnarok was right all along and that they cannot fit in with DWMA. Suddenly Medusa (in her original form) appears before Crona congratulating them in finally seeing the truth and that they will always belong with her, suddenly she picks up the picture with Crona and Maka and then it turns out Medusa wasn't even there but it was Maka who picks up the picture. She then reminds Crona that the picture belongs in a frame not on the ground, but she laughs it off.

Both Crona and Maka are now sitting on a wall overlooking Death City, Crona asks about Maka's mother. She tells Crona that she is missing, but she always receives postcards from her mother that shows the places she has been over the years from being away from Death City. She then compares her mother to a grizzly bear who is strong, hot-tempered, and someone who you wouldn't want to see her mad. But she also says that her mother is warm, kind, and loyal. Her best memories of her mother of from her divorce from Spirit, stating she was cool and collect throughout the whole ordeal. Crona obviously doesn't know how to deal with Maka's strange family livelihood, they then asks Maka how she feels about her mother. Maka's reply is simply: "She's my mom, silly. I love her" which causes Crona to blush. Maka asks if Crona really needed to use the restroom (based off Crona's reason from leaving the picnic group), Crona remembers their excuse and leaves Maka.

Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

In the kitchen, Joe Buttataki speaks with Sid Barrett about building supplies (and coffee supplies) and observing his angered attitude. He departs to continue his work in the Academy's Secret Vault—where he is followed by Death the Kid, Liz Thompson, and Patty Thompson.

Death Weapon Meister Academy, UndergroundEdit

Unfortunately, Patty begins to mess with the Death statues, making them non-symmetrical and thus they lose sight of Joe.

Soul Eater Episode 39 HD - Buttataki in Secret Vault (1)

Joe works on a machine

Joe uses this opportunity to escape to the Secret Vault, where he is working on a machine. As he knew Kid was following him, Joe thinks the young reaper should relax with a cup of coffee.

Crona's Overnight RoomEdit

Spirit brings Soul and Maka to Crona's room, showing them that Crona is gone and that Crona also took their belongs when they left. On the table, Maka finds her picture with Crona at the party. Soul says Crona ran away noting on Crona's recent unusual behavior and Maka should have seen what was going on with Crona. Maka refusing to think Crona had ran away takes the picture with her and leaves.

Death CityEdit

Maka beings to look everywhere for Crona from inside and outside the academy, stopping at a fountain to catch her breath. Soul then brings his motorcycle to help her find Crona.

Surrounding DesertEdit

Soul Eater Episode 39 HD - Crona leaves Death City (1)

Crona leaves Death City

Outside Death City, Ragnarok is glad they are leaving and that staying with Medusa will give Crona a long to forget about everybody at the academy. However Crona says they aren't returning to Medusa and that they cannot return to the academy. Ragnarok beings to fight with Crona over their chooses to not return to Medusa plus the fact Crona doesn't want to turn themselves over for their betrayal and due to the fact that they don't have enough food to last in the desert, both Crona and Ragnarok fall into a desert pit.

Baba Yaga CastleEdit

Soul Eater Episode 39 HD - Asura in bedroom (2)

Asura consumes Arachnophobia agents' souls

Back at Arachnophobia, Asura has allied with Arachne. Mosquito tearfully apologizes for her injuries when they found the Kishin, but she tells him that they should celebrate the occasion not to cry over her injuries. Giriko informs them that Asura has the best room in the castle and that he has killed three of their workers and have eaten their souls.

The Desert PitEdit

Ragnarok tries to get Crona to climb out of the pit, stating that he is dying from the heat. Crona explains that they have finally found a place to be alone from the world and that they will leave the pit when they are ready. Crona remembers how the desert reminds them of the time they met Maka when she entered their soul, and how they became friends with Maka (with a flashback from the events in Episode 21) and how their friendship felt like a nice dream and the possibilities of forgetting about her until they hear Maka calling for them on Soul's motorcycle.

Soul Eater Episode 39 HD - Maka finds Crona (3)

Maka hugs Crona

When she finally finds Crona and tells Soul to help her, Crona asks why she came back for them and yells at her to go away. When Maka asks why, Crona confesses that they put the snake into Marie's coffee that caused Professor Stein's madness to increase after Medusa asked them to. Crona goes on about how Marie was so nice to them, and mentions they don't understand how people trust others not to hurt them. Maka tells Crona to stop talking and enters the pit even after Soul tries to stop her. She then grabs Crona and looks like she is about to punch them in the jaw, until she tells Crona not to say another negative thing about themself. She tells Crona despite how they say that they are weak, they always put other people first (like when Crona defended Maka and Soul from Giriko) and they always end up getting hurt instead. She begs Crona to stop getting hurt and tries to get Crona to say that Medusa forced them to give Marie the snake. Crona begins to tear up, telling Maka they can't say it because even though they hate her, Medusa is their mother. Crona tells her how much they hate the pain they've caused and that they don't want to lose Maka. Crona then begins to break down and says that they are a coward who will continue to hurt the people they care about. Maka, with tears in her eyes, promises that she'll never let that happen and begs Crona to come back to DWMA. Maka hugs Crona, and they reluctantly hug her back.

Death RoomEdit

Soul Eater Episode 39 HD - Lord Death hears about Crona

Death discusses Crona's crimes

After Soul gets both Crona and Maka out of the pit and bring Crona back to DWMA, Death understands Maka's loyalty to Crona but Crona had signed the agreement as a student at DWMA and that they broke the rules to the contract. Therefor Death orders that Crona is expelled from DWMA and that he cannot make a special exception for Crona would undermine the academies rules. Maka explains that Crona is remorseful and that Medusa forced Crona to break the rules, however when Spirit sides with Death Maka angrily denounces Spirit's view on loyalty and reminding of the times he broke his promises with her mother when he was cheating on her. Spirit says that his cheating and Crona's betrayal have nothing in common and ask if she understands the gravity of the situation, Maka admits she doesn't know but she believes if her mother gave him a second chance, Crona deserves a second chance and that she trust them. Suddenly Sid arrives in the Death Room informing them that Medusa as arrived at Death City.

Front Entrance, Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

Soul Eater Episode 39 HD - Naigus and Academy confront Medusa (2)

Medusa surrenders to the DWMA

Security forces led by Mira Naigus surround Medusa. Mira demands why she has arrived at the DWMA, Medusa explains she is just surrendering.

Next Episode TeaserEdit

Liz and Patty repeat the next episode's title, but both are crying because of how beautiful this episode was. Patty notices that Liz is crying with her, but Liz tries to act that she wasn't crying.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • In the manga, Crona does return to Medusa, forced to lose memories of the DWMA friends in order to continue the quest to become a Kishin. After that point, Crona is never successfully apprehended by the DWMA for rejoining Medusa, or for committing other crimes such as the Moscow attack against Feodor and Tsar Pushka, instead is trapped on The Moon in an attempt to prevent Asura from harming the Earth (in Chapter 112). However, in the anime, Crona does not return to Medusa, hence does not follow the path of the Kishin that would trap Crona on the Moon. Instead, Crona returns to the DWMA where, despite Maka's protest, Death expels Crona for betrayal.
  • Chapter 40 states the Maka found out that Crona had disappeared, but in this episode it is her father Spirit who discovered that Crona disappeared.
  • In this episode, Maka and Soul learn in the desert pit about Crona's treachery, upon Crona's confession of hindering Stein's sanity. But in Chapter 39, Maka had discovered Medusa's survival and Crona's treachery when she sees Eruka Frog speaking with Crona about Medusa's survival. Soul was not present during this discovery, and as Maka was reticent to discuss this topic learned only after Crona's defection from the DWMA.
  • In this episode, while Maka was describing her mother's personality, Maka also tells Crona that her mother sends postcards to her. However, the manga does not show Maka receiving correspondence from her mother, nor does Maka give the same description of her mother's personality.
  • In the manga, after his departure from the DWMA, Asura hides on the moon. In the anime, however, he hides in an abandoned Buddhist temple in the Tibetan mountain range.
  • In the anime, Arachne Gorgon has Arachnophobia join forces with Asura. In the manga, however, as Asura remains on the Moon for much of the story, Arachnophobia does not work with Asura and instead focuses on amplifying madness through their technology.


  • Soul Eater Episode 39 - Marie Mjolnir's meal

    Marie Mjolnir's good-luck meal features references to other characters.

    Marie Mjolnir's meal for her students includes hidden visual references to other characters: food is shaped like Excalibur, Lord Death's mask, and Soul Eater's EAT toothy badge, some snacks include Stein's stitches, and the packaging on the food and coffee features images of Excalibur and Ragnarok.
  • The anime never reveals what Medusa was going to do with Crona upon the child's return to the mother.
  • The scene with Maka about to punch Crona is a symbolic meaning, if Maka had punched Crona; it would confirm that they could never trust anyone. However when Maka doesn't punch Crona, this shows that Crona needs to trust others not to harm them.
  • In Chapter 40, Spirit Albarn and Sid Barrett arrest Franken Stein and instead of bringing him to Death takes Stein to Hook Cemetery to meet with Mira Naigus and Marie Mjolnir to see off him and Marie so they can clear Stein's name and find who really killed Joe Buttataki. While in this episode, Spirit doesn't report Crona's disappearance to Death instead he informs his daughter and Soul about what had happened to Crona. This shows Spirit to be more cautious about reporting things to Death.
  • In the English sub for the Japanese language, Maka compares her mother to a hippopotamus while in the English dub the anime is replaces the word as a grizzly bear.
  • The Sun in the desert is sweating.
  • When Death meets at sunset with Maka regarding Crona's treachery, the windows around the Death Room show an orange sky outside, suggesting that the Death Room's windows are not mere decoration but actually are showing the time of day outside.

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