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The Witch of the Girls' Dorm!

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Joshi ryō no majo!

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Icon - JPN Icon - USA (sub) 2014 April 22
Icon - USA (dub) 2015 June 10

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24 minutes

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Rating - TV-14

Story Arc

Traitors arc

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While the girls learned more about Kim Diehl, Tsugumi and Meme are paired in class, making Anya jealous. Leaving class alone, Anya walks home through dark alleys, facing an opponent who injures her. Thankfully, an unexpected miracle awaits Anya.

The Witch of the Girls' Dorm! (女子寮の魔女!, Joshi ryō no majo!) is the third episode of the anime Soul Eater Not! It is adapted from Chapters 3, 4, and 5 of the manga Soul Eater Not! On April 22, 2014, it premiered in Japan and was subtitled on On June 10, 2015, an English dub premiered on

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Death Weapon Meister Academy

In the past, Kim Diehl stands alone at the school's orientation, when long-haired, beautiful girls, tinted red, dissolve from the ground. No one but Kim seems to notice as these beings grasp Kim, causing the meister to scream in terror.

Girls' Dormitory

Kim awakens in her bed, realizing she experienced a nightmare.

Death Weapon Meister Academy, cafeteria

The next day, Tsugumi, Meme, and Anya struggle to decide what to have for lunch. As Tsugumi questions the less than nutritious items on her meisters' trays, Eternal Feather appears behind Tsugumi, gloomy. Eternal Feather explains she saw Kim take Tsugumi's money and, as she did nothing to stop Kim, offers to pay for their meal.

As they sit for lunch, Tsugumi is surprised to hear from Eternal Feather that Kim is the witch of the dormitory, not their crazed housemaster, Miss Misery. Eternal Feather explains that, upon her arrival to the Academy, Kim had long, shiny hair and relatively cute appearance (similar to the one Kim had in her nightmare). Therefore, Kim was the object of affection of many students. However, Kim developed a sour attitude; after she cut her hair short and wore a sneer, nobody wanted to be around her. Anya wonders what Kim did to gain such a reputation, so Eternal Feather explains by asking her peers to "call me by name." Eternal Feather reveals that Kim, finding her real name "Hoang Thi Mai" to be boring, was the one who stuck her with the stage name "Eternal Feather," calling her as such in front of their classmates, then turning in the name change paperwork—and demanding compensation!

SEN! - Episode 3 - Bumper

The return bumper to Episode 3.

When Eternal Feather concludes her explanation, she points out that Kim has arrived in the cafeteria, pursued by another student, Ox Ford. Eternal Feather explains that Ox is in her class and is the only student at the Academy who still attempts to connect with the troubled girl. The students watch as Ox, looking serious, seems to lecture Kim, and as she grows annoyed, she punches him in the stomach and storms off.

Death Weapon Meister Academy, Mission Board

In the hallway, students notice how the Mission Board includes more incidents of Traitors attacking in Death City. This discussion attracts Sid Barrett's attention, recognizing this as the sixteenth such incident of the month. Also overhearing this discussion about Traitors, Akane and Clay Sizemore approach Sid, promising to handle this most recent Traitor attack. Clay assumes the Traitors only want to test their strength, but Sid reminds him and Akane that, since they are technically not NOT students but actually EAT students, they still should be careful.

Death Weapon Meister Academy

Tsugumi and her meisters debate which of them should have the only remaining two types of dessert in the cafeteria, but as the school bell chimes, it is time to go to class. Before leaving, Tsugumi notices Kim eating by herself.

Death City

Akane and Clay locate the Traitor, but they quickly realize this person is not in the right mindset. The two deter the Traitor from fighting, as Akane holds Clay in weapon form to this person's face. But the Traitor purposefully punctures his forehead on the tip of Clay's blade, then takes a swing at Akane. With few options left, Akane delivers a knock-out blow, subduing the Traitor but confusing him as to this man's demeanour.

Death Weapon Meister Academy, Classroom

Sid leads the NOT class in a lecture about what differentiates the NOT and EAT classes. At that moment, Akane and Clay enter, loudly alerting their classmates that they are late. Akane explains the two are tardy because Clay spent too much time at the arcade—this cover story annoying Clay, embarrassed that he has to be the excuse. Sid feigns outrage at their lateness as a cover to speak to the EAT students for an update as to their confrontation with the Traitor. Akane and Clay explain the Traitor's attitude. Meanwhile, Tsugumi notices how nonchalant Clay is.

Deathbucks Café

But at work, Tsugumi and Meme notice how clumsy Clay can be.

The door opens with a delivery of original blend coffee beans from Death Shipping's newest employee, Ox. Clay initially greets Ox as an equal until Akane stamps his foot, as the undercover students instead refer to Ox as their senpai. Akane goes a step further to pretend that they have simply seen Ox around school, not that they are fellow E.A.T. students. Ox nearly effortlessly carries two heavy bags of coffee up to Clay and Akane, as each is surprised the other is taking on part-time work. Anya is surprised that an honors student like Ox is also working, which she thinks makes him an opportune boyfriend for someone, perhaps Kim. When Anya suggests to Tsugumi that Ox is working to buy gifts for Kim, Tsugumi tries to silence her, but Anya does not understand what shushing means.

After Ox leaves on his bicycle, Master allows the employees to go on break, as the customers' visits have slowed then. Master also serves the employees tea to drink in the staff's locker room. There, almost everyone finds the tea delicious, while Clay is not impressed. Tsugumi leaves the staff room to approach Master, who is grinding the coffee beans Ox delivered. Tsugumi nervously explains that, while Master thinks people come to Deathbucks to see actual Shibusen students, she thinks customers actually come for Master's delicious drinks. After Tsugumi quickly departs, Master allows himself a smile.

Girls' Dormitory

That evening, Tsugumi and her meisters bring home groceries, while Meme is surprised Anya has never cooked. When Anya explains she was never allowed into the kitchen, her friends playfully mock her for being high-class, embarrassing her.

But Anya stops the trio from entering the kitchen, practicing the shushing sound Tsugumi showed her earlier, because the Witch of the Girls' Dormitory is inside, listening to music as she brews a drink and microwaves a meal. Anya enters first, lecturing Kim that, as the kitchen is a shared space, they do not have to leave simply because this bully is in there. Kim tries to ignore the trio, but Tsugumi says they are not here to interrupt her and suggests that Kim join them for their meal of curry. Kim refuses, saying she would only eat if they paid her. Tsugumi apologizes if she offended Kim as the witch departs. While Tsugumi feels regret, Meme reveals what she is putting into the curry: pumpkin. Tsugumi complains that Meme was to bring potatoes, while Kim keeps her headphones on, stoically walking down the hallway so she can keep being alone.

Death Weapon Meister Academy

The next day in the N.O.T. class, held that day in what resembles a dance hall or gym, Sid hosts another E.A.T. student for a demonstration of weapon abilities, today's lesson led by Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré, who demonstrates her Demon Weapon abilities by transforming her right hand into a fire-spewing lantern. Sid explains that weapons must control their abilities, not depending on only their meisters, much as meisters should pay attention to weapons' abilities. Sid orders Jacqueline to continue with her demonstration, as she transforms fully into a lantern and, without a meister, propels herself out an open window and around the Academy before returning into the classroom and resuming her human form.

Sid then orders the students to split into pairs, one weapon and one meister, so that today the meisters learn how to support the weapons. Tsugumi is conflicted whether to pair with Anya or Meme. Anya explains that, as Meme paired with Tsugumi before, now it is her own turn. While the trio agree, Sid interrupts, dragging Anya by her arm to pair with Aaron, a quiet headphones-wearing weapon. As Sid orders the lesson to begin, Anya struggles to speak with the taciturn Aaron, and how distracted she is by Meme tickling Tsugumi.

After class, Tsugumi and Meme are surprised to hear from Aaron that Anya already left, as she usually hangs out with the duo. Overhearing this conversation, Clay and Akane look especially worried.

Death City

Anya tries to ignore her sadness over how close Tsugumi and Meme have become by claiming that, as a weapon has only one meister, it was inevitable that the trio would have a separation. She also blames herself for being raised to be so formal and hence appearing standoffish. She then blames Tsugumi for being standoffish.

As Anya walks by one dark alley, a person emerges, having recognized Anya's skull broach as an indication that she attends the Academy. This Traitor steps forward to confront Anya. He wears a hoodie to obscure his face, he wears a keychain in the shape of a scorpion's tail, and he is armed with a clawed weapon along his index finger. But like the previous Traitor, his right eye glows with an odd symbol. And like that Traitor, this one asks Anya whether she slept well last night. When Anya asks why he insists on fighting, he answers that he does as he is told. Anya is shocked at how quickly the Traitor runs towards her, slicing her purse's strap from her hands. The Traitor then flips back to stand away from her, grinning. Anya assumes a Royal Karate stance, claiming she left "the castle" for a more exciting life and feels grateful for her training. Yet she tenses, unable to land a hit as the Traitor stamps her foot and slices her left wrist, knocking her to the street. Anya screams for help.

A backpack slams into the Traitor's side, followed by a strong push by Meme to knock him away. Anya thanks her friend, who prepares to fight this non-Academy student. Anya warns Meme to be careful, but Meme says she does not remember to be afraid. Tsugumi then appears next to Meme, preparing a battle stance. The Traitor looks to Tsugumi and seems to recognize the easier target. Meme calls to Tsugumi to transform, but the weapon hesitates as the Traitor rushes at her. Only her right leg transforms, causing her to fall to the ground. With Tsugumi down, the Traitor turns his attention to Meme, kicking her into a wall. The Traitor turns back to Tsugumi, standing over her.

"Stay back!" Akane calls, as he, armed with Clay in his claymore form, uses Soul Menace to create what is like an electrical discharge along the street, kicking up stones and knocking back the Traitor as well as his classmates. Akane explains no one here is an agent of the Academy, hence not very powerful as an opponent, so the Traitor should leave. The Traitor cackles and runs away. Clay resumes his human form as the students tend to the injured Anya. Akane explains he and Clay will escort Anya home, while Tsugumi will tell Master that they could not make it into work.

Someone's Lair

There is a room lit only by one stained glass window. The walls are full of empty vials, and the floor is covered with pedestals, each topped with what looks like a fountain. Behind a desk in this room sits a woman with floral hair shaped like scorpion's tails. She laughs.

Deathbucks Café

Tsugumi thanks Master for this opportunity to work this week at his café. He is pleased with her and Meme's work, as well as that of their friends, to whom he says his regards. He also invites his employees to return whenever they wish.

Girls' Dormitory

Meme is confused whether she was working at Deathbucks for a week or a month, as the time passed quickly. But they find at the front gate Ox, who wishes to speak with Tsugumi. He offers an envelop of money, the exact amount Kim took from Tsugumi, which he earned from working this week at Death Shipping. But Ox asks that Tsugumi take this money in exchange for forgiving Kim. He explains that while he recognizes Kim's behavior bothers many at the Academy, he thinks she wants people to avoid her. Ox apologizes for Kim's behavior and departs.

But Ox and the duo do not seem to realize that Kim has been standing behind the gate, listening to this conversation. Kim calls Ox an idiot for his behavior.

Meme realizes Ox is very attractive to Kim, while Tsugumi seems to understand why: despite her hostility, Kim is "cool" and, as she hums while she makes her meal, she cannot be a witch. Meme is less than convinced.

Inside the dormitory's living room, Anya sits, examining a large bruise forming on her arm where the Traitor sliced. Anya worries the Traitor's claw may have been laced with poison. Anya then hears Tsugumi and Meme enter, as Tsugumi instantly realizes that Anya feels feverish and is clutching her arm as if in pain. Meme suggests calling the school's physician, Dr. Mendoza (Tsugumi corrects her).

The trio are interrupted by Kim, who tells the newbies to back away, as the bully seizes Anya's injured arm. Kim applies a bandage, then distracts Anya by mentioning her skin looks very nice. While the embarrassed Anya is confused by Kim's remark, Kim applies her hand to Anya's arm, with no one seeming to notice a slight glowing from Kim's hand. As Kim departs, she says Anya's injury is just a minor scratch and she is likely warm only because of the heat outside. Anya then notices she is feeling better, wondering whether she was imagining. Tsugumi assumes Kim will charge them for the bandage, but the Witch of the Girls' Dorm refuses, heading upstairs.

As Kim whistles as she climbs the stairs, she is confronted by Jacqueline, who realizes Kim did something to Anya. Kim distracts Jacqueline by asking for her name and accusing E.A.T. students like her of being know-it-alls. Kim smirks, telling the "straight-laced" ("straight-edge" in the English dub) and annoyed Jacqueline that if she wants to continue this conversation, she'll have to pay her.

That night, Tsugumi studies Ox's money envelope. Meme reminds Tsugumi that if she does not spend Ox's money, then his work will be for nothing. Tsugumi suggests they host a party at Deathbucks, which annoys Anya, who worries this will be a private get-together between Tsugumi and Meme. Tsugumi apologizes that Anya did not get her turn to be meister in class that day. But Meme has an idea: she and Tsugumi use a marker to write a reminder on their arms that Anya will be the meister in the next class practice. The trio hug, resolving their problems.

But the next morning, Meme awakens to find the reminder on her arm is smudged and hence indecipherable. While Anya screams at Meme for her forgetfulness, Tsugumi yawns.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • Kim's dream at the beginning of the episode is an anime-only event.
  • Throughout Episode 3, including in most flashbacks, Kim wears the same sports jacket and skirt combination that she wears for almost all of the anime. While Kim wears this outfit in Chapter 3 when demanding Eternal Feather pay for a name-changing fee, in the rest of Chapter 3, Kim wears an outfit more similar to her first sailor fuku uniform from the original Soul Eater manga.
  • Sid is informed by a random student, who seems to have just gathered the information from the message board he's standing before, of the recent Traitor sighting. In Chapter 4, Sid is given this news by the DWMA CIA Guard.
  • In Chapter 4, the first Traitor that Akane and Clay encounter does not strike first. However, in Episode 3, the Traitor attacks Akane and Clay first.
  • There are numerous differences between the manga and anime's portrayals of Sid's lessons:
    • In Chapter 4, Sid teaches his lesson all at once in a dance room, with Maka and Soul demonstrating Soul Resonance, before Akane and Clay arrive to the dance room late. In the anime, Maka and Soul's demonstration occurs much earlier, in Episode 1, as part of Sid's orientation the first day of classes for Tsugumi and other NOT students.
    • As well, in Episode 3, the remainder of that lesson is split into two parts: the first occurs in a classroom, when Akane and Clay late to class, and the second part occurs in the dance hall, with Jacqueline providing the demonstration, not Maka and Soul. Therefore, Jacqueline's debut in Soul Eater Not! occurs earlier in the anime than in the manga.
    • In Episode 3, when Clay arrives late to class, Tsugumi and Meme discuss whether Clay is disorganized. The scene cuts to Clay working with Tsugumi and Meme at Deathbucks, where he drops an order. These scenes do not occur in the manga.
  • In Chapters 4 and 5, when leaving school without Tsugumi and Meme, Anya does not have a purse to block the Traitor's attacks, as she does in Episode 3.
  • The Traitor fight is longer than it is in Episode 3. In Episode 3, Tsugumi fails to change into a weapon, and Meme is kicked in the abdomen while fighting the Traitor. These scenes do not occur in Chapter 5.
  • In the Yen Press English translation of Chapter 5, Meme assures Anya that she can hold her own against the second Traitor because "I'm not smart enough to be afraid." In Episode 3, Meme instead says that she has such poor memory that she cannot be afraid.
  • In Chapter 5, Jacqueline confronts Kim about her Magic in another room. In Episode 3, Jacqueline confronts Kim on the stairs. Additionally, this plot point was in chapter 9.5. As well, in the Yen Press English translation of Chapter 5, Kim refers to Jacqueline as a "hard-ass." In Episode 3, Kim refers to Jacqueline as "straight-laced" (in the Funimation English subtitles) or "straight-edge" (in the Funimation English language dub).
  • There is a spelling error when Sid explains about the EAT class acronym, "Especially Advanfaged Talent" is what was on the school's chalkboard instead of 'Especially Advantaged Talent'.
  • The order of events regarding Ox giving Tsugumi his money and the Traitor attacking Anya differ between the manga and the anime.
    • In Episode 3, after their encounter with the Traitor, Tsugumi and Meme leave Anya at the dormitory to recover while they pick up her last check from Deathbucks, along with their own. They then find Ox waiting for them at the girls' dormitory to give them the money he earned as a request that they forgive Kim, who as the dormitory is her home is able to eavesdrop.
    • In the manga, the encounter with the Traitor happens after Anya receives her last paycheck. Therefore, in Chapter 3, Anya is with Tsugumi and Meme when they pick up their paychecks, and all three of them run into Ox, who is not waiting for them at the girls' dormitory but runs after them as they leave Deathbucks. Kim therefore is nearby when she overhears Ox rather than already home at the dormitory. Then, in Chapter 4, Anya encounters the Traitor and, in Chapter 5, is injured.
  • In Chapter 5, Meme and Tsugumi's reminder notes wash off in the bath, leading to an argument in the dance hall when Sid again assigns Anya to be Aaron's meister rather than Tsugumi's, prompting Meme to be confused at Anya's frustration and Tsugumi to sweat nervously. In Episode 3, this scene does not occur in the dance hall. Instead, Meme wakes up the next day in her bedroom, and her sweat has made her arm writing hard to read, prompting her roommate Anya to yell in frustration while Tsugumi yawns.


  • The song that Tsugumi hums to herself while bringing groceries to the dormitory is the same that she sings throughout the series, including to the pumpkins in Episode 9 and to Meme to coax her out of Shaula's possession in the penultimate episode.
  • The trio's bag of groceries name some of the products sold at Death City groceries, such as Death Jursey's Butter, Death Curry, and Death Rice.
  • Anya's path home to the dormitory will appear again in Episode 9, where Meme disappears after confronting the casino owner. Therefore, Anya's path may have been near the casino as well as Grissom Street.
  • Kim's condescension to Jacqueline for being an EAT student suggests that she is not yet in EAT herself.
  • The bumper includes Kim with a tanuki. Much like her tanuki-themed attire, this bumper foreshadows the reveal that Kim is a witch.
  • In the teaser for the next episode, Meme discusses anxiety and asks whether exercise may help what is bothering Tsugumi, while Anya is embarrassed at how revealing is the gym uniform.


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