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Engage the Witch Hunter! A Heart-pounding Remedial Lesson in the Graveyard?

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Majo Gari Hatsudō! 〜Dokidoki Hakaba no Hoshū Jugyō?

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Icon - JPN : April 28, 2008

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24 Minutes

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Rating - TV-14

Story Arc

Remedial Lessons Arc

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Maka, Soul, Black Star, and Tsubaki get a graveyard tutorial in zombie slaying after Sid, their former teacher, learns the joys of being undead. If they fail this lesson, class is dismissed for good.

Engage the Witch Hunter! A Heart-pounding Remedial Lesson in the Graveyard? is the fourth episode of Soul Eater.

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A Church

Phantom Priest Rasputin crashes through a church window, kicked into it by Maka Albarn, wielding Soul Eater in his scythe form. Maka and Soul then proceed to cut him in half, claiming his soul.

Maka and Soul's Apartment, Death City


Blair wakes up Soul

The next morning, Soul is in bed, dreaming of eating, when Blair, in her human form, lies atop him, attempting to awaken him to get out of bed and play. Maka then enters his room to tell him it is time for breakfast. Discovering Soul in such a compromising position with Blair's breasts in his face, Maka is infuriated, kicking him out his bedroom window for his supposed pervertedness.

Class Crescent Moon, Death Weapon Meister Academy

Later that day, Maka and Soul wait for class to begin. Soul tries to speak with Maka, but she is trying to study her book. After Soul mocks her as a "study hound," Maka retaliates by hitting him with her Maka Chop. Maka reluctantly allows Soul to discuss what he wanted to talk about, concerning the number of academy students and the kid next door who were beaten to a pulp. To scare Maka, Soul reveals the culprit is rumored to be a zombie with a hole on his forehead, and the frightened Maka hits him with her book again. While initially scared, Maka discounts Soul's story as only a rumor.

Suddenly, Spirit Albarn walks into the classroom, trying to make a strong impression as a no-nonsense teacher in order to impress Maka, but he succeeds only in annoying his daughter. Spirit explains he is only a temporary teacher to replace their previous instructor, who is now dead. Spirit's actions annoy Soul and Maka until this new teacher tells the students that Shinigami orders them to meet with him.

Death Room

As Maka and Soul walk under the guillotines forming the path from the Academy into the Death Room, Black☆Star, holding Tsubaki Nakatsukasa in her Kusarigama Form, waits to surprise his classmates with a sneak attack. But Black☆Star's babbling alerts Maka and Soul to his position. After Black☆Star and Tsubaki explain that they were called by Shinigami as well, Maka approaches Shinigami's mirror to contact him.


Death threatens to expel the students

Shinigami explains that he wants the students to take a remedial class, much to their dismay. Speaking with Maka, Shinigami reminds the students that the duty of a meister is to collect 99 souls who fled from the human path, and one witch's soul, which will transform that meister's Demon Weapon into a Death Scythe. Shinigami then reminds Maka and Black☆Star that together they have collected zero souls. Shinigami confirms Soul's rumor of a zombie terrorizing students is true, and that zombie is their former teacher, Sid Barret, whom they are to capture. While Black☆Star is pumped for this mission, Shinigami tells the students that if they fail to retrieve his soul, then they will be expelled from the Academy.

Hook Cemetery

That evening, Maka and Black Star, with their weapons, arrive where Sid was buried yet has been rumored to be haunting. The students are still struggling with the news that Shinigami delivered about their possible expulsion: Soul screams for Sid to show himself so he is not expelled, Maka bemoans how she fails to uphold her model student status, Black☆Star is unconcerned (and would rather defecate on Sid's grave), and Tsubaki is trying to keep everyone focused.

Suddenly, Sid emerges from the ground, grabbing Maka to hold upside down by her ankle. Soul transforms, breaking Sid's hold of Maka. As Maka and Black☆Star take hold of their now transformed weapons, Sid brags of the benefits to being a zombie: all fears and guilty thoughts are lifted from his shoulders. He also reminds his former students that, as one-star meisters, they have no hope of defeating a three-star meister such as himself. Maka complains she intends to end this fight, return home, and enjoy a hot bath.

Maka and Soul's Apartment

Coincidentally, Blair is taking a bath, with Brush-san scrubbing her, but she is not enjoying herself: she is bored without any company and considers how much Maka and Soul enjoy school.

Hook Cemetery


Black Star kicks Sid

But Maka and Soul are not enjoying their schooling: Sid proves to be a highly capable foe in this remedial lesson, pummeling Black☆Star into the ground. Infuriated, Black☆Star increases his efforts, landing a powerful kick on Sid. Meanwhile, Shinigami is watching the battle from the Death Room, with another meister and his weapons present. Sid therefore turns his attention against Maka, attacking with his own tombstone. Believing her to be crushed by his tombstone, Sid is surprised (as is Death) to see Maka avoided the attack. Sid's hesitance allows Maka to kick Sid in the face, knocking him to the ground.

Soul then asks a hesitant Maka to attempt Soul Resonance to attack with their new technique, Witch-Hunter. However, Maka and Soul have not perfected the technique, as she slips on the ground, re-directing her attack not at Sid but at Black☆Star, almost hitting the ninja. Maka blames this mistake on Soul, who in turn blames her.

While the meisters are distracted, Sid dives underground, avoiding their attacks until he can pop up with a sneak attack. Black☆Star therefore uses Trap☆Star to surround the area around himself and Maka with Tsubaki's chains, using these chains to sense Sid's location. After Sid energes from underground, Black☆Star wraps the chains around Sid—but also capturing an infuriated Maka and Soul.

Death Room

While Shinigami is excited at the fight he has witnessed, Death the Kid, accompanied by Liz and Patty Thompson, asks for more information about the scientist who made Sid into a zombie. from his father, Kid learns how powerful this scientist is as a meister, and the danger that awaits Maka and Black☆Star.

Patchwork Laboratory


The students bring Sid to Patchwork Lab

Evidently learning from Sid who made him into a zombie to attack students, Maka and Black☆Star arrive at this scientist's laboratory. Tsubaki has tied Sid with chains extending from her hair. The students are ready to face the mastermind who turned Sid into a zombie.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • In Chapter 1, during the fight against Rasputin, the faces of Rasputin, Maka, and Soul Evans are obscured with black censor bars. No such bars appear in this episode.
  • Death City, Maka and Soul's apartment, and the DWMA look different in Chapter 1 than in this episode. Death City includes scythes, crosses, and three-dot skull shapes on the buildings, with bats and demon-looking creatures flying in the sky. As well, Soul's bedroom includes posters for AphexTwin and Portishead, with a gramophoneaphone and guitar in the corner. The kitchen includes an image resembling the Soul Eater franchise logo on one of the cabinets. The words "soul eatere" also appear under the window through which Soul is kicked. Finally, the stairway outside of the DWMA is not as long and has a wall with "Death Weapon Meister Academy" written along it. None of these elements appear in this episode.
  • In Chapter 1, after Maka and Soul leave, Spirit decides he wants to take the class to Chupa♡Cabra's for a field trip. Spirit makes no such decision in this episode.
  • In Chapter 1, when Sid first tried attacking Maka with his tombstone, Black☆Star stopped the attack with his foot, while in this episode, Black☆Star stopped the attack with his Kusarigama.
  • In Chapter 1, when Black☆Star uses his Kusarigama to corner Sid, the technique creates strong wind currents, while in this episode the effect was less extreme.
  • In Chapter 1, when Maka's Witch-Hunt Slash misses, her attack slashes several graves, but in this episode, her attack instead slashes the ground.
  • In Chapter 1, when Sid emerges from under the ground the second time, he manages to cut Maka, but in this episode, Black☆Star deflects Sid's attack and Maka hence is not cut.
  • In Chapter 1, after defeating Sid, the students tie up Sid and interrogate him to learn who made him into a zombie. When Sid refuses to reveal this information, Black☆Star lifts Tsubaki's skirt to entice Sid with a view of her underwear, which convinces Sid to name Franken Stein. Not to be outdone, Soul lifts up Maka's skirt to learn Stein's location, but Sid is not impressed. Furious, Maka attacks Soul as well as Black☆Star and Sid with a Maka Chop, which finally convinces Sid to name Stein's location. At this moment, one of the three persons hit by the Maka Chop also refers to Maka as "My Queen." In this episode, none of these events occur. Therefore, how the students learn about Stein's location is not shown.


  • Death claims that altogether Maka, Soul, Black Star, and Tsubaki captured no souls. However, this episode begins with Maka and Soul capturing Rasputin's soul the night before, contradicting Death's claim.



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