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The Cards Are Cut – Medusa Surrenders to the DWMA?

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切られたカード 〜メデューサ、死武専に投降する?〜

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Kirareta Kādo 〜Medyūsa, Shibusen ni Tōkō Suru?〜

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Japan: January 12, 2009

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Story Arc

Arachnophobia vs DWMA Arc

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Medusa Gorgon turns herself over to Death to negotiate a deal: she will give up BREW and Asura's location in exchange for her freedom and safety.

The Cards Are Cut – Medusa Surrenders to the DWMA? is the fortieth episode of the anime Soul Eater. Although this episode draws upon details from the manga involving Medusa's surrender, and although her deal was later adapted into Chapter 45, "The Deal," much of this episode's events do not take place in the manga.

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Death Weapon Meister Academy, DungeonEdit

After surrendering to the DWMA, Medusa Gorgon sits her in cell connected with chains holding her to the wall. Maka Albarn and Soul Eater enter the dungeon to find her cell. Maka easily finds her cell (even with her Soul Protect guarding her for others outside). Medusa hears Maka and Soul and asks them for water. Maka, enraged to hear her, kicks against the door. Medusa asks the "little girl" if she needs something. Maka accuses her of making Crona betray the Academy and having them punished for listening to her. Medusa shows false concern for her child, feigning worry that a mother should not be separated from her child, especially one as fragile as Crona. These remarks further anger Maka, as she demands Medusa stop the charade. Soul intervenes, telling Maka to calm down and, because it is useless to continue harassing Medusa, they might as well leave. But before departing, Soul tells Medusa that he hopes she enjoys her long stay in the dungeon.

After Maka and Soul leave, Medusa speaks to Franken Stein, whom she knows is hiding in the shadows near the door, laughing madly to himself. To him, she explains that she will not be imprisoned for long.

Death RoomEdit

As Spirit Albarn considers Medusa's strange survival, Death reminds him that they are dealing with a powerful witch, someone who cannot be handled with ordinary means.

Death Weapon Meister Academy, DungeonEdit

Meanwhile, Stein asks Medusa why she has returned to DWMA, she tells him she wanted to see him and that the world is beginning to move and that Stein knows what is coming. As they continue to talk, she asks how it feels to feel the madness slowly eat his sanity away and she asks him to join her. Stein says she is hiding something else from him, she tells him to free himself for the rules if it means saving himself from his sanity by forging the new world through the Kishin's rules. Spirit arrives with two DWMA agents and instructs Stein to return to his lab.

Spirit and the guards escort Medusa to an interrogation room. Along the way, Medusa acts like a small child, complaining about the chains in an attempt to get Spirit to speak with her. Playing into Medusa's game, Spirit tells her that she will have to do the talking very soon as the arrive to an interrogation room.

Death Weapon Meister Academy, Interrogation RoomEdit

The interrogation room's walls are covered with torture tools. Spirit picks up a teeth remover, but Medusa reminds him that he will be injuring not only Medusa but also the person she has possessed, Rachel Boyd. This reminder angers Spirit, as he remembers he has to rescue Rachel to return her to her parents. Medusa goes on to explain that she still needs Rachel's body until her magic recovers. She also tells Spirit he must be kinder to her because she has important information to offer to Death as part of her bargain. Spirit says she has no position to negotiate, but Medusa responds that she will make him and Death listen to her.

Desert around Death CityEdit

Sid Barrett is digging for something Medusa claims she hid in the desert. After complaining that he could dig when he was alive, his shovel strikes something: a box with Medusa's markings on it. Upon opening the box, he is shocked to find its contents: BREW.

Death RoomEdit

Spirit holds BREW to Death, confirming that all DWMA tests prove it is the actual demon tool. Death is now intrigued by Medusa's desire to negotiate a deal, but both he and Spirit wonder why would give up BREW, and how it was that she and not Arachnophobia acquired it on Lost Island. Spirit worries Medusa is manipulating them. While Death agrees, he still wants to speak with Medusa.

Later, Spirit brings Medusa to met Death face to face. Death reminds her that because of her the world is on the brink of disaster. Despite what he had just said to her, she asks to have the chains removed from her body. When Spirit frees her, Death delivers a Shinigami Chop to her head. Medusa then remembers that, when she was physician at the DWMA, the Shinigami Chop was the one thing she feared the most. When Death lifts her up, Rachel's boomers are exposed, which causes Spirit to gush over when Maka used to wear bloomers. After awkward conversations of bloomers embarasses Medusa, and after being threatened by more Shinigami Chops, Medusa asks whether Asura's location will be enough for her deal.

Spirit accuses Medusa of lying, saying that no DWMA troops have found Asura after his escape. When Death asks whether she can verify her information, she admits that she cannot, but she needs their complete trust first. Spirit demands that she give them the location, but Medusa says that if she does give the location then they need to make a certain agreement with her: she wants to be set free from their custody and a promise that the DWMA will not harm her. Death explains that he cannot allow for her safety. Medusa then asks whether they want to be targeted by Arachnophobia instead. Spirit realizes that Medusa is suggesting that Asura and Arachnophobia are now in alliance.

Baba Yaga CastleEdit

Arachne Gorgon lies in Asura's bed, promising him that she will protect him from their enemies. Mosquito then activates the Moral Manipulation Machine.

Around the WorldEdit

The Moral Manipulation Machine is connected to Madness Relay base devices around the world. They begin to shoot out a red cloud of madness, which is observed by everyone around the world: Medusa's Army of Free and the Mizune Family as moles in Arachnophobia; DWMA staff and students Justin Law, Marie Mjolnir, Azusa Yumi, Death the Kid, Sid, and Mira Naigus; and from his Death Mirror Death, Spirit, and Medusa. Stein also witnesses this madness, which awakens the remaining madness within.

Death RoomEdit

Medusa explains how Arachne is spreading Asura's madness. Spirit argues that, since madness is spreading, Medusa's deal is rejected, as the DWMA must first figure out where Asura is hiding. Medusa disagrees, pointing out that these devices around the world make it impossible to trace to Asura's location. Death dismisses Medusa to her cell, while he confers with Spirit.

Later, after Medusa is returned to her cell, Death determines that Medusa wants to pit DWMA and Arachnophobia against each other. Death worries how, with his soul tethered to Death City, all he can do is passively watch this approaching war unfold. Spirit thinks such a strategy is typical of Medusa. But Death adds that they cannot have Asura's madness expand beyond their control. Death has only two choices: listen to Medusa in order to defeat Arachne and Asura, or refuse her deal and execute her.

Death Weapon Meister Academy, DungeonEdit

Medusa tries to remind herself that the DWMA will listen her and will stop Asura and her sister. As Spirit and two agents near her cell, she begins to worry what they will do to her should they reject her deal. Spirit enters the cell and tells her that she is being released.

Outside the Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

A large crowd gathers around the entrance to the Academy. Alongside Kid and Soul, Maka is outraged to see her father and DWMA agents escort Medusa out of the Academy. Kid explains that Death made a deal with Medusa, although he does not know the terms. Lounging nearby, Black☆Star assures his friends that he and Maka will find Medusa and make her pay.

As Medusa leaves, she is watched by furious members of the DWMA: Black☆Star, Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, Liz Thompson, Patty Thompson, Joe Buttataki, Ox Ford, Harvar D. Éclair, Kilik Rung, Pot of Fire, and Pot of Thunder. A frighten Crona hides behind Mira.

Medusa mentally congratulates Death, referring to him as her pawn. She begins to laugh wickedly as she departs.

Meanwhile, Kid wonders why his father would release a dangerous witch like Medusa. Kid feels even more adamantly that he cannot trust his father.

Patchwork LabEdit

Meanwhile, Marie returns to the dark laboratory with groceries. She turns on the lights, assuming Stein is again sitting in the dark. To her surprise, Stein is gone. She drops the groceries and runs out of laboratory, desperate to find him.

Maka then narrates that, with that incident, Stein had disappeared from Death City.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • In the Manga, to gain DWMA's trust Medusa Gorgon exposes Kimial Diehl, Tabatha Butterfly, and Taruho Firefly as witches and that to dispose of Arachnophobia, provides leverage with the demon tool Brew, tells Maka that Crona has been kidnapped by Arachnophobia, and the one who leads Shibusen against Arachne Gorgon. However in the anime, she never exposes Kimial, Tabasa, and Taruho as witches. She shows Death and Spirit Albarn that Arachnophobia are working with Asura after and giving clues to the location of Asura, she released after being promised that no student or teacher at Shibusen will harm her.
    • Also Kimial, Tabasa, and Taruho are never was revealed to be witches in the anime.
    • By now in this episode Crona is now in DWMA custody, not having to return in Medusa as told in the manga.
  • Whereas in this episode Soul accompanies Maka to Medusa’s holding cell in his usual attire, in the chapter states that he had skipped his shower after gym and is wearing his physical education attire.
  • Maka and Soul come to Medusa’s holding cell without ever being shown as passing through dungeon security or showing Spirit’s ID card. In the chapter, the DWMA prevents anyone other than Death Scythes and their associates from seeing Medusa.
  • In this episode, Arachne’s Moral Manipulation Machine is shown to be a device, operating at numerous locations around the globe, to increase the spread of madness around the world. In the manga, the Moral Manipulation Machine is introduced as a device that is shaped as an electric chair to turn Kimial and Jackie wicked.
  • Many of Spirit's interactions are adapted differently in the anime.
    • While his glee at Medusa's pumpkin bloomers, which remind him of his own baby daughter, is present in both the manga and the anime, the anime does not include other moments, such as his parental reflex to pat the dust off of Medusa's outfit, or his annoyance at Medusa's feigned precociousness.
    • In the chapter, Spirit removes Medusa's bonds in her jail cell. In the anime, he first escorts Medusa all the way into the Death Room before removing her bonds.
    • As well, according to the chapter, Spirit brings dinner to Medusa's cell, whereas in this episode, he brings with him tools for torture.



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