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Twirl 'Round and 'Round – A New World in Which the Doc Dances?

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Kurukuru Kururu 〜Hakase wa Odoru, Atarashiki Sekai?〜

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Franken Stein has escaped Death City, and he risks falling under the madness to Medusa Gorgon. With the DWMA too focused on defeating Asura with Joe Buttataki's new discovery, Marie Mjolnir and Crona separately decide they must rescue Stein. Meanwhile, Maka Albarn receives something from her mother, and Death the Kid warns his classmates about the DWMA.

Twirl 'Round and 'Round – A New World in Which the Doc Dances? is the forty-first episode of the anime Soul Eater.

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DWMA Students

DWMA prisoner

  • Crona (released to fight Medusa and save Stein)

DWMA Staff

Medusa's Army

Stein's Hallucinations

Stein's Memories




Stein’s HallucinationEdit

Death City is now decorated in Asura’s eyes, appearing on buildings and sewer covers. “Hurry,” Franken Stein tells himself, desiring to reveal his authentic self and escape this fog. Before him is a door, but it is barred by Spirit Albarn, who orders Stein to return to Patchwork Laboratory. Stein explains he is trying to return to that lab, but he has lost his way in this fog. Spirit says the fog is the madness that is clouding his mind. Stein does not understand. Then he sees Spirit transform into “the law’s hound,” a guard dog to prevent anyone with the taint of madness from passing through that exit. Stein backs away in fear as Spirit barks at him. But when Stein hears the barking stop, he turns back: no exit is there, no Spirit is there. He feels confused.

Second Campus, Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

Class Crescent Moon is empty, as students have refused to come to class, forcing the Academy to cancel all classes. Tsubaki Nakatsukasa is confused where everyone has gone. Black Star refers to them as cowards, afraid of the red sky of Madness released by Arachnophobia. Black Star brags that he is not afraid, ready to tear apart Asura in a second. Soul Eater approaches, teasing Black Star that a second is far longer than it should take someone like him. Soul explains Maka has not come to class, as she is worried about both Stein and Crona.

Dungeons, Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

Maka and Crona speak through the door to each other. Maka asks Crona to have patience: if the DWMA let Medusa Gorgon go, they should let Crona go as well. Crona is more worried whether Stein has returned, expecting his disappearance has to do with Medusa’s escape. Maka reassures Crona that Stein is stronger than he looks and will return.

Patchwork LaboratoryEdit

Over coffee, Marie Mjolnir is confused at Spirit Albarn’s rationale: the DWMA has called off the search for Stein. Spirit explains Stein left Death City, and their priorities have to be on larger concerns. Marie counters that Stein is seeking Medusa, but Spirit reminds her that the truce with Medusa means that they cannot go after her, hence cannot retrieve Stein. Spirit then informs Marie that Death has assigned the two of them Death Scythe missions. Marie gets upset at Spirit ignoring the problems their meister is experiencing, giving up on Stein. Spirit turns his back to her, saying that Stein has been fighting the madness all this time, and for that reason, he is stronger than Marie assumes. Spirit exits.

Medusa's LairEdit

As they gaze into Medusa Gorgon’s crystal ball, Eruka Frog compliments her on being the first witch to negotiate a truce with the DWMA. Eruka proceeds to brush Medusa’s hair, as she still possesses the body of Rachel Boyd. Medusa explains that Arachnophobia and the DWMA will continue to destroy each other, while she can stay out of the way.

But sitting away from the two is Free, filing his nails and reminding Medusa that, should the DWMA or Arachnophobia survive, one of them will attack Medusa’s Army. Medusa stands and says Death’s honor prevents him from attacking her, while either Asura or Death will destroy Arachne. As the snake-like appendages on her hoodie outfit slither, Medusa departs to meet with her “lover.”

Stein’s HallucinationEdit

Stein comes to a fork in the road. He shudders until he hears Rachel Boyd call to him--appearing on all four sides. Rachel tells him to calm down, as one path will lead him to happiness and that there is always an escape. Stein asks the “girls” whether they are lost. Rachel then appears as only one girl, holding out a hand to guide him. Stein brings his hand to hers.

But the voice of another child interrupts to tell him she is a witch—as an arrow-decorated snake wraps around Stein’s outstretched hand. Stein knocks it back, while the child snaps it into dust. Speaking to Stein is a younger version of himself, who warns him that the witch and madness can prevent his escape. The younger self tells Stein to think about where he is supposed to be. Before Stein can learn who this younger self is, he vanishes.

Secret Vault, Joe Buttataki’s Workshop, Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

Joe Buttataki finds no magic can activate BREW. He considers using his Soul Wavelength. He sips on his coffee, but its taste so upsets him he knocks the mug to the table, spilling coffee onto the fragment of the Book of Eibon. Joe tries to clean the book—until he sees the liquid has peel back some glue on the cover, revealing a hidden page.

Death RoomEdit

Death compliments Joe’s breakthrough, as well as Eibon’s craftiness to hide his plans in the cover: the plan reveals another magic tool, the Key to unlock BREW. Joe suggests sending Death the Kid to retrieve the Key. Death is hesitant, explaining Kid is still suspicious of him. Joe refers to Kid as petulant for being so upset in the middle of a war, and Death should discipline his son.

Joe then adds that he has one more request: recruit Uncle Bob for assistance. Joe is upset that Death has forgotten this request, as he starts dancing about how good is Uncle Bob’s mandheling coffee. Death again pulls out his mandolin—which infuriates Joe. Joe calms down, explaining that if he had the coffee he desired, he would have found the Key’s blueprint hidden in the cover earlier.

Death is not convinced that Joe relies on coffee to do good work, so Joe asks for assistants. Death then reveals cat paws.

Maka and Soul’s ApartmentEdit

Blair is using levitation to cook fish on the stove. However, the pile of charred meals upsets Soul—as does Blair flinging a hot charred fish at his face. Soul angrily asks why, on the day Maka is supposed to cook, she is instead locked in her bedroom. Blair thinks her meal would cheer up Maka, then asks Soul to sample her dish. As the fish is flung into his mouth, Soul upsets the kitchen table, revealing the mail that has piled up—including a postcard.

In her bedroom, Maka is curled up in bed, looking at the red sky with anger that the DWMA released Medusa. She tries to focus on anything to stave off madness. Then she hears the door knock, as Soul slides the postcard underneath her door. The postcard is from Maka's mother.

Stein’s HallucinationEdit

Stein has returned to the gate, where Spirit is now asleep and chained. Stein wonders where he is supposed to be. The barrier to the gate dissolves and its doors open, waking up Spirit, but not soon enough: before Spirit can stop him, Stein has entered and the doors closed behind him.

Stein is surprised to find that, behind the gate, his Patchwork Laboratory. Stein worries how the DWMA will react to him leaving home after curfew. Then he sees a boot fall in front of his door. It is Marie’s. He looks up to see her standing on the edge of the roof, barefoot.

Stein has arrived to the roof, asking Marie to step back. Marie can see Death City from here, referring to it as looking so small, like a prison in the clouds. She turns back and tells Stein he will find a world better suited for him. She then leans back and falls, saying, “Goodbye.” Before Stein can reach her, Marie has already fallen onto the hard cement below with a horrible sound, the Moon’s evil eye looking down upon him.

Stein then hears Rachel approach Marie, sarcastically sad over Marie’s death. Rachel’s voice and appearance then change into that of Medusa, who says Stein wanted her dead. Marie’s face has changed, now appearing as a Henohenomoheji. Medusa accuses Stein of never loving Marie like she love him.

From the roof, Stein’s face has transformed into that of Asura.

Everything goes dark. Medusa says goodbye to Marie.

Stein’s eyes break open. He is under the light in a Patchwork Laboratory surgical room, strapped to a bed. Spirit, dressed as a surgeon, accuses Stein of exiting through the wrong door, the madness taking over him as he expected. Stein demands to know what happened to Marie. As he takes up a scalpel, Spirit intends to punishes Stein, but he promises surgery will help Stein forget Marie, everything in his life, even his own name.

The scalpel descends upon Stein.

Maka and Soul’s ApartmentEdit

Blair is impressed with all the photographs on postcards Maka receives from her mother’s journeys. Maka admits she was worried about her mother, as she had not heard from her in some time. Blair refers to Maka’s mother as impressive: Maka was impressed just moments ago, now she is blushing with happiness. Blair then asks what is written in the corner of the postcard. Maka is unable to translate it.

The doorbell rings. Maka opens the door to find Black Star and Tsubaki, dressed in their basketball workout attire.

Dungeon, Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

Crona sits in the corner of their room. But when they lift their head, there is no sadness: there is only determination.

Patchwork LaboratoryEdit

Meanwhile, Marie is seated at Stein’s computer, crying and looking upon Stein’s eyeglasses, which he left upon his escape from Death City. Marie explains that teaching as nothing but trouble. She also says that her students depend on her, and she cannot turn her back on that responsibility. Yet she thinks she cannot turn her back on Stein, either. Marie stands up and tells herself she cannot afford to cry in front of her students. She slaps her face and turns with a look of determination.

Stein’s HallucinationEdit

Stein is no longer on the operating table, but his gait is awkward, his breathing shallow, and his eyeglasses cracked. He collapses and tries to breath, as blood leaks from his face. Next to him is Spirit, again appearing like a dog, offering to help Stein feel reborn. On his other side is Marie, beheaded, her Henohenomoheji-faced head rotating in her hands, telling Stein to emerge anew. Stein orders both Death Scythes to shut up.

Before Stein, Rachel returns, holding out an apple as the Fruit of Life, offering its bite to help Stein feel better. Desperate, Stein’s hand reaches for the apple, until his younger self tells him to stop. Before his fingers reach the apple, it has transformed into a soul, which evaporates. The younger iteration explains that Stein was reaching for a shadow. Stein finally realizes that he faces himself.

Death RoomEdit

Death sets down tea for him and Crona, reassuring them that while they are nervous, they should drink. Death then worries Crona is also a coffee drinker like Joe. Crona looks away before finally facing Death to ask that they be released from the DWMA to confront Medusa and recover Stein. Death sips his tea, wondering why he should trust Crona after their previous betrayal. Crona responds that Maka believes in them, so they owe it to her. To Crona’s surprise, Death agrees to release them so as to settle the score with Medusa.

Crona and Death are then interrupted by Marie, who enters and perhaps sardonically refers to Crona as brave. Death reveals that he invited Marie to speak with Crona. Even as they cannot face her, Crona apologizes. Marie refuses the apology and demands to face Crona, saying that they cannot be trusted to bring back Stein, so she will join them to make sure he is rescued.

Stein’s HallucinationEdit

Stein tells his younger self that, when he went through that door, he was momentarily lost. The younger self asks whether Stein was satisfied with life up to now. Stein admits he was, even if that meant having to live within rules of morality. Stein used to not feel guilt; now, he cannot understand why he feels guilt. His younger self explains that Stein has found something more important than satisfying his own desires.

As Stein reflects on this idea, photographs of his colleagues—Death, Spirit, Marie, Sid Barrett, Mira Naigus, Azusa Yumi, Justin Law—and his students fall away into blackness. The younger self says that Stein has already made his choice, so he might as well enter that door to arrive at the world he seeks.

When Stein turns around to face his younger self, there is only a door. He rises, saying there is always a way out to a place where he should be. He opens the door, as light explodes from the entrance.

Basketball Court, Death CityEdit

Black Star is annoyed how cocky Soul is for making the shot. Soul spins the basketball on his finger and offers a challenge: whoever makes the next shot is the one who will defeat Asura. This challenge only upsets Black Star, who dashes at the now terrified Soul, knocking him to the court to seize the ball. Soul quickly is back on his feet, kicks Black Star down, and takes back the basketball.

From the bench, Maka and Tsubaki nervously watch this encounter. Maka criticizes the two for being so petty in these serious times. Tsubaki says some people need a break from such concerns, which only annoys Maka. Soul then calls to Maka, tossing the basketball at her, which she catches, but not before panic. She refuses the ball, claiming she is not good at this game. She offers the ball to Tsubaki, who promises she will score the point and defeat Asura. Black Star accuses his weapon of betraying him. Tsubaki tosses to Soul, who dodges Black Star and says the important thing is destroying Asura.

Soul tosses to Maka and tells her to shoot. She smiles, dodges Black Star, and with one hand throws the basketball. Black Star leaps to block—and the basketball slams into his chin and into the basket. Black Star lands on his back as Tsubaki claps Maka’s point. But Black Star claims it was his head that scored the point—his head, which is now at a 90-degree angle from his injury. His classmates are horrified at his appearance.

The basketball rolls along the court, stopping at the foot of Death the Kid, arriving with Liz Thompson and Patty Thompson, all three have a sour look on their faces. After Tsubaki fixes his neck, Black Star asks why Kid skipped classes. The reaper is annoyed that they are playing games at this time and informs his classmates that the information about Asura’s alliance with Arachne came from Medusa. Maka realizes what that truce was really about. Kid is upset that Death has accepted the word of a witch, even at the risk to students’ lives. Kid admits he does not understand the DWMA’s policies, and he warns his classmates about who to trust.

Forest around Medusa's LairEdit

Stein is wandering in a forest of trees, their branches in the shape of arrows. He tells himself to hurry to stop fighting and to embrace rebirth. He follows through the fog to a light, and he finds himself standing on water, which ripples below him. He wonders whether he found his exit. Instead, he sees Medusa, in Rachel Boyd’s body, also standing atop the water. Stein calmly smiles, his eyes dropping.

The scene cuts to black. Stein begins to cackle.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • In both in this episode and the manga Death cries, but for difference reasons. In the manga, Death cries because he knows when Death the Kid will soon connects The Lines of Sanzu and he will die once Kid connects his lines and to know that he'll never see Kid's smiling face again. While in this episode, Death cries because he beings to realize that he keeping secrets regarding Brew from Kid and beings to see how distant Kid has became from him following Medusa's release.


  • In the Funimation English dub, Soul refers to Stein as “the nutty professor,” an allusion to the 1963 film starring Jerry Lewis, re-made in 1996 by Eddie Murphy.
  • Eruka claims that Medusa is the first witch to negotiate a truce with the DWMA.
  • Medusa anticipates either Asura or Death will kill Arachne. In a later episode, Asura indeed kills Arachne, consuming her witch’s soul to transform.
  • Soul Eater Episode 41 - Maka's bedroom

    A cat sculpture rests upon Maka's windowsill.

    In Maka's bedroom is a cat sculpture. In the Soul Eater manga, there are additional feline objects in Soul and Maka's apartment, such as a couch pillow with a stitched cat on it and kitty paw towels in the bathroom.
  • In Stein's hallucination, Marie has a Henohenomoheji on her face, a doodle of a face drawn by Japanese schoolchildren using hiragana characters.
  • This episode includes a few allusions to Abrahamic religions.
    • First, as in previous episodes, Medusa is associated with both snakes and apples, alluding to the Snake in the Garden of Eden that offered Knowledge in the form of fruit to Adam and Eve. In popular culture, this fruit is often portrayed as an apple. The manga also would allude to the apple from the Tree of Knowledge, when the Table of Contents explains its desire to amass Knowledge, while Gopher has an apple fall from the tree branch above him.
    • Second, at the end of the episode, Stein and Medusa stand atop water. This may allude to Jesus, who was able to stand atop water in the Christian bible. As well, other works of literature have associated walking on water not with Jesus but with the Antichrist, as in the ending to United States author Flannery O’Connor’s 1955 short story “Good Country People.”
  • Medusa's offer of the apple may also allude to the fairy tale Snow White. In both that fairy tale and in Stein's hallucination, a witch offers and apple to trick someone.
  • In the teaser for Episode 42, Soul and Maka are confused what is happening. As neither is willing to admit their ignorance, they try to ask whether the other one knows. Soul finally admits he is lost, and Maka admits as well. Maka even ends her promise to take the viewers’ souls with, "you know?"

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