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The Last Magic Tool – Mission Impossible for Unarmed Kid?

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Saigo no Madōgu 〜Buki Nashi Kiddo no Misshon Inposshiburu?

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Maka Albarn and Soul Eater continue their search for Medusa Gorgon's lair. Meanwhile, a clash with the creepy guardians of the final Magic Tool leaves Death the Kid even more suspicious of his father's true motives.

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The Last Magic Tool – Mission Impossible for Unarmed Kid? is the forty-third episode of Soul Eater.

Featured AppearancesEdit


DWMA Students

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Medusa's Army





Death RoomEdit

Silently, Death, Spirit Albarn, and Azusa Yumi continue to watch DWMA missions around the world.

Baba Yaga CastleEdit

In the Security Room, Mosquito and Arachnophobia members stand on a map, tracking the locations of DWMA forces (marked with skulls).

The AmazonEdit

Smoke rises from the forest, black against the red sky of Madness. Explosions erupt. Arachnophobia’s Golems continue their march as their Enchanters hunt for DWMA soldiers. One Golem trips over a chain left along the ground, revealed to be part of Tsubaki Nakatsukasa’s chain scythe. Black Star dashes out of the trees and slices off the arm of another Golem before commanding Tsubaki to transform into the Uncanny Sword. The shadows of her blade slice off the leg of a Golem, knocking it down. Black Star uses the shadows to thrust him above the Golem to send another shadow into the crevices of the Golem, and as he completes his leap, the Golem explodes from within.

Meanwhile, Justin Law continues to use his arm blade to block the chuckling Giriko’s Saw Foot.

Elsewhere, Maka Albarn, now wielding Soul Eater continues to run through the forest on her way to assist Crona and Marie Mjolnir in rescuing Franken Stein from Medusa Gorgon.

Near SarcophagusEdit

Death the Kid, wearing a backpack as he wields the demon twin pistols Liz and Patty Thompson, continues his flight on Beelzebub to his destination. Liz is wondering where they are going. Kid complains that he did not ask for this mission and would rather not discuss it. Liz insists to know the destination. Kid acquiesces: they are going to Sarcophagus, a village that, 20 years ago, had all of its citizens disappear simultaneously. Liz, from her weapon form, sweats nervously. Kid adds that investigators coming to Sarcophagus have also vanished. The village has since been locked down, but Kid has been ordered to enter.

Outside SarcophagusEdit

Upon their arrival, Kid points to the nervous Liz, now in her human form, at how hastily built is the wall surrounding the village, as if its builders wanted to complete this task as quickly as possible to cover up what happened. Kid thinks silently that such a cover up is similar to what his father is doing. Liz suggests skipping the mission, while Patty, also in her human form, hopes to see monsters—which scares Liz further as she refuses to enter the village. Kid agrees, saying he does not know what caused the disappearances and will not risk the health of his human partners. As he is a shinigami, Kid assumes his father assigned him this mission because his body may be able to withstand this city’s threat, whether it is a contagion, a security measure, or some other threat, so he will go alone.

Despite Kid’s explanation, Liz worries this is too dangerous. Kid replies that he simply has to follow his father’s assignment to acquire one last Magic Tool. Liz is surprised that the mission is for another Magic Tool. Kid concludes that, if he does not return in 40 minutes, Liz and Patty are not to come in after him and instead to return to the Death Weapon Meister Academy.

As Kid enters, he thinks about how upset he is that his father sent him to get a Magic Tool rather than help defeat Asura. But at least he can discover what this tool is.

Death RoomEdit

Azusa complains that reports show the DWMA Amazon forces are overwhelmed, so they should assume command. Spirit replies that they do not even know any better orders that they could give, especially if they give only random orders that cause confusion among the forces. Azusa simply adjusts her glasses to reflect their light, making Spirit nervous.

Death interrupts, complaining how Azusa and Spirit are not stuck in Death City as he is, his soul and body tethered here, so they can at least take action in the battlefield to fight Asura.


Soul Eater Episode 43 HD - Sarcophagus tomb (STITCHED)

Tomb housing the Magic Tool

Kid has entered “the vanishing village.” He observes empty houses, boarded windows, and broken-down cars and a broken ferris wheel. He hears silence but senses nothing yet. As he walks, the streets lower to some multi-colored building in the center of a pit. Kid takes a flashlight and descends into the building. Down the stairs inside, he sees at the bottom, in its center, what looks like a circus tent. Kid thinks it looks like ancient ruins.

Secret Vault, Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

Joe Buttataki continues his work on some mechanical device. Blair and Arisa call to their “boss” to have lunch. Joe refuses until Risa tells him they brought coffee. But as he comes to the lunch bench, he sees the coffee is merely canned milk coffee.


Soul Eater Episode 43 HD - Eibon Key in Sarcophagus tomb (1)

Pedestal holding the Magic Tool

Inside the tent, in the darkness Kid sees a circus ring with audience benches around it. At the center of the ring is a pedestal and a ball, inside of which is the Magic Tool he seeks.

Kid refers to the tool as looking like a key. Even as he removes the Key from its pedestal and comments how authentic it feels and looks, he worries how easily this mission has been so far and worries whether this tool may actually be a fake. Before he can depart, a drum roll sounds and the lights turn on. When the drum roll concludes, he hears the sounds of something mechanical approaching. It is an asymmetrical creature, its face resembling that of a clown, with one arm composed of a long joust that can separated into what looks like a mouth. This Mechanical Clown chuckles.

Southwestern United States DesertEdit

Soul calls repeatedly from his weapon form for Maka to slow down. When Maka stops moving, he asks where she is going. At this point, she realizes she does not know where Crona and Marie could have gone. After Soul reverts to his human form, she blushes in embarrassment for forgetting to plan in advance. She suggests using Soul Perception to find Medusa, but Soul reminds her that a witch like her could hide with Soul Protect. Maka suggests tracking the souls of Stein, Crona, or Marie. Soul replies that Death could not find Stein, yet she expects to find three people somewhere in this world. Maka counters that she can only find the three if she has Soul’s help, which convinces him to acquiesce.


The Clown strikes at Kid, who leaps to dodge while holding onto the Key. Kid realizes this Clown is the security system preventing anyone from leaving with the Key. The Clown’s neck twists as it asks whether Kid is worthy of this Key. Kid demands the Clown answer whether it destroyed Sarcophagus 20 years ago.

The Clown’s face pulls back, save for its nose, to reveal another Clown’s face, this one with movable lips and eyes. The Clown explains it prevents humans from entering or leaving the village, or taking the Last Magic Tool. It admits it even killed all villagers of Sarcophagus to prevent anyone from acquiring the Key. It was those villagers who dug up the ruins and found inside this Magic Tool, and as they were not qualified to wield it, the Clown ate them. It drools as it refers to the humans as delicious.

The Clown renews its attack. Kid leaps to the highwire podium above. Kid escaping back to where he entered. He pauses as he sees how big is the Clown and how small is the opening. As he climbs the stairs, he sees the Clown stuck—until it contorts its body to climb up the stairs.

The buried ruins explode as Kid escapes. The Clown is stuck again. Kid stops and realizes he just needs to return to Liz and Patty. As he stands, however, a hand reaches through the ground: it is a second Clown, which tosses Kid back-first into a building. The two Clowns approach and stand over Kid, ready to eat him.

Outside SarcophagusEdit

Patty repeats “oink” to herself as she draws with a stick a picture of a pig’s face. Patty upsets Liz by reminding her how long Kid is taking. Liz nervously says Kid can handle this scary and dangerous task on his own. She calls out to Kid that she believes in him. Patty suggests searching Sarcophagus for him. Liz, shocked, asks whether Patty was even listening to her. Patty reassures she was—because she thinks Liz was talking about a pig. Liz realizes her sister was not listening to her.

Liz is interrupted by an explosion inside Sarcophagus. Patty asks what that noise was. Liz covers her ears and feigns ignorance.


Soul Eater Episode 43 HD - Clown vs Kid (84)

The Mechanical Clowns strike at Kid

Kid runs between buildings. The Clowns are running on the rooftops above him. He ducks into an abandoned building and runs out of it into another street, in an attempt to lose the Clowns. But they follow. As they leap, they alternate between symmetrical and asymmetrical forms, shocking Kid with their “beauty”—before they pierce into his cheeks. Kid struggles to get up, only to be knocked around by one Clown. The two Clowns approach with their arm-mouths open, ready to consume him.

Shots fire into the Clowns’ faces. Patty shouts to Kid, as she wields Liz. Kid is impressed to see the sisters followed him, especially to see a humble Liz overcome her fear. But the Clowns now attack Patty. She dodges and transforms into a pistol, both her and Liz landing in Kid’s hands.

Kid bends backwards at the hip and aims the pistol, intending to punish the Clowns for killing so many. He fires. One Clown approaches him: Kid uprights himself and fires. The other Clown approaches and Kid fires right into its face. But Liz sees their shots are not penetrating the Clowns, while Patty just laughs. Kid tries to think of another plan. He stands and closes his eyes. The Clowns take this opportunity to run at Kid and slam down where he stands—only to see in the dust kicked up that he dodged at the last minute.

The Clowns then hear Liz and Patty preparing Death Cannon, as Kid stands atop the abandoned Ferris wheel. The Clowns climb up to Kid’s position as the Death Cannons finish charging: the Clowns open their mouths, and Kid slams the Cannons into their mouths. While they are symmetrical, Kid says their end will be as well: he fires, shattering the machines.

As Kid exits Sarcophagus with this weapons and the Key, he hears the Clown say it has only three minutes of operation time left. Kid prepares to fire at the Clown again, until he hears a pre-recorded voice of someone call to him: the message is for whoever acquired the Key, warning them that they have the will to use the Key or risk spreading destruction. The Clown shuts down. Kid says maybe the Clown is right. Patty calls out in confusion. Kid thinks how the Magic Tools are not suitable for anyone, even the DWMA.

Desert near Medusa's LairEdit

Marie Mjolnir and Crona wear cloaks to shield themselves against the sandstorm.

Outside SarcophagusEdit

Soul Eater Episode 43 HD - Kid, Liz, and Patty leave Sarcophagus (2)

Kid, Liz, and Patty examine the Magic Tool

Kid shows the Key to Liz and Patty, surprised at how much security there was to get this Magic Tool. Liz asks what Death intends to do with the Key. Kid does not know, which prompts Patty to laugh. Liz asks whether the Clown’s pre-recorded message bothers Kid. Kid thinks whether he should give the Key to his father.

The AmazonEdit

Black Star and Justin continue to knock down Arachnophobia agents, leaving Justin to battle Giriko one-on-one.

Medusa's LairEdit

Medusa Gorgon stares at her crystal ball to watch Kim Diehl, Kilik Rung, and Ox Ford, wielding their weapons against Arachnophobia agents. Seeing his students in her ball, Franken Stein only looks languidly, a cigarette at his lip, its flame reflected in his eyes.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit


  • The English translation of the episode’s title may allude to the 1966 United States television series Mission: Impossible, which was later adapted into a film franchise starting in 1996.
  • Kid’s removal of Magic Tool Eibon from the pedestal’s ball, and the pursuit by the Clowns challenging whether Kid is worthy, may allude to Arthur Pendragon removing his sword to confirm he is the worthy king of England. This would be one of many allusions to Arthurian legends in Atsushi Ohkubo’s works, including Excalibur himself as well as Arthur Boyle in Fire Brigade of Flames.
  • The Funimation credits spoil that the voice of the Clown’s pre-recorded message is Eibon.
  • The original Japanese presentation included an additional performance by Oki Sugiyama as the Golem Master.
  • The Funimation English dub featured additional performances by Ian Sinclair, Newton Pittman, Chris Cason, Christopher Bevins, and Brad Hawkins. Sinclair is also the voice of Akane Hoshi in ‘’Soul Eater NOT!’’.
  • In the preview for Episode 44, Patty, assuming a very serious voice, narrates how “the mismatched pair” of Marie and Crona have a mission: Marie will retrieve her partner Stein, and Crona will confront their mother Medusa. Liz is surprised to hear her sister’s voice sound so unrecognizable. Instead of Maka threatening to take the viewers’ souls, Patty simply says she is here and giggles.


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