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Anti-magic Wavelength – Fierce Attack, the Anger-filled Demon Hunter?

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Taima no Hachō 〜Mōkō, Ikari no Majin Gari?〜

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Crona is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice as the battle against Medusa rages on. If the witch is to be destroyed, and Dr. Stein saved, Maka and Soul must reach rare heights of power.

Anti-magic Wavelength – Fierce Attack, the Anger-filled Demon Hunter? is the forty-fifth episode of Soul Eater.

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Marie Mjolnir narrates how she and Crona had finally located Medusa Gorgon where Crona was going to settle things with Medusa while Marie wanted to bring Professor Stein home. Despite having a plan to defeat Medusa, things didn't go as planned as Medusa and Stein gain the upper hand against Crona and Marie. And before Medusa can kill Crona, Maka Albarn blocks the fatal blow by using Soul in his scythe form.

Inside Medusa's Lair

Soul Eater Episode 45 HD - Maka and Crona vs Medusa (1)

Maka defends Crona from Medusa

After Medusa and Stein begin to back off and Ragnarok rudely complains how they almost died, Maka apologizes to Crona telling them that she is there for them and Marie. Crona then thanks Maka for arriving, and when Maka attacks Medusa, Marie warns her that she'll also harm Rachel Boyd if she strikes her down. Medusa also reminds her of her deal that no one from DWMA can harm her, Maka says she doesn't give a damn and attacks anyway. When Soul, who is now in The Black Room, explains to Maka that they don't have a battle plan against Medusa, Maka tells him that they cannot win if they hold anything back that can be used to their advantage. Soul says they'll get their chance once they get an opening, because that's how it's supposed to work, even if it's uncool. Maka angrily accuses Soul of being unhelpful and says that she's not waiting any longer, but Marie says that will mess up her original plan.

Soul Eater Episode 45 HD - Stein in his own realm (2)

Medusa gets inside Stein's mind

Soul realizes that Maka is getting reckless, but a part of him knows she is right about her plan because they are taking on a powerful witch and the best meister in DWMA history. He believes they'll lose the fight if they drag it out long enough, the only chance of a successful battle is all three connect in a Soul Resonance and strike at Medusa together. With the Little Ogre watching Soul ready to play the piano; Maka, Marie, and Crona connect their souls into the Resonance link and Maka charges at Medusa only to be stopped by Professor Stein. She tries to tell Stein to set aside, but his madness blocks him from hearing Maka and the only thing he can hear is Medusa's command and a noise interference on a radio inside Stein's mind. Medusa (inside Stein's mind) tells Stein that the radio is broken and that he cannot fix it. Stein says that it hurts his ears and that he must fix it, and Medusa says the only way to stop the noise is to destroy the radio. With that, Stein attacks Maka and Crona when they try to help Marie. After that incident, Marie now wants to focus on Stein. She tells them to limit his movements so she can help him. After being forced away by an attack by Professor Stein, Stein beginning to realize that there is too much noise.

Underground Cave

Soul Eater Episode 45 HD - Black Star runs to Baba Yaga (1)

Black☆Star runs to Baba Yaga Castle

Black☆Star, after taking out more Demon Tool Soldiers and jump down into a cave asks Tsubaki Nakatsukasa where they should go next, and she says straight ahead. As he charges forward, Tsubaki warns him that there will be more enemy troops waiting as they get near Baba Yaga's Castle and that there also more traps. Fortunately Black☆Star is able to destroy the oncoming traps.

Inside Medusa's Lair

Ragnarok uses Screech Beta on Professor Stein, which gives Crona and Maka enough time to block in Stein, and Marie starts up her Healing Wavelength on Stein, but Stein uses his Soul Menace on Marie, sending her flying against one of the lair's pillars. He does this to Crona and Maka as well; they land against a different pillar- the one that Medusa is standing on.

Maka tries one last time to get Professor to wake up and realize that they need his help, but Stein tells them that the noise won't go away. Medusa assures him that she'll silence the interference as she summons a Vector Arrow and says goodbye to Maka. Suddenly, Crona sees what is about to happen. After the arrow strikes, the screen shows Maka flying backwards after Crona pushes her out of the way and ends up getting impaled by the arrow instead. As the screen cuts to black, Maka screams out Crona's name.

After letting her child dangle in the air, Medusa removes the arrow from Crona and causes them to bled out. Maka is by Crona's side grabbing Crona in her arms begging them to stay awake while Stein laughs at the sad scene. Ragnarok, also dying from the loss of blood, weakly blames Maka for their deaths and complains about how much trouble she had been to them both. However, before he disappears beneath the Black Blood, he mutters, "... but at least you're with stupid Crona at the end." Maka begins to cry, knowing she had broken the treaty between DWMA and Medusa to help Crona defeat their mother but is now powerless to help Crona as she watches them begin to die in her arms. Crona holds out their left hand for Maka and tells her, "Maka, please, don't cry. I...I'm happy now for the first time, I finally am. Because you were my friend, it's okay." With that, Crona smiles and stops breathing. Medusa admits she never thought Crona would throw away their life to save someone else's. After putting Crona's lifeless body back down, Maka grabs Soul in his scythe form and lunges at Medusa. Soul realizes that Maka's anger is taking over and tries to get Maka to calm down, when suddenly the room begins to fill with Black Blood. The Little Ogre appears and tells him she cannot hear him and that all he can do is sit back and take in the madness. Despite what the Little Ogre said, Soul tries to warn Maka that she'll drown in the madness if she continues with this anger; even Medusa sees what the madness is doing to Maka. Then Maka disarms Medusa's Vector Blade, but Stein blocks her attack and she focuses her anger on Stein. After a brief battle, they leave enough space for Marie to move between them and use her healing wavelength on both of them.

Inside his mind, Stein is still being bothered by the noise and he ponders whether he can destroy the radio rather than fix it. Marie appears before Stein telling him not to destroy or fix the radio, but to accept it, and with that the noise stops. She then tells him to picture the place he should be right now and that she knows he has the power to get out of the illusions. When he grabs hold of her hand, Stein awakens from the madness. Marie hugs and welcomes him back, and then Medusa fires off her vector arrows to kill them. Fortunately, Maka (who is no longer in the madness's control) is able to use Soul to destroy the oncoming arrows.

With Stein on their side, they are ready to take on Medusa. When Maka asks about Crona, Stein informs her that Crona is not fully dead and that he feels their soul within Medusa's lair and vows that he won't allow Crona to die within their mother's lair. He then said that there are "...some friendships that can never end," and that it took him "...some time to figure it out," in which he was referring to Crona and Maka's friendship. After exchanging words against Medusa and with Medusa threatening that Rachel will be injured or killed if they try to destroy her; Stein tells Maka to use Soul Resonance on them so they can communicate with each other as they take on Medusa. Stein explains to Maka that he and Marie with drive Medusa around her lair with Marie using her healing wavelength to scare her while Maka must use the genie hunter on her and that he is counting on her to succeed. Soul reminds her that they were lucky enough to use it and that they must not get reckless this time, Maka says that they must try it again and that defeating Medusa is all that it matters.

After firing off more vector arrows against Stein and Marie, she tells them that Marie's healing wavelength won't work on her and that they need to hit her first. Stein tells her that there is someone with a special wavelength and that the person is right behind her. Maka jumps behind Medusa as she powers up the genie hunter vowing never show any mercy towards Medusa (as flashback images of Crona appear). Medusa tries to stop Maka with her vector arrows, but when that doesn't work she is about to use her Vector Plate to retreat when Maka strikes her. At first she thinks that Maka failed in mastering the genie hunter, until her soul is expelled from Rachel's body. She is amazed at how powerful the genie hunter is, but she tells Maka that she only driven her out of Rachel. Maka tells her that she's wrong and that it is all over for her, before Medusa realizes what has happen her soul and a pillar are sliced in half. After Stein explains to Maka and Medusa the true power of the genie hunter, he then asks Medusa how it feels to be destroyed; she laughs one last time and gives them a warning: "A word of caution for you, genie hunter may be enough to defeat me. But it will never win against the Kishin." With that her soul disappears for good.

Stein gathers the unconscious Crona and Rachel and explains to Maka that Crona's stab wound was deep but he is sure Crona will recover with the help of his surgery. As Maka kneels down next to Crona, Stein sees her postcard from her mother. After Maka tells him it's from her mother and asks if he knows what the word is that she wrote on the card. As Maka wipes a smudge of black blood off Crona's mouth, Stein says the word is Shaja'at an Arabic word for courage. Marie says that she and Stein must return to DWMA with Crona and Rachel so they can write a report of the battle against Medusa, Stein asks what Maka and Soul are going to do next. Maka tells them that they're now going to go after Asura. Stein reminds her that since Lord Death must stay in Death City, her Anti-Demon Wavelength is the only thing that can defeat Asura; he asks her if she understands what that means, she says yes.

Security Room

At Baba Yaga's castle, Mosquito laughs at Lord Death and how the DWMA can never reach the castle, suddenly alarms start to sound in the control room. A demon tool soldier tells him that someone from DWMA is heading straight towards them and that none of the traps are stopping the attacker.

Underground Cave

That attacker is Black☆Star who is now getting close to the castle.

A room within Baba Yaga Castle

Mifune senses that Black☆Star is approaching.

Outside Baba Yaga Castle

Once Black☆Star finds the Castle, he encounters Mifune.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • As for Medusa's fate in the manga, she is killed by Crona when she shows compassion for her child thus completing Crona's quest into becoming a Kishin (Chapter 87). While in the anime, Maka kills her by successfully using the Majin Hunt on her and freeing Rachel from Medusa's control.
    • When Arachne Gorgon was killed in the manga, Medusa leaves Rachel's body and takes over Arachne's dead body. While in the anime, she never leaves Rachel until Maka uses the Majin Hunt on Medusa. Thus Arachne is still alive as of this episode.


  • Each of Crona's sacrifice in both anime and the manga revolve around Maka. In the manga, they help Maka save the world from Asura because they believe in Maka and do not care about the world. In the anime, Crona personally saves Maka's life, pushing her out of the path of Medusa's Vector Arrow and, in the process, almost killed by it.
    • Following Crona's sacrifice in the manga, Maka is able to successfully master the Kishin Hunt. In the anime, Crona's sacrifice causes Maka to master the genie hunter to destroy Medusa and save Rachel Boyd.
  • When Crona seems to die in Maka's arms, they are able to smile before they stop breathing. This is a physical sign for Maka to personally show Maka how happy they are when they seem to die.

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