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The Miraculous Coffee Table Flip – Fly, Our Death City Robot?

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Kiseki no Chabudaigaeshi 〜Bokura no Desu Shitī Robo?

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After the fight between Black Star and Mifune ends, the DWMA gains a powerful new ally. And when Death utilizes BREW in an astounding way, he turns the tides of the battle against Arachnophobia.

The Miraculous Coffee Table Flip – Fly, Our Death City Robot? is the forty-seventh episode of the anime Soul Eater. Although this episode shares similarities with the manga. arc Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle, this episode proceeded the manga and has significant differences.

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Spiritual Dimension within Black☆Star

Black☆Star lies down in blackness. Gray light starts to shine as he opens an eye. From the floor, bubbling upward are groaning figures. Black☆Star tries to get up, but the floor is too porous—and arms come up from it, seizing him by his limbs and waist. The figures crowd around him, until Black☆Star sees images of all the warriors killed by Masamune Nakatsukasa's blade. Black☆Star throws a hand up, but the beings pull Black☆Star down under the surface.

The Amazon

The Amazon is in flames and smoke. The Madness Cannon atop the now mobile Baba Yaga Castle continues to fire onto the forest.

Baba Yaga Castle

Eruka Frog, disguised as an Arachnophobia soldiers, calls Free and the Mizune Family, who are also in disguise. Eruka says that her connection with Medusa Gorgon has been silent for a long time, indicating the witch is dead. Free says it is time to escape.

Free leads the Mizune down a hallway—just as Ox Ford, Kim Diehl, and Kilik Rung arrive, also disguised as Arachnophobia soldiers (with Ox and Kim wielding Harvar D. Éclair and Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupre out in the open, while Fire and Thunder hide atop Kilik's head). Ox sensed something, but an impatient Kim tells them to keep moving.

Secret Vault, Death Weapon Meister Academy

"It begins," Excalibur says, as Eibon unlocks BREW, the Magic Tool growing to assume its true form, which locks into the machinery. Eibon puts the Key into BREW's true form. Death and Joe Buttataki explains to Death the Kid that BREW assumes the form of whatever its wielder most desires in their very soul. Death and Excalibur add that BREW therefore could assume a form of destruction, which terrified Eibon. To prevent BREW from being misused, Eibon hid the Magic Tool and bound his soul to the Key. Kid realizes BREW can only be activated with Eibon's presence.

Eibon admits Death was right, but it also led to the loss of their friendship, his involvement with witches, and still the loss of his wife. As he implants his soul into the unlocking Key, Eibon hopes his efforts now will make amends. Excalibur quietly says, "Fool." Light glows along Joe's machinery.

Death Room

Azusa Yumi interrupts Death over intercom, notifying him about the Madness Cannon, preventing the DWMA from holding out. Death decides to expedite their plans.

Secret Vault

Liz Thompson says she has no idea what to say, prompting Patty Thompson to note that she just said something, prompting both sisters to decide to keep quiet. Kid wonders what his father desires from BREW.

After stretching, Death begins to grunt and struggle to pull power from BREW, his soul glowing brighter at his base. Kid calls to his father, but a black barrier forms around him, causing multiple mirrored devices, machinery, a lever, and a chair to emerge around him.

Death City

Death's groans echo as the city shakes, cracks forming along streets, causing the circular platforms of Death City to rotate. Smoke and debris pour out into the desert. The city is moving, rising out of the desert.

Spiritual Dimension

Black☆Star is lying on a watery surface, surrounded by structures in the shape of stick people. He realizes where he is: inside the soul of the Enchanted Sword.

Black☆Star stands to see the Will of the Nakatsukasa. Black☆Star stands and asks what the Will wants. The Will is saying goodbye to him, as Black☆Star has finally lost. The Will explains that Black☆Star is now surrounded by warriors who lost the will to survive, which will devour him, while his mind is here inside the Enchanted Sword, where all who have their souls shattered by Fear find themselves.

Black☆Star asks about the images he just saw, but the Will turns and departs, mocking Black☆Star for his abortive desire to surpass god. The Will stops, however, as it sees ripples form around itself. Black☆Star has his back to the Will and says he is not finished. He is crying but says the Will will never see his tears, as they belong to the fallen warriors, and he will take up their burdens with the rest of his life. The Will repeats that Black☆Star lost, and he has only despair.

Black☆Star counters that he does not run from fear but faces it, and he will lose only when he dies. He turns to face the Will and says it will not defeat him. The sky becomes bright blue with clouds, as the Will chuckles at this plan. Black☆Star concludes he will give the Will a new world.

Camellia blossoms float by. The Will is replaced Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, naked and marked with the same pattern as the Will. She cries and says the souls of her family are with Black☆Star. He smiles.

The Amazon

Mifune says Black☆Star is about to fall into darkness, and he wishes him a peaceful end. He turns to depart—but then Black☆Star's body glows and rises, still clutching Tsubaki Nakatsukasa's Enchanted Sword form.

Mifune smirks and realizes Black☆Star has not lost himself yet, as he must have chosen the Path of a Warrior. Black☆Star, wielding the Red Uncanny Sword, corrects Mifune: he chooses neither the Path of a Warrior or the Path of a Demon, as he has taken a path no one has seen, his own.

Mifune spits out his reed and faces Black☆Star. The two strike at each other. They run by each other and stay motionless. Blood seeps along Black☆Star's face. Mifune gasps and collapses. Black☆Star changes the Red Enchanted Sword to its previous form as Tsubaki quietly calls to Mifune. As blood seeps from his left hip, Mifune tells Black☆Star to finish him. Black☆Star refuses, reminding Mifune he still has someone to protect, and Tsubaki offered Mifune entrance to the DWMA as a teacher.

Mifune smiles. Black☆Star holds out a hand to help him up to retrieve Angela Leon.

Elsewhere, the Madness Cannon continues to fire, and Giriko still battles Justin Law. Giriko compliments Mosquito's fighting, but Justin is confused how Giriko cannot see the truth: the Madness Cannon is firing anywhere, which means it can strike Giriko at any time. Hence, Arachnophobia thinks Giriko is expendable. Furious, Giriko curses Arachne Gorgon.

Baba Yaga Castle

From the Security Room operating the Madness Cannon, Mosquito chuckles as he admits Arachnophobia sacrifices some of its forces to secure victory. He aims where Sid Barrett and his troops are stationed.

The Amazon

Sid admits defeat: this is where they will die. Before the Madness Cannon completes its shot, a beam of light rips through the cannon, destroying it.

Rumbling is heard, as a dark object appears at the horizon. It is Death City, or rather, the Death City Robot, the city now fashioned with legs and arms, firing a cannon along one of its skulls for stability. At the edge of the Academy's spire, Death wields Azusa.

Maka Albarn and Soul Eater are surprised to see Azusa's attack, not knowing what the Death City Robot is.

Death Room

With his weapons and others, Kid realizes his father's desire: as long as his soul is bound to Death City, his desire has been to fight himself, mobilizing the city to come here.

The Amazon

Arachne commands Mosquito launch a counter-attack. The castle breaks off its legs and scurries like a spider through the forest, shocking everyone watching from the DWMA (and prompting Excalibur to shout "Fool!"). Kid and Liz criticize this silliness, while Patty is amused. Death is confused as well but uses one of the Death City Robot limbs to attempt to squish the spider-like castle. When that fails, the Death City Robot creates lasers to fire upward and down closer to the castle. But as he does, everyone in the Death Room struggles to keep balanced, some grasping the Death Mirror to prevent themselves from falling over. The Death City Robot continues to use lasers and its hand to swipe at Baba Yaga, but Mosquito dodges and fires lasers out of Baba Yaga's legs and eyes into the Death City Robot's hands and the city itself. To stop the eye blasts, Death uses Eye Poke, then takes both hands to knock over Baba Yaga with Coffee Table Flip, surprising everyone (except Excalibur, who again calls out "Fool!").

Baba Yaga Castle

Inside, the DWMA's undercover infiltration team are down. But Azusa calls out to Kim, causing her to rise on her own, as her eyes serve as a visual for Azusa to locate Asura and Arachne in a bedroom. She sends these coordinates to Death, who thanks Azusa and the students. Kim awakens and calls for Ox and Kilik to hold onto their weapons and onto Jacqueline, as she flies them out of Baba Yaga.

The Amazon

Mosquito uprights Baba Yaga Castle, releasing Spider Threads that electrify the city and everyone inside it. Death uses the Death City Robot to grasp the strands, pulling them loose, before poking the Robot's finger into Baba Yaga Castle, into Arachne and Asura's bedroom, and sucks up Asura in one finger.

The Death City Robot then forms teeth, opening to swallow Asura. This action shocks everyone, even Excalibur. The Robot chews, gulps, then belches.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • Black☆Star's final battle against Mifune in the DWMA vs Arachnophobia Arc differs from that final battle in the manga's Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle Arc.
    • In Chapter 57, Black☆Star wins against Mifune by killing him. In Episode 47, Black☆Star only wounds Mifune in his left hip and spares his life and welcomes him to join the DWMA as a teacher, which Mifune accepts. In Episode 48, Black☆Star and Tsubaki then help Mifune enter the ruins of Baba Yaga Castle to rescue Angela Leon.
    • In the manga, Black☆Star tells the Will of Nakatsukasa that he chooses the Path of a Warrior, which he decides before leaving the Nakatsukasa Clan's residence to face Mifune in the Amazon. In the anime, Black☆Star rejects both the Path of a Warrior and the Path of a Demon to choose his own path, after Mifune initially defeats him.
    • In the manga, fallen before the Will of Nakatsukasa, Black☆Star looks down, crying. In the anime, Black☆Star turns away from the Will and rubs away the tears before facing the Will.
    • In Episode 47, Black☆Star defeats Mifune with the Red Uncanny Sword. This technique never appears in the manga.
  • While BREW is used in both the manga and the anime to defeat Arachnophobia and Asura, the Magic Tool is used in different ways.
    • In the manga, Death gives Kid BREW, hidden in his backpocket to avoid detection by Medusa or his classmates. After Mosquito severes Kid's left arm, BREW activates to unite the first Line of Sanzu and reattach Kid's limb so he can nearly defeat Mosquito and serve as a distraction for Kid's allies to destroy the Locks, leading to Arachnophobia's defeat. In Episode 47, BREW is instead used to transform Death City into a robot.
    • In the manga, BREW is activated by Crona to transform them into a Kishin to wield the Black Blood to trap Asura on the Moon. In the anime, BREW is activated by Eibon on behalf of Death to transform Death City into a robot.
    • In the manga, BREW can be activated by a few persons. In the anime, BREW is activated only with the Key and Eibon's soul.
  • The abilities of Baba Yaga Castle differ between the anime and the manga.
    • In Episode 47, Baba Yaga Castle is able to move and fire lasers from its eyes and legs. In the manga, Baba Yaga is only a stationary building without any lasers.
  • Asura's defeat differs between the manga and the anime.
    • In Episode 47, Asura is captured, eaten by the Death City Robot. In the anime, it is Crona and Ragnarok that consume Asura, who eventually escapes to swallow them.
    • In Episode 47, the DWMA captures Asura. In the manga, the DWMA never successfully capture Asura, only trapping him on the Moon thanks to Crona, BREW, and the Black Blood.
  • In the manga and the anime, Azusa Yumi's actions differ.
    • In Episode 47, Death wields Azusa to fire at Baba Yaga Castle and Asura. In the manga, Death never wields Azusa; she is instead wielded by Sid Barrett and, firing at Asura, Kilik Rung.
    • In Episode 47, Azusa synchronized her vision with Kim Diehl. In Chapter 48, she synchronizes instead with Ox Ford.
  • In the manga and the anime, Excalibur's role is to observe the final battle with Asura. In the manga, he is with only Death to watch the battle on the Moon from afar in the Death Room, while Kid, Azusa, and others fight there. In this and other episodes, it is to watch with Death, Kid, Azusa, and others from Death City.


  • The Funimation English dub included additional performances by Bob Carter.
  • In the teaser for Episode 48, Kid is shocked that Death City ate Asura. Patty asks whether that means the anime is over—but Kid says that kind of an ending is not believable enough for audiences. Patty asks what else can be left, and Kid can only say it is complicated. Patty at least is happy that the show isn't over yet.


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