SEN! - Episode 4 - Waver, Run!
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Waver, Run!

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迷って, 走って!

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Mayotte, Hashitte!

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Icon - JPNIcon - USA (sub) 2014 April 29
Icon - USA (dub) 2015 June 10

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24 Minutes

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Rating - TV-14

Story Arc

How To! Arc

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After surviving the attack by the Traitor, Tsugumi Harudori finds herself questioning her position remaining in the DWMA. Tsugumi questions her purpose in the Academy, wanting to find a reason beyond being there because she is a Demon Weapon.

Waver, Run! (迷って, 走って!, Mayotte, Hashitte!) is the fourth episode of the anime Soul Eater Not! It is an adaptation of Chapters 6 and 7 of the manga, with additional short scenes adapted from Chapters 4 and 21. On April 29, 2014, it premiered in Japan and was subbed on On June 10, 2015, its English dub premiered on

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Girls' Dormitory

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Death City Edit

Tsugumi has a nightmare of the Traitor that she and her friends had encountered. She witnesses Anya killed by the Traitor. Meme prompts Tsugumi to Transform. She says no, as she cannot control her Transformation. Meme is then killed. The Traitors then goes after Tsugumi.

Girls' Dormitory Edit

She then awakes from the Nightmare, finding Meme sleeping beside her. She gets up and takes a walk around the academy before going back into her room, finding herself homesick. Anya and Meme would wake up shortly after she arrived back in her dorm. As Tsugumi greets her waking friends, Anya ask what they'll eat for breakfast. Tsugumi teases Anya, calling her a big eater despite her appearance. The girls then go to wash their faces.

Death Weapon Meister Academy Edit

At the Cafeteria, Tsugumi ask both her meisters of their purpose in going to the DWMA. Meme says she's forgotten, and Anya refuses to reveal why she went to the DWMA. Both of them then leave to class, which is a meister class, leaving Tsugumi to herself. Tsugumi continues to ponder on her reason of being in the DWMA, trying to find a reason to encourage herself that she belongs. Akane appears, saying he noticed Tsugumi appears somewhat down. When he question If something was wrong, Tsugumi denies. She then asks If she could have a talk with him.

Death City café Edit

Tsugumi asks what would be a meister's reason for joining the DWMA, despite the risks. Akane explains that the DWMA is a great way to gain a career. He also explains the DWMA is known as a World Police Force, Political Figures having been in the DWMA. Shibusen is a tremendously trusted organization. Most countries affiliate themselves with Shibusen because of the trust and the Academy prospers because of it. Tsugumi comments that peace seems rather costly with the Allowances they receive. Akane then somewhat agrees with her, explaining that the reason it's heaty is because how they manage their allowance is a quality a student is evaluated on. This surprises Tsugumi.  Akane also explains that the reason people go the DWMA is not for Authority. The Academy's motto is "A Sound Soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body." With that motto, it seems many people go to the DWMA in an effort ot become heroes capable of saving the world.

Tsugumi then questions Akane's reasoning to join the academy. Akane reveals that his reasoning was for family reasons. He was born into a family who ran a dojo that taught the Star Clan's Martial Arts. When Akane asked if Tsugumi has heard of the Star Clan, she said no.  Akane explained they were a group of assassins that were notorious for killing anyone for money.His family's dojo was a branch of the Star Clan. He takes off his glasses, saying he normally wears glasses to conceal a certain eye trait within the clan, which was the stars in their eyes. Tsugumi found them pretty.

Akane resumes his explanation. He found he could use what he learned to help others. Tsugumi wonders If Akane plans to go into the E.A.T. Class. Akane confirms that he is. Tsugumi admires Akane's reasoning, stating she only went to the DWMA cause she was a Demon Weapon and is unsure of what she wants to do in the future. She then apologizes, not wanting to turn the talk into a "sob session." Akane calls her "kind of cute" and asks If she intends on joining the E.A.T. Class, in which Tsugumi denies strongly, stating it would kill her. She also says she could barely handle the Traitor incident and that the E.A.T. Class would be too much.

Akane says he will look out for Tsugumi, and watch over her should she ever get go into the E.A.T. Class. But in order to do so, after she goes into E.A.T., she needs to be near him. He holds her hand and asks, "Will you be mine?" While Tsugumi blushes and is lost in a love-story reverie, Akane then reveals he was just joking. He remarks that she only joined the Academy two weeks ago and shouldn't rush into finding a reason. He assures her that if she does not find a reason within a year, he will find a reason for her.

Death Weapon Meister Academy Edit

At the Academy, Tsugumi attends a class taught by Mira Naigus on the theories of how one could be a Demon Weapon. One theory is that a Demon Weapon could be born from a family that has the genetic trait. She also explains that when one hits puberty, the weapon gene may make itself known. She then calls out Tsugumi, ensuring that she is listening. After the lesson, Tsugumi talks to Clay. Tsugumi questions whether Akane is romantically interested in someone or is naturally nice. She also supports her questions by stating he was awfully nice to Anya during the Traitor incident. Clay is worried that she is slowly catching onto him and his meister's mission (which is most likely protecting Anya due to her Royal Status).

Tsugumi then asks If Akane is in love with Anya. Clay lies, stating that Akane is in love with Meme. This surprises Tsugumi. Clay explains that Akane is the type of guy who likes big boobs. However, Clay then takes back that statement, telling Tsugumi to forget what he said, then he lies again, saying he likes Tsugumi. Tsugumi becomes more confused. Clay then draws a diagram of the love triangle (or pentagon) consisting of himself, Akane, Tsugumi, Meme, and Anya. Tsugumi believes Clay, finding it surprising their relationships have become so "afternoon-soapy".

Later, Clay explain what he did to Akane, worried on what to do next. Akane comments he just made things worse and has some worry of what Tsugumi is thinking now. Akane assures he'll do what he can to rectify the situation, questioning if Clay is up for Intelligence Duty. Clay only shows disappointment, telling Akane "Don't say that."

Confused whether what Clay said was true, Tsugumi consults with Eternal Feather in the cafeteria. While not naming which person jokingly referred to her as being "kind of cute," Tsugumi learns from Eternal Feather that it may be only natural for a guy who finds himself attracted to a girl to call them cute, as it is just courtship behavior. On the flip side, Eternal Feather also explains that, for guys, it is not as easy or charming as when girls talk about a guy being in love. She is interrupted by a male student who wishes to borrow her notes, which she obliges. However, the student then comments that Eternal Feather doesn't seem desirable to the opposite sex, so she seems to be nice and easily accessible. Another male student agrees. Eternal Feather stops her explanation to Tsugumi in embarrassment, and when Kim appears to discuss the subject of money, Eternal Feather buries her face in her hands.

Tsugumi has left the cafeteria, wandering the hallways because she finds that she cannot turn to anyone, wondering who she could possible turn to. She runs into Maka (who was arguing with her weapon about how they lost all their souls after their altercation with Blair) and talks to her. Maka reveals that she wore Tsugumi's same clothes when she join as a first-year student, claiming they're soulmates (earning a Soul-chop from her annoyed partner). In response, Tsugumi reveals that her pigtails were inspired by Maka, which the mentor says looks good on the weapon. Before Maka departs (or else be late for class), Tsugumi asks for advice on the same matter she discussed with Eternal Feather. Maka advises Tsugumi to not worry about it and leaves, leaving Tsugumi still confused. 

Girls' DormitoryEdit

At sunset, upon returning home, Tsugumi asks Kana Altair her fortune on love, dreams, future, and her hopes. She only receives the "Flat" card, annoying Tsugumi.

Arriving in their bedroom, Tsugumi walks in on Meme doing yoga, as Meme attempts to improve her memory. Tsugumi then notices Anya is outside in the yard, practicing her Royal Karate. That night, as she tries to sleep, Tsugumi questions on what she had done that was productive.

The next day, Tsugumi wakes up to find Meme next to her again—but naked and covered in dirt. Anya then announces that today is the Physical Fitness Exam day. Making an assumption upon seeing Meme sleeping next to Tsugumi, Anya also advises the weapon not to use up her strength so early in the morning.

Physical Fitness Track, Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

This morning, Jacqueline instructs a disgruntled Kim to get dressed and ready. Meme and Tsugumi have already changed into their gym attire and waiting for Anya, who finds the uniforms for the physical tests too revealing. When Anya joins Meme and Tsugumi, she is wearing long sweats. When Sid comments on her wearing sweats, Anya questions if there's anything wrong. Sid then nervously replies that there's nothing wrong if she is okay with such clothing.

Tsugumi observes Akane and Clay's participation in the exam, in which the young men demonstrate amazing physical skill. She also notices Anya performing the exam extremely well, setting a new physical record. Meme also shows considerable strength in her tests—and many of the boys are interested in her physique (and chest). However, compared to her meisters, in various stages of her exam, Tsugumi demonstrates poor physical ability. Finding her meisters' physical condition amazing, she thinks that she does not deserve to be their partner.

Tsugumi's thoughts are interrupted when Akane appears to check on her. She agrees with him that she did try hard, and she says she will continue to try her hardest in order to not be left behind from Meme and Anya. Akane encourages her to do so. Akane then mentions the conversation she had with Clay regard who has feelings for who and shows the chart. Tsugumi says she has no idea on what it actually means. He crumbles the chart, advising her to no matter what people around her think to care about her own feelings. Meme and Anya then appear, telling Tsugumi to come home. Tsugumi compliments their effort during the exams & challenges them to a race to the changing room but they quickly outrun her, prompting Tsugumi to tell them to wait for her.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • Although this episode is adapted primarily from Chapters 6 and 7, it includes additional content from later manga chapters, as well as content that was not adapted into Episode 2, "Girls' Dorm à la Carte!"
  • In Chapter 6, Tsugumi's nightmare consists of only the Traitor attacking her. In Episode 4, this nightmare is expanded to show the traitor first kill Anya and Meme. 
  • In Chapter 6, when Tsugumi awakens, she only notices that Meme has again sleepwalked into her bed and tucks her in before leaving. In Episode 4, Tsugumi also smiles upon Meme—until noticing her shirt is unbuttoned, exposing her cleavage, prompting the annoyed Tsugumi to adjust her shirt before tucking her in.
  • In Episode 4, Meme avoids eye contact from Tsugumi, as if she not only forgets why she came to the DWMA but is deliberately avoiding the discussion. This moment potentially foreshadows Meme's possession by Shaula. In Chapter 6, Meme only closes her eyes when claiming she has forgotten.
  • In Chapter 6, the Traitor returns to Shaula's headquarters. Whereas most of this chapter is adapted as part of Episode 4, this moment will not be adapted until Episode 5.
  • In Chapter 6, only Akane's family dojo is shown as an exterior, with no view inside of it or of Akane's training inside. In Episode 4, only the interior of the dojo is shown, as part of a flashback showing Akane's training at this location.
  • Because Episode 4 adapts content from both Chapters 6 and 7, the presentations of Akane's meeting with Tsugumi conclude differently. Chapter 6 concludes with Akane asking Tsugumi to be his weapon, ending on a cliffhanger. Chapter 7 then begins with Tsugumi dreaming of herself and Akane, dressed only in robes, as he leans in as if he is about to kiss her. Tsugumi then awakens from this dream to discover Meme naked in her bed. As Tsugumi dresses, she remembers Akane claiming he was only joking, concluding their meal at the cafeé. But in Episode 4, first Akane makes his request, then Tsugumi falls into a daydream of herself and Akane in robes, leaning in to kiss, before Akane admits he was joking and concludes their café meeting. Tsugumi then returns to class (for a lecture based on content from Chapter 25. During class, Tsugumi receives a confusing explanation from Clay about why Akane is interested in Akane, prompting Clay to reveal his mistake later to Akane while Tsugumi asks for advice from Eternal Feather and Maka (based on content from Chapters 4 and 21). At the end of the day, Tsugumi asks for a Tarot Card reading from Kana Altair (based on Chapter 23) and watches Meme perform yoga and Anya practice karate (neither of which is shown in the manga). It is not until the next morning that Tsugumi finds Meme naked in her bed, all without dreaming again of Akane.
  • Naigus's discussion as to the genetic inheritance of weapon abilities was stated by Sid Barrett in Chapter 25.
  • Additional content was adapted from Chapter 21, including Clay's confusing flowchart, seeking advice from Eternal Feather, and Akane's concluding advice to Tsugumi. However, in Chapter 21, Eternal Feather was interrupted by Jacqueline, whereas in this episode she is interrupted by Kim.
  • In Chapter 4, Maka and Tsugumi's discussion about their clothes and hair occurred when Maka led a demonstration in Sid Barrett's Dance Room class, a demonstration that was adapted into Episode 1 without this conversation between Maka and Tsugumi. Instead, this discussion occurs in Episode 4, in a hallway of the Academy. Also, whereas in Chapter 4 it was Sid who chopped Maka's head, in this episode, it is Soul.
  • In Chapter 23, Kana gives the Flat Card to Tsugumi when the latter asks the former which new card she was fabricating. The discussion had nothing to do with Tsugumi's self-doubt following her inability to protect her meisters or her confusion over Akane. In Episode 4, however, these are the motivation for Tsugumi's questions to Kana, and Kana is not shown having just created the new card.
  • In Chapter 7, Jacqueline and Eternal Feather work as organizers for the athletic test. Kim Diehl makes no appearance in this chapter. But in Episode 4, only Jacqueline works as an organizer, and the test begins with Jacqueline ordering an annoyed Kim to change into her gym uniform.
  • In Chapter 7, when Anya complains to Sid about the gym uniforms, he is alone. In Episode 5, he is with Mira Naigus.
  • In Chapter 7, Akane and Clay approach Tsugumi after the athletic exam, as Akane tells Tsugumi she did well in her test and to believe in herself. Episode 4 revises this scene to adapt content from Chapter 21, at which point Akane shows Clay's confusing diagram, crumbles it up, and tells Tsugumi to trust herself.


  • Meme and Anya's responses to Tsugumi's question about why they entered the Death Weapon Meister Academy foreshadow their secrets. Meme claims she forgot, which may be an honest answer or obfuscation by Shaula possessing her. Anya refuses to answer to hide her royal lineage.
  • As they walk past Tsugumi, Maka is discussing how she had to kick Soul out through their apartment's window, which she would not have to do if he was not late for breakfast. Maka's description is similar to events as unfold in Chapter 1 of the first Soul Eater manga, and Episode 4 of the first Soul Eater anime.


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