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Sink or Swim?! The Men Who Transcend the Gods?

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Ichi ka Bachi ka?! 〜Kami o Koeru Otokotachi?〜

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Maka struggles to save Soul, but even if she manages to bring her partner back from the edge of insanity, it might be too late to rescue Black Star, Death the Kid, and their Weapons from the Kishin!

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Sink or Swim?! The Men Who Transcend the Gods? is the fiftieth episode of Soul Eater.

Featured AppearancesEdit


Maka's Team

DWMA and Allies


Medusa's Army

Arachnophobia (former members)




  • Soul's Soul Box (first appearance)


The AmazonEdit

Black smoke rises out of the forest from the battles between the DWMA and Arachnophobia. Both of their bases, Baba Yaga Castle and the Death City Robot are in ruins.

Looking up from the forest at the orb of black energy Asura has conjured around Baba Yaga are the Mizune Sisters, Eruka Frog, and Free, all still in their Arachnophobia robes. When Eruka asks what will happen next, Free says he only knows that Asura's power can engulf the world in madness. Eruka wonders who Medusa Gorgon ever thought she could defeat such an opponent. Free asks whether she means Asura or Death; Eruka says either.

From treetops, Angela Leon clutches Mifune's sleeve, as they sit on a branch and look across the forest at Baba Yaga Castle.

Death RoomEdit

While Death and Spirit Albarn both hang onto life despite injuries received from their battle against Asura, Azusa Yumi, Sid Barett, and Joe Buttataki look through the hole in the wall and down at the black sphere around Baba Yaga Castle, uncertain what is happening inside, as Maka's Team faces Asura.

Baba Yaga CastleEdit

Inside the black sphere, Maka Albarn clutches the unconscious Soul Eater, trying to resonate with his soul and bring him out of the Black Blood's madness. Guarding her are Black Star and Death the Kid, who face Asura, now gigantic having consumed Arachne Gorgon's witch soul. As Kid wields Liz and Patty Thompson in Death Cannon mode, he asks Black Star, who wields Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, whether he is ready to hold back Asura. Black Star laughs, intending to kill Asura. With that, both rush at the Kishin.

Black RoomEdit

Having reached a version of the Black Room, far brighter with a high ceiling, yet still with a record player, Maka is surprised to hear Soul appear behind her, next to the open door--but he looks different, his skin and suit far paler. She asks whether it is really him. He smiles and reassures her, closing the door behind him. She expresses relief knowing it is him, but he says he is locked in this room because he relied on the Black Blood, his soul consumed by its madness. She tells him they have to leave now.

Soul points out, however, that the exit out of this room already disappeared once she entered--ignoring, of course, that Soul just closed that door behind him. Maka instead asks whether there is another exit or how to break through the floors and walls. Soul keeps her back to her and says there is only one way out, as his eyes and smile widen into the form of the Little Ogre, outside of Maka's view.

Baba Yaga CastleEdit

Black Star slices at Asura, who tries to smack him away with his large hands. While Asura is distracted, Kid fires a Death Cannon shot directly at Asura's chest, without leaving any visible damage. Asura mocks their attacks as simply a massage before he charges his hand and releases a Madness Wave at the two, knocking them back. Asura says their focus should be on how long they can survive. Kid agrees--saying he will just have to attack harder.

As he thinks about this battle, Kid regrets how he doubted his father, blaming himself for his injuries suffered by Asura and saying he doesn't deserve to be his son. Kid then says he may lack what it takes to defeat Asura, but he has to try. Kid points to Asura and commands, as a Grim Reaper, that the Kishin die.

Kid prepares a stronger Soul Resonance with Liz and Patty, commanding Black Star to follow his lead--annoying him that he is about to lose the spotlight. He asks Black Star to distract Asura long enough for him to fire one last shot. Black Star disagrees, saying he should lead the assault and that Kid then can jump in when he is ready--ignoring that that is exactly what Kid just said, just phrased another way to make Black Star look like he has the spotlight. Kid acquiesces and proceeds with his plan.

But as Kid charges his attack, Asura simply points a finger--causing a beam of Madness to stab through Kid's chest, leaving him lying bloody on the floor as Black Star screams his name.

Black RoomEdit

Maka is surprised Soul--actually the Little Ogre--knows a way out, as he walks to a table where sits a locked box labeled "Soul Box" as well as with other words, including Soul and Maka's names and numerous warning labels not to touch. She peeps through the keyhole--but is startled to see an eye look back, causing her to drop the box. Soul tells her to be careful, as his courage is trapped inside that box because he over-used the Black Blood. He has been unable to open the box and needs Maka to do so. Soul then explains she has the key to open the box. Maka then notices that, out of nowhere, a key, its top in the shape of Soul's distinctive hair, has appeared in her hand.

Soul BoxEdit

From inside, however, the real Soul Evans calls out to Maka, saying it is his very soul, not his courage, as he had to lock himself away inside before the Black Blood--the Little Ogre himself--could take over his body and soul. Inside this black room, Soul is naked, his arm reaching up but his lower extremities frozen inside a holder similar to that of a candle. He yells to Maka that, if she opens the box, the Black Blood will take over the last parts of him. He struggles to get her to hear him and convince her.

Remains of Baba Yaga CastleEdit

Kid is bleeding onto the floor, unconscious. Black Star, furious at Asura, faces the Kishin again. But Asura denies blame: he says Black Star made his choice to enter this battlefield.

Before their battle resumes, Black Star and Asura are surprised to see Kid's body glowing, its power causing the ground to shake before an explosion of soul power knocks back Black Star. The rubble around Kid starts to elevate before his body rises as well, his eyes glowing, his already large soul expanding further. One of the lines along Kid's hair connects, the line along his soul doing the same.

Liz tries to call out to Kid, both her and Patty surprised at what is happening. Liz decides they have to do something as well, as their Death Cannon forms turn shadowy and expand, crackling with energy.

As a second line across Kid's hair connects, Asura recognizes them: the Lines of Sanzu. Realizing Kid is Death's son, Asura opens his mouth to reveal Vajra, as he intends to injure Kid as he had Death. But before Asura finishes charging his shot, Black Star surprises him with a punch to the chin. Black Star proceeds to pummel Asura, yelling that he is the actual target and Asura better not take his eyes off of him again. Asura tries to swat away Black Star, only to find that he has caught an after-image. Black Star appears again and attacks with Big Wave before multiple after-images of himself surround Asura and seem to hit him nearly simultaneously. Asura screams, forming skin scarves that pierce all of the after-images at once--except the last Black Star, who shouts his location.

Asura turns and fires a Vajra shot, yet again, he seems to have missed, as Black Star appears above him. Asura fires another Vajra shot, and again this iteration of Black Star is yet another after-image. Black Star appears behind Asura before rushing at him with a slice that spills Black Blood out of Asura's body.

Seeming to have slowed down Asura enough, Black Star tells Kid to fire his shot at the Kishin. The third Line of Sanzu connects.

Death RoomEdit

A crack forms in Death's mask.

Remains of Baba Yaga CastleEdit

The Death Cannons fully transform into Sanzu Death Cannons, much larger golden forms, their size supported by stands in the shape of skulls. Liz and Patty are shocked that 2000 percent resonance rate and noise is at zero. With feedback complete and Kid's aim at Asura secured, Liz and Patty fire, the blast decimating Asura's body and producing a massive explosive.

Liz and Patty cheer at the destruction of Asura, until their Death Cannon form shrinks to normal, Kid's eyes stop glowing, his soul reduces back to normal, and he collapses, still unconscious.

While Tsubaki asks what happened to Kid, Black Star watches the explosion clear away, impressed with Kid and the Thompsons' shot. All that remains of Asura is a torn piece of skin with three faintly red eyes. Black Star reassures that Kid can survive more than this, as he holds Tsubaki, anticipating a new attack--which comes in the form of Asura regaining his previous form. While Tsubaki is surprised, Black Star sees this continuing battle as the opportunity for him to fulfill his destiny and surpass God. Asura stares at Black Star and sneers.

Death RoomEdit

Blair, Risa, and Arisa are tending to the injuries of Spirit and Death. While Spirit is able to sit up, Death is not. When Sid Barett asks whether he should sit up, Spirit assures he is fine. While watching the black orb around Baba Yaga Castle with Azusa Yumi and Joe Buttataki, Sid asks what could be happening inside. Spirit explains some significant power must have been used inside Baba Yaga Castle, as he can see Death's mask is cracked. Sid asks whether Azusa can use her Clairvoyance to see inside the orb, but she is not able to without a pre-established link to one of the students inside.

Sid wonders whether the students defeated Asura--only to be interrupted by Excalibur, who says this battle is far from over. Before Azusa can ask whether Excalibur knows the battle's conclusion, she is interrupted by Excalibur, suddenly in a chair and stroking a cat, asking for tea. Joe offers coffee, only to be reprimanded by Excalibur, causing Sid and Joe to react in annoyance.

From the exit out of the Death Room appears Franken Stein and Marie Mjolnir, who are escorting Crona, draped in Stein's lab coat. Stein, although relaxed, apologizes for the problems, his arrival surprising Spirit but his apology leaving him underwhelmed.

Azusa reminds everyone to take this battle against Asura seriously, as their students are fighting against Asura. While Spirit worries for Maka's safety, Stein thinks it will be her Genie Hunter that defeats Asura. Crona seems deep in thought about this argument.

Black RoomEdit

From inside the lockbox, again Soul begs Maka not to open the box. The Little Ogre, still disguised as Soul, again asks Maka to open the box. Maka wants to ask a question first, infuriating the Ogre who attempts to snatch the key from her hand to open the box himself. Maka refuses to hand the key, realizing the person before her is not really Soul because he would never make such a demand of her. The Ogre insists her opening the box is their only solution, only for Maka to counter that, if they needed to escape, why did he shut the door and trap both of them inside? Her partner, the real Soul, would never put her into this danger and instead would have urged her to escape and leave him behind.

Inside the box, Soul laughs, appreciating that Maka saw through the facade--and that she is "not an idiot."

Outside the box, the Ogre grins, resuming his voice and ridding himself of his disguise as Soul but towering over Maka. He insists he is Soul--but also not him, in that he will always be a part of her partner, another "Soul Eater," each of them a part of each other, unable to extricate themselves from each other.

Maka realizes the "real Soul" is inside the lockbox, as the Ogre chides that he too is surprised such a small box could hold all of his arrogance. The Ogre brags that his plan is almost complete, as the world is almost his and Maka is the only impediment. He knows Maka will open the box, letting the Black Blood's madness take over Soul's entire body, mind, and soul, or else both the Ogre and Soul will die.

Maka asks one more question: is Soul really in the lockbox? The Ogre says he is. Maka therefore decides she will open the box--surprising Soul inside, who asks whether it is Maka who is the mad one. The Ogre nods in approval to her plan, knowing she would not abandon Soul.

Before Maka opens the box, however, she says to both Soul and the Ogre that she will not let the Black Blood's madness take over her partner. With that, she unlocks the box--and shoves her hand into its glowing interior. As she enters, she is followed by the Ogre, now resuming the form of Black Blood that enters into the box as well. With no one in the room to hold the box, it falls to the floor, shutting itself.

Soul's LockboxEdit

Inside, Maka, a glowing nude body, flies by rectangles displaying scenes of Soul's past experiences. The Black Blood slithers behind her, not yet catching up. Ahead, she sees a keyhole, through which she enters.

Inside that keyhole is Soul, who looks up in surprise, seeing Maka fly down towards him. The Black Blood, however, is still following. Maka reaches Soul, embracing him--as the Black Blood encircles both of them, completely covering their bodies, then hardening.

But after a few moments, light--Maka'a Anti-Demon Wavelength--starts to form along the Black Blood, causing it to expand then explode off of her and Soul. The light shines brighter and brighter.

Black RoomEdit

The light is then shown to come off a light in the Black Room, only now it appears like that same room where Soul played his introductory song to Maka, complete with portrait frames along the walls and a piano. The Little Ogre stands atop the piano--now much smaller than ever before, his head small enough to fit inside Soul's palm. As the Ogre asks what could have happened, two empty portrait frames fill up with separate images of Maka and Soul when he first played piano for her.

Maka and Soul then dissolve into the room, with him in the pinstripe suit he wears when playing the piano, like when he first met her. He holds onto her, his arm around her neck, as he calls her a "moron" and an "idiot"--which, he thinks, makes her the coolest partner he could have. Maka laughs.

After the Ogre bemoans that his plan failed, he is picked up by his head by Soul, expecting the weapon is going to get rid of him. Soul, however, refuses, reminding the Ogre of what he said: he is a part of him, and he must accept him. To Maka and the Ogre's surprise--and potential disgust--Soul then opens his mouth and swallows the Ogre in one gulp.

Soul turns back to Maka. The wall behind them has lost its previous portrait frames, replaced now with one large portrait that shows Maka and Soul standing in that room, shaking hands.

Remains of Baba Yaga CastleEdit

Maka and Soul wake up. Realizing they have returned to consciousness, Soul thanks Maka. Both stand and begin to search for Kid and Black Star--and are frightened to see the meisters, as well as their weapons, bruised and unconscious, sprawled across the debris.

Asura interrupts to say they have no reason to be surprised: he was always going to be victorious over these "insects." Asura tells them to face this harsh reality, as there is no uncertainty here. He sneers and says there is no fear here.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • In the manga, Little Ogre and the black blood within Soul Evans are removed when they leave Asura's body (while trying to save Crona in Chapter 112). However in this episode, Soul is in full control of the black blood after he ate Little Ogre following being taken over by Little Ogre and being saved by Maka Albarn.
  • The anime introduces the term "Lines of Sanzu," which is used later in the manga to refer as well to the white lines in Kid's hair. In both the manga and the anime, connecting the Lines of Sanzu causes a crack to form in Death's mask. Whereas in the manga, once Kid connects the three Lines of Sanzu, Death will die and Kid will assume full Shinigami abilities, Death still lives and the crack in his mask seems to have disappeared once Death resumes his full body in the anime's final episode.
  • Whereas in this episode Asura defeats Kid, Black☆Star, and their weapons, in the manga, they all still take part in the battle on the Moon, Black☆Star and Kid themselves holding down Asura and they and their weapons assisting with Maka and Soul's final Chain Resonance to defeat Asura.
  • The Sanzu Death Cannon appears only in the anime.


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