SEN! - Episode 5 - Invitation Fighting!
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Invitation Fighting!

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Osasoi Faitingu!

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Icon - JPN Icon - USA (sub) 2014 May 6
Icon - USA (dub) 2015 June 10

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24 Minutes

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Traitors Arc

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Jacqueline has the "hots" for Kim, but the meister does not feel the same. Jacqueline and the rest of the Girls Force! make repeated attempts to "hook up" her and Kim despite numerous difficulties. I guess a tanooki can always 'change' her mind

Invitation Fighting (お誘いふぁいてぃんぐ!, Osasoi Faitingu!) is the fifth episode of the anime Soul Eater NOT!. On May 6, 2014, it premiered in Japan and was subbed on On June 10, 2015, its English dub premiered on

Featured Appearances


NOT Students

Other Girls Dormitory Residents

Shibusen and Death City Law Enforcement

Shaula's Army

Other Characters

  • Pool Worker (first appearance)
  • Kim's dog (first appearance)



  • Healing magic



A Mountainous Region

Jacqueline O. Lantern Dupré is having an intense ordeal with Kim Diehl as the two fight, with Jacqueline leaping at Kim and knocking both of them off the ridge and into water below. They are able to balance on the surface of the water (foreshadowing that this is only a dream). Kim pokes Jacqueline in her nose and mocks her for being so condescending simply because she is in EAT. Jacqueline is confused, asking why Kim is blushing. Kim smiles widely and points out that Jacqueline is blushing more, prompting Jacqueline to push Kim into the water—and landing atop her. Jacqueline nervously apologizes and moves away, but Kim takes her hand and tells her she is attractive. Jacqueline is surprised, but as Kim brings her face closer to hers, both of them close their eyes, their lips coming closer together.

Girls' Dormitory

Jacqueline has her head resting atop her bedroom's desk—and she is puckering her lips for repeated kisses. She then awakes with shock at this dream, struggling to reassure herself that the dream of kissing KIm means nothing. Her roommate, who is reading while lying on her own bed, is confused by Jacqueline's behavior.

Meanwhile, in their bedroom, Tsugumi Halberd is playing jan -ken-poi with Meme Tatane with the ladder winning tickling Tsugumi as a result. A confused Anya showing an interest, participates with Tsugumi as Anya notices a rolled up newspaper and a book below the two, Tsugumi loses subsequently having a book land on her head with Anya winding up the newspaper in her right arm questioning what to do with the built up energy to smack commoners as Kim Diehl walks in their room proposing they work at a pool cleaning job.

SEN! - Episode 5 - Bumper

"Episode 5's Bumper."

The Pool

The four head there and after a brief confirmation, Jacqueline appears at the pool taking charge, suggesting three people including herself and Kim go get the cleaning gear out of the closet; Jacqueline displays her handy weapon ability to light the dark to receive accolades, but doesn't get any from Kim. Cutting to outside at the pool, Kim sprays Tsugumi and Meme with a hose and passes to Tsugumi who afterwards sprays water on Meme, Anya wants to join in as well but Tsugumi notices her nice dress on and doesn't want to ruin it; Anya feels angry that she doesn't want to play as Jacqueline walks onto the pool grounds scolding Tsugumi and the others for slacking off. As a result, Kim lightly insults Jacqueline by calling her "straight-laced" ("straight-edge" in the English dub) and asks who cares if they goof around a little as she walks off.

Death Weapon Meister Academy

Meanwhile, Sid and a detective are discussing the matter of a certain traitor who has no martial arts experience in addition to being sleep deprived coming the conclusion that it possibly is an old witch's plan. Sid tells the man that he'll make transfer arrangements for the traitor.

The Pool

Kim sits alone on the edge of the pool, deep in though, but is interrupted by Tsugumi who says that she and her friends are done cleaning the pool.

Kim meets with the pool manager and receives payment while Tsugumi, Meme, and Anya discuss what is teen drama with Kim just relishing in the almighty dollar. She hands her three associates one bill and tells them to spilt it three ways with Jacqueline standing right in front her asking if she would want to go to an ice cream shop with her, Kim denies the offer insulting Jacqueline once more.

Tsugumi finds Jacqueline in the locker room, changing out of her work clothes but also crying. Tsugumi asks whether Jacqueline wants Kim, which embarrasses the lantern weapon. Tsugumi clarifies: does Jacqueline want Kim as her meister? Tsugumi then promises to do whatever is necessary to make this partnership happen.

Girls' Dormitory

Jacqueline, still wanting to be Kim's partner, goes to Kana Altair after being guided by the others, Kana tells her to imagine the one she wants most and to pick a card. The card is one of the Lovers and official gives her the okay on her and Kim's compatibility, Eternal Feather gets wind of Kim's love for omelettes and suggests to the group they make some, Jacqueline is unsure of her culinary prowess but Tsugumi offers to make her's unintentionally commencing "Operation: Show Off Your Pretty Hair" with Enternal complimenting Tsugumi, telling her she'd make a fine wife one day. After a lively talk between love, Tsugumi asks why does Jacqueline want to parter with Kim, Jacqueline ponders why herself and subsequently overheats out of embarssment causon fing her hair to comedically catch on fire. Kim smells the food after Jacqueline gets throw "cooking" it and tries it. Apparently, it tastes terrible as Kim blams Jacqueline while running away; Anya reveals that it was her batch instead of Tsugumi and Jacqueline's.

Plan B of Girls Force! is "Operation: Casual Conversation in the Bathroom" in which they intended display Jacqueline's exterior beauty at the dorm's bath house by prompting Jacqueline to talk about how does she get such an exquisite mane in front of Kim so that she can realize Jacqueline's 'value'. The plan does not work as Kim takes this talk of hair as a slam against her hairstyle and walks away once more from the bath house complaining that it is too noisy to take a soak. Tsugumi requests the aid of Eternal Feather who later on, gives some very informative documents for Jacqueline's, Tsugum'si, Meme's, and Anya's eyes, The documents are about Kim Diehl's personal information. They come across her birthdate which happens to be April 31, Seeing that April doesn't have a 31st day, Tsugumi and a few others run off to ask what the other Girls of the Shibusen know. After question around a bit, Jacqueline comes comes to an conclusion that she must meet Kim head on in order for her to feel Jacqueline's soul; Jacqueline runs off to find her.

Shaula's Hideout

A woman sits behind a desk, which is across from a terrarium full of scorpions. The Traitor who had attacked Anya emerges from the shadows to announce that the Academy is slowly learning of their plans. This woman, Shaula Gorgon, stands, saying that they will lay low for a while, but as she has known suffering for her life as a witch, she intends to make the Academy's members know similar suffering.

Death City

Kim Diehl is seen in an alleyway where a stray dog appraches her trying to make friends, the dog being a physical metaphor of Kim's inner feelings. She tells the mutt to scamper as a moped drive nicks a pipe causing the other pipes to fall on the canine. Kim rushes over toward the site, resucing the dog whom is in a critical condition, Kim uses her magic powers to heal the dog it full state of recovery, the downside of this heroic act is Jacqueline saw everything. Jacqueline questions if that was magic and is Kim a real witch, Kim denies the claims at first but then begins to accept them as she gives the reason to how she acts and dresses and even the reason why she cut her hair.

Kim came Shibusen to cut ties with the Witch's Realm out of spite. Jacqueline accepts who Kim as Kim fails to realize that it's true so, Jacqueline says as hush money, Kim can buy her something which is the date at the ice cream shop Jacqueline proposed before.

Ice Cream Parlor

Tsugumi, Anya and Meme are seen eating there as well on account that Kim shortchanged them, Jacqueline wanted to come there alone with Kim but in the realizes that it's not love she felt as Kim comes up to her making a rather cute face speaking that what happened before is just between them. Jacqueline is thrilled at her display as the two downplay their expressions, Kim then states that it's a good thing that Jacqueline is straight-laced. Kim admits that Jacqueline is her partner from now on, making Jacqueline estatic about the prospect ending the episode.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • The dream sequence in the beginning was not in the manga.
  • The scene in Shaula's Office is adapted from Chapter 6. The scene plays out differently in two ways:
    • In the manga, another Traitor is present that is absent in the anime.
    • In the manga, Shaula gives her motivation as wishing to prove she's better than her sisters. In the anime, she wants revenge for the loneliness the DWMA has forced her and witchkind into.
  • The scene where the stray has objects fall over it are pipes, but in the manga they were wooden planks.


  • Up to this episode, all episodes of the anime have begun with dream sequences. This trend will continue with Liz Thompson at the beginning of the next episode.
  • This episode raises the question whether Jacqueline is attracted romantically or sexually to Kim. Jacqueline displays affectionate feelings toward her in such a way that seems like Jacqueline would want a romantic relationship with Kim. As well, in the Funimation English dub, numerous characters specifically ask Jacqueline whether she is in love with Kim, prompting Jacqueline to ponder this question but answer not with an affirmative but with a nervous, potentially unconvincing denial.
  • When imagining Kim, Jacqueline pictures her running track in her usual attire while their classmates run in their gym uniforms. In Episode 3, Jacqueline had instructed a reluctant Kim to change into her gym attire.
  • Soul Eater NOT Episode 5 - Kim bathhouse censorship cropped

    Light obscures nudity in this episode

    In the original Japanese television broadcast and Funimation online broadcast, light was used to censor exposed bottoms of the characters in the bathhouse. This censorship was removed in subsequent online and home video releases.
  • Kim's wallet is in the shape of a tanuki.
  • The Japanese production includes performances by Tokuyoshi Kawashima as the Detective and Satoshi Yamaguchi as the Pool Worker.
  • The Funimation dub includes performances by Matt Thurston as the Pool Worker, Alex Organ as the Detective, and Zach Bolton saying "racoon" over Josephine's image.[1] The Funimation dub included additional performances by Ashleigh Domangue, Kim Foster, Lauren Landa, Christopher Wehkamp, Katherine Salavarria, Mikaela Krantz, Sara Ragsdale, and Whitney Rodgers.


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