SEN! - Episode 6
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This is a Real Fight!

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Koko wa Riaru Faito!

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Icon - JPNIcon - USA (sub) 2014 May 13
Icon - USA (dub) 2015 June 10

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24 Minutes

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Rating - TV-14

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Traitors arc

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Tsugumi, Anya, and Meme are enjoying their usual stay at DeathBucks Café until two newly "reformed" criminals from Brooklyn working as waitresses at Master's shop give the three a hard time. Tsugumi sees something of value in them that Anya and Meme don't, Tsugumi's curiosity gets the better of her as she learns more about the two's past...

This is a Real Fight! (ここはリアルファイト!, Koko wa Riaru Faito!) is the sixth episode of the anime Soul Eater Not! It is adapted from Chapters 10 and 11 of the manga Soul Eater Not! with additional content adapted from Liz and Patty's flashback in Chapter 78 of the manga Soul Eater.

On May 13, 2014, it premiered in Japan and was subbed on On June 10, 2015, its English dub premiered on

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A Dream

In a rainy city, two girls flee some an unknown person. The blonde, blue-eyed girl wears dirty clothing and clutches her younger sister by the hand to escape. Yet as they escape, this older sister imagines her younger sister in luxury life, happily playing. The older sister caresses her sister while she slumbers but when she raises her hand, it is dirty just like the hand of a criminal, both figuratively and physically.

Death City

Liz Thompson awakes from her dream as she and her sister, Patty Thompson, sit on a bus bench. Patty smiles silently at her older sister.

Deathbucks Café

As she waits for her meal order, Anya Hepburn is hardly speaking formally, instead imitating what sounds like a cliché punk. Meme Tatane as well is imitating this punk speak, much to the annoyance of Tsugumi Harudori, who had introduced her friends to a TV show, CSI: Yo-Yo Girl Cop, that they watched on the girls' dormitory's television set. Their tough talk is interrupted by a new waitress at Deathbucks—a gum-chewing, rude waitress who seems to hardly listen to their order. The NOT students are intimidated but manage to choke out their order.

The rude waitress, Liz Thompson, marches back to Master to hand the order, then commands her younger sister, Patty, to deliver the order. When Patty arrives at Tsugumi's table but brings the wrong orders. When Anya informs Patty of this mistake, both she and Liz yell at the customers to take what they serve. Liz then informs Master that they are quitting for the day, and the proprietor thanks them for that day's service.

But Master is interrupted by the arrival of Tsugumi, Meme, and Anya to his bar. He apologizes for his new waitresses' behavior, bringing their correct order to them, free of charge. But as he serves their meal, he asks the trio to be kind to his new waitresses as he explains their circumstances: like Tsugumi, the Thompsons are weapons, but unlike her, they are on probation, having been arrested in Brooklyn by a high-ranking member of Shibusen. While Anya does not think such circumstances excuse the Thompsons' behavior, Tsugumi is interested why her fellow weapons behave as such. Master warns Tsugumi that the Thompsons had to take drastic actions to survive, and they will take time to acclimate themselves to Death City.

As the sun sets, the trio leave Deathbucks, only to find that the Thompsons are waiting outside. Anya cannot resist criticizes the two, especially when they demand a tip despite Deathbucks not tending to require customers' tips. Frustrated, Anya assures the Thompsons that just because she and her friends are NOT students does not mean that they should be underestimated. Despite Tsugumi's reticence to participate when she still has not formed a blade, she transforms into Anya's hands. But as the Thompsons are both weapons and meisters, Liz is able to expertly wield her sister, then when Anya approaches, Liz transforms into a weapon while Patty reverts to her human form behind Anya, pointing the pistol at the back of Anya's head. But as this is not an official duel, the Thompsons back off, warning the trio not to bother them again.

Death Weapon Meister Academy

In a classroom, Sid Barrett leads a lecture regarding the origins of Demon Weapons, explaining that they were first produced by an experiment by a witch and that their abilities have been passed through genetics since. After the day's classes end, the trio debate what to do after school. Whereas Anya and Meme are hesitant to return to Deathbucks, Tsugumi is not only interested in seeing other weapons but is adamant not to be intimidated by the Thompsons: she will return to get her order fulfilled.


As Tsugumi arrives to the cafe, she sees customers leaving in disgust, frustrated at how rude are the waitresses.

Tsugumi seats herself and, when approached by Liz, struggles to spit out her order. Frustrated, Liz simply writes an order for milk, leaving Patty to dump a mug of it onto the table.

Girls' Dormitory

Tsugumi grows only more adamant, passing Kim Diehl and Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré with a battle cry that she will have her order fulfilled.


Tsugumi seats herself again, but Liz is having none of this nonsense: she refuses to serve some child who is coming to the cafe just to mock her. Before Tsugumi can explain why she has arrived, their argument is interrupted by an irate customer who complains that Patty spilled water on his shoe. He demands that Patty clean his shoe, but Patty refuses, claiming his raggy face can clean it himself. The customer throws the rest of his water into Patty's face, motivating the younger Thompson to pull back her fist to punch the customer.

But Patty is blocked by Liz—who herself prepares to clobber this customer. Tsugumi tries to interfere, only for her to get punched by Liz, the older Thompson looking guilty as she tries and fails to stop her punch before it connects with Tsugumi, knocking the younger weapon to the floor. Master and all in the cafe are surprised to see Tsugumi motionless on the floor. Tsugumi slowly rises, smiling and assuring everyone that she is fine—until she notices blood dripping from her forehead. Master quickly orders Patty to retrieve cloth to stop the bleeding and for Liz to go to the locker room to get the first-aid kit. Master also asks the customer to leave; the customer refuses, blaming the Thompsons for causing these problems, but Master glares at the customer and, with a steady voice, repeats his demand, which intimidates the customer to leave. Tsugumi is surprised by all that is happening, as she hears Liz struggling to find the first-aid kit.

Girls' Dormitory

That night in their bedroom, Anya is furious upon seeing what Liz has done to Tsugumi. But Tsugumi feels sympathy for the Thompsons and, finding the circumstances oddly comical, begins laughing, worrying Anya and Meme that the injuries she has experienced were worse than thought.


The next day, Tsugumi walks to the cafe, and again someone leaves the cafe, annoyed at the Thompsons. However, he is not a customer, as Liz yells at him to leave if he will not buy anything. The boy, Death the Kid, explains that he came because Liz and Patty are not following the rules of their probation when they are to treat the customers well. This remark motivates Liz to hurl a cup at Kid, who deftly catches it with one hand. He turns to depart, until he sees Tsugumi. The boy approaches Tsugumi, getting uncomfortably close to her. The girl is surprised by his golden eyes as he tells her to stand still and approaches all the nearer—only to adjust her pigtails and move her bandage. He smiles and assures her that he has made her symmetrical before departing, leaving Tsugumi confused—and with Liz's mug in her hands.

Tsugumi enters to find Master speaking with the Thompsons. Patty and Liz are confused why everyone is so unaccommodating to them, with Master explaining that it takes time for people to get used to each other. While Liz is frustrated by this advice, Tsugumi approaches. Liz responds with annoyance with Tsugumi's repeated visits as well as her own regret for injuring her. But Tsugumi explains that she is here because she admires the strength and beauty of these fellow weapons, which only embarrasses the Thompsons. As Tsugumi compliments the two and wishes only to get to know them better, more customers arrive—young men, who are interested in these waitresses who are so rude to customers, finding such behavior to be a turn-on.

Master reminds the Thompsons again that such moments are signs that people can get used to each other, as he points out how Tsugumi's friends have arrived, not only Anya and Meme but also Kim and Jacqueline, the latter interested in seeing whether another fight will break out. As the Thompsons see how Tsugumi's friends get along, Tsugumi teases Kim for spending so much time with Jacqueline, prompting Kim to demand Tsugumi pay for her meal.

Liz and Patty approach Tsugumi's table, facing down Anya and, as some apology, offering to take their order. Tsugumi finally says with confidence her order—and yet receives another mug of milk instead.


Sid thanks Akane☆Hoshi and Clay Sizemore for joining him this weekend to check on the Traitor that the city holds in custody. After Akane mocks Clay as having nothing better to do, they are interrupted by hearing a scream ahead, as one prison guard runs out, pursued by another one who stabs him. Sid sees in the eye of this attacking prison guard a symbol, the same as the one in the eye of the traitor. Sid orders Akane and Clay to pursue the attacking guard while he tends to the injured guard. The injured guard explains that his attacker killed the Traitor and has escaped.

Sid runs into the prison, confirming what he has been told: the Traitor lies dead in his own blood, which has been used to write a warning to Shibusen: while the Academy's members are asleep, her soldiers keep moving.

Manga and Anime differences

  • In Episode 6, a montage is shown of Tsugumi returning repeatedly to Deathbucks until she can fulfill her order, running into Kim and Jacqueline along the way. These scenes do not occur in the original chapter.
  • In Episode 6, a customer throws his water into Patty's face, and Tsugumi is punched by accident as Liz attempts to retaliate. These scenes, as well as Tsugumi's recovery, do not occur in the original chapter.
  • Therefore, in Episode 6, upon her encounter with Death the Kid, Tsugumi is bandaged from the injuries, leading Kid to make symmetrical her forehead's bandage. As Tsugumi was not injured by Liz in the manga, Kid does not adjust her bandage in the manga, but he does adjust her pigtails to look more symmetrical.


  • This episode suggests that Kid's first meeting with the Thompsons differs from how it appeared in the first manga and the first anime.
    • In Chapter 13 and Episode 15, Kid and Liz have flashbacks as to their initial meeting. Both Chapter 13 and Episode 15 reveal that Liz used Patty's weapon form to hold up Kid for money.
    • Episode 15 reveals that Patty, wielding Liz, was cornered in a warehouse by gun-toting members of what seemed to be a mob, while Kid was observing and was impressed to see that the Thompsons could transform into identical demon pistols.
    • At this point in Episode 15, Kid seemed to singlehandedly disable all the gang members and offered a hand to the Thompsons to be his weapons.
    • The Salvage arc would change the representation of these meetings to more closely resemble the ones in Episode 6 of Soul Eater Not! as Kid still disabled members of a gang pursuing the Thompsons, only there were only two gang members and the events occurred in an alley as in Episode 6 of Soul Eater Not! and not in a warehouse as in Episode 15 of the first anime. In the Salvage arc, Kid then compliments the Thompsons' beauty and offers to make them his weapons, without mention of putting them on probation as occurs in both the manga and anime of Soul Eater Not!
  • Liz's dream about Patty is adapted from content from Chapter 78 of Soul Eater, including Patty's outfit, her meal, and her comfortable bed.


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