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Black-Blooded Terror! There's a Weapon Inside Crona?

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Kokketsu no Kyōfu 〜Kurona no Naka ni Buki ga Iru?

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Icon - JPN : May 19, 2008

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Rating - TV-14

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Demon Sword Arc

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Maka and Soul's trip to Italy turns ugly when they run into Crona and Ragnarok, a Meister and Weapon team that shares a highly unusual bond.

Black-Blooded Terror! There's a Weapon Inside Crona? the seventh episode of the anime Soul Eater. It is adapted from Chapter 4 of the Soul Eater manga.

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One evening, a witch is seen hovering in the sky on her broomstick. She speaks down below to an unknown person, visible only by their shadow, telling them to eat whatever is in your path until you become the ultimate evil. Suddenly something burst out the unknown person's back.

Soul Eater Episode 7 HD - Materazzi seizes Soul Evans

Materazzi threaten Soul

The next day, Soul Eater drives his motorcycle through Italy's streets, bringing him and Maka Albarn to their next mission. When Soul brags about the opportunity to tour the city, she Maka Chops him and reminds him to take their mission seriously: they are to collect the soul of the murderer Sonson J.. Since Sonson does not attack until night, Soul and Maka search for information about his location. Soul accidentally bumps into a man and, despite offering an apology, is accosted by the man. The man reveals he is part of the Materazzi, whose members quickly surround Maka and Soul. However, they are quickly beaten up by Soul.

Soul Eater Episode 7 HD - Materazzi deafened by Screech Attack

Crona deafens the Materazzi with a Screech Attack

That evening, the witch, Medusa Gorgon is once again seen hovering in the sky on her broom, giving orders to a teenager named Crona, who approaches members of the Materazzi at their "castle," Santa Mario Novella Basilica. When Medusa telepathically orders Crona to eat the Materazzi members' souls, Crona hesitates; therefore, Medusa uses a spell to give Crona the reassurance to do as she commanded. Crona's personality grows more unsettling, as they cackle at the opportunity to kill so many people around them. Crona summons their demon sword, Ragnarok, which sends out a loud screech, deafening the Materazzi members as Crona proceeds to kill them. Behind Medusa, the Moon's mouth drips with blood.

Elsewhere, Maka with Soul in his scythe form battles Sonson on a roof. Maka is easily able to kill the murderer and Soul eats his soul. Maka asks Soul what souls taste like as he seems to like them to which he replies that its not the taste but the feeling as it goes down his throat. Maka senses something odd coming from the church and the duo decides to take a look. Upon reaching the door to the church, Maka realizes that all the souls of the Materazzi men she previously sensed are gone. Despite feeling weary, Maka goes inside spotting Crona alone. Maka then senses the soul of a human and weapon inside the teen.

Death Weapon Meister Academy

Soul Eater Episode 7 HD - Spirit fears Stein (2)

Spirit's reunion with Stein makes him terrified

Spirit Albarn waits nervously in the dispensary, fearful of his return to the Academy since learning that his previous meister, Franken Stein, the man who would vivisect him in his sleep, has returned as a teacher. Spirit reminds himself that he has an obligation to stay at the Academy to be close to his daughter Maka and prove his love for her. But then Spirit is distracted by the thought that, as he is in the dispensary, he will soon receive his "check up" from the school's physician.

The door to the dispensary opens. Spirit runs to the door and wraps his hands around who he assumes is the physician, but is instead his worst nightmare: Stein himself. While Spirit hides under the sheets of a nearby bed, Stein teases that he has already switched the toes on Spirit's foot. After Spirit tears off his shoes to confirm that Stein is lying, he is then surprised to hear Stein congratulate him on his married to his current meister and for having a daughter like Maka. Spirit tentatively corrects Stein, that his current meister has divorced him. Stein then reveals he was joking and already knew his meister divorced him. Furious, Spirit seizes Stein by his collar and shakes him.

But as Spirit's shakes him, Stein remembers why he wanted to find him: he reveals he has located the Demon Sword, and they are in Italy. Spirit's eyes widened as he realizes Maka is also in Italy.


At Santa Mario Novella Basilica, Soul now in his scythe form questions Maka on her accusation of the teen having a human and weapon soul. Ragnarok then emerges from Crona's back. Once formed, Ragnarok begins bugging Crona, upsetting the teen. Maka weirded out about the situation states that she will stop Crona who attacked people's who's souls weren't kishin eggs, and thus unforgivable. Ragnarok transforms into a demon sword.

Maka and Crona begin battling. After a few attacks, Maka seems to slash Crona, but it is revealed Soul's blade only passed through Crona's skin, thanks to the Black Blood inside Crona's body, which makes the body nearly impervious to cut.

Medusa orders Crona to kill Maka, and Crona again resumes their previous maniacal persona. Crona becomes more fierce in battle. When Ragnarok's screech attack collides directly with Soul's blade, the vibrations manage to cut into Soul, even in weapon form, drawing blood.

Realizing her weapon is in danger if Ragnarok attacks hit him again, Maka tries to dodge rather than attack. Soul chastises Maka for her retreat, reminding her that as her weapon he is prepared to take whatever damage to protect her, even if that means his own death.

Maka backs up until she hits something hard: the front door to the church. Maka then realizes why Crona repeated, "The doors open inward, not outward": unable to pull the door open without approaching Crona, Maka is backed into a corner. She must strike at Crona and risk injuring Soul, use Soul to shield her and risk injuring him, or be attacked directly. Despite Soul's cries for her to block or attack, Maka refuses, realizing she is about to be sliced, potentially killed, by Ragnarok's blade.

Soul Eater Episode 7 HD - Soul Evans sliced

Soul blocks Crona's slice with Ragnarok meant for Maka

Crona leaps forward with a slash. Blood shoots through the air out of the chest wound made by Ragnarok's blade. But it is not Maka's blood. At the last moment, as Maka would not move his weapon form to block, Soul reverted to his human form and blocked the attack himself with his own body. Sliced across his chest, Soul falls to the floor, bleeding to death. As Maka narrates, she remembers how hesitant she was to enter the church, feeling something ominous awaited her. As her partner falls from injuries for which she blames herself, Maka narrates that she has made a horrifying mistake.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • Chapter 4 begins with Crona facing the Materazzi in Santa Mario Novella Basilica, with Medusa flying over the scene, observing the battle. Episode 7 instead begins with additional scenes not present in the manga:
    • Episode 7 begins with Ragnarok bursting out of Crona's back as they walk through Italy's streets at night. This scene is not present in Chapter 4.
    • Episode 7 also includes scenes with Maka and Soul traveling through Italy on his motorcycle, then confronting the Materazzi. These scenes are not included in Chapter 4.
  • Ragnarok's line about putting thumbtacks into Crona's shoes is not in the manga.
  • In the manga, Maka attempts to decapitate Crona. In the anime, she attempts to cut them in half.
  • In Chapter 4, when Spirit begins to strangle Stein, the physician is cackling, until they are interrupted by the arrival of Sid Barrett, who enters the dispensary to stop this fight. In Episode 7, Stein is not laughing as Spirit shakes him, and Sid makes no appearance in the episode.


  • The bell ringing in Italy has been a symbol of when Crona strikes in this episode.

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