SEN! - Episode 7
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Nice Day For a Death Bazaar!

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Desu Bazā Biyori!

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Icon - JPNIcon - USA (sub) 2014 May 20
Icon - USA (dub) 2015 June 10

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24 Minutes

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Rating - TV-14

Story Arc

Traitors Arc

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It's a beautiful day as the Death Bazaar commences in Death City. Through laughs and tears, the day suddenly goes from so bright to tradegy in mere seconds...

Nice Day For a Death Bazaar! (デスバザー日和!, Desu Bazā Biyori!) is the seventh episode of the Soul Eater Not! Anime, it premiered in Japan on May 20, 2014 and was subbed/streamed on

Featured AppearancesEdit


NOT Students

Girls' Dormitory


DWMA Central Intelligence

Shaula's Army

EAT Students

Death Bazaar

  • Merchants
  • Bystanders



  • Shaula Gorgon's jewelry, tipped with her venom (first appearance)


Death CityEdit

Standing atop a bell tower, Shaula Gorgon speaks to someone about how her plan is about to be put into action.

Death Weapon Meister AcademyEdit

In the Central Intelligence office hidden in the underground maze of the Academy, Sid Barrett meets with Akane☆Hoshi and Clay Sizemore to review a list of possible explanations why so many normal residents with little combat experience have been possessed to become Traitors. As Clay presents his research, he argues that a witch has been behind the brainwashing. Sid asks whether one witch, Arachne, could be behind the attack, but Clay explains that Arachne is said to have died 800 years ago. Based on the method of possession used, Clay thinks the culprit is Shaula.

Sid congratulates Clay on his research, suggesting he would be a valuable member of Central Intelligence. Clay is embarrassed at this praise, so Akane mocks his weapon by asking him to do simple arithmetic, which Clay struggles to finish. Sid admonishes Akane for teasing his weapon, telling Akane that a meister is supposed to support their weapon.

But this discussion is interrupted by noise outside. Anya Hepburn shouts at Tsugumi Harudori for following Meme Tatane's directions through the Academy. Each meister tries to convince Tsugumi to take their side in following directions, and as Tsugumi still cannot commit to either meister, she instead points to a nearby room to suggest asking for directions. This room happens to be the one in which Sid is meeting with Akane and Clay. While Clay is surprised that their secret location has been discovered, Akane passes off that they were meeting with Sid to drop off donuts for his breakfast.

Akane changes the subject to ask why the trio are lost, reasoning that the Academy is already a maze. But Anya explains that the reason is actually because Tsugumi cannot commit to following one meister's advice. Clay finds it amusing that Tsugumi has two meisters competing for her: while meisters have had more than one weapon, he has never seen a weapon with multiple meisters. When he sees Tsugumi look crestfallen, Clay regrets his remarks, prompting Akane to put a hand on her shoulder and suggest Tsugumi worries she will inevitably offend someone when she has to turn down a meister, which only means that Tsugumi is a kind person. Upon seeing Tsugumi blushing at Akane's compliment, Anya shouts that Tsugumi's kindness does not make her more decisive. Tsugumi frowns at Anya while Akane playfully suggests Tsugumi could choose him as a meister, shocking Anya, Meme, and Clay. Sid smiles as Clay nervously leads the trio out of the Anti-Witch Headquarters and to their destination, as Tsugumi remembers their study session.

Deathbucks CaféEdit

Soul Eater NOT Episode 7 HD - Patty makes a napkin dragon

Patty builds a dragon sculpture from napkins

Because the restaurant has no customers, Master is cleaning glasses, and Patty Thompson constructs a dragon out of napkins. Liz Thompson complains that Master is too humorless, suggesting that he tell a joke. Master, with no expression, says he has not been able to laugh since his wife and daughter were murdered. Liz regrets her remark—then Master claims he was joking. Liz complains at Master's poor sense of humor, which prompts Master to correct himself: it was only his daughter who was murdered. Liz again regrets her remark—then Master says he was joking and never had children. Liz throws her rag at Master, which he dodges.

The door opens, with Tsugumi and her meisters entering to hold their study session in the café. Liz points to Tsugumi's usual table, which she marked with a note as "Reserved." They are then distracted by Kim Diehl's screaming, who clutches the entrance, refusing to enter. Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré seizes her by the arm, dragging her inside so the study session can improve her grades.

As the quintet sit to study, Tsugumi thanks Jacqueline for bringing her thorough notes to help them study. While Kim complains that the notes are hardly that clear, Jacqueline orders Kim to concentrate. Forgetful Meme is shocked to hear there is a test coming up.

The Thompsons approach to take orders. As the quintet gives their list of orders, the Thompsons stare deadpan. Liz saying they'll bring back whatever they can find, not even jotting a note of their long list of orders as they walk away. Anya complains how the Thompsons still seem hostile as waitresses.

Kim leans back in her seat, complaining this studying isn't helping her at all, which just shows how poor a teacher is Jacqueline. Jacqueline turns up her nose and says Kim can go ask Ox Ford to give her all the help he is more than willing to offer, but that still won't help her discipline problem. Kim frowns and blushes, apologizing to Jacqueline and ready to study again. But upon seeing Tsugumi's knowing stare, Kim leaps from her seat and wraps her arms around Tsugumi's head, demanding she wipe that grin off her face.

The Thompsons return with the quintet's orders. While Liz brags that she has worked so long at Deathbucks that now she can predict people's orders just by looking at their faces, the quintet switch their drinks: Liz got the right orders, just for the wrong people.

Soul Eater NOT Episode 7 HD - Liz and Patty confront NOT bullies

Liz and Patty confront disruptive customers

Later, the café has more customers—including loud N.O.T. students who act more like yankis. One tosses balled-up paper at Kim's head. Jacqueline explains that some N.O.T. students get overconfident, causing Tsugumi to lower her head in embarrassment. Jacqueline warns that they should not try to interfere with these bullies right now. But Liz already interferes, telling the bullies to silence themselves or get injured. Upon standing up to confront the Thompsons, the bullies see Master at the counter, washing glasses and giving a threatening glare that causes the bullies to retreat. Surprised, the Thompsons turn around to see what could have scared away the bullies, only to find Master staring intently at the glasses he is cleaning, as if nothing transpired.

As more customers arrive, the Thompsons are overworked taking and delivering orders. Tsugumi suggests the five of them help Master. Anya complains about having to wear those Deathbucks uniforms again, which excites Jacqueline but leaves Kim too embarrassed. While Kim leaps over the counter to help Master with food preparation (for pay, of course), Jacqueline goes to the Staff Locker Room to change with the trio. Anya again complain about the uniform, while Tsugumi compliments Jacqueline's appearance—but is jealous that while the two of them are slender, she is "slender all over." When the four exit the Staff Room, they see the customer rush has ended. Although Master is happy to see the students in those uniforms because it reminds him when they worked here, Anya turns up her nose in frustration still at the short skirt. After Meme suggests they can play around, Anya says they already did that enough since the café was usually empty. In response to this insult, Tsugumi mollifies Anya's remark to say that the café is simply a relaxing space.

At sunset, the Staff Locker Room is dark, no one inside. The door opens as Kim pokes her head in to confirm that she is alone. She takes one of the Deathbucks uniforms and looks in the mirror, imagining herself in it. Then Kim is startled to see Tsugumi behind one of the curtains, prompting Kim to again attempt to pummel the weapon.

Girls' DormitoryEdit

One day, Tsugumi is washing the windows, humming. Anya begins hovering around her, attempting to sing along about the Death Bazaar, which she informs Tsugumi is being held today at Death Pain Square. When Tsugumi refers to the event as a flea market, Anya says she knew a commoner like Tsugumi would be familiar with such events and hence would want to accompany Anya. When Tsugumi turns down the invitation, Anya lowers her head in remorse, prompting Tsugumi to change her mind, although she realizes Anya has been manipulating her.

Death Pain SquareEdit

Meme joins Anya and Tsugumi at the Bazaar, where merchants sell not only expected items such as books, clothing, and furniture but weapons including katanas and even rocket launchers. The trio then find that Eternal Feather has set up a booth of never-worn clothing, except it is all gaudy and unfashionable. Eternal Feather explains that Kim tricked her into buying these clothes, but she can't will herself to wear it to buy new clothes, so she needs to sell it today for money. The trio quickly disappear, leaving Eternal Feather alone. But one merchant with floral hair notices Eternal Feather, setting up her booth across from the student.

The trio climb the stairs to the higher level. Upon seeing Anya enthralled by the tchockies, Tsugumi says that, even if she herself is not interested in the items for sale, she is happy Anya is enjoying herself. Embarrassed, Anya resumes her haughty demeanor, insulting the items for sale as garbage.

At a higher level, Tsugumi hears a familiar voice, as this boy complains to someone that their unfriendly face is scaring away customers. Tsugumi walks up the stairs to find Soul Eater, his hands tugging on Maka Albarn's face to make her smile, as he complains that she is looking so hostile at customers so that she doesn't have to sell all the books cluttering their apartment while she gets rid of his stuff. Maka asserts that she is willing to sell her books—then glares at a customer asking for a price. Infuriated, Soul grabs her face again to force her to smile, but they are interrupted by Tsugumi. Soul begs Tsugumi to take his books, while Maka points to one book, Brave: Ten Conditions for Having the Courage, which she says she read when she was in Tsugumi's year at the Academy. Maka asks whether Tsugumi enjoys reading but can sense the N.O.T. is not honest in her assurance that she is. Maka tells Tsugumi to take the book for free, as long as she promises to read it carefully. While Tsugumi is thankful, Soul wishes they could get rid of more books.

Tsugumi reunites with Anya and Meme at the cotton candy stand. When asked where she was, Tsugumi grins widely, which Anya thinks makes her look like "the village idiot."

Meanwhile, Eternal Feather prepares to end her day when she visits the booth across from her, seeing jewelry for sale at prices from $13 to $30, many of them with scorpion motifs. Eternal Feather admits she is a Scorpio and wishes she could beguile like the scorpion. The merchant, Shaula Gorgon, points to one ring, which Eternal Feather agrees to buy. But Shaula suggests they try the ring on first, its fitting stabbing into Eternal Feather's finger, infecting her with Shaula's venom and possessing her mind. Shaula grins as she orders Eternal Feather to sleep and follow her instructions.

While Tsugumi enjoys her book and Anya dines on cotton candy, Meme asks what to do next. They then hear a scream downstairs, heading downstairs to see Eternal Feather has stabbed a man with her butterfly weapon transformation. Customers flee as Eternal Feather attacks a booth, her pigtails undulating with pointed ends like scorpions' tails, her right eye displaying that symbol Anya saw in the Traitor that she faced.

Eternal Feather runs towards Anya, swinging her blade at Anya. Anya blocks with her purse but hears Maka call to her to dodge. Meme arrives and pushes Anya out of the way, missing Eternal Feather's blade. Maka comes down the stairs and guards the fallen N.O.T. students, recognizing Eternal Feather as an Academy student.

Tsugumi then notices Eternal Feather bring her untransformed right hand to her transformed left hand, as if trying to prevent herself from attacking. But Shaula's venom reasserts control, as Eternal Feather swings her blade at Maka—only to be blocked by Soul and his left leg transformed into a scythe blade. Witnessing Soul protect his meister, Tsugumi chastises herself for failing to protect Anya. As Maka realizes Eternal Feather cannot hear Meme's call to stop, Soul transforms into Maka's hands, with the order not to hurt Eternal Feather. Maka and Eternal Feather trade blows, as Maka tells the N.O.T. student not to resist. The trio call to Eternal Feather to stop, but Maka worries that they need to subdue Eternal Feather before someone is hurt.

Watching the fight from an alley, Shaula overhears bystanders explain that Eternal Feather will not stand a chance against an E.A.T. student like Maka. Shaula agrees, reasoning that the amount of venom was not enough to hold Eternal Feather against Maka for long. Yet this experiment has shown how easy it is to possess a student, and as Shaula cannot permit Eternal Feather to be captured and interrogates, she gives the student an order to test how powerful is her mind-control venom: kill herself.

Eternal Feather seizes. She aims the blade to her neck, but the hand refuses to move. Eternal Feather's eyes water with tears. Maka calls her to stop, but it is too late: with a swing of her blade, Eternal Feather's pigtail and the blood from her neck flies into the air. Bystanders scream as Maka rushes forward, asking for help to stop the bleeding. In the chaos, no one notices the jewelry on Eternal Feather's finger break apart and evaporate. Shocked by these injuries, Tsugumi hyperventilates, then passes out on the floor.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

  • Episode 7 begins with Shaula speaking to herself about her plan, as she stands atop her hideout, a bell tower in Death City. This scene does not occur in the manga. While Episode 7 is the first time Shaula's bell tower is seen in the anime, it will not appear until the final arc of the manga.
  • In Chapter 13, as Tsugumi and her meisters search through the Death Weapon Meister Academy, they discuss rumors about a number of Death Scythes, such as Azusa Yumi's vision, Marie Mjolnir's toilet destruction, and Spirit Albarn's pervertness. The students also run into Justin Law and Tezca Tlipoca. In this episode, this discussion, and those cameos, do not occur. As well, none of these characters appear or are referred to at any point in the anime, except for a minor cameo by Tezca Tlipoca in Episode 9 in the form of a keychain.
  • In Chapter 12, Master informs Kim that Spirit Albarn influenced the design of the Deathbucks uniforms for girls and women. In this episode, and in the anime overall, not only is this information never given, but Spirit Albarn never appears or is mentioned.
  • In Episode 7, Eternal Feather has the Scorpio symbol on her right eye when controlled by Shaula, while in the manga, Eternal Feather has blank shallow eyes.
  • In Episode 7, Eternal Feather does not wears sunglasses when trying to selling her clothes in the anime adaption, unlike in the manga.


  • Soul Eater NOT Episode 7 HD - Traitor Prototype 1's information

    Traitor (Prototype 1)'s information

    According to Clay’s information sheet for Sid, Traitor (Prototype 1) has the ID number 000521876, no criminal record, and a birthday on of 10/8 (likely August 10 or possibly October 8). He lived at 301 West Street #302 in Death City. He was in his 20s upon his death, was 181 centimeters tall, weighed 72.4 kilograms, and had no hospital record.
  • In the English dub, Eternal Feather claims that she is a Scorpio.
  • The Yankees were voiced by Jun Inoue and Motoki Sasaki in the original Japanese.
  • Additional voices in the Funimation dub were provided by David Wald, Newton Pittman, Major Attaway, Nick Haley, Alex Organ, Christopher Wehkamp, Alan Chow, Daniel Litwip, Garret Storms, Patrick McAlister, Ashleigh Domangue, Kenny Green, Michael Federico, and Will Short.
  • The bumper features Akane with an ice cream cone and Clay reading.
  • The preview for the next episode has Meme say Tsugumi must choose a meister. Anya reasons that Tsugumi's indecisiveness is why she still lacks a blade. But Tsugumi is more disturbed by the man who has a screw through his head.


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