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Medusa the Witch – The One Who Possesses a Great Evil Soul?

Kanji Title

魔女メデューサ 〜大いなる凶き魂を持つ者?

Rōmaji Title

Majo Medyūsa 〜Ōinaru Waruki Tamashii o Motsu Mono?

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Icon - JPN : May 26, 2008

TV Rating

Rating - TV-14

Story Arc

Demon Sword Arc

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Soul is seriously injured and Maka is fading fast. Death Scythe and Stein step in to make sure the weird rampage of Crona and Ragnarok comes to an end.

Medusa the Witch – The One Who Possesses a Great Evil Soul? is the eighth episode of Soul Eater.

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Soul Eater has used his own body to block Crona's slice by the Demon Sword Ragnarok, protecting Maka Albarn. As Soul, barely conscious, lies there, Maka starts blaming herself for his injury. Crona goes in for another attack but Crona is suddenly penetrated by a large scythe blade that came through the door. From the outside, Stein kicks down the door, knocking Crona far back in the process. The scythe that struck Crona transforms into Spirit with him thinking he'd get some recognition from his daughter but to no avail. Spirit transforms back into his scythe form and Crona charges at the duo. Stein is easily able to counter Crona and uses his Soul Menace attack, making Crona spit out blood upon being struck. Stein goes in for another attack but is then stabbed by a Bloody Needle formed from Crona's black blood. After some attacks, Stein brings the battle outside. Once again, Crona uses the Bloody Needle technique but Spirit uses Experimental Ectoplasm to protect him from being harmed. Stein is ultimately able to defeat Crona by using a stronger dose of his Soul Menace attack. Medusa then releases her Soul Protect technique and makes her presence known.

Medusa then uses her Vector Arrow technique, releasing several black arrows down below, that frequently changes direction but Spirit and Stein use Witch-Hunter to counter her attack. Medusa creates a snake from her tattoo on her arm to grab a unconscious Crona. Medusa tells them she would like to continue the match but had other matters to attend to and flies off.

Death Weapon Meister Academy

In the girls' shower room, Tsubaki Nakatsukasa overhears classmates discuss news that Soul has been injured.

Death Room

Spirit reports the news of what happened to Shinigami though he doesn't give Spirit the reaction he was expecting, more or less excited.

Dispensary, Death Weapon Meister Academy

Maka is seen waiting outside the Dispensary. Stein comes out and tells Maka that Soul is going to be fine to which she happily runs in to see him. Spirit and Stein talk about Soul's condition with Stein explaining that black blood got mixed in with Soul's blood.

While inside the Dispensary, Maka vows to get stronger. Suddenly, Black☆Star, followed by Tsubaki, bursts through the door and shakes Soul, demanding his friend wake up and let his presence improve his health. Shocked at how Black☆Star is doing Soul more harm than good, Maka bops him in the head for disturbing her weapon while he was resting.

Maka is interrupted by the arrival of the school's physician, Dr. Medusa (the witch who attacked Soul and Stein, now disguised as the Academy's physician). Dr. Medusa asks Maka to remove her father from her leg, as he clings to her. Maka takes care of him by Maka Chopping him on the head. Dr. Medusa then tells Maka about the rough time Soul had on the surgery, but even as Maka feels remorse, Dr. Medusa reassures her. While Maka feels her confidence bolstered and turns to speak with her friends, Dr. Medusa turns away, smirking wickedly as a serpentine-shaped spiral of dark energy spills from her mouth, like the tongue of a snake.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • In Chapter 5, as Medusa flies off with Crona, a dark arrow afterimage marks her path of departure. In Episode 8, this arrow is not present during Medusa's escape.


  • The Funimation English dub for Episode 8 included additional performances by Lindsay Seidel, Megan Miller, Tricia Ponsford, Gino Palencia, and Ian Sinclair. Seidel and Sinclair would go on to play Meme Tatane and Akane☆Hoshi in Soul Eater NOT! Gino Palencia is an ADR engineer at Funimation and the brother of Azusa Yumi’s English actor, Brina Palencia.


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