SEN! - Episode 8
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Tsugumi Spiral!

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Tsugumi Supairaru!

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Icon - JPNIcon - USA (sub) May 27, 2014
Icon - USA (dub) 2015 June 10

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24 Minutes

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Rating - TV-14

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Traitors Arc

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Eternal Feather is hospitalized during a time that Tsugumi is feeling inferior due to the displays of talent, strength, and courage she's witnessed since coming to America; She's determined to become stronger but, Anya and Meme gives her an ultimatum that shakes her to the very core.

Tsugumi Spiral! (つぐみスパイラル!, Tsugumi Supairaru!) is the eighth episode of the Soul Eater Not! Anime. It premiered in Japan and on Funimation's web site on May 27, 2014. An English dub premiered on Funimation's web site on June 10, 2015. This episode adapts content from numerous chapters from the manga Soul Eater NOT!: Chapter 16, Chapter 17, and Chapter 30.

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Death Pain Square

Tsugumi Harudori has a nightmare, remembering the day's earlier events: something seemed to possess Eternal Feather, leading her to attack patrons at the Death Bazaar before she sliced her own throat in an attempt to kill herself. Shocked to see her friend's actions, Tsugumi passed out.

Patchwork Lab

Tsugumi awakens on the lap of Anya Hepburn. Meme Tatane explains that she and Anya took turns to serve their laps as pillows for Tsugumi as she recovered, to Anya's embarrassment. Tsugumi notices how odd this "strange" hospital appears, where Eternal Feather is in critical condition as a doctor performs surgery to save her life. Tsugumi is worried for Eternal Feather as Anya explains what has happened since she passed out: Sid Barrett questioned Anya and Meme to learn whether Eternal Feather was involved in anything shady, and Tsugumi agrees that she cannot think of any examples to support Sid's suspicion.

Anya then discusses the surgeon attending to Eternal Feather, remarking that he is a bit weird, with rumors circulating that he has experimented on his own body and that he robs from graveyards to make zombies. Tsugumi then fears that this surgeon may turn Eternal Feather into a zombie. Meme tries to calm Tsugumi down by pointing out that the surgeon may instead transform Eternal Feather into a jiangshi—prompting Tsugumi to remind Meme that a jianshi is already a type of zombie. Nevertheless, Anya and Meme reassure Tsugumi to have faith and wait for Eternal Feather.

Death Pain Plaza

Meanwhile, EAT students convene after the assault by Eternal Feather, as Akane☆Hoshi and Clay Sizemore question Maka Albarn and Soul Eater as to what they witnessed during Eternal Feather's attack. Maka is impressed that Akane and Clay already have a sketch of a suspect, and while Soul thinks she looks familiar, he cannot place her. Akane suggests that this person may be a witch who is behind the attack, and he tells Maka that this may be an EAT mission. Soul grins and takes Akane aside, asking for more inside information so he may gain extra credit with a new mission. Akane grins and asks how much Soul is willing to pay for this classified information, annoying both Maka and Clay.

Patchwork Lab

While back at the hospital, the three are on the move just as this is going on, they noticed blood splatters on the operating table and Tsugumi asks if everything is alright. The doctor is reveal as Doctor Franken Stein who Tsugumi is shocked to see the screw in his head uses a sick sense of humour on the girls starting with a fake twine in Eternal's head. Tsugumi notices that he did a good job, Stein even has Eternal Feather's right braid back albeit wondering how, she soon gets the awswer as the braid is apparently sentient and begins writting "Jesús Navas" on the bed sheet. Meme wonders if this is Eternal Feather's last words with Tsugumi mentioning that she's not dead as the entirety of Eternal's head falls the floor. The head then chases the three around as the mad doctor wears a sociopathic grin across admist the girls who insult or tell Stein otherwise.

While Stein enjoys this prank on the trio, he grows tired of the joke, seizing the robotic head and flinging it out the window—where it then runs away from the laboratory. Stein assures the trio that the surgery performed on Eternal Feather was successful, as he draws back the curtain to show the trio—and he has again placed a fake screw through Eternal Feather's head, causing the overwhelmed trio to collapse. Despite Anya's frustration with these pranks, Stein grows serious, warning the three students that Eternal Feather's behavior was reckless, which will prompt an investigation by Shibusen.

Death City

SEN! - Episode 8 - Bumper

"Episode 8's bumper."

The spring passes into summer, as life seems to return to normal in Death City. Stein keeps Eternal Feather at the hospital ward of his laboratory, checking on her recovery while also monitoring her for any details that may explain her possessed behavior. While Akane and Clay meet with Sid with updates about their investigation into Shaula, Tsugumi and her meisters try to carry on, stopping by Deathbucks to chat with Liz, then buying flowers to bring to Eternal Feather.

Patchwork Lab

Stein receives a phone call from Sid. Based on how the conversation begins, it seems that Sid frequently contacts Stein with the prospect of returning to the Academy as a teacher, to Stein's annoyance. Sid therefore moves on to ask for more information about why Eternal Feather went on a rampage. Stein noticed an injury on Eternal Feather's finger as well as a foreign substance inside her body. Until he can learn more about this substance, Stein sent Eternal Feather to the girls' dormitory, hoping that time at home would aid in her recovery and provide more answers as to Shaula's methods.

Girls' Dormitory

Tsugumi is splashing water across the lawn, then she notices that Kana Altair is standing nearby, having replaced her warm hood with a cat-ears hat for this warmer weather. Tsugumi asks whether Kana enjoys her outfit; the child insists she does not before running off, which only makes Tsugumi think that Kana is covering up for her actual enjoyment.

Tsugumi is then approached by Anya, who is wearing a sleeveless dress and is confused by her weapon's actions. Tsugumi tries to explain that this splashing is designed to cool the weather, which Anya finds hard to believe. Tsugumi encourages Anya to try, but the meister is not convinced.

Tsugumi and Anya's watering is interruption by Eternal Feather, who has returned home. The duo are overjoyed at their senior's arrival but are weary after how Stein pranked them earlier. Eternal Feather tugs at her dress's collar to show the scar she received, which she finds to be a badge of honor that will make her fit in with other Shibusen students. Eternal Feather is also overjoyed at the wind-up screw that Stein plugged into her back—which horrifies Tsugumi and Anya. Eternal Feather removes the spring and assures the two that she was only joking, which fails to impress Tsugumi or Anya.

This reunion is interrupted by Meme and Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré, the latter less than enthused by Eternal Feather's return. As the other students sense that something else is troubling Jacqueline, she explains that Kim broke up with her, claiming that their partnership as meister and weapon went to fast. Jacqueline buries her head in her hands—and her head bursts into flames. The other students assure Jacqueline that, with time, she will calm herself to approach Kim again. Meme then shows her new purchase to help with the summer heat, and which may help Jacqueline a well: wind chimes. While Tsugumi is interested, telling her friends to cool down listening to the chimes, the others are not impressed: Anya convinces Eternal Feather and Jacqueline ot join her inside for a cool drink. Meme and Tsugumi decide to stay outside and prove their friends wrong.

Under the hot sun, Tsugumi and Meme are soaking wet in sweat. They run after Anya asking for cold drinks as well.

At sunset, Tsugumi has set up wood blocks, struggling to form a blade on her spear or axe to slice the wood. She then tries to balance on the wood stump, only for her meisters to appear around opposite corners of the dormitory, trying to entice her to follow her. While Anya tries to entice Tsugumi with the promise of a treat and Meme with a game of playing fetch with a stick, Tsugumi feels like she is being treated like a pet and loses balance.

The two meisters realize that Tsugumi is upset by her slow progress to form a blade. Meme asks Tsugumi to transform into an axe, with which she uses her impressive strength to destroy a block. She then passes Tsugumi to Anya, who uses her spear form to slice the falling leaves. Anya explains that the reason Tsugumi is unable to form a blade is because of her indecisiveness. Therefore, Anya issues an ultimatum: Tsugumi must choose a meister. While Tsugumi is offended by this demand, Anya assures her weapon that she should take until Halloween, when the Battle Festival occurs, to make her decision.

The meisters then playfully tug Tsugumi to the lawn to admire the sunset. Anya claims that due to the problems Tsugumi has caused them, the weapon should prepare dinner. But as Meme offers to assist Tsugumi with dinner, Anya offers to help as well, negating her earlier request.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • This episode combines events from multiple episodes, hence removes some additional content.
    • In the manga, Maka runs into Eternal Feather in the Academy's cafeteria to congratulate her for becoming a Death Child. This event never occurs in the anime.
    • In Chapter 30, Sid leads a summer course with Maka and Soul to test weapons' transformation abilities, marking down Tsugumi for not yet forming a blade. While this episode includes the aftermath, in which Anya and Meme give Tsugumi a deadline by Halloween to pick a meister, this episode does not include Sid's summer lesson. As well, whereas Anya and Meme are stricter with Tsugumi in "Blade," in this episode, Anya and Meme present this ultimatum with much more friendliness, lying down in the grass with Tsugumi as they playfully decide who will cook their meal this evening.


  • The Funimation dub included Sara Ragasdale as an extra.


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