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Pumpkin Growing!

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Icon - JPNIcon - USA (sub) 2014 June 3rd
Icon - USA (dub) 2015 June 10

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24 Minutes

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Rating - TV-14

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Battle Festival Arc

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Before October hits, the girls are growing pumpkins as Meme forgets an entire day of her life and Tsugumi teaches her friends about an old pastime while an approaching event, the Battle Festival is the target of Shaula Gorgon.

Pumpkin Growing! (カボチャ,グローウィン!, Kabocha, Gurōwin!) is the ninth episode of the Soul Eater Not! Anime, it premiered in Japan on June 3, 2014 and was subbed/ streamed on

Unlike previous episodes, this one assumes a form similar to the "Soul Eater JOT" collections found in the manga. This episode has three stories which take place over the course of about five months. The three tales are united by a vignette structure in which the trio are tending to the titular pumpkins. In this episode, the pumpkin harvesting and the epilogue of Sid Barrett's conversation with Akane Hoshi and Clay Sizemore are based on Chapter 35. The first story, "Sweltering Nights," is based on Chapter 31. The second story, "Oblivious," is based on Chapter 18. The third story, "Three-Man Baseball," is based on Chapter 27. And the final story, "From Death City with Love..." is based on Chapter 22.

Despite being a collection of tales, the stories are united by Meme's defining character traits, namely her charming forgetfulness and her amazing Sleeping Fist skills, as both put the Trio to the test through Meme forgetting an entire day, as well as Anya's readiness to finally get Tsugumi to choose one of them as her Meister.

Featured Appearances


NOT Students

Girls' Dormitory


Shaula's Army

Deathbucks Café

Harudori family

Death City

  • Kim's dog
  • Marianne (first appearance)
  • Marianne's owner (first appearance)
  • Meme's admirer (first appearance)
  • Souvenir shop owner (first appearance)
  • Devil (first appearance)
  • Casino security guards
  • Death City vendors
  • Vendors' patrons





At the backyard of the girls' dormitory, Tsugumi and her meisters begin to grow pumpkins while singing to them to supposedly make them grow better.

While this is going on, Sid Barrett, Akane, and Clay are discussing Shaula Gorgon and her next possible target, the Shibusen's Halloween Battle Festival of the "EAT" class. Over the course of this episode it gradually goes to Summer to Fall.

Sweltering Nights

But during the night, the heat is intense in the girls' dorm as Meme awakens unconsciously complaining that its hot it the room and unintentionally strips while Tsugumi pulls up her wardrobe for her, Anya strikes from the left out of irritation causing the sleeping Meme dodge. Putting her fighting skills in full effect as the two clash, Meme is still asleep with Anya's reasoning being that even though she is sleeping, this is the perfect opportunity to for Tsugumi to see who she wants as a Meister. However Anya then loses to Meme's unorthodox style as Tsugumi exclaims that if the two keep at it, Kim will be angered while Kim listening to everything that's being said through a wall, Kim says she'll charged them a nuisance fee.


Meme awakens in the kitchen of her dormitory and is covered in miscellaneous junk wrapped around her, as well as having a bag stuffed with money inside of it, Meme is also missing her left eyebrow as Tsugumi pointed out. She comes across a rather flustered Eternal Feather in the hall having a sloth on her head, Eternal states that Meme handed her the animal against her will and then proceeds to give it back. Meme therefor takes the beast unknowing of the situation and walks the streets, trying to remember her lost day while having a freshly new draw eyebrow thanks to Tsugumi. She sits down on a bench as Kim Diehl, who is walking her dog approaches her. Meme pleads to Kim about what she had did the previous day. Kim gives her all the information she'd observed, landing the forgetful girl in Grissom Street as her first lead.

SEN! - Episode 9 - Bumper

Episode 9's bumper with Eternal Feather and Marianne

Meme encounters a strange man telling her that he thought she really wouldn't do it and another who just wants a special item back, Meme is confused and terrified and bumps into a man, falling down to see a lone casino. The owner, Mr. Devil, just wants her to cut him a break as to security guards step from the front doors while Meme doesn't know what the man is talking about and therefore runs away, having the trauma of all her memories slowly coming back affecting her in an unpleasant way. She follows the sloth to an open park as a boy yells "Marianne" and welcomes the animal in his arms, Meme's memory is supercharged when she sees the boy. She remembers that she ran the two men while jogging as they said that pulling a merchandise cart while doing so is better training and she subsequently crashes the thing.

The boy calls her fat and Meme remembers the reason behind her shaved eyebrow, Meme shaved it off after weighing herself while forgetting that she had the cart merchandise wrapped around her, leaving Marianne the sloth with Eternal Feather. Meme pays her debts the men and walks home wondering if she'll keep remembering Tsugumi and Anya while this is going on, Tsugumi with Anya find a bat whistle and are subjects to it's purpose.

Three-Man Baseball!

Upon discovering a baseball along with its bat and mitt in the dormitory's backyard, Tsugumi teaches Anya and Meme about the game. Tsugumi is very passionate about the sport, remembering games with her brother.

Despite her experience playing baseball, Tsugumi is depressed upon witnessing Anya's powerful Royal Joust technique to knock the ball, and Meme's ability to field the catch in time. Tsugumi is at least happy her friends enjoy the game.

The trio is then interrupted when Kim appears in the window above the backyard, notifying the girls that the baseball equipment is hers, and as they were playing with it, she is going to charge the trio a rental fee.

From Death City with Love...

Tsugumi sends a letter back to Japan to her family and afterwards, Tsugumi asks whether Meme and Anya are going to send something to their own families. Anya is going to send all the objects she's collected observing common life and Meme can't remember what she was going to give.

That evening, however, Tsugumi awakens to find Meme sleepwalking, using a messenger bat to deliver mail to some unkown person. The scene changes to reveal Sid conferring with Clay and Akane regarding Shaula's next actions.

The episode ends with October 31, Halloween, approaching, as the residents of Death City decorate: the girls in the dormitory decorate, although Kim and Jacqueline still seem awkward around each other, and Master and the Thompsons decorate Deathbucks. Meanwhile, vendors set up their wares for sale in Death City. Among the vendors dressed in Halloween costumes is Shaula, who has dressed as a witch and is selling a variety of her venom-tipped jewelry as she plans to make her biggest move yet.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • The girls do not sing in the manga, causing Meme's eventual recovery to be triggered by different means.
  • Marianne is an anime-only character: she does not appear in Meme's story in the manga, hence her interactions with Eternal Feather are absent in the corresponding manga chapter.
  • In the corresponding chapter, Jacqueline has made a witch's outfit for Kim to wear for Halloween, whereas in this episode, Kim and Jackie seem to still be distant from each other.


Soul Eater Episode 9 - Tezca Tlipoca cameo

One of Meme's souvenirs resembles Tezca Tlipoca's head

  • Of the junk atop Meme, one is a keychain that looks like the head of a sharp-tooth bear. This item has a strong resemblance to Tezca Tlipoca, and the presence of only the bear's head on the keychain may be a reference to his beheading by Justin Law in the manga. Although present in the Soul Eater NOT! manga, primarily in cameos, Tezca himself does not appear in the anime.
  • The song sung by the girls for their pumpkins is "Kimi ga Ireba".
  • As a sloth is associated with lethargy, there may be a thematic link between Meme's sleepwalking and her association with Marianne.
  • In the Japanese original release, Devil was voiced by Takuya Masumoto, and the Man was voiced by Genki Yoshimoto.
  • The Funimation dub included Josh Martin as a casino customer[1] and additional performances by Kenny Green, Chris Ryan, Daniel Litwin, Christopher Wehkamp, Dallas Reid, Patrick McAlister, and Ashleigh Domangue.


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