Chapter 55 - Soul and Wes in a Flashback
English Title The Evans
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Head Unknown
Base of Operations Unknown
Status Active
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Manga Debut Chapter 55
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The Evans are, according to the Little Ogre, a well established family of musicians that includes the renowned Death Scythe and scythe weapon, Soul Eater.[1]


Wealth and InfluenceEdit

According to the Little Ogre, the Evans are a family of famous, evidently wealthy musicians.[2] The Evans' musical skill is highly regarded, with Wes Evans known as a "Virtuoso Violinist".[2] Soul Evans himself was known as an excellent pianist by not only those who were familiar with the family[2] but also his closest peers.

The family's musical skill was high enough that Soul felt his musical ability was inferior to his brother's, with the Little Ogre claiming Soul feared his piano skills would shame his family's reputation, even though Soul had no one in his family against which to compare himself.[2]

Demon Weapon ConnectionEdit

Unknown to the family, however, the Evans also possess Demon Weapon blood. This fact was made when Soul had awaken his weapon abilities, a feat in which surprised him, his brother Wes, and their grandmother.[2]

List of members of the Evans FamilyEdit

Name Skill Status
Soul EvansPianistActive
Wes EvansViolinistActive
Evans' Grandmother????Active


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