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Fairies (妖精 Yousei in Japanese) are small, tiny human-like beings with wings. They are relatively peaceful and fun-loving. Fairies are only seen in the Eternal Cave in Soul Eater.


Fairies appear as tiny humans with pointed ears and wings coming out of their backs. All of them seem to be female and wear white button-up shirts and white ankle-length buttoned skirts and brown shoes. They also wear beanie hats, in which strands of their brown-blonde\blonde hair poke out, looking rather like antennae. They have a pink horizontal stripe marking below each of their eyes and also glow a light blue colour. In the anime, there are more variations to the fairies' appearances, such as hairstyles and hair colour.

Fairies are usually cheerful and social, often coming together in groups. They are not hostile towards humans. Unlike the usual depictions of fairies, who are often afraid of human beings, the fairies of the Soul Eater series seem outwardly curious of humans, not being afraid to approach them. They seem to like freshwater caves, since the Eternal Cave is also known as the Fairy's Paradise. The only reason that not many fairies inhabit this area is because it is also the dwelling of the annoying Excalibur. Like humans, the fairies cannot stand Excalibur, and make the same disgusted face as the other characters when anyone mentions his name. Only one fairy seems to want to stay in the Eternal Cave, even if it means putting up with Excalibur. The fairies seem to be seen as an ancient race of magical creatures associated strongly with Excalibur.

In the anime, they also seem to have the ability to cause flowers and plants to grow when they are especially happy, and have a fondness of taking a nap on them. They love celebrating and even have a taste for beer.


In the anime, When fairies are happy and are in a group, they seem able to cause large amounts of flowers to pop out of the ground, no matter what soil or what area they are in. The flowers however, immediately wilt and disappear when the fairies are not in a good mood.

Although not a notable ability, fairies are able to fly through the wings on their backs. Of course, their small size makes their flight capabilities a little limited.

List of Fairies in Soul EaterEdit


  • Interestingly, the fairy who always stays in the Eternal Cave with Excalibur ranked 29th in the Soul Eater Official popularity poll.
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