Feodor (フョードル) was the Meister of Tsar Pushka, the Death Scythe in charge of the Eastern European Branch of the DWMA.[1]

Cultural References

Feodor's name is a reference to Tsar Feodor I of Russia, son of Ivan the Terrible. His reign was a short and ineffectual one and by most accounts he was a feeble-minded and physically weak, dying heirless and without significant legacy beyond his commissioning of the famous Tsar Cannon.[2]


Little has been seen of Feodor's personality, but from his fighting style multiple things can be ascertained. Whereas Tsar opted to endure the barrage of bloody needles, Feodor immediately charged forward, indicating an impulsive nature. Feodor also takes some of his battle cues, like other Death Scythe Meisters, from his partner, despite the traditional relationship of the meister being in command. It seems that his impulsiveness is such that he disregarded his partner's prudent advice and charged straight into Mad Blood.[3]


In comparison to the enormous proportions demonstrated by his partner, Feodor is much slighter in frame and although still relatively tall, he remains dwarfed by the much larger Tsar. Some additional bulk is granted by the heavy winter clothing he wears to combat the intense cold of the Russian climate, however, even this is not enough to conceal his evidently slender stature. This typical attire consists of what appears to be a heavy-duty and knee-length duffle cut, which features a thick fur-lined hood, worn over a simple pair of pants and combat boots. On his head he wears a tall bearskin hat with the Eastern European Branches insignia imbued on it, and added ear flaps, which for obvious reasons attracts attention away from his mundane facial features.[4]

Feodor's jacket is embellished with various insignia of different origins, such as the emblem of DWMA's Russian branch upon its left chest, which is comprised from a hammer-like skull that is intersected by a simplified sickle, much like the symbol of the former Soviet Union, and Deaths skull on his right shoulder.

Special Abilities

Chapter 83 - Feodor recovers

Feodor using the Demon Cannon.

Meister (職人, Shokunin): Feodor is known to employ the Death Scythe transformation of Tsar Pushka, which is known as the Demon Cannon. In battle, he combines his martial art prowess, the weapon's crushing strength and Anti-Demon Wavelength, and his agility as well as physical prowess to overwhelm his opponents. Such a combination of ability even received compliments from Medusa Gorgon.[3]

Soul Perception (魂感知能力, Tamashii Kanchi): Feodor possess the ability to sense the souls of individuals.[1]

Martial Arts (武道, Budō): Feodor is a high capable martial artist. According to Ragnarok, he not only praise for his skills being exceptional, which is expected of a Death's Weapon Meister;[5] his skill level is on par with that of Black☆Star's unarmed combat skill during the latter's inclusion into Spartoi, though the strength level is vastly different.[6]

Chapter 83 - Feodor showcasing skill 01

Feodor attacks Crona with Command Cossack

  • Command Cossack (コマンドコッサク, Komando Kossaku): This is Feodor's Martial Way fighting style. The style itself features a distinctive cross-armed stance, which results in the technique comprising exclusively from energetic kick sequences when Feodor preforms offensive maneuvers. However, by incorporating various gymnastics movements such as flips and headstands, which make the most of his proficient agility and dexterity, the style becomes extremely versatile by retaining the capability to launch devastating blows from unusual angles.[1]

Enhanced Agility: Feodor possesses an incredible level of athelticism, being able to easily perform acrobatic flips, moves at incredible speeds enough to overwhelm Crona, and to be able to attack and hit Crona despite feeling no adverse effects from the Black Blood (though these attacks do not seem to cause any adverse effects on Crona).[3]


Partnered with Tsar Pushka

Demon Cannon (魔砲弾, Mahōdan): Utilizing this powerful transformation, Feodor is capable of attack individuals by attaching the weapon form to his foot. With his strength, he is capable of lifting it and taking advantage of it's crushing power and Anti-Demon Wavelength. Additionally, he can use the cable on the weapon transformation for evasion against other attacks.[3]

Chapter 83 - Purification



Mad Blood Arc

Mad Blood

Feodor charging into the Mad Blood.

Diligently patrolling the snow laden alleyways that line the darkened corners of Russia's capital, Feodor, accompanied by Tsar Pushka and with flashlight in hand, chances upon the young child that has been decimating their subordinates. Confirming Crona's identity as the desired aggressor with the application of Soul Perception, Feodor deftly avoids a barrage of vicious needles as he impetuously charges forward to launch a series of elegant but forcefully delivered kicks, which knocks back Crona's small frame into the awaiting clutches of Tsar. After concluding his intricate attack sequence, Feodor remains on the side-lines, preferring to simply observe his destructive partner in action.[7]

Tsar and Feodor's Fate

Feodor's fate.

Resuming his unrelenting assault under orders from Tsar, Feodor capitalizes upon his opponent's already unsteady posture with numerous brutal strikes to Crona's exposed joints, while Tsar exploits any resultant momentary openings from afar. Aware of how ineffectual the prior attacks where against the opposition's Black Blood, the pair literally combines their efforts as an enormous sharpened lance approaches their present position, which Feodor then purifies under the weight of a crushing kick. Avoiding the subsequent counter by propelling himself into the air, Feodor is abruptly forced back down to the ground below, where he makes the fateful decision to launch his own demon-repelling wavelength saturated body directly towards the awaiting foe. Intending to entirely obliterate the enemy with his illuminated form, Feodor disregards his partners prudent advice and charges into the obscured depths of Crona's Mad Blood.[8] Feodor is devoured by the blood's resultant madness and in turn, swallowing a large quantity of the liquid, before melting into the very madness itself. The remnants of his physical body are then thought to have hardened, forming one of the spherical masses of concentrated madness that now reside in Moscow.[9]

With the confrontation concluded and the pair now located behind a heavy steel door, both Feodor and Tsar's fates are revealed within the confines of the isolated room, where the two are individually imprisoned in separate spheres of Black Blood. While Soul Eater says "[t]hose globs are the Death Scythe and his meister," Maka Albarn, utilizing her Soul Perception abilities, confirms that the pair are still alive.[10]


  • By the end of the manga, it is not absolutely clear that Tsar Pushka, along with his meister Feodor, are dead. When finding the Black Blood spheres containing the Death Scythe and his meister, Maka Albarn refers to the spheres containing "living souls." Whether their bodies remained along with their souls within the spheres is not yet clear. When defending his father's execution order of Crona, Kid says the meister committed "what amounts to the murders of Death Scythe Tsar Pushka and his meister Feodor." Kid's remark may refer to a question of whether Crona committed murder (e.g., was responsible for their deaths), or a question as to whether the two are dead or, as Maka suggests, living but in a different form as souls without bodies. Soul Eater himself claims the two "are" the globs, suggesting their bodies were transformed.
  • It is ironic to note that Feodors relevance to his cultural reference is similar in how he is not given much prominence in the manga, and is rarely shown in full, compared to Feodor Pushka I short reign and innafection.


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