The Flying Dutchman (さまよえるオランダ人, Samayoeru Orandajin) was an agent of the Kishin known for his connection with the ghost ship, Nidhogg.[1]


An avid advocate and believer of the Kishin, he dismisses Death, Death the Kid, and the nature of a Reaper as well as passionately enjoys collecting human souls for the sake of the Kishin. Due to this, he also denounces the good-evil balance a Reaper upholds, mocking the idea and equating it to ridding him of freedom.[1] He also possess a eccentric side, prone to strange outbursts especially in stressful situations and having an unusual amount of fondness for his hat. He can also be considered dull-witted to a degree, divulging information about his self-destruct feature to Blair openly, only to accidentally press it himself when he grazed the button while picking up his hat.[2] Despite this however, the Dutchman is surprisingly perceptive. Able to pick up on the fact that Maka Albarn possessed an Anti-Demon Wavelength and could not be corrupted by the Kishin's madness.[3]


The Flying Dutchman has pale grey skin and shoulder-length, orange hair that flows down in a dreadlocks-like style. He also has a large, oval-shaped, pink nose and a very large, almost always open mouth; usually forming a huge-teethed grin or fearsome open-mouthed frown when angry. His teeth are so large, it is possible that he cannot fully close his mouth. On his head, The Dutchman wears a pair of very small glasses and a black hat which is shaped similar to a narrow lamp head. He wears a red cravat and a green-stripped vest, which is worn closed, underneath which a plain white shirt is also worn. He wears a pair of black pants that slowly become very bulged at their ends. The pants are tucked into a pair of orange striped socks and plain, pale, cream loafers.


Special Abilities

Ghost Ship | Factory

Episode 15 - Ghost Ship Nidhogg

Ghost Ship Nidhogg.

Ghost Ship Nidhogg (幽霊船「ニーズヘッグ」, Yūreisen "Nīzuheggu") & Nidhogg Factory (ニーズヘッグ工場, Niizuheggu Koujou): Formerly, the Flying Dutchman controlled the ship known as Nidhogg, describe the ship and himself to be one and the same. As such, while aboard the ship, he possess numerous powers and special abilities inside the ship such as manipulating the surroundings as well as pilot the ship[1] and utilize it's wepaons without a crew.[4] After building the Nidhogg Factory, he also exhibited much of the same abilities, capable of manipulating the pipes within the factory as well as the machinery.[3]

  • Evaporation (蒸発(じようはつ), Jōhatsu): The Flying Dutchman can phase though walls, cielings, and floors within both his Ghost Ship and later factory, using it as a form of transporting himself throughout both locations.[1][3]
  • Immortality (不死, Fushi): So long as either his factory or ship remains, the Flying Dutchman can survive the most horrendous of fates and damages such as being cut alive and being blasted by Blair's Pumpkin Cannon. Although he still feels pain, he is unable to be conventionally killed.[5]
  • Flight (フライト, Furaito): Flying Dutchman is capable of levitating in the air while within either his ship or factory.[1]




Black Dragon arc

The Flying Dutchman, aboard the Ghost Ship Nidhogg, attacks a village in the Baltic Coast and has the ship devour a piece of the village and kills Humans to collect their souls.[6]

Episode 15 - Kid encounters the Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman encounters Death the Kid.

Emerging from the floor, he gleefully is happy to see a group (Death the Kid and his weapon partners, Liz and Patty) of people aboard his ships and follows them with intent on taking their souls as offerings for the Kishin. When Kid attempts to collect the souls per his duties as a Reaper, the Flying Dutchman interrupts his process with a gun to his face, surprised to have met a Reaper. Kid dodges the shot and the Dutchman captures Liz into his ship to be digested. Deducing him to be an Evil Spirit, Kid questions on what he intends to do with the collected souls, answering him and claiming to collect them to offer to Kishin. Although Kid assumes him to refer to Ragnarok, he denies that and cryptically refers to "Kishin closest to you guys" instead before engaging into battle with Kid and Patty.[7]

Episode 15 - Kid and Patty as the Flying Dutchman berates Kid

Flying Dutchman as he berates Death the Kid.

During the battle, he berates Kid's power for it's under performance despite Kid's objections that he had yet to do anything and goads him to show him the power of a Reaper, stating that as a worshipper of the Kishin, he is considered evil. Though Kid instead tells him about the balance between good and evil a Reaper upholds, he denounces the concept and claims to be an idea that not everyone wants to believe in. Although Kid's continue protests makes him think that his "freedom" will be taken, Kid delivers an ultimatum, stating he wouldn't grant him the freedom to kill as he wishes.[8]

Episode 15 - Crona cuts the Flying Dutchmans body in half

Crona bisects the Flying Dutchman.

As the battle is taken upon the deck and Kid regains Liz and is able to use the Thompson sisters' Demon Twin Guns transformation together, their fight is interrupted as the Flying Dutchman's mouth is impaled through by the likes of Ragnarok's Black Sword transformation. Crona then emerges from behind and bisects him in half further with the sword.[9] Survivng the attack, he proclaims that he cannot die as long as Nidhogg stands and fires his cannons at both Kid and Crona. In return, he finds Nidhogg critically damaged when Crona and Ragnarok retaliate with Screech Alpha.[10]

With Nidhogg mostly destroyed and making the pieces of it into a makeshift raft, the Flying Dutchman woefully plans to start from scratch, asking the Kishin to grant him a good voyage.[11]

Between Black Dragon arc & Clown arc

After leaving the Nidhogg ship to sink, the Flying Dutchman managed to re-assemble himself and seize an abandoned Borscht Seven Factory in Russia, coming to form a relationship with the factory similar to his relationship to the factory: he and the factory are one, thus he can control the pipes and structure of the factory to draw upon the Kishin's madness to produce clowns from the Kishin's madness, which only improves upon Asura's resurrection.

Clown arc

Soul Eater Chapter 41 - Flying Dutchman attacks Maka

The Flying Dutchman uses the factory's own pipes to encase Maka

Once the DWMA realizes the abandoned Russian factory is operational again, the Academy assigns Maka Albarn, Death the Kid, and their weapons to investigate the Russian Borscht Seven Factory. From the top of the factory, the Dutchman watches Maka, Soul Eater, and Blair enter through an air vent, while an obsessive Kid circles the building, struggling to find a proper entrance. As Maka investigates, the Flying Dutchman dissolves from the ceiling, shooting the factory's pipes like tendrils at Maka to encase her. The Dutchman intends to take care of the cat first, but Blair unleashes Pumpkin Cannon, saving both her and Maka.

Maka asks why the Dutchman is in this prohibited area, while the ghostly being chuckles. He introduces himself as "a prisoner of madness," pleased at Asura's resurrection to be that light against the darkness of confusion, and intending to use this factory to manufacture madness in the form of The Clown to give freedom to the people. The Dutchman fades back into the pipes of the factory, but Maka gives chase, demanding to know, from this Kishin agent, Asura's location. Pipes emerge wrap around Maka again, but she slices them away with Witch-Hunt.

Although the Dutchman laughed at Maka's fight, he realizes she is using an Anti-Demon Wavelength, which can damage the factory's madness potential. While the Dutchman is hesitant, The Clown emerges behind him, intending to turn her as he had "the other one." The Clown ignores this information, telling the Dutchman to do as he wishes, but as The Clown knows no person can avoid madness, it intends to turn Maka.

Soul Eater Chapter 43 - The Flying Dutchman dies

The Dutchman dies

While Maka faces The Clown, Blair finds the Dutchman, stealing his hat and exposing his bald head. The Flying Dutchman gives chase, but Blair manages to elude the ghost, leaving him bloody and injured as the factory's machinery rips into him. Blair deposits the Dutchman's hat atop the factory's self-destruction button, such that, when the Dutchman finally requires his hat, he taps the button, destroying the factory and, by his association with that factory, killing him as well. The Dutchman is last seen ascending, like an angel, heavenward.



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