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Partially from being fanatic from seeing "Soul Eater" on the cover, and partly from a little bit of confusion today I ended up purchasing every Yen Plus+ issue from November 2008 to May 2009. Beginning November 2008 it looked like Yen Press began to publicize fully translated portions of Soul Eater in their YenPlus+ magazine. Since I've got the copies, it basically means I've got the official translations for various terms in the series. Since it's probably easier to aggregate all the stuff I find as a read through than it is to break off and make massive changes to the wiki each time I see something, I'm going to start building a list here. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) May 1, 2009 @ 03:37 (UTC)

Heh, it's official. I was reading the April 2009 edition of Yen+ on the midnight I turned 20. Is this a bad omen? ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) May 1, 2009 @ 07:15 (UTC)
  • Quotes are direct quotes, the only difference is ALL CAPS is used in publication for all writing, and I just can't bring myself to make all my quotes SHOUT. So ignore case, all the other punctuation oddities are directly quoted (like the use of "!!")
  • Introduction blocks have two levels, a top and a bottom, normally a title and a name, I'll be using the form "Top / Bottom" when quoting them
November 2008
  • Rasputin's quote we were quoting was actually translated as "Don't waste your time!! Not even bullets have any effect on me!!"
  • Rasputin was actually introduced as "Phantom Monk Rasputin"
  • Chapter 1's title was named as "Chapter 1: Remedial Lesson (Part 1)" not Supplementary Lessons
  • Soul Eater is introduced as "Demon Scythe / Soul Eater". This can finally settle the ["魔" doesn't always mean "demon"] debate, official English basically calls them demon weapons.
  • Soul Eater's introduction, when he's whacking the alarm clock in the morning he has a "Aphex Twin" poster on his wall, a reference to another part of the series?
  • Blair is introduced as "Cat Witch / Blair". We're going to have to wait till the first actual volume of Soul Eater is released, YenPlus+ started at chapter 1 and didn't include the prologue where Blair said she wasn't a witch. I guess this just makes what a witch is, who can use magic, and who is called a witch a little strange.
  • Maka is introduced as "Scythe Meister / Maka", so we can also do away with fan translations like technician, "Meister" is used directly in official English as well as directly on the badges in the Japanese.
  • Shinigami Buki Shokunin Senmon Gakkō (死神武器職人専門学校; Literally meaning "Shinigami Weapon Meister Vocational School"), or Shibusen (死武専) was translated as (direct quote) "Death Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA for short)"
  • Soul and Maka are in "Class Crescent Moon", something we might have missed.
  • Spirit was introduced as "Shinigami-sama's Current Weapon / Death Scythe", I guess we can put the -sama back in Shinigami's article.
  • When Spirit writes the "E" down next to Soul Eater's name YenPress opted for using the meaning "Evil" in the translation, rather than lowest-grade.
  • Fun fact, not in the anime, I don't even remember if it was in the manga. After sending Soul and Maka out of the classroom there was a quick scene:
    • Spirit: "Now then..." "...To start class!"
    • Class (Gulp, Buzz, ...)
    • Spirit: "I'm going to introduce you to a field you know nothing about yet."
    • Spirit: "You're going to learn all about the cabaret club business." "What do you think?"
    • Class (Silence)
  • Official translation for the three "The Way of Assassination" rules.
    1. "Blend into the shadows... Control your breathing... And wait for your target to let down his guard!!"
    2. "Tune in to your target; Predict his thoughts and actions!!"
    3. "Strike your target before he notices you!!"
  • Black Star is introduced as "Shadow Weapon Meister / Black☆Star". The ☆ is included in introduction, and all uses of his name.
  • Tsubaki is introduced as "Demon Shadow Weapon / Tsubaki"
  • Quickie, Shinigami is introduced as "Shinigami-sama"
  • Eek... they missed a translation a little Maka's answer to the duties of a Meister and a Weapon "To have the weapon eat the souls of ninety-nine humans and one witch..." "...Makin it into the death scythe—Shinigami-sama's weapon."
  • The cemetery's name is "Hook Cemetery"
  • Sid is introduced as "Former DWMA teacher / Sid"
  • Translation note says the tattoo on Sid's shoulders say "Death", and the writing on his headband says's "Hole".
  • During the fight with Sid Maka directly uses the term "Demon Weapon".
  • "Shadow Weapon Mode: Shuriken" for the name of Tsubaki's Shuriken form.
  • Extra bit of confirmation "Soul Wavelength[s" and "Soul Resonance" are both used.
  • Witch Hunt is translated fully as "The great traditional technique of the scythe meister!!" "Witch-Hunt Slash!!" (note that this was three lines "Witch-" "Hunt" "Slash!!", so it's considered one word)
  • "Trap☆Star" is explicitly named.
  • Kid introduced as "Shinigami-sama's son / Death the Kid"
  • Thomson sisters as "Demon Twin Guns / Patti & Liz"
  • Stein's lab is called "Patchwork lab"
  • Stein is introduced as "Doctor / Franken Stein"
  • Translation note for Sid; His name is spelled "Sid" in English, but in Japanese written "Shido" spelled with the characters meaning "dead" and "person", the note notes how the name fits him.
  • For Sid's entrance "Sid-Sensei is saying "Ohisashiburi-desu," a common phrase in Japanese that is roughly translated into "long time, no see." However, to make the term polite (as he insists he is), he adds -desu at the end, which sounds like "death" in English. He is using a pub by saying "death" where he should say "desu."
  • "In the original Japanese, Sid-sensei says "KILL (kiru) koon kaan koon.: "Kiin koon kaan koon: is a fairly standard way to represent the sound of school bells in Japanese. But in Sid-sensei's case, he replaced "kiin" with "kiru" (kill).
  • "Sid-sensei calls his attack "Living End," but written next to the words "Living End" is the phrase "juuji otosji," which means "cross slam."
December 2008
  • Chapter 2's title "Chapter 2: Remedial Lesson (part 2)"
  • The cabaret club's name is "Chupa♡Cabra's"
  • Shinigami's explanation "A Meister and a weapon are like an electric guitar and an amp." "The sound (soul wavelength) that comes from an electric guitar (Meister) by itself is rather faint..." "But when you connect an amp (Weapon) to it, the soul wavelength is amplified, giving it a lot of power."
  • The guitar maka is holding is noted to be a "Gibson SG"
  • Black Star's move is named "Black☆Star Big Wave"
  • Stein's Soul Authority otherwise known as "Soul Purge" and "Soul Threat" by fans wasn't even named at all during the initial fight with him.
  • Ok, there was a clearer use of the Witch Hunt's name with Witch and Hunt on the same line "Witch-Hunt Slash" was directly used so the - is included as part of the name.
January 2009
  • Chapter 3 title 'Chapter 3: The "New Student" and "Soul Observation"'
  • Kid still refers to himself as "a Shinigami"
  • "Friendship Combination!!" for Soul's and Black Star's move
  • "Execution Mode" and "Death Cannon"
February 2009
  • The name of the church in Florence (Italy) is "Santa Mario Novella Basilica"
  • Medusa is introduced as "Witch Medusa"; Ok, so Blair's "Cat Witch" differs from the normal "Witch" introduction, so we can still write her off as not a normal witch.
  • Crona is introduced as "Demon Sword Master / Crona" and Ragnarok as "Demon Sword / Ragnarok". No this is not a typo from my end, unless someone on there end made a typo Crona is introduced as a "Master" not a "Meister".
  • Chapter 4's title is "Chapter 4: Demon Sword (Part 1)"
  • Sonson J doesn't get an introduction block, Maka refers to him with "Sonson-J, bloodthirsty killer of Emerald Lake, [...]"
  • Crona mentions "Kishin", but no mention of evil human souls have been made. Maka just says that "taking souls that aren't on Shinigami-sama's list and taking to many souls are forbidden!!"
  • Crona's phrase has been translated as "...I'm... no good at talking to girls..." then later Crona says in response to Medusa "But, I don't know how to deal with girls..."
  • "Scream Resonance" is the name used by Crona for their resonance, not Screach as some fan translations have used.
March 2009
  • Driving his soul wavelength into Crona's body, Stein names the move "Soul Menace" and the double "Two Palm Soul Menace" "Twin Spears!".
  • Experimental Spirit Body is named "Experimental Ectoplasm"
  • When using the Witch Hunt with it's different appearance with Spirit, Stein still calls it "Witch-Hunt Slash"
April 2009
  • Chapter 6's title: "Chapter 6: Holy Sword"
  • The cave's name is 'Fairy Paradise "Eternal Cavern"'
  • A reference to "Seed of a Kishin" is made.
  • Spirit explicitly states that all the souls on Shinigami's list are evil and reaffirms the list being the rule.
  • Translation notes lists that note I made about Charisma Justice which Black Star refers to being from B.Ichi (I have the first two volumes of it for those who want notes).
May 2009
  • Masamune is refered to as "The Uncanny Sword / Masamune"
  • "Chapter 7: Uncanny Sword (part 1)"
  • Village's name "East Asia, Needle Village"
  • Black Star says '[he] can't sense a "Soul Response" like Maka..."
  • "Puppet Shadow" and "Puppet Thrust" used by Masamune
  • "Ninja Sword" and "Chain Scythe" form for Tsubaki

New edition coming in: (Shit, I just realized July was out and I bought it thinking only June was out) ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) Jun 5, 2009 @ 03:56 (UTC)

June 2009
  • "Chapter 8: Uncanny Sword (Part 2)"
  • Masamune's skill "Soul Possession"
  • Patty, not Patti.
  • "Shuriken", "Smoke Bomb", "Transformation", "Ninja Sword", "Japanese Sword"
  • "Puppet Rain"
  • Mode: "Uncanny Sword"
July 2009
  • "Chapter 9: Persevering Soul"
  • A "Witch Mass"
  • "Joma Joma Dublahsa"
  • "Maba-sama" (No Witch intro, -sama is used like with Shinigami)p
  • "Witch / Eruka Frog"
  • "Witch / Mizune"
  • Soul's Reference to Little Demon is actually "It's a little over wearing a double-breasted suit..."
  • The Little Ogre's statement to Soul is " are qualified."
  • The water is still '"Kyukon" Water'
  • Double confirmation, it's "Uncanny Sword Mode" for Tsubaki.
  • Side note, Ero-Neko was translated as "Sexy Cat"
  • Medusa's snakes are "Automatic" and she also states "I suppose you could call them incredibly simple magic life forms."
  • Free is introduced with the given alias: "The man with the demon eye"
September 2009
  • "Black Blood"
  • "Chapter 11: The Experiment (Part 2)"
  • "Fighting Wolf Fist"
  • "Demon Eye Cannon"
  • "Goddammit! Shit!!"
  • "Wolf Wolves, Wolf Wolves!"
  • "Ice Sphere"
  • "Ice Shackle Bullet"
  • The Little Ogre uses the term "Madness" (^_^ We finally have have something official, no Insanity vs. Madness vs. Craziness anymore)
  • "Witch\nHunt\nSlash"
  • "6 Hunt Slash"
  • "Wolf Tail Wall"
  • "Black Sword" (Ragnarock)
  • "Scream Resonance"
  • "Screech Alpha"
October 2009
  • "Chapter 12: Ultimate Written Exam"
  • "Ultimate Written Exam"
  • The topic of the class Stein was teaching for the exam was for is "Soul Studies"
  • Spirit was sending "Good Luck" vibes to Maka
  • "Sexy Lingerie"
November 2009
  • "Chapter 13: Black Dragon (part 1)"
  • "The Baltic Coast"
  • "The Baltic Sea"
  • "Ghost Ship Nidhogg"
  • "Captain of the Nidhogg" "The Flying Dutchman"
  • "Kishin-sama"
  • 'Death God Taijutsu: "Guilty" Stance'
January 2010
  • "Demon Eye"
  • "Independent Cube"
  • "Calculation Spell"
  • "Chapter 15: The Anniversary Celebration"
  • "a certain lab in Libya" (in reference to Medusa's lab)
  • "Calculation Spell!!! MAgic Calculation!!!"
  • "Materialize area confirmed!!" "Spacial magic..." "...Independent Cube!!!"
  • "Forced Burial!!!"
  • "The Mizune Family!"
  • "Beam Whiskers!!!!"
  • Translation note from the issue: 'Independent Cube: Although the name is "Independent Cube" in English, the kanji given mean "area of non-interference."'
February 2010
  • "Chapter 16: A Fight to the Death at the Anniversary Celebration (part 1)"
  • "Asura"
  • "Asura was by far the strongest in the Eight Shinigami Legions."
  • "Maddness"
  • "Beam Whisters!!!"
  • "Vector Arrow X3!!"
  • "Uncanny Sword Mode!!"
  • "Death Slide!!"
  • Translation note from the issue: 'Asura: Asura is al so a term for a low rank of deity in Buddhism and Hinduism, Asuras are typically portrayed as belligerent, looking for any excuse to get into a fight.
March 2010
  • "Chapter 17: A Fight to the Death at the Anniversary Celebration (part 2)"
  • "Speed☆Star"
  • "Screech Alpha!!"
  • "Scythe Meister Maka"
  • "Demon Sword Master Crona"
  • "Bloody Slicer!"
  • "Bloody Needle!!"
  • "Scream Resonance"
  • "Soul Thread Sutures"
  • "Consecutive Soul Menace!"
  • "Three Fold!! "Gi"!! "Go"!! "Shoku"!!" (Sho-ku is line broken)
  • "Two Palm Soul Menace!!"
  • "Vector Plate"
  • "Light Serpent!"
  • "Vector Storm!"
  • "Witch-Hunt Slash!!"
  • "Screech Gamma!!"
  • Translation note from the issue: 'Gi Go Shoku: Gi, Go, and Shoku are how the Japanese refer to the Three Kingdoms of aincient China: Wei, Wu, and Shu. Also, when Stein says, "THree-fold!!" he uses the word "Sankogu," which is a homonym for the Japanese word for "three countries/kingdoms."
April 2010
  • "Images flow by like a sheet of rain. Place, sound, and time pass over me in an instant. Looking forward and taking it all in, I move forward... "NOISE" Without even noticing the loud static getting closer..."
  • "Chapter 18" (Chapter title is absent)"
  • "Number Six Hunt Slash!!"
  • 'Letter "u" Hunt Slash!!"
  • "Screech Gamma!!"
  • "Smashing Pumpkin!"
  • "Little Bunny"


  • Need to double check "Patty" vs. "Patti", noticed some confusion, don't know if the manga is consistent.
  • Track down a copy of August and December of 2009.
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