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I was terrified....terrified of the person I might become, even though all that mattered to me in the end was that I had fun and could do whatever I wanted. That's when I learned I needed someone in control. Not a greedy despot who would rule with tyrannical disregard for the want and needs of others but the rule of a god who reigned without ego.

—Stein to Medusa, Episode 23

Franken Stein (フランケン・シュタイン, Furanken Shutain) is the eccentric but very talented doctor and meister whom is hailed as Death Weapon Meister Academy's strongest graduate in history. He later joins the academy as a instructor and operative in the E.A.T Class[2] and is partnered with Marie Mjolnir after the ressurection of Asura.[3] He is a major supporting character in Soul Eater and a supporting character in Soul Eater Not!.




Special AbilitiesEdit

List of techniquesEdit

Wavelength Control techniques
Soul Force variations
Partnered with Spirit Albarn
  • Experimental Spirit Body (実験霊体, Jikken Reitai): This soul resonance technique allows Franken Stein with the usage of Spirit's weapon form to create a large, globular spiritual body to protect him from incoming attacks where the body's composition is gelatinous. He used this Special Art to stop Crona/Ragnarok's Bloody Needle attack.[4]




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