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Frey D. Sadoko (フレイ・D・サドコ, Furei Dī Sadoko) was a Human serial killer who was killed by both Maka Albarn and Soul Evans to collect as their final evil human soul.[1]

Cultural ReferencesEdit

Frey D. Sadoko is a combination of "Freddy" (for Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street movies) and "Sadoko" (for Sadoko Yamamura from the Ring movies). She has the ghastly appearance and hair of Sadoko paired with long nails resembling Freddy Krueger's clawed glove. Her victims are forced to listen to a cursed recording (à la Sadoko) and then executed inside their nightmares (à la Freddy Krueger).[2]


Frey has a habit of cursing and blaspheming, possessing no respect for anyone from DWMA. She is immoral, killing her victims by making them listen to a cursed record which allowed her to then kill them in their dreams.[1]


Frey appears as a young woman whose most noticeable characteristic was her set of long black nails on each finger. She also had long black hair that obstructed her face, wore a close-fitting, slightly tattered, black and white striped top that exposed the shoulders and a tattoo, as well as part of her midriff. She also wore a studded belt with a hashtag or grid-like symbol and chains attached to it. Her trousers were also close-fitting, taking on the appearance of jeans.[3]



Nine Inch Nails: Frey has the ability to project her nails outward onto a target, implied to be able to cut and slash at her target.[1]


Cursed Recording: Not much is known about this cursed recording though it seemingly allows Frey to enter one's nightmare.[1]


Grigori ArcEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 62 - Maka claims Frey D Sadoko's soul

Frey is killed by Maka and Soul.

Having gained the attention of the DWMA due to her serial killings involving using a Cursed Recording and forcing her victims to listen to it then enter their nightmares to kill them, she is hunted by Maka Albarn and Soul Eater. As she attacks the duo, Maka easily blocks her attack and finishes her off in one swipe of the Demon Scythe, reducing her into their 100th soul. She is consumed by Soul Eater.


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