Friendship Combination
Friendship Combine
Technique Data
English Title Friendship Combination
Romaji Yūjō Gattai
Katakana 友情合体
Alternate Title(s)
Derived Magic
Real World Data
Manga Debut 3
Anime Debut 6

Friendship Combination (友情合体, Yūjō Gattai; Literally meaning "Friendship Fusion") is a joke move used by Black☆Star and Soul during their first fight with Kid. The move consists of Soul jumping up into the air, changing into his Scythe form and coming straight downwards to be caught by Black☆Star with his hands above his head. Despite this initial plan, Black☆Star missed the catch which resulted in him catching Soul's blade in the dead center with his head instead. Soul then slides down and off, as Black☆Star stops the subsequent comically exaggerated spraying blood by pushing the two separated parts of the top point of his hair together, with the blood acting much like glue. Black☆Star then proceeded to attempt to pick up Soul, failing miserably and harming Soul in the process by forcing in his wavelength, even though the two of their wavelengths didn't match.


  • This move appears to be part of a running joke about Black☆Star, as he seen being cut in the head numerous times in the series, originating from his first appearance when Angela cuts him in the head with one of Mifune's swords.
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