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Upset that You and others have formed an Usher Hate Club, Usher turns over the manga to the story of Larry and Punk Guy.

GAIDEN 2 is the second Soul Eater GAIDEN short story. It first appeared in Volume 2 of the manga Soul Eater.

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The story begins in Atsushi-Ya, “a gathering place for people confident in the strength of their immune system.” Here, Usher is annoyed to see You, Shiozawa Pesuto, and an unknown rabbit-like person, Tonogai, forming the Usher Daikirai Club (Usher Hate Club).

Usher is shocked to be hated and demands to know why Tonogai, someone he has never known, is against him. Tonogai explains that they simply think You will win. Usher seizes Tonogai by an ear, claiming that as manager he is more important than the bartender You. You responds by swinging a baseball bat at Usher’s chin, causing him to let go of Tonogai.

Usher lies face down in his blood, as he says he had intended to expand this chapter of the Atsushi-Ya Manga to four pages to “build a deeper relationship with you all.” Instead, before he cackles, he says he is going to start a manga that his editor had rejected.

The Story of Larry

Two men sit underneath numerous buildings. The first man, a samurai armed with a sword and sitting on a sofa in the alley with his feet atop a box of tangerines, wears a suit, has dark hair with three spiked hairs off the top of his head and is breathing out skull-shaped smoke. This man, Larry, says he has nothing to do today to Jagi, a shorter laughing demon who drools and wears a hoodie, jeans, and sneakers with a beanie or baseball cap. Jagi replies, “Jagi shash shasha.”

Larry is interrupted by Punk Guy, who is now shaven bald, the barber failing to give him the mohawk like Rancid that he wanted. Punk Guy, sobbing, asks for someone to kill him. Larry stands with his sword and offers to help: he slices into the middle of Punk Guy’s head to give him a mohawk of squirting blood, which satisfies Punk Guy. Larry reclines back in his sofa and is satisfied with his work.


Usher, still face down, asks whether the others are upset that he did not include them in the manga. Tonogai and Shiozawa answer no.

The chapter ends wishing to see again the readers, or “those of you who, when asked, ‘Isn’t this manga great?’ answer, ‘Not really.’”


  • Tonogai would be not be named until Gaiden 3.
  • Likewise, Larry and Jagi's identities as a samurai and a laughing demon would not be revealed until "Larry and Jagi."
  • Larry, Jagi, and Punk Guy have similarities to Soul Eater characters.
    • Larry resembles Death the Kid, in his dark suit, hair design, and body shape.
    • Larry’s hair has three spikes, resembling the spikes along Death’s soul.
    • The smoke coming from Larry’s cigarette resembles that coming off the cigarettes of Franken Stein and Spirit Albarn.
    • Larry and Jagi have sharp teeth, which with Jagi’s slobbering resemble those of Soul Eater.
    • Punk Guy’s hair bleeds from the very top of his head, like Black Star when Soul Eater slices into the top of his head in Chapter 3.


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