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Usher reveals Catlabor, making Atsushi-Ya a powerful bar now with a nuclear missile.

GAIDEN 3 is the third Soul Eater GAIDEN short story. It first appeared in Volume 3 of the manga Soul Eater.

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  • Nuclear missile
  • Lollipop


Atsushi-Ya is introduced as “a gathering place for people who, when asked, ‘Isn’t this manga great?’ answer, ‘Not really.’”

Usher says his bar needs a mecha, as introduces Catlabor, whose presence only confuses Pest, leaves Tonogai immobile, and provokes only “Hm-hmm” from You.

Usher commands Catlabor to introduce itself, but it is silent. Upset, Usher kicks the robot, knocking it along the floor and causing its abdomen to slide open, revealing a nuclear missile. Although initially surprised to have such a dangerous weapon in his bar, Usher then smiles and realizes this weapon helps make Atsushi-Ya the strongest: the bar has the strongest living creature, You, the biological weapon Pest, the thing from another planet Tonogai, and the nuclear mecha Catlabor.

Tonogai interrupts that having nuclear weapons will provoke a bombing. Usher sits down and chews on a lollipop, claiming Atsushi-Ya will be bombed at some point anyway, so it is better to have weapons.

The chapter ends referring to Atsushi-Ya as “a place where we sneak thinly veiled references to social issues into manga,” and looks forward to seeing again those with nuclear weapons.


  • Catlabor is a pun on Patlabor, a manga and anime series featuring mecha called Labors.[1]


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