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Usher, impressed that he has published five volumes of Soul Eater, celebrates with a soccer game.

GAIDEN 5 is the fifth Soul Eater GAIDEN short story. It first appeared in Volume 5 of the manga Soul Eater.

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At Atsushi-Ya, “a gathering place for people who have lost interest in reading this manga again,” Usher is impressed that he has published five volumes of Soul Eater, which is one volume more than his previous manga, B. Ichi. Usher adds that "Manga|Soul Eater started with just ten minutes of planning, a five-minute meeting with my editor,” and three one-shot stories.

Usher also says that throughout the five volumes, he has made small changes to the artwork to experiment in form. Yet he thinks he should make some changes to the GAIDEN as well. He admits he has been doing so already, writing this GAIDEN chapter without a rough draft, so he has one panel left to draw without knowing what to place in the last panel. He turns to Catlabor, Tonogai, Rat, and You to suggest a soccer game. Rat agrees.

On the next page, Catlabor kicks the soccer ball to Tonogai. Usher thinks how, as “a full-fledged mangaka,” he needs to have a good punchline. Once the soccer ball reaches him, he kicks, as he and his colleagues (except You) leap joyously.

The narrator interrupts that everyone is so preoccupied with soccer that they forgot the manga. The narrator then loses track, referring to “the type of kind woman” who would forgive such behavior before remembering that they are seeking readers.


  • The sign on Atsushi-Ya reads “Kaette Kita,” which means “returned” in Japanese and alludes to Kaette Kita Ultraman, a short live-action film made by Daicon Films, which would become the anime production company Gainax.[1]


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