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Gallows Mansion

Gallows Mansion, or simply Kid's mansion or The Gallows is the home of Death the Kid, Elizabeth Thompson and Patricia Thompson. It is located in Death City.


Gallows Mansion is located somewhere in a rocky terrain in Death City. It is likely within walking distance of the DWMA, as Crona was able to depart a party hosted at Kid's residence to return to the overnight rooms at the Academy.


Kid's home, Gallows Mansion is a large, impressive building, three stories tall with numerous rooms. Most importantly, the setup of the house is highly symmetrical, suiting Kid's expectations.

  • Entrance
  • One of Kid's framed art pieces
  • Bathroom
  • Kid at a draftsboard in his home
  • Piano in the atrium


As a mansion, Kid's residence includes numerous rooms for leisure and guests. A large room is used for hosting parties, and Kid and the Thompsons have used a large room for studying for (or procrastinating for) their DWMA exams.

Kid is particular about the symmetry in his home, whether his attention is on the candles lighting the rooms, the picture frames on the wall, or the toilet paper in the bathrooms. These have been the subjects of his concerns and fits of anxiety that hinder him on his missions.[1][2][3]


The outside of the house is skull themed, probably in reference to Kid being the son of Death. There is a black, tall metal gate in the front of the house with the sides and back of the house being surrounded by cement walls. There are two guillotines in the front yard, one on the left and the other on the right, both with a skull design on them. There is a staircase leading to the front door. There is also a patio with a skull on the outside of it and above this is a design that looks like a face or skull where the attic would be. A noticeable fact is that there are many tall windows arranged symmetrically across the building.

References Edit

  1. In prologue three (episode three of the anime), Kid retreats from his mission in Egypt because he believes that the picture hanging in the foyer of the Gallows was slightly off to the right. "It's probably my imagination, but...I think the picture hanging in the foyer of my house was off just a little bit to the right..." (Yen Press translation, Volume 1) After leaving a note on the ground and having a small fit of anxiety, he leaves the Thompson sisters on their own and they are captured by the Wrath of the Pharaoh. It was not off-centre at all.
  2. Also, in chapter two, Kid and the Thompson sisters set off to the Patchwork Lab to aid Maka, Soul, Black☆Star and Tsubaki in their fight against Stein. On the way, Kid breaks down, believing that he forgot to fold the end of his toilet paper in a triangle. He never arrives at the scene. "How could this have happened...? I may have forgotten to fold the end of the toilet paper into a triangle..." (Yen Press translation, Volume 2)
  3. Kid is also three hours late on his first day at the DWMA as a student. He is seen talking fondly about the symmetry in his house before he arrives at school, suggesting that that is how he has been spending his time. "Come on!! Starting today, we're going to school too. ♪ Let's go, Liz, Patty!" (Kid) "We're already three hours late..." (Liz) Black☆Star is also seen to be irritable at the fact that Kid is three hours late, further enforcing it as a fact and not an exaggeration. "When is that frickin' spoiled son of his gonna' get here!? I've been waiting for three hours already!!" (Yen Press translation, Volume 2)


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