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The Gigants (ギガント, Giganto) are special, ant-like Kishin creatures born from the Paraponera Clan's special cocoons containing Human souls.[1]


Resembling ant-like mechanical beings, Gigants are born from pure Human souls within the Paraponera Clan's cocoons. Gigants take around 4-6 days to develop, in which the Human souls are turned into Kishin Eggs during the process and attain Kishin Powers. Being consider Kishins, they also possess Kishin Egg souls.[1]

Although considered Kishins, they are not individually as powerful as the likes of the first generation Kishin, Asura.[1]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Gigant Physiology: Gigants possess a unique physiology, their skin being metallic in nature.[1]

  • Enhanced Durability: Gigants can withstand certain attacks from Demon Weapon forms such as the Tsubaki Mode Change: Chain Scythe transformation.[1]
  • Kishin Powers (鬼神の力, Kishin no Chikara): As Kishins, Gigants possess a formidable level of Kishin Power. This kind of energy can be used by Gigants offensively. Their Kishin Power is characterized by a red aura and floating, magical text.[1]


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