Gopher (ゴフェル, Goferu) is a Demon Tool Soldier and a former member of Noah's Group created by the Icon and Sorcerer, Noah (Greed), to be his loyal subordinate in his quest.[3] After his master's demise at the hands of Spartoi, he later affiliates himself with the Noah (Wrath) as he attempts to capture the Kishin.[5]

Cultural ReferencesEdit

Gopher may be an allusion to the Abrahamic story of the Great Flood. In Genesis 6:14, God tells Noah to build an ark out of gopherwood (Hebrew, "gofer"), which in many modern English translations is written as "cypress" instead.[6]


A loyal figure devoted to to pleasing Noah, Gopher hopes to prove worthy of being within the Sorcerer's collection.[7] Not only does this extend to the likes of the Icon of Greed's incarnation of Noah but later towards the Wrath Icon[8] and all of the others Icons created from the Book of Eibon.[9] This devotion proves strong enough to the point of him believing to being the only one who can satisfy the Icon of Greed and is protective of Noah, quick to injure the likes of Death the Kid for mildly irritating Noah by rearranging the bookmarks on the Book of Eibon.[10] Additionally, Gopher has admitted to having "feelings" for the Icon of Greed's incarnation of Noah[11] Justin also describes Gopher as always being uptight.[citation needed]

Gopher slips into an array of depression and anger when he believes he has failed Noah. He usually turns to violence, and, although in front of Noah himself, he even sometimes sheds tears.[citation needed] He only shows happiness when Noah shows some form of liking to him. In addition, Gopher also has an unusually extreme longing to become part of Noah's collection, as he views it as Noah finding something about him that is worth collecting.[citation needed]


Soul Eater Chapter 63 - Gopher's wings

Gopher's appearance.

Gopher's appearance is that of a young man with an oiled-up and slicked-back hairstyle. His appearance, surprisingly, is in stark contrast to his actual personality. Gopher wears a long-sleeved white shirt. The shirt is topped by a peak vest with various markings and designs spread across it. The same design is repeated on both the left and right side of his vest. His belt is also suffused with the same designs. Gopher also wears black pants with large bell bottoms which, once again, sport similar designs on the hemlines. Gopher's eyes are similar to Kid's, with the difference being his are dark blue instead of yellow and lacks a visible pupil.[12]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Augment (埋め込み, Umekomi): According to Maka Albarn, Gopher has received augmentation from a unknown, strange form of Magic.[13] These augmentations originated from Noah, who had created Gopher's body.[3]

Gopher firing bullet wings

Gopher using Bullet Wings.

  • Black Wings (黒羽, Kurohane): Due to magical augmentation to his soul by the sorcerer, Noah (Greed), Gopher has the ability to magically manifest qualities of his own Grigori soul to not only enable wings to be created with flight capabilities but to perform magical attacks as well.[14] He can also use it for defense, capable of even defending against even the Demon Scythe after Soul's transformation to a Death Scythe, much to the surprise of Maka Albarn.[15]
  • Bullet Wings (弾翅, Danshi): With the usage of his Black Wings, Gopher is capable of sprouting out small bullet-like feathers from his wrist at his target in quick succession, similar to a machine gun. These projectiles are also seen as the feathers of his wings, that are fired through a simple flapping motion.[7]
  • Love Cannon (キヤノンラブ, Kiyanonrabu): Due to his making as a Demon Tool Soldier, Gopher can utilize and create magically powered and powerful cannon-related attacks powerful enough to devastate a portion of mountains.[7] These magical cannons he creates are also linked and partially controlled by his emotions in addition, with one variant of the blasts allowing him to create a slower but homing version of the attack.[3]

Grigori (天使型(エグリゴリ), Egurigori): Like Maka, Gopher possesses a Grigori soul that can allow the access of the ability of flight.[14]

Chapter 64 - Gopher kicks Maka

Gopher strikes Maka.

Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Being his forte, Gopher is an excellent aerial combatant. He was skilled enough to fight and hold his own with the elite EAT student Maka Albarn as she utilized Soul Eater to fly and fight Gopher. He was seen performing a kick to Maka in which sent her flying backwards into a mountain.[3]

Enhanced Conditioning: Due to being a demon tool soldier, Gopher can take more punishment then that of a average human being, though still possesses blood. He's been able to move at speeds beyond Maka Albarn's reaction time in several instances and appearing within the blink of an eye with the use of his magic and Grigori Soul. In addition, he's been seen able to block attacks from Maka's scythe swings and even block the Witch-Hunt, though it still injured him.[3]


With his immense capabilities in Demon Tools, Noah (Greed) himself created Gopher as a Demon Tool Soldier and crafted his entire body and being. Since then, Gopher has had a fierce attachment to his creator, yearning to be a permanent bookmark in his collection.[16]


Grigori ArcEdit

As Justin Law returns to inform Noah (Greed) of his failed attempt to infiltrate Death City by Franken Stein and Marie Mjolnir, Gopher approaches Noah and states he feels he's the best choice at assassinating Maka and the Sorcerer agrees with this notion.[17]

Chapter 63 - Gopher taunts Death the Kid

Gopher taunts Death the Kid.

Some time later, Gopher dishes out punishment towards Death the Kid for reorganizing the bookmarks on the Book of Eibon. When Kid is defiant, Gopher hits him more times to attempt to make him learn his place with Noah but instead angers his master for damaging his "prized possession". Gopher quickly apologizes. Noah then tells Gopher to make preparations to assassinate Maka, incurring an angry Death the Kid. Gopher taunts the Death God with the notion of him being alone and that with him being a "touchy guy", a few corpses would keep him company.[18] Alone, he claims he's the only one who can satisfy Noah, also proclaiming Maka's fate at hand.[19]

Chapter 64 - Gopher outpaces Maka

Gopher outpaces Maka.

Being briefed by Noah, Gopher is given the task of assassinating Maka. Noah explains to him that although he doesn't mind If she's killed, her soul needs to be intact to utilize her Soul Perception abilities due to it being key to find Asura;'s hidden location. Listening intently, Gopher accepts the mission.[20] He then sets out, encountering Maka Albarn and Soul Eater and attacks the duo, reveling with an arrogant smirk at the idea of her being hunted for once. Gopher attempts to finish her off with his Love Cannon but misses. Maka deduces him to be a Grigori possessor and comments on his magic power augmentation, Gopher finding her Soul Perception disgusting as well as what makes her dangerous.[21]

Gopher quickly takes the advantage proving to be too fast for Maka to fight while flying. Gopher is unimpressed with Maka, finding her to be inadequate despite Maka being the one to defeat Arachne Gorgon. Gopher witnesses Maka become more determined, in which the Demon Scythe's wings change form as a result.[22]

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