The Great Old Ones (旧支配者 (グレート・オールド・ワン), Gurēto Ōrudo Wan) are immensely powerful god-like beings, each of whom preside over a particular form of Madness with their Wavelength, which is born from their very existence.[1]

Cultural ReferencesEdit

A Great Old One is an allusion to the "Great Old Ones" of the Lovecraftian mythos. Great Old Ones were ancient demonic cosmic deities who once ruled the Earth and are still worshipped in a bizarre fashion by some human cults — very similar to the roles played by characters such as Death and Asura in Soul Eater.[2] However unlike their inspirations most of these beings tend to be belevolent



People going mad

People going mad from the madness of a Great Old One.

The Great Old Ones are five individuals who embody a type of Madness. The very existence of the Great Old One's presence is so tremendously powerful that their physical existence plunges people into Madness.[3] In addition, their Madness Wavelength all emit a powerful force and are seemingly even with each other, as seen when Death the Kid confused the sensation of the Great Old One of Power's own Wavelength with Asura's Madness Wavelength.[1] It also seems unlike that of Arachne's Madness or the Madness of the Black Blood that can be resisted, the Great Old Ones' madness cannot.


Madness overtaking the world scenerio

Madness from a Great Old One is capable of affecting the world with devastating results,

The Great Old Ones are by far some of the most, if not, the most powerful beings in the series. It has been shown that Death is perhaps the most powerful Great Old One, as he surpassed even his firstborn son and apprentice, Asura, who was expressed to be the strongest of those who served Death; Eight Shinigami Legions, whose members are mostly consisted of Great Old Ones.[4] Excalibur himself is noted to be the most powerful weapon in the world[5] and is the inspiration behind the Demon Weapons.[6] Some of the individuals who are known as the Great Old Ones are often revered as true Gods.[7]

Madness of Power influencing Kid

Madness of Power influencing Death the Kid.

All of the Great Old Ones emit a Soul Wavelength on a godly level, giving birth to their Madness Wavelength. Their Madness Wavelength is so powerful, it sways all individuals of their Madness and can even have an effect on the weather, awaken sleeping Witches, or even cause natural disasters.[8] Their madness itself can be emitted in such a powerful fashion that it could even affect the entire world, as seen with the Madness of Fear emitted by Asura. Death himself is also reputed to have the ability to do the same.[7] In addition, the wavelength they emit has the potential of affecting the universe on a cosmic level.[9]

List of Great Old Ones Edit

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