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A Grigori (天使型(エグリゴリ), Egurigori) is a incredibly rare soul-type and are said to appear in only one in fifty million people.[3]



The soul of an individual who possesses a Grigori typically takes on the appearance of a normal soul with a pair of angel's wings along with a halo on top in some form in their soul. The appearance is not only exclusive to the soul; angelic-looking wings also seem to appear on the Soul Wavelength of those who possess a Grigori soul.


Flying Kamayari - (6)

Anya using Tsugumi's Halberd form to fly.

An extremely rare soul type, those with a Grigori Soul possess the ability to take flight. However, it is only possible If the user has some form of a "medium" to utilize the ability of flight. Some various races (Demon Weapon, Demon Tool Soldier) are capable of spawning the wings magically on their own or in weapon form.[4][2]

A Meister, however, requires an advance Death Scythe for a high level of wavelength control and it's "magical-like powers" born from the gaining of a Witch soul to create wings. It also can only be done in Soul Resonance in which both parties must picture a similar type of wing to produce. Such a process, however, is noted to be rather complex.[5]


  • Ohkubo uses the kanji 天使型 (Tenshigata, Angel Type) to describe this kind of soul but specifies in katakana that 天使型 is to be read as エグリゴリ (Egurigori, Grigori). This way, the word still carries the meaning of the kanji, but has a custom pronunciation and association. Grigori alludes to the angelic properties of this soul, namely the ability to manifest wings.[6] The term is taken from the mythological Grigori who appear in the Book of Enoch as fallen angels originally assigned by God to watch over humanity. However, their leader encouraged them to procreate with human women, which resulted in a race of half-breeds named "Nephilim" that ran roughshod over humanity and were eventally wiped out by Noah's Flood.
  • The Yen Press translation uses the spelling "Grigori," although the Japanese spelling indicates a Greek pronunciation.[6]


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