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Chapter 64 - Maka's Grigori Soul
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The Grigori Arc is the 16th story arc of the Soul Eater series. In the aftermath of the dissolution of Arachnophobia, Maka Albarn becomes a target for assassination by Noah's Group.


I am an Angel!Edit

As DWMA students and staff train post the inauguration of Spartoi, Maka and Soul ready themselves to learn how to fly with the use of Soul's advanced Death Scythe capabilities combined with Maka's Grigori Soul from both Marie Mjolnir and Maka's father Spirit, who is an expert at controlling wavelengths. However, much of the revelation of being an "angel" has enamored Maka to the point it annoys her weapon partner Soul, who shows indifference to the revelation. Both of them are unable to properly utilze the flight capabilities due to Soul's difficulty to think of Maka's renown positive traits as well as their difference in the mental imagery of wings, in which Maka yearns for it to have a more cute appearance. This sparks a rift in their partnership.[1]

Meanwhile, all of the students train with respective teachers, with Stein sparring with Black☆Star, Sid "training" with Patty and Liz, and with Tsubaki and Harvar watching over the trio Fire, Thunder, and Angela. Behind the scenes, Death and Azusa confer about Justin Law's whereabouts as they link Justin to the man that kidnapped Kid.[1]




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