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Grimoire (グリモア, Gurimoa) was a Sorcerer formerly of the Paraponera Clan as Princess Ponera's mentor who plotted to gain the powers of a Kishin.[1] He is one of the main antagonist and penultimate main quest line boss in the video game, Soul Eater: Monotone Princess.


Grimoire appears as a dark skinned young man. He always wears his his gray plaid cap on his head, which are attached to two piercings. His eye color is purple and his hair is brown. He has a tattoo on his left arm, consisting of many black worms. His clothing consists of a white undershirt and a pair of gray trousers, to which a tape is. He also has two chains, one of iron and the other is a string, in which is a piece of jewelry.[1]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Magic (魔法, Mahō): As a Sorcerer, Grimoire is capable of performing various kinds of Magic. Though centered on his book in which he has a innate connection to, Grimoire possess some Magic on his lonesome.[1]

  • Summon (召喚, Shōkan): Much of Grimoire's Magic revolves around the magical skill of using his Demon Book to summon various kinds of Magic Lifeforms in which follow the form of a type of Worm.[1]
  • Manipulation Magic (操作系の魔法, Sōsakei no Mahō): Grimoire is capable of manipulating Humans with his words alone, making them give up their souls into the Soul Cocoon and under his sway.[1]
  • Teleportation (瞬間移動, Shunkanidō): Grimoire and/or Ponera is capable of teleportation.[1]

Acrobatic Skill: Grimoire combines his summon capabilities with acrobatic movements to make himself a harder target to hit.[1]

Wavelength Control (波長コントロール, Hachō Kontorōru): Grimoire's variant of the skill enables him to control the souls of others enough to absorb their power. Although he uses his book to perform this, he is able to also do it on his own enough to have taught Ponera this ability.[1]

  • Kishin Powers (鬼神の力, Kishin no Chikara): By absorbing Gigant's soul and power, Grimoire gains access to the energy befitting a Kishin, allowing him to increase his power. Due to the level of power of a Gigant however, he is not as powerful as a first generation Kishin such as Asura.[1]


Grimoire's Magic Book (グリモアの魔法書, Gurimoa No Mahō-sho): Grimoire's book allows him to perform many his magical feats. Within the book stores various different kinds of spells that summon different types of worms. They also allow for special access to certain magics and absorb the power of any soul within his book.[1]

  • Barrier (結界, Kekkai): Grimoire, channeling the power of his Demon Book, can allow him to create a barrier.[1]
  • Summons
  • Hellworms (ヘルワーム, Heruwāmu) - a worm that chases the player and uses bite attacks.[1]
  • Ocareworm - a stronger variation of the Hellworm.
  • Ogleworm - a worm whose bite attacks heal Grimoire.
  • Ray Worm - a powerful burst of energy that causes poison or paralysis.
  • Green Worm - a worm whose bite causes poison effect.
  • Blue Worm - a worm whose bite attacks cause paralysis.


Monotone Princess arcEdit

Setting their plan in motion, Grimoire gathered human people in Italy and siphoned their soul using the Paraponera Clan's soul cocoon. However, this process was temporarily interrupted by Killbell. He bartered with the male by claiming the cocoon would allow him to be reborn stronger and offered him a cocoon with a soul. After the exchange and the draining of the other souls, he then uses magic to control the humans.[1]

Grimoire and Ponera talking

Grimoire and Ponera watch as DWMA gains one of their soul cocoons.

Later, Grimoire is present alongside Ponera as they watch Maka's team and Sid Barrett take the soul cocoon stolen from them by Alone and into Death Weapon Meister Academy. Grimoire is then tasked by Ponera on retrieving the cocoon from the DWMA. Complying with the order, the both of them teleport back to their hideout.[1]

Grimoire travels to Patchwork Lab using the underground caverns deep beneath the outskirts of the city connected to the Paraponera Clan's base of operations where he retrieves the soul cocoon as a Gigant was awaken and began destroying the inside of the lab. While only revealing his name, Doctor Medusa reveals to Maka's team and Stein of the Paraponera Clan and their leader much to his surprise and chargin. He then escapes, allowing the Gigant to battle a member of Maka's team.[1]

When the DWMA begins hunting down Paraponera Clan's base of operation deep within the underground caverns, Death the Kid and the Thompson sisters are sent and encounter Grimoire. Using his magic to do battle, he believes he has the upperhand but takes surprise when he finds that Kid dispels his magic with his death cannon technique. Eventually, Grimoire begins to take the battle more seriously and starts utilizing kishin power after absorbing a kishin egg into his book that has been within a soul cocoon to battle the death god. However, he is still defeated and his soul is absorbed into his book.[1]


  • This character is erroneously believed to be the character, Noah (Greed). However, this is not the case. The author simply liked his designed and incorporate it into the manga. Grimoire shares a much similar appearance with slight differences but is a completely different characters on account that the Monotone Princess game is non-canon game.


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