Note: This page concerns the "Hellworm" that are seen within the Soul Eater canon series. To see the hellworms that appear in Soul Eater: Monotone Princess, see "Hellworm (Monotone Princess)".

Hellworms (ヘルワーム, Heruwāmu)[1] are the Magic Lifeforms from the Book of Eibon primarily used by the Sorcerer, Noah (Greed).[2]


Their main body takes the shape of a long stream of floating bubble-like spheres which by themselves don't have to be connected to each other. The end of it's 'body' is a large spherical head with a circle shaped mouth full of jagged teeth, much like a tapeworm. On the its sides are two round compound-like eyes covered with geometrical pattern composed of black and white circles.[2]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Unique Physiology: As worm-like Magic Lifeforms, they display some of the similar capabilities performed by normal worms such as digging. They also possess sharp teeth and combined with their great physical strength, are capable of cutting down human flesh.[3]

  • Flight (フライト, Furaito): Hellworms can fly at will.[4]
  • Laser (レーザ, Rēza): Hellworms are capable of unleashing powerful lasers from their mouths capable of destroying a weakened Mosquito in his 400 Years Ago form.[2]



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