Heming (ヘミング, Hemingu) is a young Hunter from the Sea Shepherd Village.[1]


Heming (full appearance)

Heming's appearance.

Upon initial inspection Heming seems to be a relatively rotund individual who is rather tall in stature, however, his exact physical proportions are difficult to define due to the heavy winter clothing he wears to aid in confronting the difficult conditions resulting from driving his partner's fully transformed state. This attire consists of what appears to be a traditional winter-climate and sleeveless variation of the anorak or poncho, which features thick fur-lining throughout and a large hood, worn over a similarly designed jacket that descends to below his knees. His clothing is completed by a simple pair of pants and knee-high boots, as well as protective vambraces that cover the lower portions of his arms and wrists. As a direct consequence of wearing his hood drawn up with both a tuque-like hat and scarf underneath, the majority of Heming's face remains concealed but from what can be seen, he has small rounded features that are accentuated by a dark and prominent marking surrounding either of his eyes.[2]

Both Heming's anorak and jacket are embellished with the same insignia on their left sides, which comprise from three angular lines of increasing lengths that each culminate in a small equilateral triangle at their tip. These emblems are reflective of the black lineation that encircles his eyes.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Demon Ballista

Heming demonstrates his driving aptitude

Meister (職人, Shokunin): Necessitated by his duty as Ahab's meister, whose fully transformed state assumes the form of a four-wheeled vehicle, Heming has been rigorously taught various driving techniques in order to ensure his safety and increase his success rate while fulfilling his role as a hunter. Due to this, in spite of his age, Heming is an extremely competent driver, who can traverse difficult and even steeply inclined terrain at tremendous speeds without hesitation or concern.[3]


Hunt arcEdit

Arriving late to their scheduled meeting with the requested assistance from the DWMA, an apologetic Heming accompanied by his weapon Ahab, blames their tardiness on having to complete the necessary purification ritual for the upcoming pursuit. With his inexperience being cited as the reason for their inability to accomplish the hunt unlike in previous years, Heming insists that he is capable of achieving the task alone but he ultimately relents, after Maka Albarn suggests that they will simply herd the beast towards them rather than kill the creature themselves, which would have gone against the village's traditions. Accepting this proposal, Heming places his faith in the young students. Observing the children suspended in the air above, Ahab remarks that little city girls are cute, causing Heming to both chastise his perverted partner and lament the fact that he cannot fly. Donning his goggles, he bids farewell to the expectant crowd and after Ahab assumes his fully transformed state, embarks.[4]

Sky Whale Death

Heming successfully shoots and kills the Sky Whale

Alerted to the presence of the Sky Whale due to its bellowing cry as they continue to traverse the rough landscape, Heming declares that the clouds are too thick to locate the beast.[5] Impatiently awaiting the others arrival at the appointed destination, Heming eventually sees the darkened form of the whale come into view amongst the clouds and immediately prepares Ahab to fire, before taking aim at the creature's heart with the intention of killing it instantly, thus reducing its suffering to a minimum. Launching the enormous harpoon, Heming exclaims "GOT 'ER" as the missile collides with the desired mark, while also inadvertently bringing down Black☆Star in the same shot. As the whale begins to descend, both Heming and the spectators are overjoyed at the prospect of the village's continued prosperity but an unearthed Black☆Star refutes this, asserting that he is going to destroy the entire town for humiliating him in such a manner.[6]


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