Hero (ヒーロ, Hīro; FUNimation "Hiro"), stage name in the DWMA known as "Hero the Brave" (ヒーロ•サ•ブレイブ, Hīro Sa Bureibu), is the unpopular, one-star Meister who attends Death Weapon Meister Academy.[1]


Due to his poor skill as a Meister he is credited as the worst Meister ever, Hero has a rather docile and passive attitude that has resulted in him always being ordered around by the other students in the school; often given tasks such as, retrieving or buying them different items, being utilized as a training dummy for new techniques, or being sent to purchase them food or juice at the farthest side of the school. As a result, he sought out Excalibur as his partner in an effort to stop others from putting him down.[2] According to Sid Barrett, despite his incompetent status, he's willing and able to dedicate himself to Excalibur's unrealistic provisions for 90% of the day and possess a strong strength of will.[3] He also admitted himself that the rules didn't bother him one bit.[4]

However, once Hero obtained Excalibur, he was not above abusing his newfound power to show off by defeating all three of DWMA's best fighters among the student body as well as peep in the girls' locker room. He's also perverted, blowing up skirts of female academy members and also groping Kim Diel's breast.[5] He absolutely cannot tolerate people who sneeze repetitively and at one point makes the comment that people who sneeze over and over "may as well just die". This sort of "Anti-Fetish" as it's called by Black☆Star causes him to immediately terminate his partnership with Excalibur.[6]


Hero full body appearance

Hero's appearance.

Hero appears as a young adolescent male with bright blue eyes and blonde hair. His clothes consist of a white shirt that he only buttons in the middle and is embellished with three golden circles upon its right side, also featuring two interconnected straps hanging downwards from the shoulders onto his back. This is worn with burgundy/light purple pants with a black linear pattern, held up by a white belt. A black studded collar encircles his neck and a black tie is also included but it is worn extremely loosely. Hero also has various ear piercings, three silver loops on his left ear, yet on the right he sports only two silver loops and a red stud. Hero also wears a ring on the middle finger of his left hand.[7]

Special Abilities

Chapter 32.5 - Hero creating Wind

Hero generating wind to further is perverse antics.

Wind Generation: Hero is capable of generating capable winds with only the swipe of his arm. Although the winds created are too weak for any battle practical capabilities, they're only sufficient in furthering his perverse antics.[8]

Strength of Will: According to Sid Barett, Hero was capable of spending 90% of his day dancing to the tune of the Holy Sword, Excalibur, and follow all of Excalibur's obnoxious rules to the letter without complaint. Because of this, he was unusually the perfect candidate for Excalibur's Meister. Such a will enabled him to not only quickly climb to the top of the class when partnered with Excalibur, but even almost granted him a special Academic promotion from a One-Star Meister to a Three-Star Meister, a ranking previously reserved only for the advanced, staff members.[9]

Sword Master (剣士, Kenshi): Previously, Hero has only shown some proficient capability on his own with the use of the Holy Sword, Excalibur.[1]


Hero is an extremely incompetent Meister, so much so that he is known to possibly be the worst Meister to have attended the Academy and has been labelled the "Worst Meister Ever" as a result. His capabilities in the past have resulted solely in his partnership of Excalibur. In addition, despite his incredible strength of will, even he couldn't partner with Excalibur after hearing his excessive sneezing. Alone, seemingly almost every student in the Academy in the DWMA, specifically in the EAT Class, is more physically capable then Hero and as a result, the majority of the Academy EAT students are able to treat him as an errand boy.[1]


Partnered with Excalibur
Episode 32 - Hero wields Excalibur, the Holy Sword

Hero holds the Holy Sword.

Holy Sword (聖剣, Seiken): Briefly, Hero was one of the Meister of Excalibur and had access to the Holy Sword transformation, in which was considered the most powerful weapon in the world. While in use of the weapon, he was capable of easily dispatching the top student fighters of the DWMA and was a candidate for a special ceremony which would have promoted him to a Three-Star.[1]

  • Wings of Light (光の翼, Hikari no Tsubasa): With the Holy Sword, Hero can use the Wings of Light and achieve flight.[1]
  • Teleportation (瞬間移動, Shunkanidō): A chief ability from the Wings of Light is the ability to move a short distance from one place to another almost instantaneously.[1]
Episode 32 - Hiro the Atomic animated

Hero the Atomic.

  • Hero the Atomic (ヒーロ ザ アトミック, Hiiro za Atomikku): By merely posing and calling out the name of his attack, Hero causes a powerful explosion of holy origin. The explosion created by Hero is powerful enough to knock out even Black☆Star, Kid and Kilik Rung (the top 3 fighters of the DWMA) all at once. It is a mystery as to how this attack is actually executed, however.[1]




The Reunion Express Arc

After discovering Excalibur’s book within the confines of DWMA's library, Hero envisions himself becoming a hero through wielding Excalibur's power, hopefully resulting in no one picking on him anymore. As he proceeds around the school's grounds, he eventually meets with Black☆Star who insists that Hero become his practice dummy, caring little for Hero's actual reply. Even after this preceding beating, more students place further demands upon Hero, strengthening his resolve to possess the holy sword.

The following day and numerous defeated unconscious bodies litter the front of DWMA, as Hero stands over them muttering that they got what they deserved. It appears that in his quest to rid himself of "[his] life where he cannot say 'no'", Hero has managed to successfully wield Excalibur. Where everyone finds Excalibur's traits extremely annoying Hero actually finds them enjoyable and follows every 1000 rules (even taking notes during the 5 hour story time). A battle ensues pitting Hero against the combined forces of Black☆Star, Kilik and Death the Kid. While he is wielding Excalibur (reborn as he called it), Hero referred to himself as "..the courageous Hero... 'Hero the Brave'".

However, Hero put Excalibur back after he found that he couldn't stand his excessive sneezing.

Dark Side of the Moon Arc

While in attendance for Kid's ascension to the role of Lord Death, his view is blocked by the raucous, celebrating crowd.


DWMA in Soul Eater Episode 4

Hero, along with his classmates, upon Spirit Albarn's arrival into the DWMA lecture hall.

  • Hero can be seen in earlier episodes with the rest of the class, though he is never mentioned by name.
  • As part of his 172nd task Excalibur cut Hero's hair and gave him a topknot.


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